Thursday, 14 January 2010

Year of Review - Part One

FuFu Year in Review 2009
Dec 2008 - May 2009 (Winter & Spring) | Part One |

Another important decision i had made after deciding to travel around the world is to stop working in Singapore as an assistant Civil Engineer in charging the reclamation project of Pasir Panjang Terminal. Immediately after couple of weeks i jet off to Hongkong and Guangzhou, Mainland China for Christmas and New Year. Caught up with old buddies, bumped into my New Zealand Working Holiday's buddies, met and hanged out with new friends, enjoyed taking pictures everywhere with my new toy Canon 450D, had given several of my first times to the trip, it was an awesome Winter trip. My darling, January had given me the power to start travelling again.

Farewell lunch with June and Su Zhen at Sun with Moon, Singapore.

FuFu had a great day with two pretty Malaysians he knew in Taiwan.

The first time FuFu met and had dinner with a Malaysian Blogger.

Pui, FuFu's buddy and new friend, Marble from SiChuan.

Bumped into my Taiwanese New Zealand Working Holiday's buddy!

Thanks Joan for bringing us in to HK Disneyland free of charge.

Met and caught up with the CSP 8 buddies in Hongkong.

Surprisingly, Hongkong has many bike lanes. It's fun cycling around.

The segregated fishing village, Pak Nai is a mysterious outskirts.

Christmas Eve at Lan Kwai Fong. Was very crowded but fun!

FuFu's heart has given to the charming Victoria Harbour.

Went to Guangzhou, visited my Japan crony's hometown with Jodie.

FuFu's first facial mask in Guangzhou with Jodie.

After a refreshing cruise, we visited to the famous Zhongsan Uni.

Heading up to Foshan, visiting Wong Fei Hung and Yip Man.

The house where Yip Man was born and teaching Bruce Lee Kungfu.

Sitting in front of the world's largest outdoor Guanyin statue.

Hiking up to the hill of Seven Star Crags, Zhaoqing on New Year Eve.

The countdown of year 2009 in Zhaoqing, Guangdong Province.

Happy 2009. Started the year with Chinese beer. Gan Bei!

Back from the mainland, first thing to do was to meet the girls.

Then FuFu back to Ngong Ping 360 again with his buddies.

Tung Chung is FuFu's paradise for shopping.

First time watching horse racing. It was super GREAT.

The best online Hongkong buddy sent FuFu off at HKIA.

FuFu hand made's Chinese New Year greeting card.

February suddenly popped up to inform me that two of my buddies from Hongkong would be stopped by Malaysia for three days before flying back to Hongkong from Indonesia. Having buddies to visit my home country plus i was there, it's impossible for me not to have fun with them. Thus, we decided to visit and have a blast in Malacca since i also hadn't been there. Peggy, a pretty girl from Klang i met through them was driving us around Klang and Kelana Jaya on Chap Goh Mei, the fifteenth day of Chinese New Year.

The yummy porridge based hotpot in Klang.

Had a blast at the World Heritage Historical City, Malacca.

Can you imagine we were in a chicken ball rice restaurant?

Went to Bar.B.Q for Thai styled yakiniku at AEON Jusco, Klang.

FuFu sent his buddies off to Hongkong at KLIA-LCCT.

March always stands first among the rest. This March recorded that i have been living on this planet for twenty eight years already. I had my surprised birthday celebrated on top of Bukit Lembing, Sungai Lembing, Kuantan with spectacular sunrise. Even though a small muffin, it meant so much to me and certainly the priceless birthday cake i ever had received. And so i had my wish "be able to study in Frankfurt" made over the first sunrise of my 28th and it unbelievably came true in October. Sungai Lembing was the turning point that entirely changed the content of my life in Second Chapter.

The beach in the east coast is fabulous, Teluk Chempedak, Kuantan.

FuFu and his hometown cronies, Sungai Lembing, Kuantan.

Thanks buddies for being with FuFu on his 28th birthday!

April wasn't that cold, but i took out my jacket from the wardrobe. Why? Because i am going to hike the highest mountain in Malaysia, Mount Kinabalu. Six of the Hongkies flew to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah while two Malaysians flew from the peninsular, one by MAS and one by Airasia. It was a super insane trip ever. Imagine, going up to the mountain almost reaching the heaven, swimming down to the sea snorkelling with fishes, enjoying the thrilling white water rafting, eating cheap seafood and strolling around the Sunday market at Jalan Gaya, all these were happily done within six days. It worked perfectly well when the right circle of crazy people were together.

The first night at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

We all had our own gaya after staying a night at Jalan Gaya.

The sunset in Kota Kinabalu was majestically stunning.

The journey to the heaven started from Kinabaku Park.

Before Dalap Rangers had gone insane.

Yoooo... finally came to the resting point.

The Dalap Rangers were ready to conquer Mount Kinabalu.

Yeah, FuFu was on top of the Low's Peak at 4095.2m.

FuFu on top of the Low's Peak.

After the heaven, it's time to visit the underwater paradise.

Sapi Island is a nice place to snorkel, parasailing and get tanned.

On the way going to for White Water Rafting.

On the old rail tracks going to the starting point for the rafting.

Was thrown away by the rapid! So much fun!

Dalap Rangers on the river, challenging all the thrilling rapids.

Showing off our certificates on the last day before dismissing.

May gave me a kind buzz, telling me that i didn't really explore Malaysia even though i have been travelling around the world. Hence i decided to spend couples of days going up north to Penang from my hometown. It's a leisure and my first backpacking trip in Malaysia. Penang is a place where the ancient nostalgic unfold in splendour, where faith meet in peace and harmony, where the soul of the past breathes in the present, where festive collide from across the world. Penang really has it all. Thanks Akira for showing me around also.

Penang Botanical Garden is so peace until i did zazen for an hour.

The Downtown, where the soul of the past breathes in the present.

Peranakan Museum, where ancient nostalgic unfold in splendour .

Batu Ferringi, where paradise beckon to relax and unwind.

Not only hawker foods, Gurney Drive is a place for sunset too.

Presgrave Street has its own nostalgic dining atmosphere.

Guess this ornate shelter for Guan Yin must have beautifully done!

Chowrasta Market - one of the oldest markets in Penang.


Anonymous said...

What a year!!


~叶小~ said...

Great post.. <3

~仪仪妈咪~ said...


将鱼宰 said...


蒲公英 said...


我的天地 said...


William said...

A great recap.

jam said...

Very memorable 2009 you have! It's always nice to travel around without worrying about one's commitments in life.

海市蜃樓 said...
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海市蜃樓 said...

單單part one已經咁精彩,你將好多人嘅夢想都實現了,起碼我是其一。謝謝你哦,嘻嘻。

Wois said...

u have a very great 2009, thou

Akira 思胜 said...

Glad to see your review for 2009 is here! Hehe...

Hope to see you soon too!

Travis.Z said...


Suf n Steve said...


u did climb up to the peak of kinabalu's... I can't -medical reason although my hubby did!!!

aiyo- so reminise the folks story-taker kr cerita terbaru frankfurt.

M-Knight said...

very nice year end post

[SK] said...

what a great year 2009 you have!! travelling around and meeting friends.. hope your 2010 is doing equally well if not better.. wonder when i would be able to travel like you :p

Ken said...

Colourful year u had huh...
Thumb up!

Going to conquer Mt. Kinabalu soon! Finally... lol

HanLun said...

haha.. good good. It is a harvest year for u :)

Ur camera same age with me. They are 1 year old :P

fufu said...

1ondoncalling : 去年色々お世話になりました?? what had i done actually? hohoho well okok i got it... 今年もよろしくお願いします~ it's not late... hihihi :) thanks and happy 2010

叶小 : hehehe thanks :)

仪仪妈咪 : yeah what a wonderful 2009 =p wish you could travel around also... at least domestic one la...

fufu said...

将鱼宰 : yay, i am sure this year also will be great!

蒲公英 Dandelion : yes! exactly :) i dont really have much 年轻的岁月 >< so gotta enjoy as much as i can

我的天地 : i really had a great 2009... and this year will be going to be awesome also :) hohoho yeah i had seen and learnt so many stuff in 2009... thanks god for giving me the chance :)

fufu said...

William : yoo... i miss 2009 n_<

jam : yeah an unforgettable one ya... i am sure i am gonna miss all my awesome years once i have settled down... so gotta enjoy every little single moment now =p

海市蜃樓 : really? hihihihi then i must be the most luckiest guy in the world? hohoho good! wish yours would come true sooner :)

fufu said...

Wois : yeah a special year for me :) yours is not bad also i guess...

Akira 思胜 : hohoho thanks! i miss penang food >< wanna go back sooner!!

Travis.Z : hihihi yeah nice!我行,故我在 :)

fufu said...

Suf n Steve : yeah mount kinabalu is awesome!! you cant go there due to medical reason? oh...but at least you can read and see the pictures from my blog...hohoho yeah frankfurt huuh... i am going to be here for another 6mths... more to reminisce

M-Knight : yeah thanks! not year end though, recap of 2009 - part one

SK : yeah wish you could travel as much as i do :) hihihi and i am sure 2010 is going to be a great year also... no worries :)

fufu said...

Ken : yeah an awesome year :) well you are going to conquer mount kinabalu? wow good.. i wish to go there again also... anyway wish you could see both magnificent sunrise and sunset =p

HanLun : yeah... i love my camera but the lens is not working well already >< i have no money to buy a new one >< anyway i will still enjoy 2010 like what i had done for 2009 =p

Call me A.S for AkiraSabine said...

Fufu seems to have friends everywhere he lands on, eh? Not bad, not bad.

Mehr Spass im diese Jahr fuer dich!

Nick尼克仔 said...

还来个什么part one的

fufu said...

Akira : yeah exactly... i have friends everywhere :) but not antartica >< anyway guess i would have friends from all over the world sooner since i am hanging out with friends from every corner of the world :) thanks! wish you have a good 2010 also...good luck

fufu said...

Nick尼克仔 : 晒命? no la! just a recap of 2009 :) hihihihi i had done pretty much last year, and cant make the whole year in a post... and i dont wanna make it a super long post so i divided the year of review into three part :) erm... wow not only bak kut teh... you gotta treat me 吃火锅 also... hohohoo... the book with my autograph? no problem :) you are the most suitable person to be my fans club president :p

foongpc said...

Oh, lucky you are posting this as Part 1 otherwise it may turn out to be your longest post in history! LOL!

foongpc said...

Must be nice reflecting on all your travels in 2009! Sweet memories - thank goodness for blogs!

fufu said...

foongpc : hihihi i know you are going to complain so i decided to make it 3 parts... hohoho smart huuh? yeah basically mostly 2009 is a travelling year for me until i started my master course here in frankfurt in Oct :)

Kenny Mah said...

That's some year, mate! What great people you met, what great places you been to!

Fufu, you really are an inspiration to me. I am sitting down in a 9-to-5 job, and despite the fact I did travel more in 2009 than any other year in my life recently (except when I was living in Europe), I feel the wanderlust in me...

... it will be great to have Life as an Adventure again.

Thanks for sharing this. You got me thinking about my life and my plans in 2010. :)

rainfield61 said...

You have a wonderful and colourful 2009.


M-Knight said...

wrongly said should have said nice part 1 2009 recap can't wait for the 2nd part... cheers...:)

窮光蛋市長 said...

The chicken ball rice restaurant,my astro ever at there take the CNY MV right?

窮光蛋市長 said...
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猪公主 said...

lol....a good year of review..keke!! *thumbs up* ! travelling non stop frm jan untill end of 2009 ^^

looking 4ward ur part 2 and 3 and........

Candlelyn said...

oh,wow~u also went for rafting before?? i also been there last year august~i miss the amazing adventure!

SuwEi said...

u're really a serial traveller..

✿AиG3L✿ said...


ps: 希望你日后的旅程会更更更棒~!!

Yih Yann said...

We are our own life wish to have what kind of life is depends on your own hand.

You hav a great year :D

Chi Leong said...


upper six life is tough

Anonymous said...

Ha ha... Standard Japanese greetings all say the same thing?!

Doors of Salisbury / 索尔兹伯里之门 / Pintu Salisbury / ソールズベリーのドア

Why windows? Doors are better!
See my door is better than your window! Ha ha ha!

Feeling said...

wow wow wow!! you just born to be a great traveler! what a wonder 2009 you have! keep up! all da best! =)

Lily Riani said...

always wanted to do mount kk, envy you man!!!!

Bengbeng said...

what a yr it was. i imagine this coming yr will quite an interesting yr too

uLi.佑莉 said...

Wow...seems like you have a fruitful 2009. May 2010 is another wonderful year for fufu :)

Sebastian Workshop said...

Wah, fufu's life in 2009 so fantastic!

小煒 said...

long time din come^^
is a ery enjoyable yar in 2010 wor

fufu said...

Life for Beginners : yeah a year wonderful year =p with nice people... really have a blast in 2009.. erm you should plan nicely for 2010 :p enjoy life ok? and glad i could travel around having great adventures with friends :)

rainfield61 : yeah... thanks!!!

M-Knight : oic... part two will be out soon...stay tuned ya

fufu said...

穷光蛋市长 : yeah... i think for the chinese new year song of 2009... :)

猪公主 : yeah i only have 3parts :p glad to be able to travel around in 2009...

Candlelyn : yeah water rafting is really thrilling ya... i wanna do it again :) hohoho

fufu said...

SuwEi : yeah i am a world traveller :p

✿AиG3L✿ : of course have to utilise every trip i have... i dont wanna waste my money and time... hihihi and wish you could go travel around also :) all the best

Yih Yann : hihihi yeah i am the leader!! hohohoho come on!! follow my steps to enjoy life!!

fufu said...

Chi Leong : okok i know stpm is hard.. just concentrate on your studies and come here when you have time ok? all the best

1ondoncalling : okokok... i am just teasing you... anyway window and door are both nice... again just wanna tease you :)

Feeling : yeah i was born to travel around the world :) hihihihi yeah i will have a great 2010 also...

fufu said...

Lily Riani : yeah mount kinabalu is great!! you gotta go there once!!

Bengbeng : yeah true! will be a great one also...

uLi.佑莉 : yo... thanks!! i will enjoy my 2010 like what i did for 2009

fufu said...

Sebastian Photography : yeah... thanks to have such nice great companion in 2009, without them i wouldnt have a wonderful 2009 :)

小炜司砾 : yeah long time no see... ok i promise.. i will have a great 2010 :)

Yenny said...

嗯,沒想到我也有份上榜~ *感動*

fufu said...

Yenny : yeah my 2009 is great! it's my pleasure to have you in my year of review ya :) see you next year in malaysia =p

Pete said...

Wow, I bet you have had an exciting 2009! Will make a note to visit Foshan next favourite martial art masters place! LOL!

hcpen said...

Wow! what a year...i think we were both in hk in dec 08 christmas during the same time..haha..also, love ur handmade card!! I wish to have one too!:-)

嘿嘿 said...
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嘿嘿 said...


fufu said...

Pete : yeah you gotta mark down Foshan! a nice place to visit :) yeah 2009 was great! and wish 2010 will be greater hohoho

hcpen : huuh really? you were there? erm too bad we couldnt meet up but yeah, the card? erm only buddies of FuFu could get it :)

嘿嘿 : yay... we all should do so!!

Shin said...



fufu said...

Shin : yeah exactly hohohoho 2010 will be the same also löl

shloke said...

WOW! What a fufu year :) I want it!!!

The Guan Yin shelter/pavilion (Penang) is finally completed - almost 7 years in the making. Check this You Tube video:


发白日梦^^ said...


CheaHSan said...

Great fun, great friends, great travel, great places, great food, great blog and great years and everything great and more greatness to come in the future years. Have a great weekend

jun wei's said...


fufu said...

shloke : hahaha... your life there also awesome my friend!! live it up and i am sure you certainly dont need fufu year... you have your own style ya :) yeah... the yuan yin pavilion is done! so beautiful ya

发白日梦^^ : hihihi life is all about choices... you could make it if you want!!

CheaHS@n : yeah everything was just perfect :) wish 2010 is awesome as well ya :) hohohoho you have a nice weekend also... i gotta do my assignment ><

fufu said...

jun wei's : thanks! no worry.. i will live up and enjoy my life as always :)

loveck77 said...

Kind of enjoy reading your blog when i was fed up with study at the late night! well, what should i said you have certainly live in full in your life! what else more! That is certainly live without any regret even if tomorrow is the end of the world!

Ayie said...

Hi fufu! a fun filled year for you!

enjoy your weekend!

chengmun said...




iruffcookiedough said...

fufu, i think your job is meant to be a world-travelling epicurist. envious!!! when do i get to travel like that i wonder.

fufu said...

loveck77 : yeah... no regret but i still havent been to central&south america, africa and russia, india, etc!!! hohohoho yeah i am slowly getting my dream come true =p then only i can say i have no regret even if the next second is end of the world ya... hohoho wish 2010 wil be great for me also :)

Ayie : yeah a great 2009 and i am sure 2010 is even better :) you have a nice weekend too n_<

chengmun : thanks for coming... enjoy reading the rest ok? but take your time... dont need to read all in a day :)

yeah life is fragile and short... so i want to enjoy it without any regret :p hohoho

hihihi glad to hear that from you... i am so flattered now =) anyway i will blog more... so do come back when you have time ya

fufu said...

iruffcookiedough : world-travelling epicurist? i wish somebody could sponsor me to do so :) because i have friends all over the world but my budget is very limited >< because i am using half of my saving to further my studies in germany... the other half already finished for my last world trip... anyway, wish you could travel as you wish ya... i also ponder when can i travel with you? you still owe me somethings!! hohoho

三吉 said...

what a wonderful calculate how mant country that you visited....?

fufu said...

三吉 : yeah a nice 2009 ya... well i have been to nearly 30 countries only >< i wanna explore more... hohoho

古小玉 said...

Will you come back to Malaysia next month to celebrate CNY?

chengmun said...

haha~ya lar~
but really enjoy your travel post~

Furby said...

fufu, you had an awesome year!! Keep it up! Looking forward to your great pics and stories in 2010~ ;)

fufu said...

古小玉 : erm i am not going back... until next year sept or oct :)

chengmun : thanks! wish this blog could help you... i still have ton of travelouges to write >< anyway will try to update when i have time... stay tuned ya

FuRby : yeah i am gonna have a great 2010 also =) for sure i will share the pictures with you guys ya.. no worries :p

Unseen India Tours said...

Beautiful and fantastic shots Fufu !! You really had a Great time in Review !!

fufu said...

Unseen Rajasthan : yeah i have a fantastic 2009 lol going to enjoy 2010 to the fullest also

chengmun said...





Ensurai said...

So many photos!! And what a harvest!! God bless.

佐瑟琳 said...

因为有点忙~ 不分昼夜的~

哇~ 你的2009年很棒咧~

加油~ ^^

escape said...

wow! colorful christmas not just because of the lights but also of the people you met there.

and belated happy birthday! better late than never.

Jessyca said...

I saw the pic U took at Summit Mount KK..the clothes u wore was SO THIN!! Dun u feel cold? I hardly can breathe that time!

Anyway, it's good to see u can travel around the world freely.. I dont have such freedom due to my responsibility as the Oldest child in the family. Hope that one day my dream can come true! BEfore that, i better feed my bank account 'bao bao' first! LOL

lucas said...

seems like a year full of fun and color, fufu!

豪少 said...

First time here! Great to see that you have been to so many places, really hope one day I could do the same too! Btw, you have a nice blog! Cheers!

fufu said...

chengmun : hohoho good! wish this blog could at least give you some tips for your future travels ya =p

Sarawakiana@2 : hihihi more to come ya... still have 2 parts for the review :) erm well wish you have a great 2010 also

佐瑟琳 : oic... no wonder i didnt see you around for such a long period la but anyway welcome back ya :) yeah too bad we couldnt meet up in 2009... gotta wait until 2011 or 2012 :p because i wanna go back to penang again for the food... hohoho

fufu said...

the donG : yeah the christmas in hongkong was a special one!! cant wait to go back again >< well my birthday is in march... that was my last year celebration :) anyway thanks

Jessyca : yeah i love cold weather! i am always wearing thin clothes even the temperature is below 0 :) well mount kk is a great one to climb! i wanna go there again :) hohoho

well you certainly dont need to have much money to travel :) budget trip also adventurous also ya... wish you could travel around because it's really fun!

lucas : yeah a wonderful 2009... 2010 will be even more awesome :)

fufu said...

豪少 : yeah thanks for dropping by ya :) well i am expert in enjoying life hohohoho yeah i have been to many places already =p thanks god!

Ayie said...

the photos tell it all...I'm proud to say that I followed through this adventures of fufu

Twilight Man said...

Penang is Twilight's hometown! Yay! Fufu likes it! Next time I will bring you to exotic and unseen places!

fufu said...

Ayie : hihihi thanks! wish you really had a visual tour with me here by looking at these pictures ya =p have a nice day!!

Twilight : hohoho really? thanks in advance first ya but i dont know when i could go to penang again ><

Unknown said...

What a great year for you....Gong xi fa cai!!

fufu said...

Aaron : yeah thanks! my 2009 was damn so perfect!! wish 2010 will be awesome as well... gong xi fa cai :)

Lily Riani said...

I thought you would have plenty of pics to share. You have been photo tag.

Unknown said...

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