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Parade of Cultures - Part II

FuFu Life in Frankfurt - Part Twenty Six
26th June 2010 | Parade der Kulturen II

One of the climaxes of the parade was the large Bolivian dance group. As they entered the square jumping under the beats of the tribal drums, the audience was hypnotized by their energy and colours! Bolivia presented the ancient folk dance - Tobas. The people of Toba used to perform it on religious parties dressed in wilderness costumes. Nowadays it is danced at different times and in very long streets in Frankfurt.

Need to mention the feather of Parihuanas (water bird) used as the main element made the costume absolutely outstanding Bolivians worn for the Tobas. This is definitely a jewelery of the whole culture in its metaphorical and also literary sense. It's going to be a triumph. Also Tobas is a dance that not easy to perform. It is danced on the foot toes and almost on the knees which produces cramps to the dancer. I was simply impressed and convinced. Can't wait to explore the beautiful country myself sooner!

It's Bolivia's turn!

Look, it's the feathers of Parihuanas!

Check out the video for the wild Bolivian dance!

The next was Sierra Leone, a country in West Africa.

Nothing much to see, just showing their existence in Frankfurt.

Ops, also their special costumes!

Hoohuuu, Madagascar!

The Singh community took part too!

Next was the representatives from Slovakia.

Their costumes are very unique!

Check out the video for Slovakian dance!

Ecuador! The country FuFu will explore sooner too!

Check out the video for the dance from Ecuador!

Turkey! The country FuFu first started off his World Tour.

See how cute Turkish costume is!

It's very odd to have this popped up in the middle of the parade!

Finally, it's Asia's turn!

Most of the Filipinos dressed up extremely gorgeously.

The lady is showing off her BRANDED bag.

FuFu has no idea about this!

But the girls are pretty hot!


The parade traveled through Frankfurt's downtown. Spectators were first drawn by the authentic costumes, wild yet true dancing and joyous drum troupe before several "lotus fairies" sitting on a awesomely decorated float that demonstrating the Fa Lun Gong showing up. Behind the float were fan dance and lotus dance teams and its practitioners.

The banner calling for an end to the persecution.

The first part from Fa Lun Gong was perfectly stunning!

Personally i was pretty shocked as i didn't expect Fa Lun Gong will take part. Well, they may probably wanna promote its Fa Lun Gong. But then its practitioners distributed flyers about not only Fa Lun Gong exercises, also the reenactment of the Chinese Communist regime's prisons. The second part of it section, a piece of white cloth formed the shape of a symbolic forced labor camp where practitioners held display boards on which were photos depicting torture methods employed in the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in China.

Shit! This is nothing to do with cultural parade ok?

At the end of the contingent was a group of women practitioners dressed in white. They held wreaths in their hands, on which were portraits of practitioners who have died as a result of the persecution. I strongly disagree why the relevant staff would allow Fa Lun Gong snaking through the city. It's a cultural parade and not to show how the brutality of the persecution. Please check the definition of cultural parade properly!

Damn it!

FuFu felt extremely not comfortable for this part!

Stop abusing the meaningful cultural parade!

Check out the ugly side of Fa Lun Gong

Well, switch the mood for Morocco!

Wow! Morocco is an Islamic country right?

Who cares? Everyone like to see sexy girls and hot dance!

Ouch, she is looking at FuFu!

Next to Colombia!

Check out the Colombian dance!

The representatives from the Republic of Dominica.

Aww, banana leaves!

The last video from the Republic of Dominica.

Brazil again!!!

The representatives of the Samba club in Frankfurt!

FuFu will be learning Samba soon in Curitiba!

See how attractive the parade was! The cyclist stopped and watched!

Streets were packed with spectators.

Totally enjoyed the two hours long parade snaking through the city!


迷迭香 said...

feathers of Parihuanas?
they are so colorful and pretty!!
btw what is Parihuanas?
a type of bird ? @_@

Kaijun said...

i like Ecuador costume~~
and i really no idea the existence of Fa Lun Gong.... lol, why they are there showing those photo..

fufu said...

迷迭香 : yeah nice feathers ya... i wanna get some back home when i visit bolivia later, Parihuanas is water bird, a kind of lamingos :)

MakE_LiFe_EasY : i personally love bolivian costumes!! but well i will go to both countries sooner... wish me all the best! erm i have no idea why fa lun gong was there!!!! shame on them!!!

Caroline said...

wow!! they are all so unique! :D thnx for sharing fufu. :))

Akira 思胜 said...

Haha, you didnt join to dance along too? :P

fufu said...

Caroline Ng May Ling : yeah you are welcome! i will go to some of the countries i mentioned here... and also be going to the carnival next year lol cant wait to share more with you guys!!! hahah

Akira 思胜 : hahaha i am just interested to snap pictures! but will try to dance with the participants of the carnival next year in rio! lol

单身汉 said...


fufu said...

单身汉 : 對呀 真的太棒了 :) 可能我從來沒有看多的原因哦 :)

London Caller said...

Ha ha... Brazilian people are very passionate and hot!
I hope you can concentrate on your studies! Ha ha...




海市蜃樓 said...


fufu said...

London Caller : hahaha i am answering your comment here! yeah brazilians are all nice!!!! love them all! well i will concentrate on my research project here ya, no worries, i still wanna travel around latin america!! hohoho

なんば?言葉なんでいらんよ :) XXXする?はは もしよい餌が見つけたらね 


海市蜃樓 : hahahaa 真的?? anyway 這個文化表演真的很棒哦 :) 大開眼界 :)

William said...

The fruit parade... XD
Falun Gong is looking for media coverage as usual.

[SK] said...

hey, i like the Bolivian team, they are so colorful!! and i see this parade started in 1810, and now already 200 years old?? wow, fantastic!!

fufu said...

William : yeah agree!! Fa Lun Gong is just aiming for media coverage!!! i can say the carnival in Rio will be 1000 times better than this! lol cant wait to be there next year =p

fufu said...

SK : huuh? did i mentioned this parade started in 1810?? it's only the 7/8th being held in frankfurt ya :) hahaha but the bolivian dance may be, it has a long history!

uLi.佑莉 said...

Wow! The ladies are pretty :D So happening la ^^

fufu said...

uLi.佑莉 : yeah very happening :) hihihi but i still prefer the chinese ladies :) hihihi

HanLun said...

i can't open the video in office, will go back to open the video. Especially the part u describe till very ugly :P It draws my attention ..hahaha..

十六 Keaton said...



Pete said...

Wah nice street party. Many falun gong supporter. Hey, that is one good looking belly dancer!

vialentino said...

the moroccan girl dancer is pretty and smiling at u

wah...watched ur fa lun gong video....nice one....yeah, not appropriate for this cultural show

Feeling said...


Rafael Lam said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, nice to meet fufu!
This parade is great! I think you have a great time in Frankfurt!
Your pictures and videos are awesome, like their dance!

rainfield61 said...

Have you lost in the different cultures? And you started to talk in Mars language.

hcpen said...

I also hate the falungong always parading here in sydney on many weekends, and distributing pamphlets all the time to people on the weekends in Chinatown here! So annoying..anyways, hope you're having fun in Latin America:-)

fufu said...

HanLun : sure, check out the videos anytime anywhere ya :)

十六 : 對呀 他們真的太過分了 >< 那些錢應該拿去幫助有需要的人的咯... 看我穿那些服裝? 很不適合我的形象 lol

Pete : yeah the belly dancer is beautiful ya :) and hot also... hihihi anyway dont know why fa lun gong would have that many supporters! they all must be paid! ><

fufu said...

vialentino : hahaha yeah the moroccan dancer is looking and smiling at me :) hohohoho =p anyway booooo to fa lun gong ><

Feeling : 那就是我的特別之処哦
我要分享的那一份喜悅就好了 :)

Rafael Lam : hihihi thanks for coming back to my blog ya :) well glad to hear that you like my pictures and videos =p well i am now not staying in frankfurt but curitiba, brazil =p

fufu said...

rainfield61 : yeah i am speaking alien language here now >< my broken and limited portuguese nearly kills me!!! wish i could pick up the language soon!

hcpen : they are wasting a lot of money to do so!!!! shit! anyway i will enjoy my stay here in brazil... thanks!

edward said...

Very colourful and facinating cultural parade!! By the way, I prefer those motional samba ladies in clothless and sexy attire whereby they represent Latinos in ways of pursuing freedom and enjoyment in their daily lives. :)

嘿嘿 said...




fufu said...

edward : so you like samba? hahaha okok i will take many many pictures for you next year when i go to Rio for the carnival!!! hahaah :)

嘿嘿 : 法輪功振的把中國人的面子都給丟光光了 >< 那些被操控的白痴支持者真的沒有頭腦的 >< haiz.... 我看到都看到無言了 ><

Somewhere in Singapore said...

The mascots is so cute...

escape said...

great display of culture and nice to see a representative from the philippines.

fufu said...

Somewhere in Singapore : hihihi yeah they are really cute! lol

dong ho : yeah good for you ya because filipino really took part! but i cant see malaysians >< bad!

Lily Riani said...

the falungong makes the evnt send and uneasy hor....

NicoleB, Kuwiat said...

I love the part with the colourful costumes and happy people.
In regard to China, well, I totally agree with you.
They need their own parade, not a show of culture :(

lock said...

dun know when can i landed in brazil!

Harshi said...

Wow.. what gorgeous, flashy and stunning costumes..! Especially love that Bolivian feather costume. Their music too was quite fascinating.

Frankfurt certainly deserves to be called a global city with this much of cultural diversity.

And about that Falun Gong.. that was my first time hearing of it. I checked Wiki and got the gist of their situation.. but ya, like you said.. they chose the wrong place for their protest. A bad choice indeed.

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

I'm happy to see a Filipino contingent in the parade!

Chris said...

I like those costumes.. Nice..

NiceArtLife said...

Wow, impressive parade of so many different nationalities and cultures, the world was one this day in Frankfurt. So it must be always in every place of earth. Nice post againd ear friend. I wish you a great weekend.
(Great to hear that you are going to visit Chile soon, I can recommend you this valley Elqui, cool place! Thanks for your comment!)

TG said...

Great photos. I enjoyed all of them :)

Bengbeng said...

reading this post is like a tour aroud the world. thx for sharing

Unknown said...


I AM A BLOGGER said...

omg! really love those costumes!~~~
and it is truly cultural!~~no doubt!

so, hw r u? got use to Brazil alread?

Agnes Valerie said...

Good stuff again from you. Enjoy your trip there.

=) Hope to see more nice adventures from you.

豪少 said...

Those costumes are really stunning! But the weather seems hot, you can stand it under the hot sun? @.@

London Caller said...

Ha ha... Brazilian people are very passionate and hot!
I hope you can concentrate on your studies! Ha ha...




bluedreamer27 said...

wow there are so many colorful dresses and outfits every where
it sure to be so fun...
but is it itchy to wear feathers??
just wondering haha
have a great day fufu and thanks for sharing us these photos

lechua said...

the costumes are really elaborate! & the feathers too

fufu said...

Lily Riani : you agree with me also right? hahaha

NicoleB : yeah they shouldnt be there :( anyway lucky i still managed to see awesome costumes :)

lock : hahaha i am pretty sure you could fly to latin america one day! hahaha :)

fufu said...

Harumi : yeah frankfurt is a nice international but in some sense it's not >< anyway the parade was nice :) wish to see more next year and fa lun gong wont be there :) i am going to bolivia you know? cant wait to check out their nice culture :)

The Nomadic Pinoy : good for the philippines :) because the truly asia malaysia didnt take part ><

Chris : hihihi cant wait to visit the countries myself and check out their costumes there!

fufu said...

NiceArtLife : yeah i have friend from chile too... wish she would show me around when i visit her hometown :) and glad to hear that you like this post ya =p

MKL : yeah thanks :)

Bengbeng : glad you like it! still not that international though... at least we know most of the costumes from latin america :)

fufu said...

ah_man : hohoho 對呀熱情女郎 :) 但是我還是覺得中國的比較漂亮 :)

Xjion89 : yeah am getting used to the lifestyle here :) thanks for your concern :) now i will really explore the authentic cultures of each country here in latin america :)

Agnes Valerie : sure i will keep sharing my adventures here :) stay tuned ya

fufu said...

豪少 : i love sun!!!!!! i dont mind basking in the sun for hours! and i wanna get tanned as well :) hohoho anyway it's still early summer, not that hot and humid like malaysia :)

London Caller : wow your comment is here again!!! hohohoho :)
anyway i know when to focus and when to play =p no worries

bluedreamer27 : yeah it's so nice to see such nice costumes :) though mostly are from latin america but i am here now!! cant wait to explore more myself =p the leather stuff? i dont know... probably not that itchy for those who have already got used to it ya :)

fufu said...

lechua : yeah cant wait to visit bolivia next year!!! hohoho :)

嘿嘿 said...

What?Bolivia? Wah! Amazing!Great!


Hoorey!Vivo Fufu!

Carrie Tai said...

All costumes are nice! Next year going to bolivia? That's great!

Vincent Cho said...

wow! what a interesting parade! oh man.. i wish i can join you there..

pusangkalye said...

got confused. I thought my mind played tricks on me. This is still in Germany but all the while i was thinking of Brazil. The mindset I have that you are that other side of the world is too strong I guess....Brazil is the place where you find the grandest of all grand festivals and parade you know~~

Ayie said...

very festive and colorful event fufu... i like seeing our national costumes there

Unseen India Tours said...

This is so beautiful,colorful and lovely !!i really enjoyed the photos and the festival !!Thanks for sharing !!

Allen said...

I was actually looking for the Philippine delegates on your previous posts. I thought they just didn't attend. lol.

Anyway, i noticed that the dancing girl on the Moroccan side has dark armpits. omg.

escape said...

sad that there were no malaysians. you could have represented your country.

Allison said...

the wedges look so cute.. haha.. n the parade look so colorful n interesting :)

shloke said...

A simple but vibrant parade. I LOVE the variety of colors, cultures, costumes and dances. We should put on a similar show in Malaysia. Perhaps we could change 'Citrawarna Malaysia' aka Colors of Malaysia to Citrawarna Antarabangsa. More appeal. I'm so bored seeing our local parade again and again.

I guess the German government is VERY LIBERAL. They even allowed Falun Gong to voiced their protests. Now that's what I call Freedom of Speech. Sometimes, I felt we as Malaysians are moving backwards. LOL!

sock peng said...


Kenny Mah said...

That is A LOT of feathers... I wonder how many colourful birds they had to pluck for that, haha. :P

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Whoa very colorful ehhh.. saw my cousin Banano, the one wearing Rayban sunglasses haha. You must be having lots of fun there, tQ for sharing.

Bengbeng said...

Fufu, u look younger in yr new hair cut and u look so healthy.

fufu said...

嘿嘿 : 我也很想看看印第安人的古跡和歷史呢
所以一定要好好安排我的行程 :)
但是我會慢慢的研究哦 :)
然後回來給你們好好的分享哦 =p

Carrie : yeah planning to go to bolivia end of the year :) hopefully i can explore alot here in latin america =p

Vincent Cho : you are free to join me next year... i will be back to germany by april :) lol

fufu said...

pusang kalye : yeah sorry for being late >< how i wish i would have time to blog all these before i left the country... but anyway i still have few posts to share lol dont get confused anymore please...hahah

Ayie : hahah glad to hear that you are happy to see your national costumes :) not homesick?? lol

Unseen Rajasthan : yeah it's a nice parade :) too bad not much costumes from India... so i think i gotta go to India myself to see them all ya lol

fufu said...

Allen : hahaha now you had seen it ya :) anyway i didnt notice that!!! thanks for reminding me :) hohohoho

dong ho : hahaha one man show?? i wont mind though... if i ever can represent malaysia =p

Allison : yeah they are really cute :) hahaha so happy to see such gorgeous parade :) wish to join again next year =p

fufu said...

shloke : well we have vibrant cultures too... and citrawarna malaysia can attract visitors but we have to include those foreigners who are living in malaysia :) anyway i think malaysia is way behind of thailand, indonesia and philippines ya in term of the freedom of speech >< really want to change the whole cabinet!!!! >< wish the young generation could change malaysia sooner!

sock peng : 對呀真的增廣知識哦
因爲我現在在南美洲了 lol

Life for Beginners : well i think they must be ton of such nice birds for awesome feathers for them to make such stunning costumes ya :) lol

fufu said...

Bananazஇ : yeah glad i went for this nice event :) really worth my 2hrs to join this meaningful parade =p totally enjoyed =p hehehe banano? lol cute!!

Raul Gonzales : yeah thanks for visiting!! i wanna go to romania but well i will let you know if i ever plan to go there ya :) will visit your website later =p

Bengbeng : hahaha really? thanks anyway =p i always look younger lol

Shell (貝殼) said...


fufu said...

Shell (貝殼) : 對呀 真的很多美女哦 :) 但是還是中國的最漂亮 =p