Thursday 13 May 2010

The Historical City Centre of Aschaffenburg

FuFu Life in Frankfurt - Part Twenty One
23rd April 2010 | Aschaffenburg - Bayern

The amazing Schloss Johannisburg.

After the picnic, we walked around the inner city.

If you are looking for different kinds of landscape and an excellent choice of cultural and recreational offers, then Aschaffenburg is the place to go. Its landscape, climate and forests with 171,000 ha of outstanding natural beauty provide an excellent background for recreation. The parks in Aschaffenburg is very popular and always packed with people especially at the weekends.

Besides the town's landmark, the Königstein Castle ruins, other buildings are worth seeing in Aschaffenburg. The historical city centre is quaint and dainty. The paths and alleys provide a quiet alternative to the crowded pedestrian zone of the historical city centre that worth to walk around. The streets are clean and the peaceful parks made me wanna stay longer.

So after exploring around the vintage city centre, we had a layover at the historical English landscape garden that blessed with a wealth of ancient trees in the middle of the city create the enchanting atmosphere. Strolling around, spending time on the grass with friends, enjoying the sun, getting lost in the maze, are among the many options we enjoyed very much. People usually come here for a quiet lunch break or family picnic on sunny days.

Next destination was Schönbusch garden.

FuFu loves to lay down on the lawn!

Naughty, naughty, naughty!

Back to the bus terminal.

Train going to Wiesbaden will depart late.

Gotta wait for the next and faster regional train.

Going back to Frankfurt by the group+day ticket.

Finally the train bound for Frankfurt had arrived.

The little one didn't willing to leave.

Latin Americans really love beer.

Arrived Frankfurt at around 7.30pm. Still very bright.


William said...

A very interesting church spire.

fufu said...

William : erm.... that is town hall if not wrong... just passed it and wanted to visit later but most of the buddies wanna go back so... >< anyway almost the same with other historical town though... lol

海市蜃樓 said...


Caroline said...

nice.. kinda ancient city. :) loves all those pictures!! =D

fufu said...

海市蜃樓 : 哈哈哈 對呀
那個小老虎真的很過分咯 ><
哈哈哈哈 人家有男朋友了咯
anyway 一個很棒的古老城市 :)

Caroline Ng May Ling : yeah i love the city too!! very different with frankfurt and other german cities i have been to :)

vialentino said... u got a mascot in ur travel pics the little tiger dylan would love it too

fufu said...

vialentino : yeah i would have a good travel companion from now on... hahahha well i bet dylan would like to have such cute tiger!! hohoho

[SK] said...

wow, the first two photos are really amazing!! very very beautiful scenery..

and i also like the flower photos that you've took!! very nice, especially with your little woohoo~~ :p

Kenny Mah said...

Those buildings look like they are about to fall onto each other! LOL

And those flowers are so pretty during springtime, especially those petals on the grass. Magical... :)

fufu said...

SK : yeah love the castle!! very picturesque ya :) i wanna visit more castles here in germany lol spring is always my favourite season to snap the flowers... hoho my little tiger was very enjoying :p

Life for Beginners : yeah a very dense historical inner city :) and lovely architecture... the pedals? lol pretty! i didnt expect i would make full use of it for my pictures :) spring... wish it would last longer... :p

单身汉 said...

好美的照片哦。我想那个海市搂主是要跟你到處遊玩而已, 你误会他了,呵呵。 我也想哦,可惜没有法术, 不能跟着你。

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

I'd have a field day myself taking photos here.
But you know what, I like - oops I want - your t-shirt :)

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

I'd have a field day myself taking photos here.
But you know what, I like - oops I want - your t-shirt :)

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Having a mouthful even to pronounce Aschaffenburg haha. Nice buildings shots you have taken. tQ.

fufu said...

单身汉 : 哈哈哈哈 是嗎?
他真的要跟我去? 爲什麽那麽多人要跟我去遊玩呢? 看來以後我要組織一團屬於我的團...賺一點錢 哈哈哈

The Nomadic Pinoy : yeah you are welcome to visit the place! and you want my tshirts? hohohoho will let you guys bid it on ebay for charity once i am a somebody lol j/k... well i got it in kuala lumpur...

fufu said...

Bananazക : it;s not that hard to pronounce... ah shan fen burg :) if compare with pulau pangkor, perhentian, etc... this is simple :) hahhaha yeah nice vintage and contemporary architecture there in aschaffenburg lol

AliVe said...


Cassey said...

I like this city!
the style of buildings and castles.
wow, they are amazing =)

fufu said...

AliVe : 對呀 有了那個小老虎真的快樂很多 :)
以後他就是我的旅遊的好旅伴 :)

Cassey : yeah i love aschaffenburg too :) wanna explore other historical towns here when i am free + the weather is good :) hohoho

anthony said...

omg that tiger is playing naughty eh~ haha :p

sure ur friends enjoy that little cute tiger's companion XD

fufu said...

安东尼 : hahahha yeah the little tiger was enjoying his trip with us all... hohohoho and my friends are happy to have him to accompanying us either lol

Yih Yann said...

They preserve very well on those historical buildings.

Little fufu very hamsap...muz hit the buttock.

fufu said...

Yih Yann : yeah we should also learn from them in order to preserve well the pre war building in malaysia ya... erm the little one is not hamsap lah... >< just naughty only... forgive him please!! hahaha

bluedreamer27 said...

oh my so amzing.. the house are lik toys... or lego buildings hahaha

bluedreamer27 said...

haha fufu is so cute oh and so naughty hahaha

bluedreamer27 said...

have a great day fufu... happy blogging

Sendo said...

can u give that tiger toy to me? haha ^^ those structures are impressive...

嘿嘿 said...

Love the outdoor cafe!



发白日梦^^ said...


佩智 said...


fufu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
fufu said...

bluedreamer27 : yeah almost all historical towns here in german have nice vintage buildings ya... and little fufu is not that naughty though... he just love big boobs lol happy blogging to you tooo...have a nice day

Sendo : no no no... i wont give the tiger to you!!! he is my travel companion and forever! lol you gotta get one yourself ya... hahahha yeah impressive building :)

嘿嘿 : 哈哈哈 我的小老虎不喝奶的咯
对呀 如果太阳出来/天气好 这里的露天餐厅的生意会恨好的哦

嘿嘿 said...

Love the outdoor cafe!



fufu said...

发白日梦^^ :哈哈哈哈
对呀 這裡早上就喝啤酒了
建築就還可以哦 但是幾乎每個古城都會有一些很棒的建築的哦 :)

佩智 : 我也很喜歡這個城市哦
真的太漂亮了 :)

rainfield61 said...

You always find yourself some good days.

edward said...

Wow, your little one is so cute. It must be very happy to follow wherever you go. By the way, if the little one doesn't drink milk, what do you feed it with? Hahaha.... Just kidding!! Is 7.30pm still bright there? What time is the sunset during this season?

Delicious curry prawn pasta!!Hope you'll cook for your mom when you're back in Malaysia. Your mom will SURE love it!!

fufu said...

rainfield61 : yeah i am good at that! hohohoo :) and really thanks to the sunny day =p really enjoy the sun!

edward : yeah... i am feeding him heaps of care, love, etc!! hohohoho so he doesnt really need milk lol erm well sunrise is at 4.30++am, sunrise is around 8++pm and will be totally dark after 10pm... hohoho a long day here during summer! yeah sure will cook for my family when i am back next year ya... wish they would like my dishes :) hohoho

瓶子 said...


Che-Cheh said...

Love the old style buildings. And the garden my god so lovely! :)

yin ying said...

天空很蓝, 可是白云很少。。。
花朵很大的一朵,comparing to little fufu's size。。。

little fufu 是被你教坏了啦! =)

yin ying said...

天空很蓝, 可是白云很少。。。
花朵很大的一朵,comparing to little fufu's size。。。

little fufu 是被你教坏了啦! =)

fufu said...

瓶子 : hahah 當然可以哦
如果你拿我的照片作模型 那時我的榮幸哦
馬來西亞的太陽很猛烈 我知道
我沒有教坏他咯 :)
是他自己好色 >< 氣死我了
anyway 組織旅行團??
我們的古老建築一定要好好地像德國這樣被保護哦 :)
7月?? hahaha 你一定會知道的到時候

Che-Cheh : yeah a nice garden here :) really wanna have such nice garden in malaysia, but the sun is too HOT there >< hahaha yeah impressive building ya :)

yin ying : 哈哈哈 我沒有教坏他咯
以後一定會慢慢做比較 :)
藍天我很喜歡 沒有白雲更好
因爲我喜歡 :) hahaha 就是喜歡
那個花哦 是我自己弄的咯 lol 漂亮嗎?

yin ying said...

哦。。。原来是你拼出来的,仔细看才发现呢。。。不怪的那朵花酱大。。。 中间那朵小白花很简单很美。。。
hehe...近朱者赤,近墨者黑。。。 它在这里的时候还是很乖的,现在就。。。。 =)

猪公主 said... cute!!seem like u bring ur little tiger wherever u go...

foongpc said...

Beautiful photos as usual! Love the buildings and the flowers!!

foongpc said...

Yikes! Little fufu is so naughty!! LOL!

fufu said...

yin ying : 對呀
hahaha 我很有創意 對不對?
hey 我很正經的好不好... lol
不關我的事咯.... =p

猪公主 : yeah just start bringing him around with me :) hhohohoho :p

foongpc : hahha thanks :) i like those impressive buildings too ya... if not wont take so many pictures :) and hahahha little fufu is not that naughty actually... it's normal :) hahahhaa

Ayie said...

so so clean there and love that nice green park and water!

the architecture is very streamlined!

fufu said...

Ayie : yeah i always love the parks here in germany :) hhoohoho and the architecture in almost all historical town is very unique!! will explore more so i can make comparison :)

Big Boys Oven said...

i love all those photos! so beaautiful!

micki said...

I really like the colors of all those buildings. It reminds me the Toon Town in Disneyland, very colorful! You are such a good cook. The curry prawn noodle bowl looks like the one they prepared in the restaurant! :)

单身汉 said...

你那么斯文老实邻居男孩的乖形像, 要好好教导小虎,不让它乱来哦。

elayne said...



i love their buildings~ everyone of them look so unique and nice :)

p/s: i wanna lay on those juicy breast also~ :P

summer said...


✿AиG3L✿ said...


Crystal Hew said...

Such a beautiful place! =)

小闷瓜 said...

喜欢哪只小虎~ 好可爱啊
喜欢你拍摄的建筑物 =)

fufu said...

Big Boys Oven : yeah thanks! do come often as i still have many nice pictures to share =p

micki : yeah... the buildings here in germany(or europe) are nice but i think those in disneyland are quite similar to american style right? i am not sure... hahaha but well my cooking skill is just alright :) of course cant be compared with those served in restaurant ya =p

单身汉 : 哈哈哈哈哈 謝謝你的讚賞哦
但是有時候他真的很壞蛋 lol
一定會好好的教導他的 放心!

fufu said...

elayne : 對呀 這個小伙子真的很上鏡
沒想到我會那麽的有創意呢 哈哈

L² : hahahaha omg.... the juicy breast @.@ sure you can... if you have the money =p well the architecture here is very nice ya.. bet will be almost the same here in europe :)

summer : 哈哈哈 我們互相利用咯
小老虎真的帶來很多喜悅 :)
對呀 德國的建築真的很不一樣哦

fufu said...

✿AиG3L✿ : hahaha 互相利用互利罷了
如果不帶他跟著我 我也沒有那麽開心哦
加上 照片拍上來看 效果很好噢
所以哦 以後一定會用它來做我的模特兒 :)
還有很多公園可以去逛逛 =p
我非常喜歡...所以拍了那麽多的照片 :)
不要羡慕 你也可以擁有自己的旅伴

Crystal Hew : yeah a lovely place to settle down too :) hohoho

小闷瓜 : 越來越多人喜歡我的小老虎了 :)
haha 那些建築哦... 因爲實在壯觀了
隨便拍都是漂亮的照片咯 =p

天王之子 said...

wow I like those :)

十六 Keaton said...


fufu said...

天王之子 : yeah very nice ya :) hohoho

十六夜真人 : 對呀 這裡的建築真的很有味道
花很漂亮哦 :) 草上的是我自己拼出來的哦
哈哈哈哈 那個小老虎不壞呀
哈哈哈哈 你不可以咬他呀 ><
如果不是 我跟你拼!!!

- yEng - said...


fufu said...

- yEng - : 哈哈哈 因爲那是不一樣的建築風格咯... 所以我就抵擋不了它們的迷惑 :) 真的很特別咯... 那個小老虎很口愛是不是... haha :)

~eRiC~ said...

your spicy shrimp pasta makes my tummy growl... again... =.=

小雪 said...

哇 那样的躺在阳光下
在马来西亚是不可能的 除非sot了
little fufu 有很多粉丝了~~

Pete said...

That fish hanging on the signboard, very good for me to use as fishing lures...ha ha ha!

Harshi said...

Wow.. so many different styles of architectures.. within the same city. And stunning vistas too. Beautiful pics as always!

NicoleB, Egypt said...

What a beautiful city! You captured it wonderful!
Love all the blossoms and the happy faces too :)
And that castle is awesome!

fufu said...

eRiC : hahahaha :) yeah it looks nice ya... but the taste just normal >< because i couldnt get fresh prawns here >< but anyway will definitely try to make the same noodle when i am back home...

小雪 : hahaha 在馬來西亞也可以哦
傍晚就可以躺在草地上了 :)
早上也可以哦 .... haha
以後等我回去一定會傍晚去野餐的 哈哈哈
對呀 我的小老虎很討人喜歡 :)

Pete : hohoho it's actually a hostel/inn :) and its name is golden carp, so they use it as the trademark of the hostel/inn... very creative right??

fufu said...

Harumi : yeah all in a city!! nice right? hohoho i always love to walk around the entire city to check out its nice buildings :) hihihi glad you like the pictures and yeah guess i gotta reduce the number of pictures since some complain i have too much here haha

NicoleB : yeah a very nice city with beautiful flowers and impressive buildings :) we had a great time there... wonder when can we have picnic again altogether... XD

pusangkalye said...

LUCKY LITTLE TIGER----he gets to travel places with you guys and most importantly, gets the best views. hehe

escape said...

i like seeing colorful flats. here it's just on commercial places there it's almost that way everywhere.

fufu said...

pusang kalye : yeah he is lucky ya.. but we wouldnt have that much fun travelling without him :) hoho

the donG : the architecture here in europe is very special ya... but the phillipines also has its own way... the old and the high rise buildings :p

Anonymous said...

The modern church is quite interesting.
I wonder what it looks like inside!
Maybe it's quite contemporary too?

I kinda miss magnolia season this year.
I saw some but none of them were as good as those I saw in the previous years...

Did you like your ice cream? I wish I could try all the flavours in your photo. :-)

fufu said...

1ondoncalling : erm yeah the modern church is nice ya the exterior but we dint go inside ><

yeah i also kinda missed the magnolia season... as you can see from the pictures... it's almost over ya... but nice pedals dropped from the trees and i made my own flowers... hohohoho not bad ya?

yeah i love gelato!! used to eat gelato everyday when i was in italy... hohoho :) yeah next time buy me the ice cream =p

Shutterchitecture (Allen) said...

after exploring europe, where are you headed to now? it must be a fun fun life you have there. more power to you fufu!

三吉 said...



fufu said...

Shutterchitecture (Allen) : yeah after europe... i will be heading to brazil :) hohoho latin america!! so exotic ya... gotta be more powerful for that haha =p

三吉 : 老虎就是馬來西亞人嗎?
沒有啦 他們已經知道我是馬來西亞人了
haha 還會帶他到處遊玩的哦

嘿嘿 said...



shloke said...

Fufu said "The streets are clean..." That's what I'm looking for in Malaysia's parks, garden and waterfalls.

It's a beautiful town indeed. I noticed every buildings had it's own unique design and architecture. Different yet mesmerizng. Reminds me of the pre-war buildings in Ipoh :)

The weeding figurines are CUTE!!! Love the upside down C-shaped smiles.

The group photo (with sakura? flowers on the background) is AWESOME!


fufu said...

嘿嘿 : 原來如此... 但是很少人知道馬來西亞就是虎... 還有新加坡就是獅子也不是很多外國人知道罷了....

shloke : yeah we really need to inject these thinkings into every citizen's mind, clean, organised and love the nature :) but we are a bit slow and weak ><

erm the architecture here all very different... because they want to be unique with each other... probably!! :) which i think is good... unlike our rows of shop-houses

the the flower is magnolia :) nice right? hahaha well i made the flowers with the pedals of magnolia... with the weeding :) creative right?

uLi.佑莉 said...

Aiyoyo....the wedding dolls are so nice and cute leh! Btw, the Chilly Prawn Pasta looks yummy wor :D

fufu said...

uLi.佑莉 : hehehehe yeah and the dolls are cheap too around rm 10++ but the shop was closed! >< couldnt really check the out, if not i would have bought one or two for friends that going to get married ya... yeah my curry prawn pasta was good! dont know what to cook for this weekend >< any idea?

lock said...

the design of the building in this town is quite similar to most of the major old towns in malaysia.

fufu said...

lock : are you not kidding me?? the architecture here in historical old towns are similar to malaysia ones?? wow i really wanna see!! which towns by the way?? bring me there... hahaha

Shelyn said...

What a relaxing day you had there. It looks like a very serene town. Your little tiger is very cute hopping here and there.

fufu said...

Shelyn : yeah had a great time... and love the vintage town :) hhohoho but well wish the weather will be better so i can go hopping here and there with my little one :)

Matt said...

Your German must be getting better and better everyday. After awhile I wonder if all these towns start to look the same to you? (I hope not).

Thank you for sharing the pictures - as usual, they are great. The "little one" is cute. Although in one picture, he is very close to your friend's chest. hahaha

fufu said...

Matt : hahaha honestly speaking, my german is getting worse >< because i am learning portuguese now lol erm well the towns here have their own different faces if you observe them carefully :) will explore more when i have time =p well it's my pleasure to share all these pictures with you all ya XD and yeah the little one, hahhaa he is adorable =p

Florence said...

wow...7.30pm over there still sky so bright?!looks like afternoon.

Chris said...

Is it a small town?

fufu said...

Florence : yeah day time is longer now since april until august ya :) will only be totally dark at 10pm now... hohoho

Chris : yeah a small town not fra away from frankfurt =p you should go there when you ever layover at frankfurt

Sendo said...

you've still got the same shots that fascinate me...and the architectures that wow me most....wish I had the money for a tour there!! ^^

Sendo said...

by the way, can u give me that tiger toy nyaha

lock said...

nice outing activity!

嘿嘿 said...


This must be worthwhile to visit The Witches’ Town, 巫婆城

Come on, have a good time there! Remember to post the pics!


Shutterchitecture said...

little FuFu seems to be enjoying Germany. I wonder if he gets a tan when he comes to Brazil. :))

Palito said...

Totally a visual feast. Your structure photographs are all stunning.

fufu said...

Sendo : yeah i simply love the architecture :) way too different with ours... hahaha i mean our asian style =p erm sorry i cant give you my little tiger... he is mine! hahaha

lock : yeah a nice trip we had ya...wonder when can we go out again together in a group =p

嘿嘿 : hahah yeah will try to go there if i have the money and time :) thanks for informing by the way...

fufu said...

Shutterchitecture : yeah i am enjoying germany a lot.. will be exploring brazil as well thoroughly hahaha no worry! i will get a nice tanned colour back from brazil ya... hahaha

Palito : yeah thanks... but yah i am still learning... trying to be a good photographer hehehe

einrihs_shirnie said...

next time remember bring straw mat along for your little. because his/her body will easily turn dark... ahaha^^