Wednesday, 24 March 2010

FuFu Birthday Part Two

FuFu Live in Frankfurt - Part Twelve
29th Birthday - 22nd March 2010

Officially, FuFu is now twenty nine years old.

After getting up from my comfy bed on the first day of my 29th year, i anticipated kicking off the first trip to Wiesbaden, the capital of the Federal state of Hesse which is located thirty minutes away from Frankfurt by train. Wiesbaden is a historic spa city which has catered to people from countries near and far for many centuries.

Wiesbaden Hauptbahnhof (Wiesbaden Main Railway Station).

It was built between 1904 and 1906.

A pocket park situated just in front of Wiesbaden railway station.

Once i had arrived the city, i passed by a pocket park in front of the railway station before heading to the core of the town. I heard birds chirping, saw the squirrels chasing each other, spotted Spring flowers blooming and people enjoying the sun everywhere. Spring is in the air, finally on my birthday.

Spring is in the air! Hehehe

FuFu wanna be the purple flower, standing out among the rest.

Growing stronger, tougher and better.

Several days later, the country will in the blooming season.

The parks in Germany are all very inviting. Gotta visit more often!

Guess what building is this? You have three seconds.

It's a casino, named Kurhaus, situated next to Kurpark.

Wiesbaden was famous for gambling too. The Kurhaus casino has reopened and now rivalled those casinos located throughout the country. It's an imposing building with a massive Ionic portico and behind the Kurhaus extends the well groomed Kurpark.

Not only you, FuFu thought it was museum or city hall or library, etc.

Later FuFu moved on to Kurpark.

FuFu spent some times at the park.

Enjoying the blue sky, cool wind, Spring air, and sun.

After that, FuFu started snapping the flowers.

It's absolutely nice laying on the grass.

Then FuFu headed to the centre of the historical town.

The busy shopping street that packed with people.

The Schloßplatz (Palace Square) at Markstraße (Market Street).

The Schloßplatz (Palace Square) that situated in the center of the city is surrounded by several outstanding buildings - Market Church, City Hall, Ducal Palace, etc. It also a main pedestrian area at the core of the city where shops line the street and alleys, and mostly closed off to cars the whole day. It's pretty comfortable and relaxed to walk around this old town. I didn't really explore the town but rather enjoy strolling around, window shopping and taking pictures.

And saw a magnificent church from the narrow pedestrian street.

The majestic Marktkirche (Market church).

This neo-Gothic steeple dominates the center of Wiesbaden.

An important historical building. (Had forgotten its name.)

The Palace Square.

Typical German square - church, buildings, shops and open space.

Wiesbaden Rathaus (Town Mayor Hall) built in 1886.

The two towers of the Rathaus with nice pinnacles.

It's around six in the evening. Gotta take the train back to Frankfurt.

Happy 29th Birthday to FuFu. Got a muffin from a German bakery.

Also got a 50% off blueberry doughnut at 7.30pm. Lucky!

"... happy birthday to FuFu.... make a wish..."

And dinner was ABC soup (potato + tomato + carrot + chicken).

Yummy yummy. Loved the dessert!

FuFu had prepared the soup in the morning before he left.

It was a very nice birthday feast.

Who said one's birthday has to be celebrated with friends and family? Well franking speaking, it should be. Anyway anyway, i am away from home and will be celebrating my birthday later on Friday with my coursemates, so i decided to have a solo short trip on my 29th birthday. It's not bad celebrating the day which is belong to me quietly. Loved to spend the time alone for pondering, reflecting back things and gratitude to what i have in my life.

A loser? Shut up! You certainly don't know how to enjoy life. It can be fully utilised if you found the correct direction. Used to surrounded by friends and family since 1981, but at least now i know how it tasted like on my 29th. I totally enjoyed it. Again, happy birthday FuFu. Wish you all the best. Dreams come true. Stay healthy. Be happy.

Hey, it's just a number! FuFu doesn't look like 29 years old. Right?

Love the smiles. Be happy always FuFu!

FuFu birthday coincides with spring, a time when all comes alive again, renewed and refreshed for a new year, another four seasons full of hope! What a good omen for the birthday boy FuFu! - from Kenny -


海市蜃樓 said...



fufu said...

海市蜃樓 : hahaha 吾係自戀!
係錫自己囉 自己既生日一定要好好對待自己
大部分歐洲的公園都好正 :)

Anonymous said...

Just happened to link here from somewhere...Very interesting guy with an interesting blog!:) Happy Belated Birthday to you! ~passer-by

fufu said...

Anonymous : yeah thanks for dropping by... do come here more often if you like to catch up more nice adventures ok? thank you thank you

I AM A BLOGGER said...

wow, the bday feast is very sweet! got the family feel! I like^^~~~

30-year-old is the new 20-year-old/^^
so, hv another great adventure for u in the coming future^^

fufu said...

Xjion89 : yeah got family feel ler!! hahahhaa... i am such a romantic guy :) so proud of myself =p well that's just a number... i dont even care... just hope it wont come that fast n_<

Anonymous said...

Did you go and see those churches?
I like visiting churches to admire their colourful stained glasses!

So you'll finish you master at 30 or 31?
Master degree in UK only takes a year - very fast, intensive and demanding. I think elsewhere in Europe normally takes two years right?
Good, you can travel a lot while still in Europe.

fufu said...

1ondoncalling : i didnt manage to visit the church... but i will go there again since it's not far from frankfurt :p yeah i love visiting church and look at the stained glasses... hahhaa will be 30 when i got my master =p yeah 2yrs course here ya...erm i have been here in 2007, but still wanna explore eastern europe lol will do so later

猪公主 said...

Kurhaus is it casino?!
how come seem like no ppl and very silent there?!?! is it still early in d morning...ery1 stil lay on bed..=p

celebrate bday alone also is a nt bad experience. a day totally belong u so u can do watever u wan. Alone also can enjoy as well. =)

fufu said...

猪公主 : you mean the park? yeah everyone was laying on the grass... but not in the pictures :) but the street was busy with many people lol hahahaha... i enjoy the day which is belong to fufu =p enjoyed it very much

Akira 思胜 said...

Wow, I also wanna try the dessert! Yeah, smile always ya! :)

Kenny Mah said...

Sometimes a birthday spent alone is a way to reflect on all the good stuff one has, and to appreciate all the great people in our lives, though they are not with us now.

Plus: Your birthday coincides with spring, a time when all comes alive again, renewed and refreshed for a new year, another four seasons full of hope! What a good omen for the birthday boy! :D

Janice said...

happy belated birthday. You really live to the fullest. Though I'm busy recently, but I just can't stop myself to read your blog. I enjoy it very much. Wish you a good health.

Xing Tells You said...

u like ABC soup very much hor? hehe~

i love those places~ is't cold there? feel so warm and peaceful in the photos ^^

fufu said...

Akira 思胜 : hahaha...i bet malaysia has better sweet stuff :) yay, i will smile alot :) no worries ya

Life for Beginners : hahaha thanks kenny!! i got part of your comment edited on the post :) wish you wont mind lol actually i wrote a poem yesterday at the park... just dont wanna post it here... dont wanna make this post like a mess... hahaha..will share with you guys later in another post :) yeah spring... i love spring :p

Janice : hahaha my fulltime job is to enjoy life :) yeah thanks for the belated greeting... appreciate it... take enough rest also ok? dont work that hard...gotta come to my blog once a while ok?

fufu said...

Xing Tells You : yeah it's warm here now in frankfurt...around 14"C hehehe... the town is very peaceful ya... yeap i love abc soup :)easy to prepare

小雪 said...

不过你每天对着 可能都不觉得了

Edwin T said...

the churches are beautiful! happy belated birthday (again) fufu! :)

Edwin T said...

the churches are beautiful! happy belated birthday (again) fufu! :)

pusangkalye said...

aha--we are the same age But I really though you look younger fufu.hehe. belated happy birthday fufu. more happy birthdays to come.

SuwEi said...

wow i shud hve bought u a tiramisu..haha!
spring is in the air~continue the daily dose of smilling:P

Cindy said...

Glad that you enjoyed your birthday taking a trip alone, and snapping away at beautiful sceneries! Wish you many happy returns and joyful days ahead!

fufu said...

小雪 : 這裡的公園真的很漂亮喔
我很喜歡...erm 不會啦

Edwin T : hahaha i like the church too...but too sad too late to visit it...will go again next time :) thanks :)

pusang kalye : i have told you guys... i look younger than my actual age :) hahaha yeah we are both born in 1981 huuh... good! more to come... good!

fufu said...

SuwEi : buy me when i am back to malaysia ok? hahaha yeah i smile very often... as always :) so dont worry! hehehe

fufu said...

Cindy : yeah i enjoyed travelling alone :) probably i am used to travel alone ya :p really wish i will have many happy returns and joyful days ahead...hohoho thanks

CheaHSan said...

Hi 29'ers glad you had a great time, always love to see your pixs. thanks

SuwEi said...

sure..claim it when u're back:P if i stil remember.hoho..

豪少 said...

Wow! Those parks look really inviting! So different from what we have here :( Wonder how does spring feels coz everyday here is summer! >.<

Cassey said...


也许可以静静的思考,回顾自己一年来发生过的事情以及未来的目标 =)


fufu said...

CheaHS@n : hihihi thanks :) do come more often ok? hohoho will upload more pictures soon...

SuwEi : hahaha okok noted! dot pretend you have forgotten when i ask for it... hhohoho

豪少 : hahaha...i think somehow the weather similar to genting... hehehe :) anyway wish you can go to 4season country sooner... and enjoy the parks :p

fufu said...

Cassey : hahahaha
一個人也可以活的精彩喔 lol
簡樸簡單就是追美好的喔 =p
遲一些再跟你們分享 :)

fufu said...
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Kikey Loo said...

29 big big boy dy, next yr will have 3 in front oh......

Lily Riani said...

lovely part & noticed you have improved ur photography skill.... impressive

Angela said...


rainfield61 said...

Seems like you are having a great day, a great birthday.


[SK] said...

hmmm, nothing's wrong to celebrate your own birthday alone.. as long as you are happy, then that's it!! and i love how you treat yourself on your big day, that muffin and donut are just so nice, i want a bite~~ :p

Che-Cheh said...

A birthday well spent! A time for pondering, reflection & gratitude.

You certainly didn't look like 29. I thought you're in your early 20s. Hehe

William said...

Casino! I was fooled.
I want more flower pics!

uLi.佑莉 said...

The donuts so cute...must be sweet and yummy~ Did it touches your heart? huhu~

fufu said...

Kikey Loo : hahaha... number.. they are all number... as long as i am young at heart... it's gonna be alright :)

Lily Riani : hahahaha... i am learning everyday :) hohoho because i am just the amateur photographer :) will do my best in photography ya...

Angela : 對!!富富就是這樣的一個人喔

fufu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
fufu said...

rainfield61 : 是囉 又大一歲了
yeah had a great celebration :)

SK : yeah give me five ya :) erm i think you can get better muffin and doughnut in malaysia :p yoo yoo... fufu is living up the life :)

Che-Cheh : yeah actually i wrote something at the park...not to have along essay here so i decided to write it in the next post :) hihihi will share with you guys later =p stay tuned ya... erm my last birthday in the 20s so gotta have a nice one!! hoho wow sure or not? i dont look like 29 yrs old?? but early of 20s...omg i am so flattered :) hahhaha thank you thank you

fufu said...

William : hahaha it's a nice casino!!! okok will take more when it's the full blooming season ok?

uLi.佑莉 : they were nice... hohoho though i didnt have birthday cake but muffin and doughnut were enough for the night :) glad i had bought them back =p

Pete said...

Happy Birthday again...LOL! Wah, sure lots of activities for you to do in one day!

edward said...

Fufu, look, you're not alone in celebrating your BIG day! So many friends sent you warmest regards including me. Hope spring brings you hope and happiness throughout the year!:)

fufu said...

Pete : hihihi thanks ya we i have 16hrs to do what i want to do everyday :) but still i always complain i dont do much ><

edward : yeah i am not alone definitely hohohoho and thanks for the greeting ya :) yeah this year gotta be nice too... as always ya

kidz said...

first time visitor here...

lots of nice photos.. sweet!

fufu said...

kidz : thanks for dropping by ya... do come here again to check out more pictures ok?

Glennis said...

Belated happy birthday Fufu, I like the birthday feast you had, looks yummy.

fufu said...

Glennis : thanks... yeah my birthday feast was very nice!! hohoho

micki said...

Glad to see you had a pleasant and relaxing birthday. We all need this special moment! Love those flowers and magnificent buildings in the old town!

Candlelyn said...

happy belated birthday to u~ wish u hv a great one~ and always young as well~hehe

Sebastian Workshop said...

fufu really looked younger than 29 years old

fufu said...

micki : yeah a nice and simple celebration.... and the birthday feast was awesome... like it so much :) and i am gonna explore the old town again sooner... since it's only 30mins away from the city lol

Candlelyn : yeah thanks ya... hihihi will always stay happy in order to look younger :)

Sebastian Photography : really?? hohoho thanks... guess i can sleep well tonight :)

Yodi Insigne said...

I know it's kinda' late but, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Very nice travel photos.

fufu said...

Yodz : late better than none ok?!! anyway thanks ya :p

十六 Keaton said...




fufu said...

十六夜真人 : 我這些花還沒開喔
哈哈哈 為甚麼沒有生日蛋糕呢?

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

Belated birthday greetings Fufu! You might be away from family and close frineds but I'm sure they were all thinking about you!

fufu said...

The Nomadic Pinoy : thank you thank you... yeah i received many greetings from them through emails and messages :) miss them all ya... and my celebration here in germany was great too though i was alone....

迷迭香 said...

the blue flowers are unique... but the purple one is sooooooo outstanding!! ^_^


i love that place~ fufu, when u wanna bring me go arr? :P

tamiya said...



Vincent Cho said...

i like the wordings on the signboard, it's quite cute! how you manage to recognize the place? =P

fufu said...

迷迭香 : yeah the purple one rockssss more flowers for me to snap from now onwards :) hihihi

L² : yeah i like this place too...will go back for sure...since it still has plenty of nice places to chill out

tamiya : 哈哈哈 一針見血喔
哈哈哈 我大你幾個月 :)

fufu said...

Vincent Cho : 哈哈 i am a world traveller... recognising place is not a big deal, and it's a developed totally had no problem here :)

Bengbeng said...

29 is young. happy birthday. :)

fufu said...

Bengbeng : thanks bengbeng :) 363days more to enjoy my twenties =p

sing said...


看到你形容车站对面的公园里的小鸟松鼠花和阳光是顿时让我很有画面.很童话的感觉. 哈哈!或许因为我昨天刚看了Alice In Wonderland的原因吧! ;p

Kurhaus真的让我以为是间博物馆或图书馆之类的建筑物.结果答案让我傻眼.哈! @.@ 那么富有人文气息的建筑物竟然是...

那路牌下面的数字(5.3.1 6.2)是什么意思?

一个人过生日.why not?

shloke said...

Beautiful park, stunning casino, majestic church + muffin & potato carrot chicken soup = N.I.C.E birthday treat!

fufu said...

sing : 這裡的公園真的很有畫面的
那個感覺太棒了 :)


路牌那應該是號碼來的 不重要
因為我為自己而活 =p

shloke : lol yeah... a nice 29th birthday treat... because soon i wont be able to celebrate my twenties already :) haha

Agnes Sim said...

happy belated bday! ;-)
pls help me promote my etsy oh...:p

fufu said...

Agnes Sim : yeah thanks
huuh?? promote? here?
erm how many commission you gonna give? hahaha

Anonymous said...

FuFU看到那个张倒很像斑马的甜品就很饿阿!!哈哈 一定很好吃对巴?

Unknown said...

Oh, that looks like another amazing trip.
I am glad you have such a great time in my home country :D
And glad you get to see all these places and the country during Spring :)!
Those cakes look yummy :)

窮光蛋市長 said...




hs said...

hey FuFu looks like a little bit pale in last two picture. Is he feeling okay? or he just a bit tired. Take good care ya.

fufu said...

cookieszz : 那個是 blueberry doughnut 喔...很好吃喔...但是馬來西亞也有很多doughnut專賣店... 可以考慮先吃那些的doughnut... lol

NicoleB : wow germany is your home country...i though astria :) but anyway i had a great birthday here... hihihi i will show you more pictures of germany in spring sooner...hihihi... and yeat the birthday feast was nice... hohoh yummy doughnut and muffin :)

穷光蛋市长 : 遲到好過沒有到喔
人生短暫 要好好的享受喔
加油 :)

fufu said...

hs : wow you observed it!! yeah was tired after coming back from the trip... i snapped the pictures after the birthday dinner :)

sock peng said...


edward said...

Fufu, the photos taken by you are very nice... I like them very much!! BTW, what camera is yours? :)

fufu said...

sock peng : 謝謝喔
遲到好過沒有到 :)

edward : hahaha not all are nice...thanks anyway =p well i am using canon 450D... :)tha

보리 said...

belated 生日快樂!

it doesn't look like your 29 at all:) anyway, nice captured scenes I love the park, it looks great and the muffin scored me a true confection! yum yum. Cheers and more advent[yours] to come!

zewt said...

Ching Fu - happy belated birthday. I wish you more trips and more photos... never stop enjoying life. have a blastful year ahead!

summer said...


那个一点都不像 casino的casino建筑风格还真的很特别呢~

Carenlie said...

happy belated birthday fufu.
although it is late,but sincerely wish u good luck for the rest of ur life!~^^

hs said...

happy to hear u replying me. Wish u healthy always. ^.^ God bless

fufu said...

f.c : yeah thanks dude... actually i still have ton of adventures to share with you guys here... will get them shared one by one later ya... hihihi rreally? yeah told you already i dont look like my actual age =p happy happy

zewt : hihihi yeah as you wish!! more travels and keep enjoying life...thanks :)

summer : 對呀 一個人也可以活得精彩喔
每刻每時都開開心心享受 :)
很寫意喔 哈哈
唷 那個賭場真的很別致喔

Carenlie : late better than none ok? thanks anyway :) hohoho will do my best here

hs : yeah it's alright.. i reply every comment... have a nice one there ya

fufu said...

Carenlie : late better than none ok? thanks anyway :) hohoho will do my best here

hs : yeah it's alright.. i reply every comment... have a nice one there ya

Superman said...

Happy Belated Birthday. You had a nice birthday yourself as I can see. Those buildings in the photos are super nice.

fufu said...

Superman : thanks ya... yeah i had a great one...and another one coming up with my friends sooner :) hohoho yeah wiesbaden is a nice place...will go again

jam said...

Happy belated 29th birthday to you, my friend. You got to go to Tibet next year to begin a new chapter in your life as you approach the number 30. I am waiting for you for tibet! Second thought, might go to explore silk road!

Anonymous said...

happy belated birthday fufu! the best is yet to come!

Don said...



happy belated birthday! 好特别的生日post。有史以来我见过最不同的!

renaye said...

happy birthday ne~

don't worry, with ur babyish look, u will always get hold up at any pubs and bars because u look underage!

enjoy ur day!

fufu said...

jam : i think tibet itself need up to 20days to slowly explore... do you still have time for silk road? lol anyway wish i can go to tibet to celebrate my 30th..hihihi

jg : hey thanks :) sure the best of the year will be coming soon...

Don : 39 還是 19喔? hahaha
anyway 我的人生都是出乎於料的喔
那現在你看到很不一樣的慶祝囉 哈哈

fufu said...

Renaye : hahahhaa... wow you knew it!! you know what? the guard of a pub check my ID >< damn and even casino >< they asked me to show them my ID shit!! and the alcohol >< damn... but on the other still feeling well as i look pretty young! hohoho thanks i will enjoy here ya

lechua said...

the casino building is unexpected! & u managed to capture early spring blossoming in Wiesbaden...

oLive said...

Happy birthday, FuFu!!
may all your dreams come truth...
the photos are really nice..!!
i like this!

三吉 said...

Nice trip the next year really dont want celebrate in Malaysia..? haha...happy birthday la..

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Happy Birthday! In Chinese we say 30 still got change haha. Wow the casino is so misleading actually have they consulted any fengshui on the structure. Understand from foongpc all Chinese casinos sure to have 'protected' with fengshui. Wonder the Germans believe in it and if not are they making money? tQ

escape said...

FuFu wanna be the purple flower, standing out among the rest.>> with these travels and great friends around you... i believe you stand out fufu!

conan_cat said...

29yo? you're kidding me right?

you look like 19! :D

and happy belated birthday! i'm pretty outdated these days, tsk tsk!

朵麗絲~ said...

哇~ 之前种過白色的,第一次看到紫色的呢~ 好可愛喲~

fufu said...

lechua : yeah the early spring blossom here was nice...and now it's the raining season...

oLive : hihihi thanks! hohoho glad you like the pictures's spring now... more nice weather for photography =p

三吉 : erm... next year? i wont be in msia also =p hohoho but no worries... i can still enjoy it myself ya =p thanks

fufu said...

Bananazക : 30 still got change?? erm... what you trying to say huuh? anyway it's just a number, i am taking it very worries ya... erm about the fengshui thingy for the casino? erm i think they have their own landscaping idea(rather than our fengshui)... but i didnt go deep into the history of the buidling, probably it was XX long long time ago... hahaha

the donG : well i am still a nobody now >< just wish to stand out a bit in the near future... anyway my travels still not impressive... will work hard on it thanks, i will do my best =p

conan_cat : 19?? you are kidding me lar!! hahahah but anyway thanks :)

fufu said...

朵麗絲 : 白色的一定很高貴的喔
紫色的大方又美麗 我喜歡 =p

KOKahKOK said...

29 yrs ....
but .. i tot you are same age as me :)

still young.. young at heart wei~

fufu said...

KOKahKOK : wow thank you thank you... hihihi how old are you btw? guess must be in your early 20s right? yeap.. young at heart ya :)

Ayie said...

belated greetings fufu..i am late here in blogger

Sendo said...

hey belated happy birthday

that rathaus there looks like the place where they shoot harry potter haha..but it's Germany after all haha

woah, wanna go there too!

Anonymous said...

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