Sunday 11 April 2010

FuFu Birthday Part Three

FuFu Life in Frankfurt - Part Fifteen
28th March 2010 | Birthday Party

FuFu and Erla Birthday Feast on 26th March 2010.

FuFu Salad - cucumber, tomato, lettuce, olive oil and Italian vinegar.

Italian Salami Pizza = Bought from Rewe supermarket.

Liquor filled chocolate from Sinidu.

The birthday boy (22/03) and birthday girl (10/03).

Birthday song from the coursemates - to Erla and FuFu.

FuFu birthday present.

Opening birthday Present.

The birthday presents for the birthday boy and girl.

See the pimples? Stay away from FuFu!

One of the birthday wishes is to get rid of the pimples.

The birthday presents FuFu got on his Birthday Party.

From FuFu coursemates.

Do you still remember that i went to Wiesbaden on my 29th birthday? While spending almost an hour at the park, i did seriously ponder, reflect back things, gratitude to what i have in my life and make up the resolutions for my 29th year. One of them is clearly written below in Malaysian language initially, then Chinese and English written during Easter break. Why Bahasa? Because i have been listening to both Malaysian and Indonesian songs lately.

I definitely was not in a sombre mood. Just, i am not ready to open the room that filled with love. Most of you may like Caucasian but i prefer Asian or bonus for Malaysian. And I hate to maintain the relationship in long distance. Do not love me because i am 123456km away from you. Do not love me or i will hurt your heart. Therefore i for the time being officially lock up the heart and hopefully we will see each other after September 2011. Till then take care.

---------------------------------- FuFu Poem ---------------------------------

Jangan Cinta

Cerita tentang masa dulu,
Cerita tentang kau dan aku,
Sedang bebas main di dalam hatiku.

Bayangan kau tak pernah dilupai,
Ciuman kau masih aku nikmati,
Tapi kenangan sudah berlalu pergi.

Hujan tak berhenti,
Seolah bertanda cinta tak di sini lagi,
Semakin kabur kewujudan kau di sisi,
Segala telah aku simpan di dalam hati.

Hanya kau yang mampu taklukkan hatiku,
Hanya kau yang mampu tentukan hatiku.

Hati yang tak akan kembali,
Janji yang tak akan dicapai,
Cinta kini jadi satu pengalaman sepi.

Jangan cinta kalau tak sanggup setia pada aku,
Jangan cinta kalau tak sanggup menjaga hati aku.

Dan bila mentari datang,
Biarlah segala kenyataan pulang,
Aku tetap teman bintang,
Sepanjang masa, sepanjang...

Jangan cinta kalau tak sanggup setia pada aku,
Jangan cinta kalau tak sanggup menjaga hati aku.

ditulis oleh FuFu, 15:40, 22-03-2010,

-------------------------------- | English | --------------------------------

Do Not Love

The story of the past,
About me and you,
Still lingering in my heart.

Your shadow is not forgotten,
Your kisses that i enjoyed,
But these are just memories of the past.

It's been raining for so long,
Seems there's no longer love,
You're fading in me,
Everything of you within my heart.

Only you to have conquered my heart,
Only you to have my heart decided,

The heart that will never return,
Promises that never be made,
This love is a sorrow.

Do not love, if you cant be faithful,
Do not love, if you care me not.

When the sun comes shine,
Let the reality back home,
I'll still be with the stars,
At all time, in eternity.

Do not love, if you cant be faithful,
Do not love, if you care me not.

====================== Chinese | 中文 ======================


關於屬於你我 的故事


今天雨好 像下個不停

只有你才可討我 歡心


如果不能對我一條心  不要愛
如 果不能照顧我的心  不要愛


如 果不能對我一條心  不要愛
如果不能照顧我的心  不要愛

筆於富富 二零一零年三月二十二日三點十四分

------------------------ FuFu Birthday Presents ------------------------

Many thanks extended to 將魚宰, 小悶瓜, Singchet, Sharon Lim, Pau Lin, ToTo, Nick, Wendy, Natalie, Jodie, Lock & 龍貓, William, 佩智, Yin Ying, Richy and Willand. Thanks for the birthday cards and presents. Love you all. ♥ ♥ ♥

A very special birthday greeting from Willand (the Philippines).

Handmade birthday card from 佩智 (Malaysia).

Postcard from Lock and 龍貓 (Malaysia).

Birthday card and mobile strap from ToTo (Singapore).

Birthday card from William (Malaysia).

Birthday card from Richy (Malaysia).

Birthday card and Aries post card from 小悶瓜 (Singapore).

Music birthday card from Wendy (the Netherlands).

Birthday card from Pau Lin (Malaysia).

Birthday card from 將魚宰 (England).

Birthday card and gift (Woohoo DVD) from Singchet (Malaysia).

Birthday card and a charm (身價暴漲) from Natalie (Macau).

Birthday card and gifts from Sharon Lim (Singapore).

Birthday postcard and letter from Nick (Singapore).

Birthday card and gift (CD) from Jodie (Hongkong).

Handmade birthday card and gift from Yin Ying (Malaysia).

Simple and nice. Thanks Yin Ying.

Many thanks extended to you guys. ♥ ♥ ♥

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Wois said...

pizza and chocalate, getting fat leh.... but yummy :p

fufu said...

Wois : hahaha am i getting fat? i dont care... i love the food!! hahahaha

lock said...

i saw my card! haha!

seems that the skin problem on your face still remains.....

fufu said...

lock : yeah as i told you guys here... i have pimples since i came to germany >< erm... i need a blemish cream and mask!!! send me pls!! hahaha... yeah thanks for your card =p

单身汉 said...


Sendo said...

wow fufu..very belated happy birthday!'ve got so many THOUGHTFUL friends! wow...and even your friends in germany enjoy with you a lot! will give you PANDESAL at a birthday gift next year....i will find a way to do that hahaha

Sendo said...

you've got nice gifts too...

also..i didn't know that your a good poet ^^

fufu said...

单身汉 : 不需要羨慕喔
都是大家給我面子吧了 :)
可能我在國外的關係吧... 哈哈

Sendzki : hey thanks :) wonder how you gonna give me pandesal as my birthday gift... lol but anyway a birthday card will do, seriously =p and yeah they are very thoughtful lol love them all!! and glad my friends here in germany came to the birthday party...

fufu said...

Sendzki : lol well i am just writing for fun >< i am not a poet, just simply put my feeling down in words lol wish you guys like it

猪公主 said...

wow...envy u cz u received postcard @ present frm different country.真的是好友满天下啊~~~~!!!

fufu said...

猪公主 : hahaha your birthday party also not bad ya... hihihi 很高興他們都很給面子寄我生日卡+禮物...真的很謝謝他們喔

十六 Keaton said...


Candlelyn said...

woww~~wonderful birthday party and presents! jealous lo~~

anthony said...

just looking the pictures alone i can reallllllly feel that you just had a memorable bday~ especially the friends' wishes and greetings~ ^^

fufu said...

十六夜真人 : hahahha 真的嗎??
那你應該交一些好朋友囉 :)

Candlelyn : hihihi yeah i have many nice and thoughtful friends :) and glad the part was nice =p

安东尼 : yeah had a great one in my last 29th birthday :) they are really very thoughtful =p will love them all... hohoho

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Chocolate also my favourite, hehe...

fufu said...

Somewhere in Singapore : thanks for the stuff from singapore :)

H@rry said...

haha~~so nice!
you get so many presents!
really cool weh!

豪少 said...

So nice to see all the birthday cards on your desk, I always believe that birthday cards have more meanings than those "electronic" notes :)

p/s: My card will be in the picture for your next BIG day! Hehe.. :P

fufu said...

H@rry : yeah gotta thanks to those who sent me the cards... love them all :) hahahaha

豪少 : yeah... definitely better than e-greeting cards ya :) and glad they really sent me!! ops yeah you have to send me next first birthday in my 30s :) hahaha

Anonymous said...

wow..yummy selection of chocolates! :)

fufu said...

Mei Teng : yeah... but not that LOVE chocolate...

763092 said...

Wow, what a lovely birthday celebration you had with your friends there. =)

Happy for you. And hope my belated birthday wish is acceptable,


I regret not knowing earlier. Anyway, you had a great time with nice food, friends and games.
All smiles! =)

fufu said...

763092 : yeah hihihi glad i had a great one before i really step intoo my 30s :) and thanks for the greeting... it's ok :) late better than nothing ok? and it's not too late to know me now... stay tuned and you can send me stuff later.. hahaha

SuwEi said...

so many presents fr ur fans~
mabe U can be the next 林夕.haha...

fufu said...

SuwEi : 林夕?? you must be kidding me!!! hahahaha i am just playing around with the words only :) hahahaha well glad my friends really sent me the birthday cards... hihihi :) wish you will be one of them next year

SuwEi said...

jz relating the 1 who's same surname wf u..haha!ok hope can give u 1 next yr..n don't forget mine..easily remembered:P

Wee Han said...

oh my god, the food look fabulous! The decadence of chocolate! :D

And wow, you gotta keep those cards in a precious box! I always love cards, esp birthday ones, it's anytime better than a "sms" or "email"!


fufu said...

SuwEi : hahahaha yeah how i wish i can be 林夕... :) he is such a romantic person ya... can write such good lyrics... yeah really wish to get something from you... lol

Wee Han : yeah nice food!! hohoho and good chocolate as well... erm yah, i purposely requested them to send me the birthday cards... hahaha :)and didnt really know i got so many cards... extremely happy :) yes... the birthday cards certainly better than sms, messages or e-greeting cards etc

Wee Han said...

hahahaa.. well, maybe next year you shall get one from me too!

(no promises) :P

And if i want to have a birthday bash, i would go to FUFU restaurant! :D

fufu said...

Wee Han : hahahahaha wow you flatter me!!!!! yeah go to fufu restaurant!!! good boy!!! :) no worries for the birthday card... just send if you feel like wanna send me one ok?

sing said...

满满的祝福来自四面八方! ^__^


Wee Han said...

HAHAHA. sure. :P

fufu said...

sing : hahaha 謝謝你們的祝福喔
我很感激喔 真的.... hahha
對囉 青春留下 青春痘就離我遠遠

Wee Han : yeah ^.^

Feeling said...

hapi belated birthday =)

fufu said...

Feeling : yeah thanks :)

Yvonne Sam said...

wow... seem like u have a blast and did enjoyed ur bday!!! :p

fufu said...

yvonne : yeah a nice 29th birthday~ thanks god for everything :)

drlilac said...

Looks like you had so much fun! Awesome ;)

fufu said...

drlilac : yeah... thanks for showering fufu lots of happiness =p

Akira 思胜 said...

Sorry ya bro, I didnt manage to send you anything for your birthday. Quite busy at here though...

fufu said...

Akira 思胜 : hahaha it's ok dude!!! next year gotta remember ok? hahahhaa =p

嘿嘿 said...



edward said...


I love the food served in your birthday party! Hey, it's foosball! My favourite game! Btw, did you win in the game?:)



Jia Xin said...

i lik dat chocolate^^haha
wah, u receive many birthday card ya~
tis year not free to send u a birthday card..TT
nxt year stil gt this activity??
hope gt^^

Jia Xin said...

i lik dat chocolate^^haha
wah, u receive many birthday card ya~
tis year not free to send u a birthday card..TT
nxt year stil gt this activity??
hope gt^^

fufu said...

嘿嘿 : 你要偷吃甚麼??? hahahaha
很感激那些心人寄生日卡+禮物給我 =p

edward : 我寫的詩不會很悲傷喔
因為我還沒有準備好 :)
還有 謝謝你的祝福喔
哈哈哈 哪些食物都是我準備的 =p
那個桌足球.... 我很糟糕 ><
一直都輸的... 不好玩 TT
hahaha... 我沒有運動細胞 ><

fufu said...

JiaXin : yeah the chocolate was nice :) hahahhaa yeah i think i will continue asking people send me birthday cards =p wont let it stop, so you gotta remember to send me one ok? lol will let you guys know when the time comes ya...

edward said...




Alice Law said...

How fun, Happy Birthday to you too! Please have a pleasant week ahead!

Anonymous said...



escape said...

wow! you celebrated your birthday with gwen stefani! hahaha. she looks fun to be with.

and those birthday gifts! you forgot to give your address you could have received something from eskapo.

micki said...

Yummy! That pizza looks soooo good!
So glad to see you had a great birthday party! :)

发白日梦^^ said...

1st of all, happy birthday my buddy!

wow...u received a lot of envy..hehehe...hope u can enjoy every touchy moments!!

rainfield61 said...

You hav a grand birthday celebration, and it continues until the next year.

fufu said...

edward : 哈哈哈
但是可能我太明顯了吧 =p
anyway 我會處理好我的感情事的喔
你們不用擔心 =)

Alice Law : yeah thanks... you have a nice weekend too ya... wish my birthday will always be nice every year :)

1ondoncalling : まじで??
お前もアジア系が好きなの ハハハ
まあまあまあ YOUTUBE見なくてもその理由もうすでにわかっている :)

fufu said...

the donG : ops really? but i have put my address here 2weeks before my birthday >< you didnt notice it? sigh...but anyway next year ok? lol

micki : yeah the pizza was great... but i believe if i made it myself...would be even better ya...hihihi

发白日梦^^ : hey thanks alot :) hehehe lucky i got so many readers sending me birthday cards to germany... happy happy

fufu said...

rainfield61 : hahhaa yeah had agreat one and it will continue forever... hohohoho as i will make it gorgeous every year ya =p

William said...

A pizza party!

Ensurai said...

more fulfilling days for you in the future!!

May your youth help you enjoy life to the fullest!!

the fear of God is the beginning of all wisdom.

Take care.

fufu said...

William : hihihi easy to prepare :)

Sarawakiana@2 : yeah definitely getting better i bet :) as networking is getting bigger... and well i am getting wiser also :) no worries... i will keep enjoying life as always ya =p because i know the way to be happy and it's simple

Bengbeng said...

wow this must b the bestest ever birthday

古克石の屋 said...

wah.. jealous.. so many present.. :)

海市蜃樓 said...


sock peng said...


[SK] said...

wow, those are your classmates celebrating the birthday for you?? and lucky guy you to have received so many birthday cards from friends all around the globe.. :)

btw, hope your wish come true, no more acne :p

Mavis Ng said...

wanted to send you a card but it's still inside my drawer =(

fufu said...

Bengbeng : yeah one of the best birthdays i have so far... more to come from now on :)

古克石屋 : hahaha why jealous? but well it's just a normal one... hahaha

海市蜃樓 : 真的很感激他們喔

fufu said...

sock peng : 真的很高興可以有那麼多人幫我慶祝生日喔 :) 還有很多祝福呢 =p

SK : yeah they are my coursemates hihihihi :) glad to have them on my 29th party =p and also the birthday cards, wishes and gifts to germany lol and yes... no more acne!!! pls~

fufu said...

mavis : wow still in the drawer?? erm remember to send it early next year ok? hahaha

NicoleB, Egypt said...

Such yummy food, cool people and cool presents.
I am so glad you have such an awesome time there!

fufu said...

NicoleB, Egypt : yeah didnt know that i can have such nice birthday here in germany... gotta treasure them all... :) wish to see you in egypt next year~

Wendy said...

FuFu~! ^_^ Hehe really like your poem =) It's exactly what's going on in my mind right now =) Slightly recovering lu~ No longer mad or sad. Just really disappointed, but I think that part will sooner or later disappear as well, because everything is fading =) Ah well =) You really should write poems more often ^_^
Aijooo FuFu you're so talented writing poems, cooking, writing very interesting travel blogs & taking stunning pictures...^_^

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

You got a lot of people loving you Fufu - you must be doing something really really great. Keep it up friend!

Pete said...

Happy Belated Birthday Bro.....nice party, nice presents....and nice food!

桀森 said...

歹勢喱我好像都沒有甚麼表示 >_< :P

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Wah pandai pantun ini true 1Malaysian spirit 3 languages. Hm lots of fun, presents and cards all over the globe. Great birthday celebrations. tQ for sharing the splendid joy.

小闷瓜 said...

加油噢,fufu =p

uLi.佑莉 said...

Wow! So much greeting cards and pressieee.....good la :) Happy for you also~

NiCk said...

happy birthday ya....

jam said...

Having pimples on your face is a blessing. That means you are still young!

venuskhoo said...


Jia Xin said...

I will send u a birthday card nxt year^^promise promise^^bt u must remember tel us the address o^^

佩智 said...



fufu said...

Wendy : thanks ya wendy!! i am happy as you like my poem... i am not good at all!! but just wanna put my feeling down in words and play with them... hihihi... but well i will try to write poem now and then... hahaha but i will put more effort on my studies now first :) then travelling + photography :p still gotta learn portuguese >< sigh...

The Nomadic Pinoy : haha i did nothing... just i have many nice friends here... love them all!! hahaha

Pete : yeah thanks bro! hihihi i had a great celebration for my 29th birthday

fufu said...

imjson : 那么明年就要有一点表示咯 哈哈哈

Bananazക : hahahha not very good i know >< my malay is bad!! english is not my mother tongue! my mandarin... @.@ but anyway i have fun writing the poem :) hihihihi yeah i will share everything here with you secret ya =p

小闷瓜 : 谢谢你的礼物哦 :)

fufu said...

uLi.佑莉 : hehehe thanks to my friends

NiCk : thank you =p

jam : hahaha i dont want it... since i look young... hahahha

fufu said...

venus : 很感激朋友们那么有心寄生日卡给我 :)

JiaXin : yeah sure! will let you guys know about my mailing address next year... hihihi you gotta remember to come back ok?

佩智 : 哈哈 不足够邮费??
谢谢你哦  :) 哈哈 我喜欢!
我的语言很差的 ><

♥nOzOmI♥ said...

i wan the chocolate~wahah~