Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Amazing Aschaffenburg

FuFu Life in Frankfurt - Part Twenty
23rd April 2010 | Aschanffenburg, Bayern

Woke up very early to prepare sandwich for the lunch.

FuFu didn't sleep well the day before.

Waiting regional train to come at Hauptwache Station.

Still sleepy.

Arrived Hanau, gotta get off and buy ticket to enter State of Bayern.

Students can move around the Rhine Main area free of charge.

But if wanna go to other state in Germany, gotta pay for the ticket.

Bought the group ticket - the cheapest way to get around Germany.

Aschafenburg, a castle that the King Ludwig extremely fond of and used to call it as "Bavarian Nice", is a large town in northwest Bavaria (43km from Frankfurt). It has relatively mild climate and Mediterranean gardens overlooking the Main river. Our main target, Schloss Johannisburg (Johannisburg Castle) is one of the most important renaissance castles in the western world and also the landmark of Aschaffenburg.

As one of the biggest contiguous forested area in Germany, Aschaffenburg is a town with a vibrant arts scene and a wealth of castle and parks. With its leafy parks that create enchanting atmosphere here and there, Aschaffenburg also is a delight for visitors to stroll leisurely along the Main River or boating on the river. Everything is within a short distance, so it's easy to feel and experience the history of the town at close quarters.

Class on Friday had been canceled. And according to the forecast, it gonna be a perfect day with clear blue sky. So no wanting to waste the sunny day, the several of us decided to visit a Bavarian historical city which is only about an hour train ride from Frankfurt. It was a last minute decision, hence not all of the coursemates could make it. Nevertheless, still we all had a great picnic and walk by the river.

Arrived at Aschaffenburg (Bayern) from Hanau (Hessen).

It's spring! People love to cycle around the city.

But tourists have no choice, gotta walk to the tourist spots.

It's nevertheless not very far from the railway station.

Passed by a mini park.

No kidding, Germany has quite a number of different sakuras.

Someone asked how to differentiate plums and cherries.

See, this is the cherry tree! Got it?

Hamburger Fish Market had just started the day before!

Almost to the palace (schloss).

The fish market was located next to the market place.

Looking for cheap beer.

Delicious German beer.

Going to the castle garden.

The Schlossgarten a green vantage point of the castle.

Overlooking the Main river.

A very nice pavilion at the castle garden.

What a majestic castle!

Just couldn't stop snapping.

Actually FuFu buddies had spread the sheet on the grass.

They were very hungry!

The little tiger wanted to have the picnic with everyone too.

Everyone was so hungry. FuFu had forgotten to snap his lunch!

Fully charged! Let's chit chatting.

After a long chatting, everyone dozed off for a while.

Enjoying the kiss with the sun.

It's damn nice laying on the grass when the sun is warm (not HOT).

FuFu was rolling here and there with his little tiger.

Ops, spotted a couple hugging and kissing here and there in public.

Bravo! Sunbathing at the park by the river! o.O

A normal picnic a lovely couple enjoying.

Then FuFu and Polyana imitated as those couples at the park.

Ouch... Aww...

Highly recommend you to have picnic here.

Not only the river, you can also enjoy watching the castle too!

Group picture before leaving the nice park.

The little playground at the park.

It's very picturesque.

Then walked further to the edge of the bridge.

Close-up of the hidden castle in the little jungle!

Walked back to the castle.

Came to the other side of the castle.

Heading to Pompejanum.

Inspired by a villa in Pompei, it reflects a deep sense of Roman pride.

It was built for King Luwig I of Bavaria.

It was 20°C and FuFu donned with shorts and t-shirt.

[Next : The Historical town of Aschaffenburg and the Schönbusch garden]


William said...

Nice windmill stand! Yummy strawberries too!

fufu said...

William : yeah nice ya... i wanna go to Hamburg... probably next year =p hihi didnt try the strawberry ><

yin ying said...

little fufu's 出镜率越来越高了 =)
你偷拍了这么多别人的亲密照, 可以当狗仔队了哦。。。

fufu said...

yin ying : 哈哈哈哈 对呀
我是光明正大的拍咯 =p hahaha
那天的天氣真的很好 很喜歡 :)

jam said...

It is so nice to picnic at 20 degree celcius!

fufu said...

jam : yeah we enjoyed it alot!! hohoho wanna do more picnic soon!! hehehe

木子 said...

wow ~~~~ nice!
like your photo ^^

fufu said...

木子 : yeah thanks =p hihihi glad the weather was great!! hoho

PeggyLowPheiQi said...

ah fu... 是不是没有女朋友带小老虎来做伴啊~你可别一直跟小老虎拍照..它快要比你帅气了

Mr.D said...

The sky is so perfectly blue! Beautiful pictures as usual. =)

Your picnic pictures make me want go there right now! uhmmmmmmmm >.<

fufu said...

ScorpioPEGGY : 哈哈哈 不要那麽大聲哦
anyway 他是我的孩子哦

Mr.D : yeah that's the reason we didnt want to waste the sunny day :) hohohoho well i wanna do more picnic too here in germany... if you come here...will bring you out for a picnic!

fufu said...
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iruffcookiedough said...


vialentino said...

i like the windmill picture...very nice travel pics by u again....speechless

fufu said...

iruffcookiedough : 哈哈哈 对呀 我的部落就是照片多 :) hahahha 那是好事还是坏事呢?? 你要照片少一点??

vialentino : i thought you guys would love the castle... or no? anyway yeah the windmill stand is awesome... cant wait to visit Hamburg next year =p

Akira 思胜 said...

Wahsai, long time I didnt have picnic lor... :P

fufu said...

Akira 思胜 : you should have the picnic more often at least in the evening ok? hahaha

Pete said...

Wah, nice place for a picnic....can fish along the river too!

fufu said...

Pete : hahaha no one actually do fishing there... but well a great place for picnic =p

escape said...

oh i thought there's just a few who sleep less when he travels. now i see that you're like that too.

i usually sleep late and wake up very early.

[SK] said...

wow, looks like a very nice trip!! i love spending the afternoon on green green grass, looking up on the clear sky..

but what caught my attention most is the windmill, and the castle.. of course your cute tiger also, hahaha!!

fufu said...

the donG : hahahah yeah we have only 24hrs :) and it's always lesser time to spend when we go travelling... so i seldom sleep that much instead spend more time exploring :) hahaha and rest well after that =p

fufu said...

SK : yeah the windmill stand is cool!!! and very vintage also =p yeah the weather is chilly again now >< i need sun!! so i could enjoy picnic with friends... or least kissing with sun alone laying on the grass ya =p hahahha will feature more my little tiger from now on... hahaha

Kenny Mah said...

Windmills! Yay! I thought one could only find them in Holland, but I guess not.

P.S. Love the Little Tiger - so cute... almost as cute as FuFu. Hahaha...

豪少 said...

Arrrrrr, how I wish I could relax myself on the green green grass in KL (which is impossible!) The grass looks really inviting to me~ ^.^

十六 Keaton said...


单身汉 said...


Sendo said...

looking through with your photos...i feel like i was with you during your visit place looks fantastic..

what caught my attention there were those strawberries!!! they look so yummy! sure are having a lot of fun! ^_^ enjoy more fufu...will wait for more of your posts...great places ^^..wish to be there too huhu hehe

Harshi said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time with your friends. Splendid pics!

Beautiful flowers, imposing castle, captivating sceneries and funny moments.. what a way to have a picnic! =D oh and nice to see the cute lil tiger once again. ^__^

fufu said...

Life for Beginners : yeah holland is just next to germany... and yeah i have seen many vintage windmills when i was in the eastern part of germany =p hohoho fufu is not cute ><

豪少 : hahaha i bet the grass in kl also nice!! just you need to enjoy it not in the afternoon but evening ok? lake garden is nice too... bring me there next year... hahaha

十六夜真人 : 我不准你咬我的小老虎哦
哈哈哈哈 那个城堡真的很棒哦

fufu said...

单身汉 : 那不是假期哦 是取消了 :)
天气非常的好 :)
我真人也很亲切的哦 =p

Sendo : yeah it's nice to hear you had a nice visual tour with me here through looking at the pictures ya =p hahaha and the strawberry... erm well i have the best in new zealand and japan... these small strawberries just cant entertain my tongue >< hahaha yeah if you ever come to germany.. will bring you out for a picnic =p

fufu said...

Harumi : yeah yeah... we had a great day :) wanna to have more picnic from now on =p but it's very chilly now suddenly >< hihihi i will do my best featuring my little tiger more often here and there if i have the chance ok? hahaha

BB_hwiyee said...

wao...relaxing life^^

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Nice windmill, awesome 1st flower pix, whoa love the buildings and the porthole. How nice to be charged by the warm sunshine and not get satay-ed like in Msia. Oh little tiger is having fun too haha. ~;) tQ.

fufu said...

BB_hwiyee : yeah wish to have this kind of life for the future... hohoho

Bananazക : yeah but well you can still go enjoy the parks in malaysia in the evening when the sun is not that scorching HOT :) hahaha i dont wanna be satayed here in germany too... summer can be very HOT here you know? yeah the littile tiger is enjoying his life here with fufu lol

三吉 said...

I so like your little Tiger...It seem is "lambang" for Malaysia..!!

fufu said...

三吉 : 哈哈哈哈 yeah lambang of malaysia :) i feel so proud of it hehe

anthony said...

i see the tiger again ~ cute~~~ :p

fufu said...

安东尼 : hahahha :) yeah... will feature him more often since you guys like him that much

Carrie_Nice9 said...


fufu said...

nice9 : 对呀 这個地方真的很漂亮哦
哈哈哈 你也可以自私一點 放下一切
到處去玩的哦... 這個世界真的很大
hamburg 我打算明年去 :)

oLive said...

woah.. fufu! u rili snap for alot of nice and wonderful pictures.. I like all these...
well, u look weird white u acting a couple with ur frz there.. haha

Yih Yann said...

Yer...why u so notti with ang mo...

SuwEi said...

nice place and weather for a picnic..u try wf the grass here n c..热到你爆炸~

Feeling said...

wow many photos this time! i saw the little tiger again! so cute! =)

uLi.佑莉 said...

Fufu, you so notti ar, hugging and "kissing" in public :P

Btw, you also got new toy ar? hehehe....nice!

fufu said...

oLive : hahaha glad to hear that you like my pictures ya :) erm did i look strange with my friend? hahaha... hamsap look?? wahahaha

Yih Yann : hahaha where got naughty? we just imitate those ang moh couple lol

SuwEi : hahaha you guys still can go to the park in the evening ya, nice weather to enjoy :) no excuse cant really enjoy the beautiful park there ok? haha

fufu said...

Feeling : yeah i will bring my little tiger out along with me more often hahaha and yeah bunch of pictures again :)

uLi.佑莉 : hahaha kissing and hugging here in europe are very common lah... be open minded a bit ok? hahha well yeah i have new toy :) since my birthday ya, cute right?

发白日梦^^ said...


fufu said...

发白日梦^^ : hahaha 那个安哥??? 哈哈哈 在這裡是很普通的咯 :) 很多人都是這樣嗮太陽的哦 對呀很漂亮的城堡 :) 垃圾桶是跟Harmburg的一樣的哦...那個城市我很想去看看...明年回去 :p

嘿嘿 said...




fufu said...

嘿嘿 : hahaha 我不是偷拍咯
人家會以爲我是傻的 ><
hahahah 吃冰淇淋??
下一篇有冰淇淋吃 =p hahaha
很高興你跟了我走馬看花一趟 :)

小雪 said...

哈哈 只要是欧洲的建筑我都喜欢
阳光灿烂 原来只有20°?
看着看着 突然看到little fufu的出现
想起了电影 UP IN THE AIR里面的情节
呵呵呵 他真的很抢镜噢!

elayne said...

beautiful pictures beautiful scenes funny people and the CUTE little tiger~haha~does it have a name?

fufu said...

小雪 : 日後還會有很多很多歐洲建築的照片哦
哈哈哈 20度 不需要包緊緊地哈哈哈哈
因爲太陽很猛 所以不會覺得很冷
哈哈哈 那個小老虎真的很強鏡頭哦
看到他真的很高興咯 :)

elayne : hahaha... ops ya... you remind me to give him a name!! erm... i gotta seriously think about it then =p hahahha yeah nice weather nice people nice park and nice castle =p hohoho

edward said...

Is the public transportation fares much cheaper for those who hold a student card in Germany? Seems that you need to spend a lot on transportation every day!

In Malaysia I believe no one would like sunbath because of the cruel sun. Do you always take sunbath in the park there?

十六 Keaton said...


fufu said...

edward : yeah i dont pay for the bus,tram and subway here in frankfurt... just when i go further away out from the rhine main area... i gotta pay... and this aschaffenburg is just located out of the boundary >< but well worth to visit i must say... erm yeah you can still enjoy the park in the evening :) hahhaha or even morning like what the elderly people did everyday

十六夜真人 : 瓦靠!!!
我會一拳給你咯 如果你敢咬他的話

十六 Keaton said...


fufu said...

十六夜真人 : 我的天呀
你太過分了 >< 我不會給你搶到的
我會保護他咯 :)

十六 Keaton said...


fufu said...

十六夜真人 : hahahahaha
現在講那麽多都是多餘的 lol
你休想可以動他一條毛 :)

sing said...

little fufu 超抢镜的,比你还抢镜哦~哈哈!
要保护它,不要让它被别人咬到! ;p


然后又不懂为什么想到edward scissorhand... XDDD



喜欢那船的照片上一张的树的照片.形状很完美,然后然后照片前景的树好像刚刚好让出空间来让那棵树被你拍整体照. 哈!赞啊!



嘿嘿 said...



foongpc said...

I'm scared of your little fufu. It likes to make sudden appearance out of nowhere - scared the shit out of me! LOL!

foongpc said...

Basking in the warm sun? How nice! Try doing that in Malaysia now and you will be a fried fufu!! Haha!!

foongpc said...

I'm really so not used to the German language and why are the words so long and unpronounceable? *No offence to the Germans : )

fufu said...

sing : 很久都沒有看到那麽長的留言了
謝謝你哦 :) 很喜歡讀你長長的留言 :)
櫻花的樹木花紋是圓形打橫的 -
其他的是打直的 | 明白嗎?
hahaha 你的想象力太豐富了 :)
hahaha 但是我也可以明白的
中和了我們喜愛的氣候 :)
所以我們都穿得很少 lol
哈哈哈 歐洲真的有很多拍照可以很有感覺的角度

嘿嘿 : wow... 那麽快立夏了??
你有麽有搞錯哦 ???
anyway 跟我無關 :)

foong : hahaha hey the little tiger is cute ok? >< you gotta be more man... dont easily get scared by little stuff lol hahaha well if i were you i will enjoy the park in the evening or morning in the weekend :) to get vitamin D for free XD my german is still bad >< erm but once you have get used to the language, you will know how to pronouce hahhaa... i was confused at first...

TG said...

Wow, after so many amazing photos, what can I say or comment? I'm amazed. The castle is beautiful, but what's most important: You had fun. Cherish every memory, they're precious.

fufu said...

MKL : yeah i will always have fun no matter i am travelling alone or with friends :) hehehe and yeah i appreciate every moment of my life and wont waste even a second =p haha my blog is always packed with pictures... wish you guys would like it ya XD wish to explore more castle here in germany =p

TG said...

Hey, keep on with your photos, it's same as my blogging style recently, I can relate to that. :)

fufu said...

MKL : good you can somehow relate to that :) so i will just keep uploading bunch of pictures... haha

drlilac said...

You guys seemed to have so much fun!!! :)

rainfield61 said...

Oh.. Such a good day!

micki said...

That looks so fun! What a great trip with friends together, and with your little tiger too- It is so adorable! Beautiful weather you are having!


wow~ nice :) love the windmill~ fufu, when r u gonna bring me there arrr?

四月 said...

fufu photography skill is so good with his DSLR.

it is great that u doing well there.

the pic with strawberries in cup is so nice. they jz sell like that?

keeyit said...

You just used that camera to take so awesome pictures? I thought u took it with DSLR

丁丁 said...

hw tat German beer wif malaysia???XD
LITTLE fufu is eminent~

窮光蛋市長 said...




Nate River said...


Shelyn said...

What a relaxing lifestyle in Germany. Did you visit inside the castle?

monika^^ said...

ur pic makes me jealous..
wants go whole world too..
pick me up..

btw,ever go to Indonesia ya?
i'm from Indonesia..
nice to know u,,
u open my mind..

小虫 said...

nevertheless distance is like running a stadium a circle will reach oh~ haha (coz i tried once 800m)

hamburger fishmarket! ahaha interesting!!

German ppl actually drink wat beer eh?! XD

they r so open to the public~!!haha
FUFU dont imitate la~ go for real!
wakakaka~ jk XD

豆腐 said...

Such a very nice palce~~
too much photo to see...
just like to show us ur great travel ...
like it~~^^

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

How nice to be young and have enough to travel. When I was young, I went to study and didn't travel much.

I transited at Frankfort on my way to Canada. that was so long ago.

✿AиG3L✿ said...


Cindy said...

Wow! is German Beer that good?

Bengbeng said...

awesome place to visit. everything is so beautiful

佩智 said...




bluedreamer27 said...

wow you really did a great job in taking these amazing photos...
oh i love the stuffed toy so cute hahaha

btw thanks for visiting me in my blog... i am now following you blog so i can visit you here more often

have a great day and happy bloggin g

瓶子 said...






fufu said...

drlilac : hihihi we had heaps of fun in the city =p

rainfield61 : yeah a perfect day!

micki : yeah with my little tiger :) and will bring him along more often =p hihihi we will check the weather when we travel here...

fufu said...

L² : hahaha... buy a ticket to germany and i will bring you around... hoohoho

四月 : hahaha my skill is still very poor... dont really know how to use my dslr >< just snap the pictures my way... glad you guys like them...hohoho the strawberry? erm i think just its season i guess haha.. yeah i am enjoying my life here ya

keeyit : yeah the high resolution of the normal digital cameras nowadays can take nice pictures ya... hohohoho

fufu said...

丁丁 : yeah little fufu is getting popular now... hohoho :)

穷光蛋市长 : 哈哈哈 在馬來西亞也可以哦
但是因爲保守..很多社會問題 ><
環保又健康 :)

Nate River : 四季國家通常都會有櫻花
哈哈哈 很漂亮吧.. 日本的更漂亮哦
那白白的花...不知道它的名稱 ><

fufu said...

Shelyn : yeah i didnt visit the castle... erm didnt see any way i can get inside... anyway the exterior is enough i think hohoho

monika^^ : yeah i have been to indonesia (bali, malang, surabaya, jakarta, bandung) once :) hohoho and would like to visit again =p which part of indonesia are you living now? yeah it's a lovely place... do you plan to visit germany?

嘉CacinG進 : yeah germany has many types of beer... hahahah i also havent tried out more >< dont have money to buy them when i am out with friends >< anyway yeah the people here are all open minded... kissing and hugging here in the public...

fufu said...

Wilson : yeah my blog is famous for bunch of pictures... wish you dont mind! hahaha wish you guys like them all ya =p

Ann : yeah it's always nice to have fun while one's young ya hohoho but never too late... you could travel around where you live now too... have fun ok? enjoy life!! hohoho wow i wanna go to canada too...

✿AиG3L✿ : 對呀 天氣好 心情也會很棒哦 很享受當天的一切 :)

fufu said...

Cindy : yeah german beer is delicious :) hohoho though i dont like beer... but still would like to have one...

Bengbeng : yeah still many more places to visit here in germany =p

佩智 : 哈哈哈 我的小老虎很帥是吧
我也很喜歡 :) 很想再回去咯 =p

fufu said...

bluedreamer27 : yeah thanks for following me ya... i have many awesome posts here.. please check them out when you have time ok? hahaha yeah had a great day on a perfect day... i still an amateur photographer... but glad you like the pictures... hoho

瓶子 : 對呀 很久沒有看到你的留言了
最近還好嗎?? 生活如何呢??
hahah 化生成爲那個老虎??
hahaha 好呀 :) 但是不需要那麽做
哈哈哈 因爲我吃過大粒又甜又多汁的
傍晚也可以 不需要朋友的陪伴 :)
聼海浪聲 wow 太棒了

桀森 said...

天氣很好囁~真棒~ ^^

Unknown said...


海市蜃樓 said...


zewt said...

eh, why did you go and snap ppl making up in the park hahahahaha...

that chinese girl in white cap looks like some chinese actress...

Wee Han said...

Finally, a post with your face in it!!! and the little one seemed to have enjoyed the warmth of the sun!

and what's the glasses of Strawberry actually? ^^

Che-Cheh said...

You know what?
You really make me fall in love with Germany. :)

Nice pictures.

Mandy Ling said...

Oh, strawberries....I love to eat them. :P

Anonymous said...

That's a lovely castle, located right next to a lake.
I wonder if you could get a reflection of the castle from the lake if you shoot it from another angle.

It actually reminded another similar castle in Denmark. I can't remember its name. It has similar colour, similar design and it's right next to a lake!!

Casley said...

hahaha the litte tiger is cute.. Love the green grass, so nice to lay down there, very relaxing.. btw the strawberries are so tempting!!!

renaye said...

u guys look so cute with the tiger teddy. =)

where r u going next the next two months?

fufu said...

imjson : 對呀 去玩就要開開心心的
那個草莓真的那麽吸引嗎 哈哈

fann : 很棒哦 既然給你來到我的部落
那就要常來噢 這裡會有很多圖片的 哈哈
anyway 還是希望你可以常來我部落看看

海市蜃樓 : 這裡的公園都是很讚的
更何況天的天氣非常好 :)

fufu said...

zewt : hahahaa... just to show you guys here... or you dont like? hahahha erm well she is from taiwan... and really? she looks like chinese artist? which one? lol

Wee Han : yeah when i travel alone, i dont snap fufu >< hahah only when i travel with friends... you guys can see me! hohoho yeah the strawberries huuh... i think a cocktails or what... didnt try...

Che-Cheh : hahaha more to come though... well because i am now here in germany... so definitely will put up more travelling pictures in germany :) but you real gotta come to germany ya... nice country

fufu said...

Mandy Ling : yeah you should go to new zealand in nov-jan... so you can eat the sweet, juicy and big strawberries there.. hahaha

1ondoncalling : that is not lake though... the Main river :) erm yeah never been to denmark so i dont know how the castle looks like there... will try to go next year ya :) yeah i have plenty pictures of the castle... just put up the best here... because i have too many pictures already haha

Casley : yeah i like laying down enjoying the sunkiss :) hohohoh but now it's chilly >< the sun is hiding again... sigh...

fufu said...

renaye : yeah my cute little tiger teddy!!! hohoho :) erm i will be heading to latin america in july... hohoho cant wait for that!! hhoohohoho

shloke said...

I have rarely seen picnic in Malaysia. I dunno why. Perhaps we need better grasses and cleaner park.

I would love to have a glass of beer and strawberries. Looks delicious! This Aschaffenburg park is definitely perfect place for a relaxing rest.


Matt said...

Oh - what a nice day for a bit of touring! I like that naughty picture of you and your friend. Yeah, of all the pictures in this entry, that'll be the only one I remember. hahahaha....

Casendra said...

Travelling with little tiger, that seems awesome and you really having a lot of funs! Nice photos...

Sam Wong said...

yahoo....I want be there also...!!Enjoy with all of u...haha...
The little tiger really cute lor...!!Can buy in Malaysia de?
Beer there is cheapest than here?

fufu said...

shloke : yeah i think most of the people who go enjoy the park are all malays and indians... hardly see chinese ya... but if i got the chance i will definitely go in the evening :) hohoho because i love picnic erm, yeah aschaffenburg is a great city! i wanna go back again too... hohoho

Matt : hahhahaa forget it... please remember some of the nice pictures i have put up here ok? hahahhaa

Piccolo_Topolino : yeah i started to bring my little tiger out with me since march :) and i always am having fun when travelling... be it solo or with friends...

fufu said...

Sam Wong : i dont where my friend bought the little tiger in malaysia... anyway you can look around but... please not!! that gotta be my copyright :) yeah it's very nice ya that day...wanna have such day again here... erm the beer is cheap here... but if convert back to ringgit... will be the same :)

sock peng said...


Anonymous said...

Wonderful castle by the river! Aschaffenburg is a nice town. Looks great to travel with your friends in a small group, lot's of fun!
Nice photos of the tree flowers!

GeOk kEE好きな♡ うち said...


Ayie said...

hi fufu!

very nice place and i love that tiger! LOL

fufu said...

sock peng : 對呀
雨季的時候 ><

niceartlife : yeah we had headps of fun ya... it's nice to soak up in the sun :) hohoho at least once a while... :p appreciate their companion lol

GeOk kEE好きな♡ うち : 哈哈哈
我的小老虎一定上鏡咯 :)
愛死它了 :p

fufu said...

Ayie : yeah so many people love my little tiger hohohoho :) i will let him nknow later...sure he would be very happy

瓶子 said...


fufu said...

瓶子 : 哈哈哈 好
沒有的話就該天哦 不需要着急
希望你的旅程一切順利 :)
每一天都藍天白雲 日出日落都很漂亮 =p

pusangkalye said...

picture overload....that building is so imposing. I would love to sip coffee in one of those benches in front......

and looks like little fufu is having blast---basking in the sun and meeting new friends and traveling.

inggit naman ako with you and the group lying on the grass---and you even planned of having a scandal in public. go!!!lol

Peter said...

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