Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Königstein castle

FuFu Life in Frankfurt - Part Sixteen
7th April 2010 | Königstein Castle

Königstein castle.

Königstein im Taunus, located roughly 35km south from Frankfurt, is a climatic spa and lies on the thickly wooded slopes of the Taunus hills. This beautiful location has pleasant climate that attracted several clinics to the historical town as a convalescence and also a favourite residential town for retirement and recreational.

Adam, my new coursemate (from Australia) had just back from Königstein castle with his girlfriend told me that it's a nice place on a hill of a historical town. So the next day, i decided to pay Königstein a visit because the weather was unbelievably beautiful for hiking! A good excuse for myself to take a day off getting back to the nature again.

The origin of the castle and the town are lost in time. Legend says that a Frankonian king (466—511) founded the fortress on the present castle heights. The first known record of Königstein however dates from 1215. Königstein castle was a royal foundation but during the French Revolutionary Wars the fortress was blown up by French troops in 1796 and now the castle ruins is under the supervision of the municipality of Königstein.

Frankfurt to Höchst by train then bus no. 253 to Königstein.

Königstein in the late 18th century.

From the bus stop to the park, forest, and then the castle.

Turn left to Burghain/Burg.

Passed through the park, walked in the forest.

Finally almost up to the hill.

Most of the hikers were elderly people.

The entrance of the castle.

The Castle Festival of Königstein castle will be held from 14-16 May.

Every visitor has to pay Euro 2 (RM 9), free for the residents.

The pass to visit the castle ruins.

Journey to the castle begins here.

The castle was built up by ton of stone.

Various patterns pile of the stones that built up the fortress.

One of the edge of the fortress of the castle.

The main attraction of the day - Königstein castle.

View from Königstein castle ruins over the downtown.

View from Königstein castle ruins over other part of the town.

Getting closer to the castle.

FuFu had his lunch here.

While enjoying the view with the cool wind and gentle sunshine.

After filling up, FuFu started exploring the castle.

This little kid was very sensitive to DSLR! He really posed for me.

They helped each other to get down from the castle.

It's not allowed to do so anyway. Too dangerous.

If not the DSLR camera, FuFu would have climbed up with them!

Yet, FuFu can still follow the trail up to the castle.

Went up to the tower.

FuFu was on top of the tower of Königstein castle!









Zoomed in. Notice another little castle?

FuFu brought the little tiger along for his first outing.

Enough for the castle, gonna explore the downtown.

Slowly marching out the castle.

Got over the forest and back to the town.

The next post will be all about the historical downtown.


Wendy said...

Aaahw =( Too bad there isn't much left of the castle...just walls and a tower...=( Would be so nice if it still had a roof and decorations inside =P hehehe.
But hey seems like you've explored Germany a little bit more again ^_^

fufu said...

Wendy : hahaha... well i bet they would not allow me to take that many pictures of the interior pictures like the castle in munich >< anyway ruins also not that bad... at least i had a great day... hihihi... if i cant explore much this year... i will still have next year... hahahaha

anthony said...

The one that capture my attention the most is the cute little tiger~ love it~ :p

Jia Xin said...

Konigstein Castle this place so cool..also is a beauty place...u take many photo o...the little tiger so cute..haha^^u 1ppl go o?

fufu said...

安东尼 : hahahha i will bring him out with me more often =p from now on, i will have a good travel companion with me...

JiaXin : yeah a very nice ruins of the castle :) i always take ton of pictures =p yeah i was there alone... the little tiger is my birthday gift from yin ying

Yih Yann said...

Wao...I oso want to be the little tigger to follow you go everywhere :P
Castle is a place full of history but it also kinda creepy.

豪少 said...

The tiger looks way too cute for the castle la, haha! Make sure it appears more frequent in your future photo shoot! :P

William said...

You brought the tiger out for a photoshoot!

十六 Keaton said...


Wee Han said...
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Wee Han said...

2 Sentences and one question for you:

1) The view is to die for!
2) These "ancient" buildings look exquisite!

Question: What's with the Tiger popping up randomly in some of the photos?? HAHA :P

Vincent Cho said...


嘿嘿 said...


Chris said...

我其实很喜欢古堡, 感觉很神秘.

uLi.佑莉 said...

Wow...nice castles le... ^^

fufu said...

Yih Yann : yeah kinda reminds me of the castle in perak :) though i havent been there... anyway i will bring the tiger with me along to where i will go hahaha

豪少 : yeah sure... he will be my travel companion and also model from now on...

William : yeah... nice right? hahaha hope the people wont think that i am a jerk~

fufu said...

十六夜真人 : 德国真的很多城堡
直到我有另外一个新欢 =p

Wee Han : yeah nice 2 sentences :) couldnt agree more than that ya =p erm the tiger? is the birthday gift i got from one of my readers here lol will bring the tiger out along with me from now on hehehe

Vincent Cho : 现在开始是春天哦
那些树枝会很快就长出叶子的了 :)

fufu said...

嘿嘿 : 哈哈哈

Chris : 对呀 神秘有壮观哦

uLi.佑莉 : yeah love the castle :) and the weather was way too good!!! hohoho lucky

小煒 said...

so nice can go castle..
dont know when i can go..
the architectural vry nice^^

fufu said...

小煒司礫 : yeah many castles here in germany actually... i will try to explore as many as i can while i am here in frankfurt

佩智 said...

看到这个城堡,让我想起两年前去过的Kellie's Castle

rainfield61 said...

Your playground is so big. Mine is as big as Cerok Tokun.

Ice said...

So many photos! Hey Fufu, I like your little tiger. It pops up suddenly here and there, it makes me laugh. You should bring it along more for photo shooting :o)

fufu said...

佩智 : 我都没有去过 kellie's castle ><
但是蛮像的哦 :)

rainfield61 : my playground is big? but it's very expensive to play around here >< hahahaha but anyway will still go explore once a while =p

Ai Shiang : hahhaha yeah i always take many pictures... because it's free... hohoho well i will bring the little tiger out with me from now on... hahhaa...i will be his only photographer :) good the picture of him make you laugh lol

Kikey Loo said...

i miss Europe now..

going back soon! Yeah!!

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Love the stone formation of the castle truly solid. Eh same tiger as Vanessa daughter of CH Voon? haha. Thankz for the great tour and all the lovely creative photography. tQ

drlilac said...


三吉 said...


SuwEi said...


1eyelady said...

perfekte Ort ~
a nice weather and natural view~

fufu said...

Kikey Loo : wow you are coming back again to europe?? wow nice!! hehehe i will be leaving though

Bananazക : yeah lovely weather... and nice castle indeed :) my name fufu is tiger in cantonese... and got the gift from one of the readers here...hehehehe :)

drlilac : hihihi agree!

fufu said...

三吉 : 这个城堡的历史我不清楚哦
但是就没有很凄惨的说 据我所知

SuwEi : 我也很想在这里养老哦
真的是一个很棒的地方 :)

One Eye Girl -Mun Fong : yeah lucky the weather was nice... hihihi will try to explore more when i have time hihihi

Feeling said...

oh..i spot the little tiger! so cute! hehe..

fufu said...

Feeling : yeah my birthday present from the reader here!! hehehe

H@rry said...


foongpc said...

I would love to hike up the castle if the weather is nice!

foongpc said...

What's that tiger doing there appearing out of nowhere? I'm scared : )

Superman said...

Really nice town. Thanks for the nice pictures. Imagine I am there now...can forget everything and just sit on the green glass lawn and enjoy the beautiful views.

edward said...

Nice pictures!! Well, I heard some castles are "spooky"! Hehehe~~

~eRiC~ said...

i lurve the casstle!! and the little tiger.. haha

fufu said...

H@rry : 我拍的照片还可以
还正在学习摄影哦 :)

foongpc : hihihi as long as it wont rain, i dont mind to go hiking :) erm well, the tiger is my 29th gift... hihihi will bring him out more often ya =p hahaha

Superman : yeah... it's very nice! especially when the weather is nice, windy but not cold... and the sun has stopped hiding behind... hohoho... a very nice place for retirement i would say...

fufu said...

edward : yeah but it's alright for me as i was there in the morning... it's alright though at least for me, because i did nothing bad =p

eRiC : hahaha yeah you gonna love the little tiger more once i have put more picture of him =p

jocelyncoco said...

I WAN THE LION I WANT THE LION !!!!!!!!!!! *_______________*

Glennis said...

Wonderful old castle, some great photography from Fufu. I really like the patterns of the stones in the walls and the surrounding forest..

fufu said...

c0co : that's not a lion!! it's a tiger... lol

Glennis : yeah a very nice castle... love to be there :) and yeah wonder how the people built up the castle once upon a time.... hehehe :)

Ayie said...

you got great shots though you missed the fun climbing up with the kids!

have a good day fufu!

Anonymous said...

Interesting castle! The weather was excellent!
Your pictures reminded me of Scotland.
I studied there and made a lot of trips to most parts of Scotland. There are lots of ruins in Scotland, especially near the border with England.

They fought a lot in the past.

micki said...

Wonderful hike! Beautiful small town scenery from the castle. I like this castle, one of the heritages to be discovered! Those kids really know how to get a short cut :) Nice to bring your little tiger along for the trip!

Akira 思胜 said...

A truly visit for you then! The castle was just like what we saw in movies! :P

猪公主 said...

Germany gt a lot castle is it?! haha~ hope u can exploring other castle 2 all of us !!!!!looking 4ward the coming blog ..... =)

i m princess. should i stay over there?! =p

Janice said...


SuwEi said...


Fion Chow said...

love castle but scared of haunted castle..xXD lol but then it's really beautiful in the way of it's historical and the surroundings..
and there are not much castle left in the world..

[SK] said...

looks like a nice place, can picnic there?? :p

Sendo said...

wow! the place looks nice to explore....

you should have climbed up the castled haha..and the tiger's so cute hehehe.

place must be greatly preserved of history...nice terrains and the structures still look firm...nice

JUNE said...

is it safe to climb there? i mean the pics with the children.

fufu said...

Ayie : yeah but it's not hard walking up though hahaha... just wanna try to climb up only...

1ondoncalling : wow i wanna go to scotland then!!! hahahaha i love castles :)

micki : yeah the kids really know where to go =p hohoho erm yeah will bring my little tiger out more often... hehehe :) erm... the town is very beautiful... will show you the pictures later :)

fufu said...

Akira 思胜 : yeah i am slowly exploring the country now... hohohoho like movie ones? erm i have no idea...seldom watch movies =p

猪公主 : yeah germany has many castles :) still slowly visiting then since i will be here next year until my graduation in july 2011...

Janice : 哈哈哈哈
对咯 应该好好的去玩哦

fufu said...

SuwEi : 好呀 那以后就在哪儿见面好了 :)
希望我有钱来这里养老 =p

Fion Chow : yeah the castle is nice but not that spooky btw... and germany real has many castles ya... :) i agree that nice castles only left fews now... wish to explore more castle here before i go back...

SK : yeah of course can picnic there... hihihi :)

fufu said...

Sendo : yeah... i wanna go back to the castle... for the festival!!! and hihihi i think i better behave myself and not follow the kids... hahahha :) yeah the town is nice...and will upload the pictures later... stay tuned ya =p

JUNE : hahaha... if somebody is going to take care my camera... i would have joined the kids... hihihi

Harshi said...

Whoa! that's a lot of photos but you definitely took us step by step along every nook and corner of this wonderful castle. Stunning photographs! I guess it must have been a grueling task for them to build up this castle, cuz of all those brilliant stoneworks.

PS: that lil tiger looks just so cute. ^__^

HanLun said...

:P if u want to climb, u can move ur slr on ur back "piggyback":P

good idea or not ? :P But then dont find me if u drop urself down from the clip :P

小虫 said...

i see big! Huge! n Huge!Huge! n Huge Huge Huge castle!!!


vialentino said... the castle pics ler...very nice...

ok, my wife will always scout promo in airasia site one...hehehe

fufu said...

Harumi : hihihi you are new to my blog... i usually take ton of pictures whenever i go :) because it's free... hehehe... well the catsle was firmly built ya... it has few centuries of history ya... will explore more castles here slowly

HanLun : hahaha... i dare not to climb because i dont have my camera bag with me >< if not i would have put it into the bag then my backpack bag :) hihihi

嘉CacinG進 : hahaha yeah a huge one! and the little tiger is too cute!! :) love my little fufu..

fufu said...

vialentino : yeah good! better check out the website often and you can get a great deal :) hehehe the town is nice too...

-GiNo- said...

whats with the tiger plushy ????

Lily Riani said...

looks sooooo peaceful - tranquil n quaint town

fufu said...

GiNo : hihihi that plush tiger is my 29th birthday present ya :)

Lily Riani : yeah a very nice town! will come here for retirement if i have the money :)

Anonymous said...

If you like walking, I think you'll fall in love with Scotland!

NicoleB, Egypt said...

Awesome shots!
It looks like you had a boatload of fun roaming that great castle :D
Love that little Tiger too :)

- yEng - said...

may i be the small+little tiger to folow ur step go anywhr? wakakakaz...

go so many place...also din send me a postcard!!!! =S

Palito said...

Sooo sooo wonderful. Thanks for showing us your photos.

fufu said...

1ondoncalling : yeah i love walking very much :) used to walk around the entire city of the places i had been =p

NicoleB : yeah... it was great to explore the castle, moreover i didnt want to waste my entrance fees 2euro lol yeah cute little tiger =p

yEng : hahahaha if you are as small and light as the little tiger, i may consider bringing you around ya hihihihi postcard?

fufu said...

Palito : yeah it's my pleasure to share with you guys glad you like them

lechua said...

picturesque castle and view from the top... and the kids climbing down the wall of the castle - tat looked daangeerouss

fufu said...

lechua : yeah very beautiful ya the view from the castle over the town... erm... yeah it's very dangerous and i was there guarding them until they were safe reaching the ground!! hoohoho

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