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FuFu World Tour - TV Tower and Prague Castle

FuFu Wourld Tour - Europe
5th - 7th August 2007 | Prague - Czech Republic |

The Community Church of Zizkov.

After seeing the stunning Dancing House, we moved on to the next destination which was Zizkov Television Tower that built on the top of a hill in the district of Zizkov. Upon getting off at the nearest bus stop, i saw a beautiful church. I am not a Christian nor been to any church till i landed in Europe. Unconsciously, i again acted like a touron out of pure stupidity, admiring and taking pictures of the church from every little single in Prague.

Well, FuFu was actually checking out the architecture in details.

It's so much different with the architectural culture FuFu used to see.

The tower is located northeast from the tourist signboard.

Lucky Maria was there cause it's hard to figure out the tower.

The tower is located behind blocks of residential apartments.

Finally, spotted the Zizkov Television Tower.

Standing high above the city's traditional skyline, the Zizkov Television Tower was built in Prague between 1985 and 1992. This tower has become an attraction for the tourists due to its unique design that resembles a rocket launchpad. Composed of three concrete pillars for the transmitters along with a restaurant, cafe and observation rooms. It's also used as meteorological observatory.

Do you see something special on a pillar of the tower?

What the heck? Babies are climbing the tower.

There is also another thing that makes the tower special. Ten huge babies crawling the tower up and down were put on the tower in 2000, created by a famous Czech artist. The tower with a creative form of art added then became immediately popular.

Kudos to the sculptor for the great thought.

Alright, FuFu was walking down to the entrance.

No worry about the steps, a speedy lift is always ready to go up.

The Zizkov Television Tower is the highest tower in the Czech Republic (260 meters). On top of the observatory, you can see many infamous historical buildings and compare the knowledge of the city and its sights with the maps that are spread on the floor.

To be honest, the panoramic view of the city was not that stunning.

Only the buildings in Zizkov district could be clearly seen.

Anyway, FuFu still enjoyed looking at those colourful apartments.

If you observe carefully, Zizkov district is still under developing.

Fufu said no to this Cinska Restaurance for the late lunch.

Definitely had to go to the local beer garden for Czech cuisine.

Ice tea for Janette and beer for FuFu and Maria.

It's incredibly cheap to drink beer in Prague.

Not only nightlife, Prague also has a lively afternoon, mostly due to the extraordinary range of beers available at nominal prices from fifty cents to few Euros. Awesome.

It's only 70cents but FuFu could only take two.

Obviously, two of them enjoyed the afternoon talk with FuFu.

It's FuFu pleasure to have lunch together with two great companions.

FuFu satisfied with his yummy pork chop with mushroom.

Maria, as usual ordered her favourite smoked pork ribs.

Janette's creamy chicken steak looked very good.

FuFu was a bit drunk but still gotta decide where to go for next stop.

FuFu's target was a little far but subway solved the problem.

Back to the Old Town and walked to a tram stop.

Remember to get a day ticket for bus, tram and subway.

Then followed the signboard to Prazsky Hard (Prague Castle).

Prague Castle (taken from Charles Bridge, photo from previous post).

Prague Castle is the biggest ancient castle in the world built in the 9th century. It was replaced by a Romanesque palace in the 12th century, fortified and expanded. Around the castle, a small community started to grow, then in the 14th century it's rebuilt in the Gothic style. Originally, the castle premises included a palace, three churches and a monastery.

St. Vitus Cathedral, the most recognized landmark in Prague.

Today, Prague Castle serves as the historical and political centre for the city and the state, and it is the current seat of government and very impressive building. The St. Vitus Cathedral, Monastery, Golden Lane and St. George's Basilica are those must see attractions of the castle as well as several other places along with the art galleries.

The change of the guard.

Passing by the fountain in front of the Prague Castle Complex.

Front view of the St. Vitus Cathedral. Majestic.

As the largest and most important church in the Czech Republic, the magnificent St. Vitus Cathedral stands within the confines of the Prague Castle and is one of Eastern Europe's finest examples of Gothic architecture.

The rose window. Beautifully and gorgeously crafted. Stunning.

Wait, FuFu saw few creatures on the cathedral.

They are the powerful looking gargoyles, guardian of the cathedral.

FuFu was very impressed with the fine finial of the pinnacles.

Remember to look up or you might miss some of the mosaics.

The mosaics in decorative wall arcading contained narratives.

These mosaics of the figures of saints are beautiful.

Yeah one of the scene can be found in the Book of Genesis.

Oh... hallelujah, my Jesus Christ.

See the contrast between the cathedral and two of FuFu's friends.

FuFu at the back courtyard of the cathedral.

FuFu totally couldn't control himself but being a touron again.

Running here and there happily for the pictures from every angle.

South view of the St. Vitus Cathedral.

Janette and Maria were laughing at the cutie FuFu.

FuFu just couldn't stop snapping. Too beautiful.

The magnificent cathedral had successfully driven FuFu crazy.

Seriously, it's real quickly made FuFu fall in love with the castle.

The picture of FuFu with his love at first sight.

But Maria and Janette couldn't stay any longer.

FuFu was not willing to leave the cathedral complex though.

Never mind darling, FuFu will be back soon!

Church and monastery of St George Basilica.

St. George Basilica, the second oldest church in Prague. Its appearance though, doesn't really denote a construction from the 9th century since it was reconstructed to their Romanesque appearance. And remember come to visit before 5pm or you would miss to see the oldish grand looking interior of all the churches in the castle.

Hope this three shadows would get together again in the future.

The stately sculpture on top of the building of Royal Palace.

This represents the new government of Czech Republic.

The new Royal Palace with government offices.

We continued to the courtyard from the cathedral and walked through the New Royal Palace with the offices of the President of the Czech Republic. Close to the palace there has several statues made in memory of victims of World Was I. Old Royal Palace is situated not far away from the new one.

The statue tells the ancient story of Prague.

Old Royal Place still attracted visitors even the door already closed.

The three buddies then moved on further in the castle.

Heading to a look out point of the castle.

The view from the castle is significantly better than Zizkov Tower.

Now you guys could choose whether to visit the tower or not.

See FuFu's expression and you would know his answer.

Alright, let's moving on to the next attraction in the castle.

Looking for houses that fit more to dwarfs than to people.

Golden lane is picturesque with the small colourful houses.

At the end of the castle complex, there's a street known as the Golden Lane that full of small colourful houses built in Mannerism style at the end of the 16th century. Legend wants one to believe that alchemists attempted to turn metal into gold there but in fact it was the goldsmiths living there in the 17th century who gave the street its captivating name.

The houses still in good condition! Kudos to the preservation job.

This house is suitable for those whose height below 170cm.

The houses looked like those appeared in fairy tales.

Look! We are getting closer, upgrading to good friend.

The street is now largely occupied by souvenir and book shops.

You could also find several artistic statues at the end of the street.

Wait! There's a Barbie Exhibition in Toy Museum of Prague.

Janette screamed out loud as she gotta leave the next day.

Anyway, it's already 8pm. Yeah still bright ya.

Time to get back to the hostel and ready for Vienna.

The subway will take you to almost all the tourist attractions.

The stations of the metro line are clearly shown in the train.

Back to the Malostranska metro station. What a grand metro station.

It's time to say sayonara to Maria.

Obviously, she gonna miss FuFu everyday.

Another long escalator of a metro station near the hostel.

The stomach yelling for dinner.

Hence, stopped at this street stall for Czech burger.

FuFu ordered a Kureci Rizek (Czech fillet-o-fish burger).

Waiting happily for his first burger in Europe.

Finally the hot and fragrant burger was in FuFu's hands.

It's always yummy no matter what you eat when you are hungry.

Alright, the one day tour of Prague finally ended after the burger. Prague is one piece of glittering gem of art and most valuable historical city reserve with stunning architecture that snugly nestling at the heart of Europe. This beautiful and fascinating city as well as the magical castle has worked its subtle magic on me to plan on my second trip back if i happen to be in Europe again.


萤火虫*.* said...



fufu said...

萤火虫*.* : 哈哈

萤火虫*.* said...


Akira 思胜 said...

这样的地方我最想去的啦, 很有历史性的味道呢!!!

fufu said...

萤火虫*.* : 我親身在那邊看到傻呆去了

Akira 思胜 : 這樣哦...
歐洲鎮的很迷人 =p

萤火虫*.* said...



fufu said...

萤火虫*.* : 對呀 還有很多很多
下一站就是Austria的首都 Vienna
哈哈哈 要看照片就來我這裡看咯
隨時歡迎你們 =p

[SK] said...

love the unique design of the Zizkov tower, and the two little climbing babies are cute!! hahaha~~

and the interior of the Malostranska metro station is cool, so futuristic, and having one of my favourite green color..

lastly, yummy yummy lunch you had!! i love all three plates, i want to try them also!! :D

Suf n Steve said...


the St. Vitus Cathedral architectural is so similar to Notre Dame.

i am impress with the cheep beer, but i have stop drink it many years ago. i have wine instead!


fufu said...

SK : hohoho, yeah a wanna be architect fufu would certainly not miss out the awesome tv tower ya =p hihi there are ten babies cimbing the tower :)

and i always like to take subway in prague as i could see the nice design of every metro station =p green? our malay friends' favourite colour? lol not bad though

yeah i bet any western bistro in malaysia serves those food you wanna eat ya XD

Suf n Steve : lol hey my lovely teacher! =p

you meant the paris notre dame?? yeah some but not all i must say... anyway i will put up the pictures here to compare the cathedral when i am writing about paris later =p

from beer to wine... wow sound like you are from a nobody to a somebody already ya... wine is great too... i had a nice wine tasting tour in adelaide australia... i have a nice collection of wine too... because i bought wine of every country that i have been to =p crazy? lol

Kenny Mah said...

Your new post about Prague continues to make me miss the city ever more.

I too went to Prague Castle and view of the city is gorgeous. It is a magical place, isn't it? Especially all the dark alleys and the statues... a place of mystery. :)

Thanks for sharing your pictures... they do bring back many good memories.

fufu said...

Life for Beginners : yeah it's my pleasure to share my adventures here... do come here more often if you wanna again have those sweet memories of europe =p i guess all of my europe travelogues would make you miss your uni life/travels in europe

erm... yah... the castle is a mystery castle ever... damn dont know why i always wanna go back again =p the next time i go back... i would spend half a day there...slowly observe everything ya :)

William said...

"A couple and snake? It must be an interesting fairy tale."

That's The Book of Genesis!

I love how they put the station name into the wall of the metro station. Beautiful.

Xing Tells You said...

waa~ 8pm still so bright..
nice place~

Fion Chow said...

i m wondering how's prague if in NIGHT TIME...will it be more beautiful than morning??feeling invigorating walking in those nice ,ancient and historical streets??or building???haha...precisely rite??XD
the babies aroused my curiosity..why they have the inspiration to put babies on the pillar???funny though..

Roger said...

Wow, fantastic tour. With all these well-taken shots, it's like being there. Roger may go one day.

calvin said...

I love it when it is still bright even though it's already eight at night. And those dwarfs house, I guess it must be difficult for me to enter them >.<

fufu said...

William : thanks for telling... i am going to correct it first =p their metro stations are all nice :) not like ours one la!! because the designer is not fufu j/k lmao

Xing Tells You : yeah ... in Dunhuang, Gansu, China... the sun set at 10pm... lol

Fion Chow : night time? yeah then have to wait until 9pm in summer... but i would try to go back in spring... hohoho will take more pictures then and show you guys here ya =p erm, it's not that invigorating but it definitely keep you feel very impressed over the medieval building with beautiful western architecture. the babies on the tower? yeah we cant always read an artist's mind ya... he must had his own reason to have such idea... you may probably get the answer if you google online =p

fufu said...

Roger : hihihi thanks though some of the pictures not so clear... i will go there again for nice pictures as i have my own dlsr now :) hope you could go to prague... real a wonder place to explore

calvin : damn you are too tall to enter those dwarfs house la... hohoho... lucky it's still ok for me =p yeah prague is always that beautiful ya... will go explore the night life of prague when i set foot again in europe

~eRiC~ said...

everytime i read your blog, i felt so... ahhh~ i want this dream of mine to come true.. XD
So damn lucky wei for the sunrise... So nice~

btw, you've frens all around the world isit?wherever u go sure got companies heh...

dolpji said...

fufu~ i come visit u le lu~~~~~
very very very nice worr~~

dolphine said...

fufu~ i come visit u le lu~~~~~
very very very nice worr~~

fufu said...

erictbk : hahahha... yeah more to come though =p so get ready for the "argh" lol i hope you could gt your dream travel around come true also la.. and show me the part of world you have seen =p

you must mean the sunrise on previous post? yeah was lucky to see it... hihihi a nice one!!

yeha i have friends all over the world... glad to have them to be with me when i go travel around their countries =p

dolphine : oh... long time no see... anyway glad to see your comment here... now i know you are still doing fine there =p

Anonymous said...

I remember why it was so cheap for my package now.
It's because I went there in winter. Ha ha...

Off peak season and not so many people were there in the city centre. Ha ha...

uLi.佑莉 said...

Their Metro Station very chun eh. Barbie dolls my childhood toy ^^ Nice pictures expecially thouse with wide angle one :)

fufu said...

1ondoncalling : oic... then i gotta go during winter time!! in order to enjoy all the off peak season privileges :) as i am planning to go back again =p

uLi.佑莉 : yeah the metro stations in prague are all nice =p that's the reason why i love taking subway there :) yeah barbie dolls your childhood toy? lol yeah normally for girls ya... janette too wanna go but we gotta leave the next day XD yeah wide angle one? erm i think still can be better... anyway will go there again for the pictures lol

foongpc said...

I like that Zizkou Tower! But it also looks creepy with all those babies crawling!

Jia Xin said...

is a nice place ba^^
if gt chance i oso hope to go...
i finish pra exam jor lol...nw very relax..haha...when u go ipoh o?

小闷瓜 said...

谢谢 =p

sock peng said...


fufu said...

foongpc : yeah the tower is nice! with the idea of putting babies on the tower! hohohoho... but the view from the observatory was not that impressive >.< but anyway i have seen the nice one from the castle =)

JiaXin : yeah really hope you guys could go to this highly recommended city by fufu =p erm... ok... you gotta enjoy the holiday ya since you have just finished the exam... and the real one is coming though... all the best =p yeah going to ipoh 2days later

小闷瓜 : 對呀

fufu said...

sock peng : 這個市一個城堡哦
古老城應該是上一篇的哦 =p

rainfield61 said...

Seems like your journey come to no end, it continues and continues, for the whole day, the whole week, and ....., it just goes on.

将鱼宰 said...


candygan said...


candygan said...


Yih Yann said...

Wow...those building are magnificent and beautiful...really hope I can have a chance to go there. Actually what language they speak a?

fufu said...

rainfield61 : hahhaha yeah... keep moving on and continue enjoying life =p phew... anyway life itself is a journey... you are enjoying life too... hihiihi just we have different lives =p

将鱼宰 : 哈哈哈 你也要去歐洲huuh??
anyway 希望這一些資料可以幫到你哦
記得要好好的玩個夠 =p
好好的計劃 希望一切順利

candygan : 不需要羡慕
你也會有一天可以去的 =p
加油 :)

fufu said...

Yih Yann : they speak czech though =p you still can talk with them in simple english :) lol yeah it's very different ya between asia and europe... you would see many of these nice medieval buildings in europe

shloke said...

The Zizkov TV Tower is really unique. I didn't expect to see babies crawling up and down the tower. At fisrt, it look silly and defy gravity. But, upon closer look, I have to agree with fufu it's a creative form of art. I wonder why Czech artist, David Černý picked baby instead of kiddos, adults or even animals. Really like to meet this guy in person!! It seems David erected his babies around the world!! LOVE his work! Did some googling work and found his official website:

http://tinyurl.com/8hvp5z (Check it out....IT'S AWESOME!)

The front view of St. Vitus Cathedral is MAJESTIC! Love the 'golden light' on the wall - PRECIOUS! The cathedral is a BIG MOMMA. By the way, that 'powerful looking creature' is one of the many gargoyles in St. Vitus.

I LOVE buildings. Wish I can explore Prague someday....


I AM A BLOGGER said...

ooo, the babies climbing wall are really creative^^

haha, beer yeah!!! but not too much^^

Anonymous said...


古小玉 said...


fufu said...

shloke : wow you really check out everything i posted here... guess you seriously wanna visit prague one day huuh... i didnt even know the artist name, David Černý!! you are great!! yeah i would like to meet him in person too... wish i could do so when i go back again =p

yeah i love those sculptures of babies =p awesome

yeah was impressed by the fornt view of the cathedral :) yeah the golden light? erm... yeah it's easy to have then in the evening =p my first cathedral in europe though... then later after i have be to paris, bacerlonam italy, etc... they are all different with own face ya XD

yeah it's the gargoyles in St. Vitus... see you are a wise traveller... you know all these stuff... *salutes*

i love those medieval buildings too =p seriously when you plan to go visit prague? do let me know ok? i wanna go back too =p

Xjion89 : yeah idea of the tower with babies crawling was great!! i love the tower too, the view from the observatory was not that convinced though >.< anyway i cant drink beer much either (though it's cheap)=p

紫 朝 : 那個時候的我還沒有去紐西蘭
不好意思照片不是那麽的好 ><
我會再回去用我的DSLR拍照的 =p

fufu said...

古小玉 : oic... 大街很安靜了

feline_Jodie said...

I am impressed by the beer, the stone road and the beautiful church building in Europe!! Know u will start yr new milestone~ Enjoy and all the best! Both of us add oil for each other, okay^^

fufu said...

Jodie : yeah the beer in europe is very cheap =p and the stone-paved-street... you can find some in malaysia too :) and the church... yeah... very gorgeously built!!

yeah thanks! not only both of us... i wish all of my readers would be doing fine to get their dreams all fulfilled XD and be happy always lol

Anonymous said...

MY GOSH~~!~~~@@@!!!!!!!


HOPE I can be the one in the photos ~ ~~

" Statics beauty captured by clarity."


Jackson !~

fufu said...

Jackson : lol yeah if you really love my blog... remember to come more often checking out the latest pictures and leave me your comment ok? huh? pictures with me? or you wish to be there, pictures with the building or? lmao wish you could go to europe ya :)

feline_Jodie said...

Quick reply ar! Thanks also, u are a gd guys that deserve this best! Hk festival walk also having a Barbie show now!

fufu said...

Jodie : yeah thanks!! i real deserve it? hohoho... i am so happy to hear this from you... thanks! barbies doll now go to hk?? wow... festival walk in kowloon tong? erm... too bad i cant go there >.< if not i wanna buy few for my sisters and friends =p

C Jan's♥ said...

the babies climbing the tower..XD
cute =)

toto said...


fufu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
fufu said...

♥c JaN's♥ : yeah the tower is very unique =p luckily i had been there... because i wont go back again the next time i visit prague :) because the view is not good

toto : 哈哈哈 我沒有交通工具
雖然我很喜歡去那些洞看看 =p
雖然我不可以去 >.<
anyway 簽證還沒有拿到

savante said...

Love the babies climbing up the tower! Amusing :)

Kaijun said...


Sam Wong said...


SuwEi said...


GeOk kEE好きな♡ うち said...

看来你真的很喜欢St. Vitus Cathedral. Majestic, 拍了那么多照片。。。不过真的很美得让人窒息。。。。


书晴 said...


Jean said...

the buildings, sculptures, food, friends, sky etc are all just so nice! wish i could be there one day. great shots!

ps you're invited to comment on my post too =)

fufu said...

savante : yeah i love the tv tower with the babies too =p very entertaining

MakE_LiFe_EasY : 哈哈哈

Sam Wong : 布拉格的歷史很悠久了
我很喜歡哪兒 =p
去到哪裏就吃到哪裏 XD

fufu said...

SuwEi : hahahha
不然真得會有點麻煩的 =p

GeOk kEE好きな♡ うち : hahaha
但是記憶卡才那麽一張2G 的哦
有些就在朋友家copy去我的 harddisk

♦♦豆豆♦♦ : 對呀 不止syok

fufu said...

SJ : yeah thanks fro dropping by... erm will go to your blog later =p

yeah prague is real a nice place to visit :) my pictures still not that good... will try to snap with my dslr later XD and hope you could be there one day

Shelyn said...

Interesting! What are the purposes of those small houses?

Nash said...

wow Prague looks tempting! hahaha

*noted for my Euro trip* soonn


小薰妈 said...


shloke said...

Not only Prague...I want to retrace all fufu's travel...wishful thinking on my side :)

Credit goes to fufu for sharing that wonderful TV tower. I am impress with these simplistic & attractive babies sculptures. So, it made me hungry for more details.

When are you traveling again?

Best Wishes!

Nick尼克仔 said...


fufu said...

Shelyn : i didnt check out the history of the small houses... probably you could google it =p anyway i will explain it if i have a chance going there and taking pictures again XD

Nash : yeah prague is a muct go city ya! make sure you make it in your europe list!

niger1437 : 哈哈哈 知道了
哈哈 我沒有時間去經營那麽多部落
所以到現在還不可以賺錢 ><

fufu said...

shloke : wow retrace?? bring me along also ok?? i wanna visit back those place i have been to...probably after i have retired XD

yeah... cool... thanks for checking out the details of the tower... and you real tell me a lot of useful info as usual =p thanks!!

erm... i think i will have 2weeks holiday during the winter break end of the year... you could plan your trip to europe :) do let me know if you wanna come ya

Nick尼克仔 : 哈哈哈
大佬富會有耐心的等跟班的 :)
猪扒噢 味道還可以
哈哈哈 我不擔心會有啤酒肚
哈哈哈 有肚腩才會有人喜歡的
開片哦... hahahha
已經不需要我動手了 =p

Unseen India Tours said...

Beautiful shots Fufu !! Loved the location and would love to visit once..For this you deserve an award.Just go to my Blog and on the Left hand side Unseen Rajasthan Award is waiting for you.Pick it up.Unseen Rajasthan

Anonymous said...

indeed, very interesting trip, and meeting some nice ppl to hold the camera for you. LOL

but me no fan of historic places though. =P

fufu said...

Unseen Rajasthan : yeah thanks!! wow an award for me?? great!! yeah prague is a nice place (just like india) that worth to visit once ya...

J2Kfm : i am not meeting people just to hold my camera ok?? lol then you only look for modern city or food??

Unseen India Tours said...

Hello Fufu !! You have to post the Award on your Blog too !!:)

KOKahKOK said...

fufu, the food looks nice leh... aiya... craving for food now after "release"

Ayie said...

what the heck was that? why decorate the tv tower with crawling babies? hehe

cute little houses, I can fit there! ahahaha

hmmm their beer must be good for fufu to get 2 on a mid day!

i like the latter part of yopur trip, so much nice architecture and that mighty gargoyle...it gives so much character!

fufu said...

Unseen Rajasthan : huuh?? yu mean i have to post an entry about the award?

KOKahKOK : huuh... the food was alright though =p hohoho yeah you shall go get some food :)

Ayie : yeah that's a good idea to have babies crawling up and down the tower added on the tower =p

those houses... hihihi not for me honestly speaking ><

lol i couldnt drink too much or i would get drunk and not being to travel

yeah the latter part is the most impressive part,hope i cuold go there again sooner =)

小煒 said...

it can b seen tat
hr their architecture r vry vry unique
i thnk dis is their country symbolize rite??
reali amzing
n i reali vry astonished v it

fufu said...

小炜司砾 : yeah undoubtedly the buildings in prague are nice ya.... erm though there the european countries share some similarities, but each of them has their own piece of unique face... i was too amazed by prague and wish to visit again :) hope you could be there one day!

HanLun said...

The low roof house reminds me about Lord Of The Ring shooting scene on the habitat of little Hobbits :)

zzhen said...


SuwEi said...


古小玉 said...


梦旅飞 said...


- yEng - said...


窮光蛋市長 said...

哈哈……你说的那个塔的小孩子模型真的很可爱!很特别!small colourful houses也是很可爱咯!很想住进去!哈哈……^^


三吉 said...


Jocelyn Jshin said...


尤其是St. Vitus Cathedral,我最喜欢。



escape said...

i like those gothic churches but i was strucked by the baby walking monument. hahaha...

looks like you made great friends too.

✿AиG3L✿ said...


夏娃公主 said...


Allen Yuarata said...

wow! i mean, WOW! Prague looks so perfect!

莹莹 said...

how many days u're in prague?
do u think it's sufficient?
i am just wondering... next europe trip, shd i go prague or.. shd i go barcelona.. totally 2 diff directions though...

vialentino said...

wah....got two great companions leng lui to teman u here and there and makan....next time sponsor me so i can teman u too...kekeke

their pork ribs looks damn nice ler...and huge portion wor....beer only 70 cents euro....damn kao cheap leh

Superman said...

I like the Tower. So unique. You really got a lot of nice photos of the nice buildings. Really amaze by the architectural works. Wonder how long they spend to finish those buildings.

Siao麻雀 said...



Donna said...

i love baby climbing tower! =)

Donna said...

hehe.. contribute one more for 100
how much roughly to spend if want to go there?

Pete said...

Ha ha, cute babies on the structure. The smoke pork ribs look like our char siew, must be very tasty!

Ken Wooi said...

wow chech republic!
nice place..
the tower is very unique!
envy la you can explore the world. =P


Furby said...

St. Vitus Cathedral looks great and amazing!!

All the best to you fufu ! :)

I just back from Santorini, very nice place!!!! I love it!! Fufu must go there kay?

Take care~

James said...

Prague looks like a wonderful place with good food too. I think maybe I'll go there next year. Your pictures have given many ideas for things to do.

James said...

Prague looks like a wonderful place with good food too. I think maybe I'll go there next year. Your pictures have given many ideas for things to do.

calvin said...

Fufu is at my place now OMGOMGOMGOMG!!!
Haha :)

Anonymous said...

its so amazing, they are nice places to visit, nice people to meet. i love traveling :P

jam said...

Wow! The cathedral is simply amazing!

jam said...

I won't be emailing you regarding Tibet visa already, Fufu. I guess you gave me the answer already in my blog. BTW, did you get to visit Tibet in your last China trip? Ain't see any photos?

Anonymous said...

I like the artistic addition of the babies on the tower. Climbing up the tower is child's play?

Science Bloggers Association said...

Nice Blog. Congrats.
-Zakir Ali ‘Rajnish’
{ Secretary-TSALIIM & SBAI }
[Editor- Children’s Poem & Adult’s Poem]

紫绵羊的心与情 said...

St. Vitus Cathedral. Majestic.真的很美...着迷了.

lock said...

u really a bird without legs, flying non stop with no landing time.........

Mavis Ng said...

哇,那里的建筑物都很有‘味道’~很美啊~我想马上去咧@@ 想太多~

哈哈,那个矮小的门给我就适合了~150cm,我还可以在里面一直跳= =''

yenling。celest said...


Carrie Tai said...

Beautiful place!

What's ur occupation actually? Why u r always so free to travel?

垃圾魚-sookyee said...


佐瑟琳 said...



Serina said...

哇! 我很喜欢那个tower,很特别的说,可以叫它baby tower吗 哈

杰胜 said...

我回到Tanjung Malim了哦!

Hoobert the Awesome said...

woooh. nice pics fufu. :)

fufu said...

HanLun : yeah the euroepean style ya =p

龍貓 : 教堂非常特別
食物不會很重味道 滿好吃的

SuwEi : 我已經回來了哦 :)

fufu said...

古小玉 : 現在不得空了哦
很多事情要做 :)

kampung Orz : 馬幣3塊多咯

yEng : 對呀 那邊的建築非常迷人
我被那古色古香的味道吸引了 =p

fufu said...

穷光蛋市长 : 那個電視塔上的是嬰兒
他們的創意很大膽前衛 =p
小屋子也很特別 我也向在哪兒住哦

三吉 : 圓圓哪個是potatoes =p

✿Yorokobi✿ : 有時閒才來哦
我一定會等你的咯 =p
你不需要說對不起的哦 :)

fufu said...

the donG : yeah the babies crawling up and down real catch our eyes ya =p erm.. the gothic church huuh.... very different with the philippines one XD yeah i made nice friends everytime i go travelling

真实の女孩 : 哈哈 對不起哦
最近很忙 所以沒有時間更新
我也很喜歡 =p

夏娃公主 : 對呀
你很久沒有來了 =p
照片就是那麽得多 :)

fufu said...

Allen Yuarata : yeah i know... i plan to visit prague again too :)

莹莹 : erm... barcelona is way too far from prague, but where you gonna depart to prague/barcelona huuh?? erm both of the cities are worth to go though...

vialentino : yeah if you go to germany...i will buy you german sausage ok? =p i am going there though lol erm... they are lenglui? erm... @.@ anyway nice persons though ... well the beer is damn cheap over there... if you like beer prague is sure a paradise for you

fufu said...

Superman : then you should go visit it when you go to prague next time ok? erm... yeah i love taking pictures of buildings =P erm... those buildings are very old already, probably more than 10yrs or what i guess

Siao麻雀 : 哈哈 歐洲的歷史很悠久的了
檳城回來了哦?? 那就要好好的休息咯

dolly : lol you are 99 and 100? hohohoho yeah... but well you need to get RM20k ready if you wanna go to europe ya... yes the tower is simply awesome!!

fufu said...

Pete : yeah the smoked pork was nice i guess!!! didnt really try but bet the taste will not that different with the bbq pork ya =p

kenwooi : yeah prague is a nice place... you shall go visit the tower if you ever or to czech republic ya =p erm... you could travel around too...when you have finished your study lol

FuRby : yeah i like the church the most =p will go back for sure... hohoho

wow welcome back from santorini... dont worry i will sure go there one!! as i need to visit turkey again =p so i would stop by greece as well :)

fufu said...

James : yeah when are you going to prague huuh? let me know so we could arrange... as i wanna go back too!! hohoho yo...so you know what to do in prague? great!

calvin : lol OMG your head la XD

jg : yeah... travelling is always good... as you will get the chance to see nice stuff, meet new friends, eat good food, buy awesome souvenir =p

fufu said...

jam : yeah heart the cathedral so much =p er...well i didnt go to tibet as there's an unrest riot in xinjiang, and tibet might probably be unrest also according by the givernment...so i didnt go but change the itinerary to other cities... tibet? i will go probably 2yrs later

Mei Teng : lol i am not sure climbing up the tower is child's play, but for sure the artist love babies very much =p

Science Bloggers Association : yeah thanks :) do come here for more pictures ya

fufu said...

紫绵羊的心与情 : hahahhaa

lock : 趁有機會就要飛
不然我一定會後悔的咯 =p

mavis : 布拉格的建築真的很棒哦
就好咯 還可以跳來跳去 lol

fufu said...

yenling眼泪 : 哈哈哈
哈哈哈 以後等我出旅遊寫真集

Cheddarina : i travel after i gave graduated from japan... i am now jobless (after working 6mths in sg) but i will soon be going back to my uni life =p hohoho

垃圾魚-stacey : 布拉格真的很棒哦
宏偉壯觀特別前衛豪華 =p

fufu said...

佐瑟琳 : 布拉格很古老的了
希望快一點可以回到舊地重溫 =p

Serina : baby tower??
erm... 應該沒有問題哦

杰胜 : hey 你回來了哦
但是我又要離開tg malim 了 ><

fufu said...

pOot : yeah thanks!! =p

rainfield61 said...


开卷有益。 哈哈。

fufu said...

rainfield61 : hahahhaa
哈哈哈歐洲讀書很輕鬆的聽説 =p
希望我可以和你們分享咯 :)
hahaha 但是走萬里路勝過讀万卷書 lol

小姐 said...


fufu said...

小姐 : 布拉格是三大漂亮城市之一哦
哈哈哈 很特別哦 是不是 :)

ray brixton said...

your blog is very colourful, lots of pics and interesting articles...

anyway i just discovered that our birthday date is one day different, mine is 1 day ahead of yours. have a great weekend...


Unknown said...

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