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Christmas in Frankfurt, New Year Eve in Munich

FuFu Life in Frankfurt - Chapter Seven
24th December 2009 - 1st January 2010

My Winter break officially started from the Christmas Eve. Leaving my unfinished assignments behind after brunch, i quickly ran to the supermarket nearby that would be closed at 1pm for the usual groceries shopping. Ah Kuan, a friend of my Taiwanese coursemate, Ying-han was coming to Frankfurt for Christmas and would be going to Munich for New Year celebration with us. He would be staying at my room, so i did a quick cleaning of my room and then started preparing for the Christmas dinner with some of the coursemates. It was a simple dinner but having the opportunity sitting down, eating and chatting together was what we all appreciated much.

The next morning, both of us woke up late. After breakfast, we spent couples of hours chatting since i just knew Ah Kuan not more than 15hours. He is now learning German in a small city called Braunschweig, aiming to do his master in Material Engineering. Just only three month plus, he is now able to speak fairly good German. This really reminds my old days when i was studying Japanese in Osaka before stepping further into my tertiary education in Japan.

Okay fast forwards to... I really had a relaxing holidays, known new friends from Taiwan who studying and working in Munich through Ying-han, spending the quality time with them in both Frankfurt and Munich. Thanks God for the hotpot and tang yuan this year to warm up everyone especially during the all of sudden chilly weather. Moreover, a blast countdown of 2010 with fireworks that made the trip down to Munich more meaningful and an unforgettable one. Cut the craps, go enjoy the pictures with captions.

Hotpot (or nabe in Japanese) is my favourite dish in winter.

Bear in mind that hotpot must have smooth tofu.

Tang hun instead of bee hun.

Udon is the best friend of nabe (hotpot).

Siu bak choy that bought from the Asian Market.

Long white Chinese cabbage can sweeten the soup.

The Taiwanese Sha Cha sauce (沙茶醬), dipping sauce for hotpot.

Second round. More fish and prawn balls plus beef. =p

Ying-han and her friend, Ah Kuan.

Bought too much, so dinner was also hotpot but a spicy one.

Dinner was with friend from China. *FuFu needs a haircut!*

Again, i brought him to Myzeil. *Also to use the clean toilet*

Nice weather but still chilly.

How could FuFu not bring visitor to Römerberg?

And the riverside for the spectacular skyline of Frankfurt.

Also the European Central Bank.

Lunch was sushi at the Japanese restaurant.

It's a buffet lunch - eat all you can.


Fabulous! So many sushi for only Euro 11 (RM55).

It also offers Chinese food.

Picture courtesy of the Japanese waitress.

Having tea after sushi is best of the best while chatting.

The old Opera house. (It's getting dark after 4pm)

The office buildings of the European Central Bank.

Then, we went up to the sky bar for the night view of Frankfurt.

And had a drinks while playing cards.

The fourth day, i brought Ah Kuan to a small historical town, Höchst.

One beautiful place with blocks of old buildings.

Spotted Santa delivering Christmas gifts to the children.

The town was too quiet as if only the two of us breaking the silence.

He said it's a perfect place for shooting the Taiwanese series.

A grandpa feeding the ducks, birds and swans.

Lunch was döner. This Turkish guy purposely posed for me!

The fifth day (28th Dec 2009), we left Frankfurt to Munich by train.

On the Metro in Munich, heading to Olympiazentrum station.

The second day in Munich, Ah Kuan was not feeling well.

So we stayed home cooking and watching movies, laying off, phew.

The third day in Munich, we went out to downtown for shopping.

SALE, SALE, SALE... everywhere! Grabbed three new items. LOL

Dinner time at Lamm's, the typical German restaurant.

The ambience of the restaurant was so festive.

Nice ambience real gave good appetite to every customer.

Munich's Angusliner and pumpkin soup.

The Sauerkraut (sour cabbage).

The Schweinshachse (pork knuckle).

Each of us had one Schweinshachse.

It's only Euro 7.50 (RM38.50), consider really cheap in Germany.

Filled up, eeerrrgggghhhhh.

FuFu was not willing to leave though.

Munich is a very beautiful city with numerous of nice buildings.

It also has more places to go compared with Frankfurt.

Well, once arriving home, we started making tang yuan.

It's easy and fun. All you need are glutinous rice flour and water.

Then pinch off pieces of the dough and roll it into small balls.

Later, we went out for the countdown at Olympia park.

It's a marvelous countdown ever FuFu had.

There's no official fireworks display in Germany on the New Year Eve, so the German bought fireworks and light it crazily at any open space welcoming the New Year. Standing on top of a hill at Olympia Park, Munich, i was speechless while overlooking the panorama view of the city with random yet pretty fireworks exploded from everywhere. It was an insane night. A very different New Year Eve i used to have with beautiful official fireworks display. Totally fabulous. *All videos posted below are highly recommended to watch.*

Here's the part two of the fireworks.

We had roughly watching the fireworks for half an hour.

Part Three

I still have more video clips, but i think it's enough for now.

After the fireworks, we back for dessert.

Red bean soup with tang yuan.

It's yummilicous. FuFu had 29 tang yuan.

After that, we started playing different games with cards.

珍珠巧克力榴蓮奶茶 vs 珍珠巧克力鴛鴦奶茶. It's so much fun.

The German cities are hard to memorize.

Murnau vs Wuerzburg. LMAO

Last but not least, happy 2010. Hope it's not too late, i wish you all the best and have a great roaring Tiger Year.


将鱼宰 said...

As i know, all our asian vegetables is damn expensive in the Asian market! The siu bak choy ask u mention, it is about 3pounds but just only a little bit. @@ haha ...

ray brixton said...

hey buddy, seems like you have been travelling alot lately... must be really enjoying your trips. the japanese NABE and all those beautiful pics... cool man, you really know how to enjoy life. anyway take care n hope that your 2010 is a great n successful one. cheers

fufu said...

将鱼宰 : yeah i know it... but once a while it's alright... you can still eat the cheap potatoes, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumbers, tomatoes etc.... i found kai lan and kangkung each for Euro 1.50(300g)

猪公主 said...

Schweinshachse only Euro cheap in there!! look like serving in hotel...^^

happy belated new year!! wish u all d best...

Travis.Z said...

Yummy! I love hotpot! I even love the beautiful places in Germany!(although never been before,sigh)

Guter appetit!gute reise!

[SK] said...

wow, you had such a nice time for christmas.. nice places, nice friends, nice food.. must be very enjoyable.. that pork knuckle is so cheap, those in KL are so expensive and i doubt they are as nice as back in their homeland..

Akira 思胜 said...

Walau eh, so many sushi!!! I wanna eat all I can too!

jam said...

To be able to prepare and eat hotpot and tangyuan in Germany is really a nice experience to have! Happy 2010, fufu, not too late right?


wow, u really love malaysia by wearing that shirt huh? :)

HanLun said...

Hotpot... i was thinking to eat with my "buddy" on xmas eve, too bad can't find dong fen, end up buy beer for the night :P

✿AиG3L✿ said...


桀森 said...

令人懷念的沙茶醬~讓我今晚想吃沙茶麵~ :P
鬼佬新年(老人家都是匠叫的 :P)來個“橫財就手”
“去年”(差一點要說今年了 :P)的我也是吃紅豆湯湯圓~ :P
話說你們家的鍋子還真有一番風味~ ^^

Somewhere in Singapore said...

I saw my favourite sushi... hehe...

桀森 said...

叫首相頒個奬狀表揚一下~ :P

明仔(Anson) said...

It has been long time tht i dint come visit blogspot....Nice to saw alot of ur new pics here...U reali know hw to enjoy ur life~That great~ wish u happy New year 2010~

Ken said...

The fireworks is too many as if it's free. I guess u were 'rambang mata' and dunno which direction to shoot.

Pearl, strawberry, chocolate, milky tea? @.@

hcpen said...

I love sha Cha jiang for hotpot always! Can't have hotpot without sha cha sauce! Also love your 'I love Malaysia' t'shirt, so nice tangyuan alot also, then tangyuan in redbean soup looks delicious.:-) I love all your pics by the way!!

uLi.佑莉 said...

Long awaited post from you fufu =) Interesting life as usual...hehe! Merry belated xmas and Happy New Year to u ya ;)

Shin said...



June (An Asian Traveler) said...

Nice, you really had fun during the holiday. Lovely place. Happy new year!

Xing Tells You said...

hey Fufu, it's me again!
nice photos of food and places! keep it up!! hope to eat those yummy food that you ate at there...@___@
SALES!! H&M!!!
did you get yourself something there? hehe

海市蜃樓 said...


七仔 CJ said...

U can eat alot..Haha~
All are nice food!! XD

I wish i can travel like you someday~ =D

Ice said...

Fufu, Wow! So much food to keep you entertained huh?

Nick尼克仔 said...


Sebastian Workshop said...


Agnes said...

So much nice foods N good friends around you! you must be very enjoy there!!

fufu said...

ray brixton : hey thanks :) i am always enjoying every single trip i have =p i am the expert in enjoying life lol erm... the nabe was nice!! hohohoho... happy 2010 to you too... all the best :)

猪公主 : yeah the schweinshachse i had in munich was damn so cheap... but not that tasty actually.... yo...happy 2010!!

Travis.Z : hohohoho.... yeah plan to come over here... sure you would love the european culture and the weather...

fufu said...

SK : yeah everything was nice!! yeah the pork knuckle here is great!! though i havent tried those in malaysia.... erm now gotta start doing assignment >< happy 2010 ya!

Akira 思胜 : hohohoho yeah the sushi was great!! but still cant beat those i used to had back in japan

jam : well i appreciated much... it's not easy to gather nice people for hotpot and tangyuan... but i did it... thanks god :) wish to have more fun with them sooner

fufu said...

L² : yeah... i love malaysia :) wish you guys too....

HanLun : so you didnt hang out with friends? anyway as long as you had fun...then it's ok ya!! happy 2010... plan properly this year!!

AиG3L : yeah the tang yuan was awesome!! yummy yummy

fufu said...

imjson : hohoho we games... not gambling >< yeah the first half was like japanese stuff? anyway the hotpot was great! we just add whatever we had :) it turned out nice though.... you had read bean + tang yuan also? hohoho... good

Somewhere in Singapore : yeah sushi sushi... the real sushi in japan is even nicer =p

imjson : hihihihi... it would be my pleasure... hohohoho

fufu said...

明仔(Anson) : yeah it's been a while since you visited me... but anyway happy 2010... hohoho i thought you guys already knew that i know how to enjoy life well... hehehe...

Ken : yeah you watched all the videos!! hohohoo it was really fun ...pearl strawberry chocolate milky tea :) well the fireworks can only be played once a year... thus people normally save money for it... and release the stress by lighting the fireworks... hohohoho... i was like turning my head here and there for the fireworks... insane night!!

hcpen : thanks!! glad to hear you like the pictures lol happy happy happy 2010!! erm red beans + tang yuan is nice... you shall try next time ya... i purposely bought the tshirt so i could wear when i am abroad... to show off i love malaysia ;p

fufu said...

uLi.佑莉 : yeah sorry for the late and not frequent update >< i really wish to update more often but... anyway wish you all the best ya... happy 2010

Shin : yeah... you dont know how to make tang yuan?? erm... should learn!!! it's damn super easy and fun to make tang yuan... hohohoho happy 2010

June (An Asian Traveler) : yeah wish your in the philippines was nice also ya...happy 2010

fufu said...

Xing Tells You : yeah i got 2items from H&M... hohoho so cheap~~ hihihi the new year in germany was boring but luckily i had nice friends to hang out with... great!!

海市蜃樓 : yeah sha cha sauce was great!! my first time having it with hotpot... hohohoho.... and making tangyuan was fun too...

七仔 CJ : yeah nice food nice people nice celebration... hohohoho.... wish you could have a great one somewhere else this yr... for 2011...anyway happy 2010

fufu said...

Ai Shiang : yeah but those food was not cheap >< anyway what we had gained was priceless actually :) i had so much fun... lalalala

Nick尼克仔 : yeah it's been a while since you had left comment here... great to see your comment now... lol erm, it's ok if you couldnt come to europe this year, save enough money for it next time... bet you would love the life here... and yeah thanks god sending so many nice friends to me :) really enjoyed the time hanging out with them... well i thought you would have gone out with friends to countdown but anyway you can plan nicely this year for 2011 ya =p hohoho... i really love malaysia... wish could influence other to visit malaysia sooner... but before that... malaysia gotta improve quickly!! no no no you gotta bring me to nice bak kut teh restaurant >< i love bak kut teh also

Sebastian Photography : come on!!! you should enjoy your life there also :) hihihihi

fufu said...

Agnes : yeah great friends here... i am enjoying life as usual... no matter where, when and whom i would be together with :)

Bengbeng said...

hope i am not too late in wishing u a happy new year. so nice to see u enjoying yr hols. all that wonderful food, places to visit, the fireworks... but i think u enjoyed it most bcoz of the company u had. the right circle is always importsnt.

fufu said...

bengbeng : it's not late :) thanks alot ya dude!! erm... yeah the right circle of network really very very important to upgrade the quality of life :) wish i would be one of them in your circle ya... lol the fireworks was excellent i must say...awesome!!

桀森 said...

呵呵~ :P

SuwEi said...


窮光蛋市長 said...

wa~~~nice nice~~~I also want eat!haha……:P

You very love malaysia!wear the shirt!haha……^^

reply you : ermm……I think fuji match you so much!because fufu and fuji!hahaha……XD

sock peng said...


Fion Chow said...

you guys are quite good in COOKING..
all looks so nice and delicious!!!!!
i love tom yam flavour for steamboat...XD

Furby said...

The hotpot looks delicious @_@!! Very hard to get those fishballs here...:(

Feeling said...

wow wow wow!! cool! old opera house look so beautiful! hapi new year! :p

fufu said...

imjson : oic... hihihihi sorry >< pork knuckle was nice and cheap!!

SuWei : yoo... thanks god!!! we could have hotpot and tangyuan end of the year :) lalalla tour guide? possible unless i will be paid lots :)

穷光蛋市长 : hihihi come to germany and i will cook for you ya... well it is easy to prepare hotpot and tangyuan actually :p yeah i love malaysia... you dont know? lol fufu and fuji :)

fufu said...

sock peng : yeah tang yuan was yummy yummy

Fion Chow : i love tomyam hotpot too.. but cant get any nice tomyam paste so we have chicken soup and the Shi Chuan Ma La hotpot...

FuRby : is there any asian market? or try to make fishball yourself la hihihihi

fufu said...

Feeling : yeah ops, that is just a normal building...not opera house... ops i am misleading you guys >< well anyway happy 2010

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

~Siu bak choy & cabbage so fresh, nice sharp pixs

~Love the building in Romerberg

~Lovely fountain at the Old Opera is that a fountain with all the round lights?

~ Nice fireworks and old buildings in Hochst, wow you had a great time making 'moth balls' (tang yuen)haha. Too much to comment here all are nice. Thanks

古克石の屋 said...


rainfield61 said...

哈哈!! 感觉你好像在吃团圆饭呢.

William said...

Schweinshachse: That's one big ass potato! And the knives in the meat, like so ganas! Haha.

fufu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
fufu said...

Bananazക : thanks for all nice comments here... well the fountain is light up by the small bulb :) hohoho only for christmas and new year... erm well i am trying to put the best stuff here in one post... wish you guys like it ya happy 2010

古克石屋 : yeah... i know... i miss my life in japan too... used to hang out with malaysians... but now friends from other countries

rainfield61 : hihihi... that would be next month right? i will have reunion dinner with friends also...if possible :) hihihihi

fufu said...

William : yeah smashed potatoes with other stuff... hihihi qute unique ya to have knife in it :P hihihi

Candlelyn said...

that's good~never forgot to eat tangyuan and celebrate winter soltice in Frankfurt!

Suf n Steve said...


happy new year to u.

i missed malaysia so much, so then we decided to stay for less than a year or so.

u can visit us in NY for the year 2011

i like nabe too. cheer up n don't neglect ur study

小雪 said...

fufu还特地穿 I ♥ Malaysia的衣服噢?

J2Kfm said...

At RM38.50 even cheap by Msia's standards! Tempting stuff.

明仔(Anson) said...

Haha...Yup, long time dint come visit ur blog because last month I went back to hometown so cant on9 at home...Now oledi start new sem so back to KL then can on9 oledi...Haha...Tht why can come to visit ur blog and see ur nice pic frequently le~

Pete said...

Happy New Year!

天王之子 said...

nice foods and nice shirt^^

happy belated new year!!

Yih Yann said...

U dun need hair cut la...long hair can keep u is so cold over there....u take care & happy new year :)

小虫 said...

Sha Cha sauce (沙茶醬)?!tis 1 nice anot eh?! XD

haha! doest the country japanese food as fresh as japan or it doesnt hav different?! XD

oh!!Fufu hard-sell "i lv Malaysia" XD

gosh!! the is simply GREAT !!

小虫 said...

i had to say....the tangyuan pic is a nice shot! hahahahahaa XD

Jia Xin said...

wah...all food look lik very delicious a...i oso wan eat leh^^
the place oso very beauty....u long time no upload ur blog jor lol..
u say d is rite la...i`m still young ma^^must can find the better 1 d^^nw me was very confuse on my future..dunno wan study wat..haiz...also worry about my result...

jel said...

sounds and looks like ya had a great holidays.

heres hoping that 2010 is good too ya!

梦旅飞 said...

happy new year ~

fufu said...

Candlelyn : yeah of course i wont forget ya... hihihi but lucky i could have tang yuan with friends and not alone :) hohoho

Suf n Steve : yeah happy 2010 :) just go back for a yr like that? erm... good! so i could kick your ass in 2011 or after that... cool!!

小雪 : yeah really happy to be able to have hotpot in winter :) hihihihi yeah i love malaysia :p now everyone knows it lol erm the small town is very romantic...

fufu said...

J2Kfm : really? i never had pork knuckle in malaysia so i dont know the price :) but it's damn cheap here in germany :p yum yum yummy

明仔(Anson) : yeah i see... no wonder i havent heard from you for more than a month already ya :) good to hear that you could get connected now!! hehehe

Pete : happy 2010 :)

fufu said...

天王之子 : yeah... i love the tshirt :=) hohohoho happy 2010 ;)

Yih Yann : i dont like long hair >< the shorter the better hohohoho :) i never worry for the coldness... i am HOT enough for the winter... hehehe

嘉CacinG進 : sha cha sauce is nice... the taste is very different to ours... you shall try it if you have any chance ya... hihihi not hardsell i really love malaysia one lah... :) yeah the tang yuan was awesome... yum yum yum... happy 2010 :)

fufu said...

JiaXin : hhiihihi you are young... take your time to try new stuff ok? all the best :) erm... the food was all nice... =p yeah it's been a while since i updated...but wish you still could come visit me when i have updated ya :) btw happy 2010

jel : yeah i had a good 2009... wish 2010 is awesome as well... hohoho happy 2010

kampung Orz : yeah happy 2010 :)

roentare said...

It has been always great pleasure viewing your series of photos. This makes me feel like I have travelled with you.

Tang yuan make me homesick. Really. I really need to eat proper food these days :)

You are a good host to look after your friends :)

fufu said...

roentarre : thanks for your compliments ya :p i always bring the eyes to the place i have been.... hohohoho tang yuan huuh? you can make it yourself there's simple and fun to make :p anyway take care and all the best ya... happy 2010 yeah i am the expert already... have been travelling since 2005... of course i know what to do as a host :) hihihi

loveck77 said...

Hey, Fuf, just new to your blog. Guess what, I just came back from my backpacker trip to germany for my Xmas. Well, the first stop was at frankfurt Am Main! I took the flight to Frankfurt hahn by cheap ryanair. So need to take anotehr 2 hours bus to main city centre. Too bad i didnt go to the river side to view the night view! If i have known you earlier, i will tag with you guys :p
but after all, i dont feel regret to travel alone there! It is certainly a nice experience!

happy New year!

Mavis Ng said...



Vincent Cho said...


vialentino said...

awesome steamboat...

got tong yuan to eat at germany sumore....realy enjoying ur life ler..

maricar said...

hey fufu! long time no hear from you ;) nice to know you are here ;) i wish you too belated merry christmas and a happy new year!

did you watch the fireworks in Berlin?

did you try the beer in Hofbrähaus? in München? you should try to go there it's fun and unique place ;)

good luck to your studies fufu and take care. Alles Gute! ;)

Janice said...

Having tangyuan at oversea, especially during winter time,must be a great experience. Half an hour of fireworks had made a lot of air pollution. Nowadays, chemist try to create environmentally friendly fireworks with competitive price. Wish we can have it soon with a cheaper price. tk

iruffcookiedough said...

i thank ah kuan looks a lot like you. brothers lost in time?? the tang yuans look delicious. can't wait to sink my teeth into it as well.

fufu said...

loveck77 : well i was trying to visit your blog... but need to be invited by you >< anyway so how was your trip in germany? yeah if you let me know earlier i might have shown you around frankfurt and you also could have joined us for the fun... happy new year... let me know if you come to germany again ok? anyway travelling alone certainly another great experience you cant get... i used to travel alone once a while :)

mavis : yeah... the old buildings can be very romatic and look exactly like those found in fairy tale :) hihihi and the tang yuan was yummy... hihihihi you should make it one day

Vincent Cho : sha cha sauce is not spicy at all... but very salty :p

fufu said...

vialentino : yeah a nice hotpot :) love it... lucky there's asian market here... so we could get the stuff and cook whenever we want to

maricar : yeah happy 2010... it's been a while since i visited your blog... >< will do so later... erm well i didnt go to berlin... was too far away from frankfurt ya :) erm... in munich... i went to HB with friends but too crowded... so we changed the place for beer and dinner =p

Janice : yeah... i do agree with you... after the fireworks... the visibility was too low >< so smoky... i do hope the green fireworks would help and be cheaper compared to what we have now... btw... tang yuan is easy to make :) hohohoho

fufu said...

iruffcookiedough : hihihi really? i dont think he looks a lot like me >< but anyway i will make you tangyuan if there's a chance =p the tangyuan was way too good which over what i expected lol yum yum yum

Anonymous said...

red bean tang special ler...never mix like tat...


Superman said...

Happy New Year! Not bad still got homemade hotpot. Hehe. Looks delicious. Thanks for the nice photos! Even I cannot go there, but I saw part of Frankfurt and Munich.

三吉 said...

finally one year already....last year you have been said you will stay in Hong kong on Christmas....

foongpc said...

As usual very long post! Haha! I like the hotpot! Nice to eat on a cold day!

foongpc said...

Wow! sushi! I feel like eating sushi now : )

Nice black and white photos : )

Oh, tang yuan, my favourite! But I prefer with gula melaka : )

Ken Wooi said...

germany! how i wish i can go there too, but i think have to keep it for the future.. haha..
nice time to celebrate new year at some foreign country eh!
anyway, happy new year 2010! =D

fufu said...

clara : yeah you shall try red bean with tang yuan... very good!

Superman : hihihi glad you like my pictures ya :) and yeah let your eyes follow me to germany... hehehehe... the hotpot was yummy =p happy 2010

三吉 : i was in hk last 2 year for christmas dec 2008 =p hihihihi anyway dec 2009 was in frankfurt :)

fufu said...

foongpc : still long? but well probably long if you have watched all the videos... hohohoho... yeah hotpot is created for winter i must say... hehehe you shall go to the sushi there is the best!! erm... black and white pictures... yeah look so vintage ya... tangyuan... yum yum yum ....i wanna make for chinese new year also =p

kenwooi : hohoho i wish you could travel to germany or europe sooner... happy 2010... thanks god i have nice friends celebrating christmas and new year with me... hihihihi... i am the lucky boy :)

Chin Weng 茶先生 said...

那里可以买到”i love Malaysia“的那件衣服?

HansonLi said...

still as usual, u have alot of comments.
belated happy new year yaa!!

Anonymous said...

Wahhh! FuFu! The hotpot is called steamboat in Malaysia, isn't it? It looks like steamboat to me lah! OMG... makes me so hungry!

shloke said...

Greetings fufu! Your pictures make me forget the stress of the outside world. LOL! Love seeing the celebration, happiness, yummy food and beautiful places. Truly missed them!


Anonymous said...

Having hotpot in the cold winter is a good idea! :)

calvin said...

Nice food, nice company, nice place.
What a great new year party you had!

The tang yuan with red bean soup is something new to me. I usually just use syrup water.

fufu said...

Chin Weng 茶先生 : i bought it 2yrs ago in kl... if i remember correctly... from giordano :) but anyway wish you could get the tshirts now :)

HansonLi : hey... happy 2010... yeah thanks the readers who leaving comments here...including you ya

Cleffairy : steamboat? hihihi yeah hotpot = steamboat lol anyway it was nice!! hohoho wanna have it again :)

fufu said...

shloke : hihihi yeah i know it's kinda a mess now there >< wish things will be better :) anyway good you could enjoy while reading or going trough these pictures... it's my pleasure to make you so relax...

Mei Teng : yeah... just like when i was in japan, i would have hotpot during winter with friends :)

calvin : yeah everything was damn so nice :p now i am missing the holidays with them... yeah red bean + tangyuan = yummilicious... you have to try making it ok?

calvin said...

Yeah, gonna make it the next time I get the ingredients! Look simple and nice :)

fufu said...

calvin : yeah pretty easy to make... all the supermarkets in japan sell the ingredient you need... hohohoho try to make it on chinese new year la... ops, but you have sotsuken right? after that!! lol

Anonymous said...

I used to go to see the fireworks in London Eye, but now I can see it from my apartment windows! He he...

It was so cold, my camera couldn't cature the fireworks well. Plus, you really had to get there really in order to get a good view.

Oh, it's nice to you could find great sushi buffet in Germany. I love sushi too!

Re: Mr Rhino’s Halloween parties / 犀牛先生的万圣舞会 / Parti Halloween Encik Badak / サイさんのハロウィーン·パーティー

Thank you. ;-)

蒲公英 said...


AliVe said...




Sam Wong said...

wah...yummy yummy
steamboat, sushi ,snack , party...I want join together...haha
Happy New Year 2010 o...All the best to u in this new year.

Matt said...

I can always count on your blog for great photos and food pics! Have a great 2010 Fufu! All the best with your studies.

夏娃公主 said...


fufu said...

1ondoncalling : wow you can see the eye from your apartment?? i gotta disturb you when i go to london later... i also cant take good pictures at night >< unless i have the tripod... the sushi was alright... because was made by japanese... but still japan has the best sushi no matter where... miss it so much :p

蒲公英 Dandelion : yeah.. we will never forget our roots even studying or living overseas :)

AliVe : hahaha then you gotta eat first before coming to my blog :) lol

fufu said...

Sam Wong : lol you can have them with your friends there ok? hohohoho happy 2010... wish you all the best :)

Matt : yeah happy 2010 to you too matt :) miss you much... i will go back to xanga in these few days.. give me sometime... i still need to get some of my work done first :) till then take care ya lol see you

夏娃公主 : yeah... because i only selected good pictures to post up here :) glad you like them... hohoho yeah i am always eating good food with friends... but when i am alone... i will just cook simple dishes... >< wanna get together with friends sooner... tangyuan was really yummy :) you gotta try it ok?

Rajesh said...

Amazing shots of Frankfurt and downtown.

fufu said...

Rajesh : yeah the downtown is in munich though... i still havent ton of pictures to be uploaded here... stay tuned ya friend :)

小闷瓜 said...

呵呵... 新年快乐=p

Chris said...

i suppose doing FRA now, but i gave away oredi. :p

summer said...



aquarius said...

Happy New Year!!!戴眼镜的fufu比较帅耶!!XD。。。你的照片害开夜工的我好饿哦!!!你中了汤圆毒了~~XD

fufu said...

小闷瓜 : lol really? you can find me wearing glasses on the next post :) didnt know that i look good with glasses °ö°

Chris : huuh? really? but weill i am not free this month la... better come next month hohohoho

summer : yeah i also think that tang hun is better than bee hun :) hohoho well the santa is just like our chai seng ye :p people like to decor their house or apartment with santas...

fufu said...

aquarius : happy 2010... wow didnt know that i look better with glasses... well thanks! erm i love tangyuan :) especially with red bean... hohoho

Ensurai said...

hi...wonderful wonderful...

wonder fu

Serina said...

好像吃汤圆哦~ 在德国有材料可以煮吗?普通面粉就可以了吗?

Unknown said...

Argh~ Lamm's looks delish~ tapau for me lei fufu =p

fufu said...

Sarawakiana@2 : yeah absolutely wonderful =p

Serina : yeah just glutinous rice flour and water... that's it :) simple and easy to make...

aaronng88 : erm... if you come to germany... i will bring you there and for sauerkraut also :) hohoho

Ayie said...

looks like you lost some weight fufu?

It's nice to know you had a great holidays despite being far from your family, you have friends with you there. I also love nabe, not that easy to find ingredients here so can't really do it.

feline_Jodie said...

hey, friends~
yr life in Germany is so great!!
Happy 2010 also~
yes, I rmb we courtdown together for 2009~
Maybe we can do the courtdown for 2012 also~~~
no kidding as I am planning^^
I read the "2009 Review" also~
seems long time not free to search around here!
i will come to visit u here more often ga la:p


Kenny Mah said...

I miss that Munich Rathaus, and I used to shop at that H&M all the time! (Cheap clothes for students like me then.)

Ah the memories...

conan_cat said...

i think that if there's one thing ur gonna be famous for...

it'll be your extremely long posts.

with great pictures.

and food porn.

ungh! i'm hungry already!

and keep it going for 2010!! :D

fufu said...

Ayie : huuh? i though i am gaining weight though... hohoho but anyway all the best for everyone :) happy 2010... i will enjoy the year as always... wish you guys will do the same lol nabe? yeah very simple to prepare... go to the asian market and you will get what you want for nabe ya :p

Jodie : yeah it's ok! come here when you have time ok? erm... yay it's great having you for the countdown... i had a great one for 2010 also... hihihihi.... 2012? erm ok i will try to be there...

Life for Beginners : yeah the rathaus is awesome! h&m is still consider expensive unless it's on sale ya :) i am super poor here >< i will anyhow go back to munich again... still havent been to the bmw museum ><

fufu said...

conan_cat : is this post long? hohoho then i dont know the rest of the posts are the looongest or lonnger... anyway yeah my blog is full of pictures with people, building and food :) wish you would like it ya... and spend you time reading them... ok?

Bette said...

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