Tuesday 30 March 2010

FuFu Restaurant

FuFu Life in Frankfurt - Part Thirteen
27th - 28th March 2010

Since it's now still in the beginning of the summer semester, i am laying back and enjoying the weekend cooking in the kitchen. It's so much fun making the food i want to eat here in Germany. For your information, i have been cooking since 2002 when i was studying in Japan. So i already have eight years of cooking experience. Instead of a coffee shop, i once a while am thinking to open my own restaurant after my retirement.

A restaurant that will serve the dishes i can cook pretty good or the best i had tried during my travels all around the world. It's gonna be named as FuFu Restaurant that broadening one's culinary horizons with international dishes as if "you name it, you will get it" while highlighting the local food and promoting FuFu secret recipe as well. I will design a special combination for the menu or set meal that caters everyone's preference.

I love fine food while spending time with friends and sharing my adventures, so the only thing better than going to other restaurant is owning my very own down-to-earth restaurant. FuFu restaurant will also symbolise a more cultures side of humanity. It provides a place where people may gather to discuss my travelogues, flip through the photo albums, get travel information or tips plus all of my adventures will be shared.

In the cuisine culture, food is accepted as social, affluent, and downright hip. It's also a highly lucrative business since we need to eat and drink everyday in order to survive. And i wish to set the price rather reasonable than profitable or pricey. If i couldn't get a better job once i have completed my studies, i would like to set up a restaurant that not only serves different styles of food, also to share all of my travel adventures with the customers.

Imagine enjoying a plate of spaghetti after a bowl of hearty herbal soup, or sipping a cup of teh tarik (Malaysian milk tea) while having a plate of yummy Turkish pilaf (fried rice) while looking at the pictures, watching the video or reading the travelogues. With a dash of FuFu authentic worldwide adventures added that will definitely elevate the status of the restaurant. Also a chance to catch up with the world traveller - FuFu. Doesn't that sound wonderful?

Panang Curry Paste and the ingredients for FuFu Curry.

FuFu Curry = Potato + Tomato + Curry Past + Carrot + Chicken.

FuFu Salad = Lettuce + Cucumber + Tomato + Olive Oil + Vinegar.

FuFu Curry Rice (Malaysia) and FuFu salad (Italian).

Very HOT? No worries, salad (cucumber and lettuce) helps!

The set lunch on last Saturday was really yummy. Having half of the curry left and didn't want to have the same style of curry for dinner, i therefore simmered it as thicker as Japanese curry. At the meantime, i was making another simple dish for dinner with two eggs - Chawan Mushi ( 茶碗蒸し, Japanese-style egg custard). It's a nice set dinner that came out naturally with what left in the shelf. To make it a luxurious dinner, i indulged myself with a fruit yoghurt.

Simmer the curry longer to make it thicker = Japanese Curry Rice.

FuFu Homemade Chawan Mushi (Japanese-style Egg Custard).

Japanese-style curry rice.

Smooth + aromatic = yummy.

Fruit Yoghurt as the dessert of the day.

I had an important appointment in the toilet the next day. It was so smoothly done! To get my body recharged for the coming hectic week, i decided to make a hearty herbal soup i got from the Asian Market on the lazy gloomy Sunday. Chinese herbal soup, a distinctive feature of Chinese soup, is one of the easiest ways to cook and the herbs have gentle tonics and also renowned for curative functions. This palatable chinese herbal soup nourished the body and quenched the throat.

FuFu Hearty Herbal Soup.

Ingredient : Seven Chinese Herbs (Pearl Barley, Lotus Seeds, Dioscores, Lily Bulb, Fox Nuts, Poly Gonatum, Longan.)

Directions : Wash the herbs well before cooking. Boil all ingredients with skinless chicken or lean pork with 10 bowl of water. Simmer for three hours. Add salt for seasoning.

富富愛 心靓湯

藥材 : 苡米, 蓮子, 濰山, 百合, 肇實, 玉竹, 元肉

煮法 : 將所有藥材加入瘦肉或去皮雞肉以及清水十碗, 以文火煲約三個小時, 略加鹽調味即可享用富富愛心靓湯

It's a palatable + healthy soup.

FuFu drank all the soup, bowl bottoms up. *slurp*

Apart from the FuFu restaurant, i still have many stuff planning to be done. I wanna publish my first photo book/album, documenting my travelogues and get it published. Also to continue the second part of my world trip. Crazy? Impossible? Never laugh at anyone's dreams, because dreams can come true. Hey folks, dare to dream big! Impossible? Make it "I'm possible"! Remember, a good dream takes us one step closer to the goal.

So, who has the money and wanna to be my partner? It's a golden plate of opportunity. If being a restaurant owner sounds like the career of your dreams, FuFu is a good partner for you. I have been learning how to do business since i was ten years old at the grocery shop and then wet market selling vegetables. Let's work together setting up a successful business without spending a huge fortune but make a fortune. I wanna earn my first bucket of gold and let's succeed in this business venture.





Matt said...

That's a noble business venture. There's a coffee shop in my neighborhood that caters to travelers. Most of the staff have traveled / backpacked around the globe.

Opening a restaurant is not easy though. I've had relatives that have gone through this before. I don't think they made money. I don't want to discourage you though from your goal. I like the idea of having different styles of food.

Just don't be stuck in the kitchen otherwise no one will be able to talk to you. :-)

fufu said...

Matt : wow you are pretty fast :)

erm.... well i know it's not easy to run a restaurant, at the beginning especially, business may be good since people like something new and special but to maintain is the hardest path to continue unless i managed to satisfy customers from all walks of life (i know i cant only open a restaurant for travellers)

hihihi of course i wont hide in the kitchen... i will be around chatting with customers or taking pictures with them =p

anyway it's just one of my dreams, if i cant get it fulfilled, i still have others :) thanks for your comment! XD

june (an asian traveler) said...

Starting a business venture is a hard task; it requires lots of work to maintain it. However, if that's your dream, go for it! :)

fufu said...

june : yeah i know it :) will try to get it realised if i have enough money =p

Sebastian Workshop said...

I miss the herba soup...

fufu said...

Sebastian Photography : the herbal soup...can be tong sui also... it's called "luk mei" (six flavoured tong sui) =p

AliVe said...

hope ur wish can come true ~

drlilac said...

Wow! You are a great cook!!! I envy you. Cooking is my weakness :(

键轩惠娘 said...


Ensurai said...

That's really lovely.
Dreams do come true if you work hard enough. You must take the ups and downs and be happy ...
One CEO said "I like making people happy and if I can make my employees happy and even help him become a CEO...than that's good. ..."

CEO Fufu....well done!

十六 Keaton said...


J2Kfm said...

Catchy name, FullFull Restaurant? :)

JILL said...

I love Panang Curry!!!

only 1st try in last year and fall in love with it!

lock said...

cooking local foods is a method of being recognized where u are come from, where your root belong!

~仪仪妈咪~ said...


中研会 said...
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summer said...





豪少 said...

Wow! Your curry chicken looks really good! I want to have some~ :P

Well, one of my goals is to have my own restaurant too! And I have some crazy ideas about it, haha! Maybe we could collaborate with each other in the future, seriously :)

uLi.佑莉 said...

Ok...you can come back to open your own restaurant dy after finished study. Rmb to ask me go to your shop for review :P

猪公主 said...

wah....seem like ur cooking skill can compare wit the chef in restaurant ady.=) !!! *THUMBS UP*
lol...i m a girl but dunno how 2 cook.OMG....so shameful =p

can i be one of ur restaurant's shareholder!??! haha...i wan invest =p

micki said...

You shall keep your wishes to open a restaurant for the retirement life. All dishes look so good! Keep up your healthy menus too! Impressive!
I did not know you write Chinese too. Ha! it's a bit hard for me to read without 標點符號 :) :)

Jonzz said...

u terrible la.

make people hungry only and it's 2 hours to lunch.


Yih Yann said...

Everything looks so yummy...dunno got chance to try it out???

海市蜃樓 said...

嘩,食物相當高清,我中意嗰湯同沙拉,Olive Oil + Vinegar好啱我胃口。假如你真係開鋪,記得畀嗰地址我去幫襯哦!

Anonymous said...

I am biased. Have to admit I don't enjoy German food.

12345+1 said...
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Anonymous said...

不知道为什么看到你这篇文章觉得有点像在玩restaurant city的感觉XD

lazy mum said...

进得厨房出得厅堂的男人 = 大加分

迷迭香 said...

Departure Lounge at Solaris, Mont Kiara is of similar concept... there are lots of travel info provided, and it is a very nicely set up cafe ~
check it out the next time u come home ^_^

Akira 思胜 said...

Curry + salad! Wow, a new combination! :P

✿AиG3L✿ said...


Wendy ^_^ said...

^_^ If FuFu is really going to have his own restaurant I want to be one of the first costumers hahaha ^_^

Bengbeng said...

Fufu u have given me a big surprise here. I didnt know u could cook so well. From what I know of you, u will have a fair shot of achieving yr goals.

小虫 said...

sibeh 厉害煮叻!!

开一个店叫 FUFU restaurant 也不错的哦!

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Come Singapore open? hehe...

Palito said...

My parents had diner when we were small and they were good at it.

Unfortunately, my siblings and I pursued different fields and totally, forget about my parents' business.

I'm thinking of having my own resto too. But not so soon.

My mom said that food business is always the best.

Go, Fufu!!! Btw, belated happy birthday. =)

Wee Han said...

Oh my FOOD-ness! FUFU!!!!!!

Ok, first of all, those look exquisite! believe or not, I want to own my little restaurant too, maybe a "lil Bistro". Ahh... finally found a friend who loves culinary stuff too! me likey!

Love your saying: "In the cuisine culture, food is accepted as social, affluent, and downright hip. It's also a highly lucrative business since we need to eat and drink everyday in order to survive."

A 2 cents worth of advice from me, choose the right business partner! You wouldn't wanna end up doing all the work and the others ripping off from your talent! :)

Nonetheless, YOUR DREAM WILL COME TRUE! Where ever you plan to open it, WEEHAN will definitely pay a visit to "FUFU restaurant"!

Don't quit your dream! XD

Wee Han

fufu said...

AliVe : hey thanks :) really wish would come true =p

drlilac : yeah... i can cook... hahaha, but i think girls should at least know how to bake... hihihi

键轩惠娘 : 原來如此 有甚麼特別原因??
但是沒有去皮都很好吃 :)

fufu said...

Sarawakiana@2 : wow CEO fufu?? hehehe... cant wait to be a CEO one day :) but well, yeah employees are very important ya as they can influence the popularity of the image of the restaurant, sure i will get along well with them if this dream ever comes true

十六夜真人 : 可憐囉

J2Kfm : yeah... FullFull Restaurant, everyone can get full~~ hohohoh

fufu said...

JILL : yeah you know about panang curry?? it's very spicy :) but i like it hohoho

lock : hihihi i gonna mix the local food with other famous international dishes :) of course i wont forget my root :)

仪仪妈咪 : 哈哈哈
就叫他們自己煮 哈哈哈

fufu said...

summer : 對呀
我的點子很好吧 :)
哈哈哈 你太興奮了吧
忘記了那個帳號在這裡留言 哈哈

豪少 : hahahah my curry chicken is nice, i can cook nasi lemak also... my sambal is really yummy yummy :) hohohoho see if i have any chance cooking for you guys or not in the future... if not go to my restaurant ok? lol

wow are you seriious? you wanna have your own restaurant too? hahahha... good we shall talk about it =p hahaha

uLi.佑莉 : yeah of course... not only just for the review... you have to come frequently ya... hohoho and bring your friends and relatives along =p

fufu said...

猪公主 : hahaha of course you can invest :) hahahha the more the better!! i mean the amoung =p hohoho well generally men cook better than women as you can see the chef are mainly male :)

micki : hahaha i speak chinese :) erm that's my style to write chinese here... sorry i dont use 標點符號 but is that hard for you to understand??

yeah i will try to get my dream come true ya owning a restaurant :p so if i dont have extra money for nice dinner... i can still eat at my restaurant hihihi

Yih Yann : hahaha sure you will have the chance if i real open my own restaurant =p and you are welcomed to come everyday

fufu said...

海市蜃樓 : 哈哈哈

Mei Teng : okok i will have other food for you :) hihihihi no worries!

cookieszz : hahaha restaurant city?? i dont play that :) how it looks like?? well the curry was nice =p yum yum... i finished all myself...hahhaa

fufu said...

釉釉 (幼幼) : 是! 真的可以加很多分

迷迭香 : departure lounge? never heard of it... a new theme restaurant? i wanna go check it out once i am back home :) gotta know how is the restaurant there

Akira 思胜 : hahaha yeah a nice combination ya... i have more to be shared...hihihi

fufu said...

AиG3L✿ : 那麼我就不是很吸引囉
哈哈哈 開玩笑
我也是玩玩而已 :)
不是自誇我煮的食物真的很好吃喔 :p

Wendy ^_^ : then you gotta fly to malaysia to be my first customer :) hahahhaa

Bengbeng : lol well i still have several more pleasant surprises for you guys :) hihihihi erm i will cook for you, mrs bb and benghui if i ever go to sibu visit you guys ok?

fufu said...

嘉CacinG進 : hahahaa

Somewhere in Singapore : singapore?? huuh i dont think i can go there... i am not a citizen there... hahahha unless the one in malaysia is really doing well, then i may consider opening one in singapore hahhaha... dreaming

Palito : yeah i am not in the food line too... i am doing master in urban agglomerations, and got a degree in civil engineering :)

but anyway food business is always good... because we need to eat and drink every day :) hahahhaa yeah you should join me...i need your help for pinoy food

hahaha thanks :) march is going to end soon...

Che-Cheh said...

Hey count me in! Hahaha
I dream of opening a restaurant too. :P

I think you certainly deserve the name 'Chef Fufu' :)

fufu said...

Wee Han : yeah thanks for your support ya :) i didnt know there's actually so many people wanna open his/her own restaurant ya... hahahaa...

yeah of course i would carefully choose the correct partner and shareholder.... i dont wanna end up working unhappily with them... instead i wanna work together happily with all... and enjoy in a small fufu restaurant =p

yeah we really need to eat and drink :) hjohohoo and food business is really good to do if we provide nice and affordable food =)

i wont give up my dream :) i will try to make it fulfilled and you have to come over often... bring your family and friends also hahaha

fufu said...

Che-Cheh : hahhaa okok i will look for you if i ever plan to open a restaurant... hihihihi chef fufu?? lol hihihi i am the good cook with a good look :) lol from one of my friends

fufu said...

Jonzz : hahahaha get something light to eat first before you go to have your lunch =p am i that terrible? lol okok i know what you mean...

Anonymous said...

Ha ha... Do you need a waiter in your restaurant?
I can serve your customers!

fufu said...

1ondoncalling : hahahaha i think i am not afford to hire you... but you are welcome to my restaurant =p

William said...

Let me know when you open your restaurant. I'll definitely come for a visit and do a food review! :D

fufu said...

William : sure :) hahaha you gotta tell your friends also ya...hihihihi sure i will prepare nice food.... just come and eat then pay.... lol

朵麗絲~ said...

哇~ 福福晉級成廚師了,值得期待哦~ 希望你的餐廳別開太遠,才有機會試試你的手藝^^

zun said...

This is plainly a great idea. I think only by the concept, you will be able to attract many visitors.

fufu said...

朵麗絲 : 福福??? omg...
哈哈哈 如果可以的話我會在吉隆坡一帶開喔
因為那一邊的生意比較容易做 :)

zun : hihihihi yeah i guess so :) would like to open my own dream restaurant =p really wish can attract people to come over

escape said...

amazing to know that you know how to cook. bad for me that i only know how to cook a fried or boiled egg. if you'll be here, we'll just bring you to a restaurant rather than my place. lol

fufu said...

the donG : yeah i wanna eat nice pinoy food :) you better bring me to a nice restaurant =p hahaha yeah now you know i can cook good right?

单身汉 said...


fufu said...

单身汉 : 哈哈哈哈
你太過將啦 >< anyway 謝謝
erm... 煮給你吃??
那以後去我的餐廳囉 :)
hahhahaa 一定可以品嘗到我的廚藝 :)
我不會做蛋糕餅乾 ><

fufu said...
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Anonymous said...

Ha ha... You don't need waiter?
OK lah, I can be your cashier.

You cook, I collect money from the customers. Ha ha...

fufu said...

1ondoncalling : volunteer waiter can la... and you gotta share your UK travel experiences with the customers ok?

SuwEi said...


fufu said...

SuwEi : 記得帶多一點錢喔
哈哈哈 還有很多很多的親戚朋友
如果我的願望可以事先的話 :)

edward said...

I'd like to try all your cookings. Do you think about any house signature dishes for FuFu Restaurant? Among the dishes you presented in your blog, I'd like to try your 爱心靓汤, it reminded sense of home!!:)

fufu said...

edward : really? then you gotta drop by my restaurant for all fufu home cooked dishes then... hahaha erm hearty soup is nice :) i will make you guys a nice one, i promise =p erm i will do some research on the menu if i ever got the chance to open the restaurant hahahaha thanks anyway =p

TG said...

I like FuFu restaurant. It sounds like a Facebook game, haha. Anyway, I thought Panang curry paste was a typo and should be Penang curry paste, but I guess I'm wrong, haha. I've been in Penang, but there was no special curry paste. Or? :)

fufu said...

MKL : penang curry is quite special but this panang curry paste i am using is from thai though :) erm i didnt play facebook restaurant so i dont know about it =p hahaha i thought it was Penang Curry Paste so i bought it but when i really wanna cook curry and i saw Panang.... lol but well it's good!!

Penny @ Faye_777 said...

i want eat leh~~~

Unknown said...

Your food sure looks delicious!
Can you open up your Restaurant nearby where we retire, pls?

KOKahKOK said...

running a restaurantis not easy as ur frends said...but i am sure you can do it!!!

btw, i never seen the Penang Curry b4 leh.... lol

Big Boys Oven said...

wow it reminds me of my university life abroad...it's fun cooking for one! lol! :)


wow, fufu's hidden talent? when u wanna cook for me? :P

fufu said...

Penny @ Faye_777 : hahaha... then i really wish i could get my dream come true so everyone of you here can try my dishes :p

NicoleB : hahahhaa then you gotta retire in malaysia :) a lovely country...

KOKahKOK : i know it's mot easy but i will do my best if i ever could open my own restaurant lol panang curry?? erm... it's from thai... but also claimed as penang curry... i have no idea...but next time will have my own fufu curry hahha

fufu said...

Big Boys Oven : yeah... i am still enjoying the life here... studying abroad.. hohohoho yeah it's great cooking for myself =p

L² : yeah still have many talents i havent told you guys :) erm cook for you guys? erm i wish i can open the restaurant... so you guys can come over and try =p hahaha

vialentino said...

wah...can make drama series till part 100th...kekeke...enjoy ur pics as always.

btw, happy belated bday to u on 22nd march yeah!

fufu said...

vialentino : hihihi i think wont until 100th la... probably 20th or 30th... as i think i wont have much stuff to write about frankfurt :) erm well thanks ya the belated birthday greeting on the last day of march =p

Beverly's Secret said...

Eight years of cooking experience!!?? Bet you beat most of the girls, including me! You should really think about opening a restaurant~~

fufu said...

BeverLy's Secret : hahahaha yeah 8yrs :) but i dont know how to bake >< gonna leave it to the girls... i dont mind i cook and she bake =p yeah will do my best to get my restaurant opened ya

Redzlan said...

"Selamat Hari Lahir!"

fufu said...

Tabib : hahaha... terima kasih bang :)

Feeling said...

may your dream comes true soon =)

fufu said...

Feeling : thanks :) and you gotta drop by often ok?

Ayie said...

yummy! good thing i am making my oatsmeal right now =P

edward said...


Of course, I wish your dream come true and succeed in many ways!:)

fufu said...

Ayie : oatmeal?? for your baby or you? hihihi

edward : wow 那麼給面子喔
好 那我就期待你們的駕臨囉
要時常來喔 我一點也不怕
哈哈阿 但是不知道可不可以開成呢
anyway 謝謝
我會加油吧我的夢想成真的 :)

Travis.Z said...

Happy belated fufu's Birthday!

Waa, you eat quite a lot hor? Must be that kind of body cannot get fat easily, high metabolism, so do I. How fortunate we are. :P

I wonder when will you cook for me? With those special recipes for special person like me. Wahaaha!!

fufu said...

Travis.Z : yeah thanks!! and we are having a great body hahahaha... i think girls will all get jealous :) yeah come to my restaurant and be the special one :) hohohoho every customer will be treated nicely =p

Sam Wong said...

Haha...appointment with the toilet..!!
Before I also think want to open the restaurant, but really not work to me now...because some other problem...(sure money including la)
Everytime I see the food, make me want to eat now...hehe..yummy yummy!!

[SK] said...

wow, you can really cook huh?? what a surprise.. and those food really looks yummy, especially the soup, looks so professional!!

fufu said...

Sam Wong : wow you also wanna open a restaurant? wow so many people wanna open their own restaurant... hihihi... but i wanna try to get it come true... so you guys can come and eat my dishes ya :) hahhaa next time you gotta eat first before reading my blog =p

SK : hahahha yeah i can cook pretty well :) as long as it's simple... and the soup is very nice... you should drink that kind of soup more :p

Allison said...

ur cawan mushi looks good ;)

fufu said...

Allison : it tasted good also :) hahahhaa yum yum

aquarius said...

a great chef n a best husband-to-be ^^.but if open a restaurant,u wil b bc cooking ,then how to hang around n met u~the world treveller? XD

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

For a moment thought I saw Penang Curry Past haha it was 'Panang'. Whoa great fufu restaurant, you got nice soup which is healthy nutrition. tQ

fufu said...

aquarius : hahahha if i can open the restaurant i think i will make sure the chefs could cook as well as me (but i think they sure can cook better) and i will be the man busy entertain every customer :) hahaha yeah i am a good husband, wonder who wants to be loved by fufu... hihihi

fufu said...

Bananazക : me too! if not i wouldnt get it back home ya...but afterall it's also claimed as penang curry... after i did some google search :) hahaha the soup is nice... going to make another soup this weekend lol

toto said...

对了,顺便也卖煎罗和冰淇淋。。。。还有白米饭,因为我是饭桶!Second world trip? 带我出走吧,我是说真的。

fufu said...

toto : "经营理念很有人情味,很温馨,食物健康且价钱公道,集美食与旅行之交流分享于一体"

哈哈哈 講得很好 弄得我很開心喔
哈哈哈 為甚麼你們要跟我一起去旅行呢??

Pete said...

Nice to cook our own food.....good to know that you have access to our local food over there! Have a nice weekend, bro!

~eRiC~ said...

gosh, it's all your fault!!! Im telling you it's all your fault!!!!!
no one to blame but you!!!!
Im so hungry right now looking at your pics!!! ahhh~ curry~!!
LOL... you're really good in it heh

嘿嘿 said...

Very Very sorry for this belated Birthday wishes。

Anyways, Happy Birthday!

fufu said...

Pete : yeah and save me a lot of money also... it's expensive eating outside here ya... erm yah there's asian market here... but still cant get all i need... but anyway still better than have nothing :)

eRiC : hahaha... who ask you come here now... you should come earlier, or right after your lunch or dinner lol but anyway my curry is yummy yummy :) hahaha if there's a chance, will cook you guys nice curry... :)

嘿嘿 : it's alright... thanks you!

Sendo said...

woah..luscious...makes me wanna binge food like those today hehe

Sendo said...

and fufu restaurant would be an interesting name..magnet name!

Janice said...

I'm ashamed that I don't know how to cook at all. I will learn to cook something very simple and healthy. Your idea is very good, can count me in??Take care

fufu said...

Sendzki : you flatter me!!! seriously =p anyway i heard there's a fufu restaurant in the states... bet it must be quite a famous restaurant ya :) hihihi

Janice : hahhaa... it's alright if you dont know how to cook...get a husband like fufu, then you can relax at home... lol well you also are interested? will let you know if i start to plan ya...

shloke said...

Simple dishes yet delicious!

I have to agree with Matt. Food business looks easy and profitable but in reality it's totally different. It's all about hard work, maintaining a big group of loyal customers and many more.

But then again, we believe fu can do it! You got what it takes to make it a happen. Follow your dream .

Also, fine dining is a lucrative business. Been trying out some fine dining food once a while. Expensive affair. Still prefer hawker food.

Best Wishes!
Alex Loke

toto said...


Chris said...

Oh? U know how to cook?

Unseen India Tours said...

Beautiful post and lovely shots !! Seems you are crazy for food so am i !! I really loved this.Unseen Rajasthan

梦旅飞 said...


fufu said...

shloke : hihihi yeah and will be cheap also if i ever can open my own restaurant... you gotta come more often ok? bring your friends and family over also... hihihi

be my loyal customer!! erm well i know it's easy to set up but to maintain any business, it's always hard until it's reached a certain stage :) but i believe i could do it well... just need your support ya =p

erm i like to challenge anything, will try to do it good or even the best... no risk no fun!! hahaha :) really wish fufu restaurant can be grandly opened one day...

toto : 哈哈哈 導遊不容易當阿
因為我想去玩囉 不要帶團,很麻煩的 ><
哈哈 那以後就要來我得餐廳囉
我不是帥哥啦 普通人一名
現在開始衰退了 sigh...

Chris : yes, it's very obvious though =p

fufu said...

Unseen Rajasthan : hahaha... you can make nice indian dishes? gotta learn from you when i go to rajasthan :)

kampung Orz : 哈哈哈等我有足夠的本錢的話 我一定會開一間屬於我自己的餐廳喔 =p 到時候一定要光顧喔

Anonymous said...


fufu said...

vinc : 賣相和味道還需要改良喔
希望你會喜歡我的簡單料理 :)

Rael said...

单身汉 : 哈哈哈哈 我人哪裡有帥??? 你太過將啦 >< anyway 謝謝 erm... 煮給你吃?? 那以後去我的餐廳囉 :) hahhahaa 一定可以品嘗到我的廚藝 :) 我不會做蛋糕餅乾 >< 我要學~