Thursday 8 July 2010

FuFu Pride - 富富尊嚴

** It's a long and boring post about FuFu Pride. If you wanna skip the English part, scroll down for the Chinese version of 富富尊嚴. **

FuFu Life in Germany - Part Twenty Three
29th June 2009 | FuFu Pride

Student ID of Hiroshima University, 2005-2007.

The story started with once a upon a time, there was a little boy who studied extremely hard for his A-Level (Pre-University Studies). He was not clever nor a smart student, but he had the luck which everyone would have fight for. In addition with his hard work and motivated spirit, FuFu received scholarship to pursue his tertiary education in Japan. After a year of intensive course in Japanese language, FuFu started his college and then university respectively at Syusei Technical College and then Hiroshima University. Living in Japan for five years, FuFu had learned a lot and totally enjoying the new experience of this life in different culture.

Under the scholarship from Japanese Government, Monbukagakusho, FuFu was provided with pocket money and tuition fee (including return flight ticket) in which he did not need to beg any extra penny out from his parents during his years in Japan. This was a huge relieve from putting burden to his family because we do know that studying in overseas does really need a lot of "Benjamins". FuFu Pride Rocks!

Lucks and hard works were sticking with FuFu. Although FuFu is an international student who used to have zero knowledge of Japanese language (before setting his foot in Japan), he managed to beat the pants off his fellow coursemates academically. Impossible is nothing. Being one of the top students in college, FuFu was once threatened by a coursemate that he could not be No.1, as it only acceptable if the Japanese themselves being on the highest rank. However, with strong motivation and hard work, FuFu had achieved three awards from the college, National Organisations of Technical Colleges and Japanese Board of Civil Engineering. FuFu Pride rules.

Have you ever wonder why FuFu is able to travel around the world for one and a half year? Is he a millionaire? Yes, it's true! FuFu was once had nearly 6 millions in his bank account, and it was in YEN (do the calculation if you are interested to figure out the actual amount in your currency). Every successful story has it's own price behind. Since he first step his foot in Japan, FuFu learned to cook, cycled to college and started to work part time a year later. He managed to save up 60% of his pocket money to fund for all the travel plans together with the hard earn money from parttime jobs. FuFu Pride shines!

FuFu result for the first year at Syusei Technical College.

FuFu result for the second year at Syusei Technical College.

FuFu's result for the the whole diploma course.

FuFu Diploma in Civil Engineering, Syusei Technical College.

FuFu result for two years at Hiroshima University.

FuFu Bachelor Degree from Hiroshima University.

FuFu Diligent Award from Syusei Technical College.

FuFu Certificate of passing for the National Calculation examination.

FuFu Excellent Result Award of the National Calculation examination.

FuFu Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level One - Passed!

FuFu Award of Model Student from National Colleges Organisation.

FuFu Certificate of Japanese Construction Supervisor - Passed.

FuFu Educational Award from The Japanese Civil Engineering Board.

FuFu Master Acceptance Letter (But he chose to travel the world).

FuFu is one of the Outstanding Youths in 2007.

FuFu is currently pursuing his master studies in Germany, using the balance savings, which could only support him for three semesters. In order to participate on the international exchange semester in Curitiba Brazil, FuFu has to borrow a huge sum of money from his mother and is now living his life with debt hanging on the back. FuFu Pride has stopped rocking.

It seemed that FuFu pride also does not rule in Europe anymore this time, or to be exact, in Germany. Regardless of his usual more than 95% academic distinction in Japan, FuFu could only achieve one distinction out of five subjects for the first semester. He really doesn't know how to reach the requirement set by German professors. We do know Master Degree is much more difficult than the Bachelor Degree, but FuFu has seriously done his best in coping with the master studies.

To sum it up, FuFu Pride does not shine anymore. A lot of questions are circling in his head. Spending most of his money exploring the world, but now living his life carrying debt and average academic result? Did he pick the wrong path to go? Yes, maybe (the first answer that came into FuFu’s mind) Why? It's because FuFu would have already owned a comfy house, luxury imported car, good career and spicing up with the material happiness. These all might have happened if FuFu did not pick up the adventurous world trip and master course in Germany.

FuFu has been struggling a lot since he came to Germany. However, life is like a box of chocolates, we never know what we are gonna get. There is no use crying over spilt milk, too. Since FuFu has chosen this path, he is gearing up for the new challenge and no matter what grades he will achieve in his studies, he will always do his best. Things happened with reason in behind. All of these challenges and obstacles he is currently facing may eventually shape him to become a better and wiser man in every aspect.

Most importantly, never ever regret of what you did and what you have been doing at this moment. Always believe in yourself and do your best. FuFu will for sure earn back all the prides he used to have in the near future and return the money back to his mother as soon as possible. Very soon, FuFu Pride will be rocking, ruling and shining again. FuFu can make it. Fighting!

FuFu has cleared his 30days off. Now he is back to the blogsphere.

Thanks for you support, Little FuFu.

Little FuFu is the best companion of FuFu.

-----------------| 富富尊嚴 : 男孩與幸運星的故事 |-----------------







[SK] said...

wow, you have got a lot of certification!! you are cool man~~

fufu said...

SK : ahhahaa fufu has the lucky star!! :) kudos to the ☆~~

哈亞斯 said...

Wow... Your achievement really great~
Keep it up....

fufu said...

小澤 (DSvT) : hahaha thanks... but that's once upon a time >< i dont do well now in germany... T.T

猪公主 said...

wow...excellent !!
although previously was take ur hard time, but nw is tottally different ady. c ........u r success nw !!
all the best for u !! keep it up ~

fufu said...

猪公主 : well i mean i dont really achieve greatly now >< i used to be though... where has my lucky star gone to? please come back~

Yvonne Sam said...

Proud of u!!!! Gambateh!! I'm sure u can do it. It just a hardship that u need to overcome.! After this, all the pride coming back.. Recently, I also facing some working problem and cried coz of stress out. but I know, after this, I will become a better person and more efficient in my work.. :) thx for ur sharing that support me too!!!!

窮光蛋市長 said...


fufu said...

yvonne : hahaha... i am not that good... dont deserve you or any one of you here feel proud of me >< but anyway wish this really could cheer you guys up... there's ups and downs... highs and lows... as long as we dont give up... we can still achieve something we want ya... all the best!!! fighting~

穷光蛋市长 : 對呀 就是咯... 我沒有事...就是回想以前的我有那麽的風風光光的說...所以我現在什麽也不想了...讀完書回去才打算...hahaa

Jovial Teo said...

gambateh xD

what you have achieved, prove that you are CAPABLE of anything.

you will achieve and shine more in your future

fufu said...

Hui Ru | Teo : hey thanks... but the problem is i am not shining anymore now... but i believe i could make it in the future... and even brighter :)

Caroline said...

wow!! u're really great! ur family surely proud of u! =D

fufu said...

Caroline Ng May Ling : nope... i dont think so... because i should not get the loan from my mother >< i feel so sorry when i need her money to fulfill my own dream >< i should achieve it myself though... anyway i will finish my master... then back home and work hard to return the money to here asap

summer said...

FUFU 加油:) 你一定可以完成你的梦想~

fufu said...

summer : 謝謝你哦
然後解決我的債務問題 :)

我的天地 said...



fufu said...

我的天地 : 現在是我的低峰期 ><
很想念/比較喜歡那種高高在上的感覺 哈哈

SuwEi said...

哇,要show off吗?哈哈!不过是蛮厉害下啦:P

uLi.佑莉 said...

Wah! Show off the certs ya ...hehe! Anyway, I believe you can do it!!!

Yih Yann said...

fufu jia you...anyway...I'm supporting Spain tonite :D

anthony said...

This is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G !!
you know what, this suddenly motivates me that i could do far a lot better to achieve something like this!
and u just have to keep it up mate XD

btw i just wonder how many languages that u know @@

Jia Xin said...

gambateh...wish u all the best...ur lucky star will keep shining forever^^

Jia Xin said...
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peteformation said...

Hey, proud of you Bro. Don't worry, continue to work hard and good results would soon materialise...

bluesky said...

加油Fufu ^0^

Candlelyn said...

wow~u had outstanding achievements! even score 100 for many subjects!so jealous~
believe yourself, u can reach your dreams finally~ ganbatte!

单身汉 said...


Anonymous said...



fufu said...

SuwEi : haha 哪裏有...
要跟你們分享罷了 :)
我也會好好的完成我的夢想 :)

uLi.佑莉 : hahaha not to show off la... if wanna show off i wont tell my lows and downs here >< just wanna share my stories to you guys :) with this kind of posts wont offend you

Yih Yann : hahaha spain? i think germany will kick them out!!! hohoho

fufu said...

安东尼 : yeah i speak 5languages :) well i think you speak more than 3 also right?? hahaha good you find this post motivated!!! thank you

JiaXin : 對呀
我沒有氣餒 只不過要跟你們分享罷了
可以幫助你們完成夢想 =p

peteformation : i really wish i could get better grade here but i just cant >< at least the first sem, i have only 1 distinction >< sigh...

fufu said...

bluesky : thanks :)

Candlelyn : well i dare not to say outstanding... just lucky :) but i will try to get back my lucky star :) i want more good achievement :) lol

单身汉 : 對呀 但是我的幸運星抛棄離開我了

豆腐 said...

Fufu was so great...
U have a bright future and a greatest life...haha
i learn much from u...hardwork and hardwork is a importance component for a successful life...
Teruskan berusaha ya...^^

Fion Chow said...

i m proud of you seriously cross my heart.though we knew each other only frm our blog but sincerely i know you're a very smart's just a can do it well!!believe yourself..imma gonna meet you one day in UK!!OKAY???????? i have nothing now..i rely upon my parents for almost EVERYTHING, therefore i need to learn frm you!!!take can do it!!!!

fufu said...

1ondoncalling : あれは昔話 ><
年取ったわ~ (悲しい)

豆腐 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sing said...

好不一样的一篇...嗯..怎么说呢? 个人情感蛮重的,感觉上...(哈哈!也不想乱猜啦,这只是我的感觉~ ^__^ )
看那虽长却整齐的每行二十方块字的文就可看出倪端了.. ;p

不同的教育制度当然需要时间来适应.加油啦~ q(^o^)p


那总比有些人混日子过不知梦想为何物的人要来得更更更幸福了很多很多.. (嗯..好像有点在说自己~呵呵..paiseh.. >.< )

这是我相信的.你呢? :)

突然我很自然地就想到我超爱的五月天的一首歌~《人生海海》. 送给你的一首歌~


fufu said...

Wilson豆腐 : hahaha ok, teruskan usaha kita dan pasti akan kita berjaya satu hari nanti :) well hardwork is important but with a dash of luck... everything will be running very smoothly... i just need my luck to come back...asap =p miss my lucky star very much...

Fion Chow : well i am glad that you could really rely on your parents... i also wanna do nothing but supported by my parents, but just... anyway probably i am the eldest son, and used to be very independent... yeah cant wait to see you in uk one day!!! hahaha must be great i bet!! after knowing each other through blogs then meet up in real person! haha

豪少 said...

I think you are a great source of inspiration to many people here to achieve their goals in life. Kudos to your past achievement, and all the best in your coming challenges! :)

fufu said...

sing : 對咯
anyway 你也有自己的夢想呀
不要氣餒 你已經做得很好的了
我們是幸福的 =p

豪少 : yeah i think i can have a long rally nationwide to give speech hahaha no just kidding... mine is not that good if compared with other people... quite boring also... anyway i really did a nice job... now... erm shame on me couldnt achieve any more brilliant stuff here >< but in the future... i will definitely rock, rule and shine even better!! =p

sing said...

不要原地踏步就好 :)

我的梦想是……嗯……*努力在想中*. 哈哈哈!


Ken said...

U must be brilliant and hardworking enough for all these certs. Well, u deserve that! Great job!

Add oil for ur study!

fufu said...

sing : 對呀
哈哈哈 謝謝你的幸運星哦
非常感激 :)

Ken : the point is why i cant do it or achieve good now in germany??? i have put a lot of effort on it though >< sigh... anyway i will just focus on my future career path...

rainfield61 said...



William said...

*gaping mouth*

Feeling said...

fufu, ganbatte kudasai =)

fufu said...

rainfield61 : hahahha 我們需要火藥學來炸山咯...因爲要開發開闢...道路,隧道,地鐵等等 :)

William : not that until you have such expression though... hahahhaa funny!

Feeling : oshhi :) wakatteru yo :)

venuskhoo said...


Akira 思胜 said...

哇, 你真的很棒也!!! 要继续加油下去哦!!!

谢谢你帮了我朋友翻译那篇日语文章! :)

Big Boys Oven said...

I truly admire your courage and determination. You are defintely a man with great fighting spirit. Be assured that you will make it BIG at the over end of this tunnel of life that you are on board now. Life is definitely like a box of chocolate, but if we don't put any input into achieving our goal, then the dream will never come through.

FuFu you will make but in style and big! we all believe in you. always believe in making dreams come true!

Mavis Ng said...

honestly,really proud of you!

dont give up,always believe yourself!

嘿嘿 said...

Being proud of you!


fufu said...

venus : 哈哈哈
因爲我不是那麽的好罷了 ><

Akira 思胜 : 謝謝哦
爲了我的夢想 我是不會放棄的

那個翻譯..不客氣拉 :)

Big Boys Oven : haha i love to fight :) and never let those lows and downs get through :) well i am quite sad over the current performances... but i have really done my best... just i dont have the luck and my hard works are not being appreciated or the direction is wrong.. anyway it doesnt really matter now... i will just keep moving forwards and wish i could achieve well in the future :) hehehe my dreams will sure come trues, no worries! and i will share them here with you guys ya...

fufu said...

mavis : yeah thanks :) yeah i am ways believing myself ya... i am sure i can be somebody one day!! =p

嘿嘿 : hahaha 你太誇張了吧...但是還是要謝謝你哦 我只不過是一個小螞蟻...世界外面還有很多比我更棒的人才哦... 但是我相信以後我可以跟他們一樣那麽的出色的...因爲我就是fufu :)

小雪 said...


fufu said...

小雪 : 謝謝 我一定會的 :)

edward said...



fufu said...

edward : 哈哈哈 跟我的年齡沒有關係哦
所以有點感觸 ><
anyway 你提醒我的年齡了
明年又要寫有關這個問題的文章了 哈哈

foongpc said...

Wow! I'm impressed! I think I pale in comparison to you. I am lousy in my studies. Haha!

Yeah, I 've always wondered where you get all those money to travel around the world! Hmmm.....

Yeah, no point regretting. You've chosen your path - now stick with it and make it work for you!

Anyway, here's wishing you all the best in your future undertakings! : )

fufu said...

foongpc : hahaha now you know it right? hahaha i will write it more details when i have time... hahaha erm i really am not doing that good if compared with my bachelor >< and you have already your own career... which i am still a poor student now >< anyway i will do my best and go back home start a new life after the master course... i will do it better then! and i will prove to you guys that i can get back all the prides and make them shine, rock and rule even more!! hohoho

Kikey Loo said...

蛮羡慕你的,加油啊! :)

June (An Asian Traveler) said...

I have learned so much about you fufu. You have achieved remarkable success my friend. Continue your passion and your hard work. And when you reach that star, stay humble as always.

Anonymous said...

wishing you all the best of luck.

fufu said...

Kikey Loo : 這樣失敗都羡慕??
等我以後成功之後才羡慕哦 :)

June : yeah reading my blog is the best way to know more about fufu ya :) hehehe yeah i will always stay humble... no matter ups and downs... because that's fufu :) i will do my best to achieve what i want :) thanks for all the supports!!

fufu said...

Anonymous : thanks you... leave your name too ya next time... :)

pusangkalye said...

fufu--aha-you said that. you volunteered. I will be learning portraiture seriously now and I will be looking forward to that.I will take your words seriously.haha

pusangkalye said...

that's loads and loads of Chinese characters----my google translate has gone crazy---haha. I guess this is about the achievements of FUFU. and yeah, having traveled so much and having experienced and achieved so much, you have all the reasons to be proud. cheers~~~~

迷迭香 said...

wow.... and ur hobby is ?
cert collection ? :p
just kidding, it must have been lots of hard work ~

*tot i was the only one, din know across the world you are having the same problem with powerpoint!! XD

Sendo said...'re great...suddenly i remember what im into now...u said ur not that smart...just a lot of hard work...i'm that man not smart...but im investing a lot of time and hard work to get my nursing license soon!!!! wahhh!!! i'm motivated by what u said hahaha...

海市蜃樓 said...



edward said...



~仪仪妈咪~ said...


escape said...

wow! as young as you are youve been accomplishing so many great years. i didnt know that you studied in japan. what's good is ill have a trip to japan in september. just a week long trip visiting narita, hokkaido, matsuyama, ise then osaka. now i know who to ask for some tips on this trip.

haan said...

fufu, perfection in transcript/certificate does make things look more beutiful, but the more important thing is, you really learn from each period in your life.

"A good life is about improvement, not perfection."

reg your travels, do not doubt if you have done the right thing. you have got a lot of experiences/memories which others do not have. What others have (car, house etc) are measurable and seen by the people around. What you have is intangible, unmeasurable, invaluable.

everyone has got his/her own way to live a life. you have just chosen your way. there is no definite right or wrong in this world. the key thing is, you enjoy what u do!

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

You have great future in front of you and your lucky star is shinning bright. Play hard..Study harder Kudos..

vialentino said...

wah...u r a great talented person ... banyak certification ler....

aiseh, germany out of WC liow

TG said...

I read your post and I must say you can still be proud of yourself. Like German football team, who played very well, but lost yesterday. That doesn't mean everything will go down for them, nope. Things will go up. Like your Germany experience has given you a lot of new valuable moments, friendships and connections, it will help you for the future, wherever you go, be it Brazil, Japan or Bolehland :)

sem said...

fufu jia you!
u are my idol!
impossible is possible..

Anonymous said...


你已經比很多人幸運多, 欲望是無窮, 知足是岸.

bluedreamer27 said...

i cannpt understand what are written in those pictures
but i see a lot of great numbers in your card (well all of them actually)
i congratulate you for this achievements

bluedreamer27 said...

oh fufu is back... so cute

一个人...自由翱翔 said...


fufu said...

pusang kalye : of course i really mean it, you better take some course and brush up your photography skills ya :) lol erm yeah i am proud of my achievement... just currently not doing well now in germany >< but i will just do my best to finish the course... and then go back try to reach the peak... hehehe :) wish me luck kuya!

迷迭香 : hahahaha not my hobby though... because i couldnt make it now >< sigh... those certs are all my history now.. haha yalor stupid powerpoint! >< we should report to microsoft ya...

Sendo : wow all the best ya... nursing license is not easy to get... and i salute you of being so courageous wanna be a nurse! it's an angel's job you know? so proud of you... my future nurse friend... cheers :)

fufu said...

海市蜃樓 : 謝謝你的藍天的祝福哦 :) 真的蠻好聼的說...我要儘快地把我的幸運星找回來噢...因爲我真的需要它...我要擁抱它 :) 讓它發熱發光 :)

edward : 這也難免的哦
所以現在不可以把那水準給拉下來 ><
還有哦 我一定會加油的

仪仪妈咪 : 對呀 這個過渡期一定會圓滿結束的 :) 我相信以後我一定會做得更好 =p

fufu said...

dong ho : yeah did you read my profile here? it's stated that i am graduated fro hiroshima uni, japan though... anyway you are going to hokkaido?? wow... thats so cool...sept?? erm why? must be for the early autumn there right? hahaha ok have fun ya

haan : yeah you are right... that's just a paper afterall... hahaha i should focus it too large and not forget my precious nice experience ya :) though both good result and experience cant be purchased by money, i will still proud of the great passion i have since the day i started to step out my home to japan and now germany... things will be alright soon... and i will be right on track sooner... dont worry... the lucky star will shine again... next time will be brighter :)

Bananazஇ : yeah i will get my lucky star back and let it shine even brighter ya :) i promise!!

fufu said...

vialentino : not that talented la...just lucky only :) i had the lucky star mah :) hahahhaa yaloh...germany lost!! >< shit! i wanna kill the octopus

MKL : yeah, i know.... this period is just so needed to be getting through sooner... i dont wanna stay any longer here in germany now... wanna have a great getaway to brazil :) hahahaha i wanna have a good turning point... so i can achieve something nice there... you are right... friends experiences and connections are those i cant buy with money... i will appreciate them all well :)

sem : hahaha thanks :) i will do my best to be a better man =p do come here more often ya

fufu said...

紫 朝 : 對呀
anyway 我明白你的意思 :)

bluedreamer27 : yeah fufu is back ya finally :) hohohoho well i am so sorry that you cant read japanese...well most of the readers here cant read japanese >< but well just read the essay ok? yeah i will do my best so i could achieve more in the future...

一个人...自由翱翔 : 謝謝 :)

keeyit said...

Wah.. you really got so many certs..

Sebastian Workshop said...


Bengbeng said...

u r an achiever, Fufu.

fufu said...

Sebastian Workshop : 你還會讀博士??
厲害哦...anyway 我有藉口去找你了 hahaha 我蠻喜歡 wellington的說 :) 加油哦

Anonymous said...

Don't get too upset!
Let Holland or Spain a chance to become the new World Cup winner, neither of them has gone this far.

Have you heard about the octopus
that make correct prediction for the matches? Let's turn it into takoyaki? Ha ha...

fufu said...

Bengbeng : i was... hehe but will make something different soon!!! i need a new starting point... lol

1ondoncalling : yes i wanna eat takoyaki... hahahah anyway i am not that upset...but the team i have supported all being kicked so badly >< sigh... but i think holland will bring the cup back home... what do you think? haha

Agnes Valerie said...

There's always a way if there's a will

wish you all the best....Go go go..

blue said...

all study and no play makes jack a dull boy, as the saying goes. So stay on with your pride, as long as ur happy, we would be happy for ya too :)

fufu said...

Agnes Valerie : sure.. i will keep moving on :) wont stop or step backwards :) wish me luck ya... hehe

blue : probably i have been playing too much >< sigh... now i need to seriously get back what i have been losing... :) if not... well will just achieve something after this :) i can make it!!! trust me!! haha

Kenny Mah said...

I'll share with you my favourite quote from the movie Galaxy Quest - "Never give up, never surrender!"

FuFu Pride will continue to shine, don't worry, mate. Keep at it, and keep the faith in yourself! :D


fufu said...

Life for Beginners : yeah thanks for the quote :) i will not give up one.. no worry! hehehe :) just wanna share some of the thoughts currently playing around with me ya =p and fufu pride will definitely keep shining again sooner... woohhoooo

瓶子 said...


行走绿色世界 said...

passing by yr blog...a great youngster with dreams & always thought positive, every successful story behind hide a true story, when you are getting older to be grandfather it's time to share yr young time story with yr grandson lo .. just follow yr heart & trust your feeling always. a good day ahead

NicoleB, Egypt said...

Hope you get back to the good tasting pieces of chocolate soon again.
Sorry that Germany doesn't go too well for you!
Don't feel too bad about the results.
I failed utterly at the 'Gymnasium', thanks to teachers that treated 10 year olds like Philosophy students,....
Hope all goes well in the near future!

C'est la vie said...




fufu said...

瓶子 : 謝謝哦
我們應該互相鼓勵大家 :)
這樣我們才會到達我們的目標 - 高峰
可能現在有點不好 就有感觸咯
哈哈 我還是那麽的樂觀的哦 :)
到時候我一定會把他發揚光大 :)

Winnt : thanks for dropping by, do come more often ya :) hihihihi well i still have many stories to share with you guys... and you are right... when i am a grandpa, would have a lot to share with my kids and grandkids... hihihi :) so i better achieve better now, if not dare not to tell them my lousy story lol

NicoleB : yeah i will get the right chocolate sooner!! and yeah i have done my best... just waiting to fly to brazil and have a nice life there... hahaha :) well i hate philosopher >< because i just dont know what they are thinking >< and they dont really accept my opinion... they always think they are the best >< sigh... well i am alright... i will find my lucky star =p

fufu said...

C'est la vie : 謝謝你的支持哦
是不是很忙呢? 記得要好好休息哦
哈哈 我的經歷一般...
沒別人的那麽順利 ><
你畢業了哦?? 那就祝福你咯
工作順順利利 :) hehehe
penang? 我喜歡那邊的美食 :)
你的部落??? 應該給我你的URL

Anonymous said...

I want Holland to win too but Spain is quite strong...
Ha ha...

Let's go and ask the octopus!
Did you know his name is Paul?
Ha ha...

fann said...


小闷瓜 said...


你的幸运星和光泽 =O

Palito said...

"Things happen for a reason" - this is one of my guiding proverbs in life. If I failed to accomplish one thing, or failed to be at some place I plan, I say these words to start anew with smiles.

You are really an inspiration, Fufu. Congrats in all your achievements. Good luck in all your future endeavors.

小虫 said...

哇老~!! fufu 你是人嘛?!那么多证书的!!

哈哈哈~no problem~ 你一定可以的!哈哈

杰胜 said...


micki said...

加油! Don't look back once you have made the decision! To gain the world experience is a precious asset in life! Your future is bright and shining! 加油! :)

C'est la vie said...

I locked my blog because of some privacy reason. That's why if you wanna read, you can email me your email and I will invite you.

Take care fufu!

佩智 said...





梦旅飞 said...



I AM A BLOGGER said...

fufu bro, u r so hebat and talented!
if i were a girl, sure fall deeply in love with you liao~~~hahahaha~~~

so, keep it up and keep ur integrity(^^)~~~

行走绿色世界 said...

Sure, will come to yr blog more often,why i find your blog is yr NZ article... we love traveling, love to share our positive thought to everyone. no matter how hard the life will be, but we still persist to pursue our dreams, once settle down, there is another stage of life le....everyone hold their own lucky star....i think you know how to keep holding your own lucky star too....good luck ^^

Ayie said...

it's a milestone for you...congratulations to all your achievements!

you worked hard for it and you deserve it..

happy weekend!

发白日梦^^ said...



Sebastian Workshop said...


Shelyn said...

The pride doesn't come from what you have achieved academically or how much you have earned. Nonetheless, you really did excellent in your study especially when you had to cope with your part time job at the same time too. I'm very proud of you. And I think the adventurous path that you chose is one in a life time experience that can't be compared with material things that other people have achieved in this age. However, since you love traveling so much, why do you want to do your master? Does a master holder without working experience can get a job wit good pay?

Jerick said...

119 comments. wow! hats off to you man.

you studied in japan? hope you learned a few japanese. my maternal roots point out to japan. so anything japanese is dear to me.

Sendo said...

i didn't notice the photo with your tiger before have been your motivator ^^

Sendo said...

i didn't notice the photo with your tiger before have been your motivator ^^


wah~ fufu's pic look so cute :P

fufu said...

1ondoncalling : well Paulsaid Spain will bring the cup back home... erm i never believe this kind of stuff until the last second of the match ya :) see who will be the champion tomorrow night... hahaha

fann : 對呀
我還有很多還沒有完成的夢想 :)

小闷瓜 : 我一定會盡我的全力
哈哈哈 我會加倍努力的
放心 :) 我是最強的~

fufu said...

Palito : thanks mate! i will do my best here... as i want that paper for a better job in the future ya :) and yeah things happened for reasons... and there's always a solution too... we have to find that way to survive int his world... hoho all the best to you too ya :)

嘉CacinG進 : 哈哈哈
因爲我要夢想成真 :)

杰胜 : 哈哈 沒什麽大不了
那就要好好的讀書咯 :)

fufu said...

micki : yeah i know that would be one of my precious asset, but just wondering how if when looking at my normal result... i just want something outstanding... hahah too greedy?? hehehe

C'est la vie : oic, but i wont be notified if you lock your blog >< anyway will do so when i have finished my final first... hehehe all the best, dont be emo that often lah

佩智 : 對呀
世界就是那麽的公平 哈哈
然後把甜的都留在最後才吃哦 哈哈哈
因爲我一定要出人頭地 :)

fufu said...

梦旅飞 : 不需要自卑哦
可能會比我更好 也説不定

Xjion89 : hahahah i think most of the girls only like materials... and i have nothing >< sigh... gotta earn all those stuff sooner...from zero again...

Winnt : thanks, i will go to your blog checking out you soon when i have time :) yeah i like travelling very much =p and you gotta try travelling as much as you could ya.. it's fun! you are so right! everyone has his/her own lucky star... just depend how we gonna utilise the stars we got ya... :) i will get it polish so it could shine again sooner =p

fufu said...

Ayie : yeap, i am so proud of my achievement... even until now, but not what i am doing right now >< i couldnt schore well here... but i will still get my master done ya =p

发白日梦^^ : hhaha 你需要多一點勇氣走出第一步哦... 那就會有機會去周遊列國的了 :) 我?? 很平凡罷了 醒目就還有一點點 哈哈

Sebastian Workshop : 那你在哪兒干嘛?? hahaha

fufu said...

Shelyn : well, i have no idea how much could a master without working experience could earn, what i wanna do is to complete my master which i didnt do when i was in japan... well i know what you mean, and i never regret at all... just too many stuff in minds couple of weeks ago, just i need to find my pride back soon =p because life without my pride is kinda boding... miss them all...

Jerick : yeah not all comments are from my friends/readers, 119 comments are including with my replies ya... wow so you speak good japanese too? that's awesome... hehehe :) yeah was studying there for already 5yrs =p miss japan very much...

Sendo : yeah little fufu is always with me... love him so much =p

fufu said...

L² : which pictures??? hahaha anyway thanks =p

Sebastian Workshop said...


toto said...


Che-Cheh said...

Ahh so that's the story. :)
You've achieved a lot. Sure you might hit a bummer now. Take this as an experience for your next endeavor.

Good luck!

Janice said...

fufu, you are the best.don't doubt of yourself. if it's to be, it's up to me. this is what I always telling myself.Living with dreams make us move to what we really want. though there are alots of obstacles, don't look at it, keep going and focus on what you want. I'm also busy with my master study. It's really hard, but I tell myself I will do it. Will start my piano class next tuesday. This is my dream. I will go for it though I'm not young anymore.gambate fufu!!!

Casendra said...

:) 一个post就有百多个朋友为你打气,这可能是很多优秀生没有的待遇,所以啊,有目标志气固然好,但是方松心情,再面对挑战,可能会有不同的进度哦。俗达有时会令人豁然开朗,古人说,心情好,则气顺-〉条气顺就自然什么都顺畅。。。加油!

Mr.D said...

Every hard work will eventually be rewarded. You work hard and you know where you are going in life, it's good.

Ganbe Mr.Fufu.

p/s: the pics up there showed to us that you can be a model. very classy pics. hoho

vialentino said...

wahliow 136 over comments...hard to trace my comment liow...hehehe

Allen said...

It's ok to fail once in a while. You need it in order for you to learn life lessons. Just dont stop exploring. I know you'll get what you want in the end. :D

Goodluck buddy!

tunadolphi said...

Life is full of ups and downs. And whenever I am faced with an obstacle, I will always tell myself "Don't give up easily as the best is yet to be".

Work hard and have faith in yourself. If you think you can, you can! All the best ya!

-KeO- said...


shloke said...

Hey fufu, I'm so sorry for my late reply. This is one of your BEST writings. Many unanswered questions and missing puzzles are starting to piece together :) Very personal and touching. Reading fufu's pride is somewhat refreshing yet it feels very close to us.

I'm glad you took this path. I believe all of us will support your plans and ambitions. I'm a Chinese + Japanese banana. But I can see fufu work VERY HARD to achieve his dreams. Everybody have dreams. But only few have the guts to make it COME TRUE like you.

I missed my boat. Got my invitation to pursue my Master degree but rejected wholeheartedly. I was naive that time.

Last but not least, I truly admire your bravery and your "Believe in yourself and anything becomes possible". Thanks for sharing and good luck my friend!

Anonymous said...

不要氣餒,要相信自已的選擇 。。
勇敢地去追求自已的梦想,有夢想的人是幸福的 。。
爲自已的夢想努力吧!! Gambateh!!

知足常樂嘛 (= ^_^ =)


Edwin T said...

just continue the hard work! you are doing great! :)

P.S. it has been some time i last visited your blog. too busy with working now.. ;(

fann said...


lock said...

the travel experiences that u gained so far are priceless, and bigger than the debt u are carrying now, i guess it's paid off!

Chris said...

哇!! 你读书也蛮厉害的.. 比我好很多. :p

Ice said...

Wow! Fufu, you've so many comments that I have to scroll and scroll :o)

I guess studying in western countries are different than asia. My personal experiences are in western countries, they promote literal/practical thinking. Not "boxed square" to the book. So, that means, it you've some related working experiences to your study that is even better.

Whatever decision you've made, it's not to be blamed. There is always something out there in the future.

四月 said...

Hey Fufu, so....这算是终于把为何你可以环游世界的谜底揭开了吗?




by the way, 原来你这么年轻,just one year older than my eldest sister... 哈哈哈。。。。

Twilight Man said...

2 Thumbs Up!! Your life has been so rich. A wise man treats each day as his last. You can smile, FuFu! I would love to have a brilliant brother like you!

Matt said...

Hi Fufu.... I'm not sure what happened to my comment. I guess it must be buried somewhere in Blogger's bit bucket.

Don't get too discouraged, you probably just have to change tactics and your study habits a bit. *hugs*

Harshi said...

Your lil autobiography is truly inspiring and encouraging Fufu! You oughtta be proud to have such a high profile and still continue to pursue further studying.

Totemo sugoi desu. Ganbatte ne! ^__^

idelinmoo said...

Enjoyed browsing through your blog since i accidentally found yours in my search on my NZ working holiday trip planning...till now still continue when i had the time

You really have the guts to 'Make' the decision!! Envy you actually been able to do it. Being confused and frustrated after back from NZ...I hope i get to do it~!

btw,your achievement is damn great! Who know it might surprise u after all your hardwork! After all, no regrets after you had tried your best~