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FuFu Malaysia Project - Malaysian Boleh

FuFu Malaysia Project

24th August - 16th September 2010 | Episode 3

FuFu Malaysia Project - Episode 3 : Malaysian Boleh* (FuFu Boleh)

After a year of studying Japanese at the language centre, i started my college life in spring 2003. I was the first and only Malaysian studying in Syusei Technical College. My professor always giving me pressure that i had to study harder because i was the representative from Malaysia. I love my country so i wanted to proudly prove that FuFu as a Malaysian can achieve well in other countries because without Malaysia i wouldn't be able to go that far.

"Lam Ching Fu from Malaysia."

I was calling out up to the stage to receive the awards, so did Malaysia being mentioned three times. I was feeling extremely proud but with a dash of disappointment because Malaysian flag couldn't be raising up together with our national anthem playing along. Fortunately, two years later, my mother, god mother and sisters came to my graduation ceremony of Hiroshima University. It's really good to have them there sharing my little achievement. Malaysian Boleh. FuFu Boleh.

Malaysia Boleh is a good slogan. But i would much-super-rather prefer to say Malaysian Boleh. Because we seriously need to have citizens who are totally open minded, diligent, rational-thinking, anti-racism, respect the diversity and good team players. Without these groups of people, how could we successfully make Malaysia Boleh? Too hard to get my point? Alright, for an example, to make a good wine that would be internationally famous of, below which is the most appropriate?

A. Find a suitable location for the grape you are trying to grow.
B. Cultivate vinifera grapes which are known as the best grapes.
C. Add excellent yeast to ferment the wine.
D. Ensure the fermentation process is good.
E. Store the wine in appropriate barrels.

All options sound alright but which would you choose for the question?

No earthquake, no volcano eruptions, no typhoon or hurricane but bad flooding during monsoon period, no severe drought but sometimes can be torching, no twister and so on. Malaysia is free from natural disasters, it's a safe, ideal and fertile land to grow the grapes. Then, we have also several type of good vinifera grapes' seeds. Brown, yellow and black.

Following steps for grape cultivation are very important. Don't give too much shade because grapes should enjoy sunbathing. Too much fertilizer can irreparably damage a grape. Do balance the watering so the sweetness would not be fading away. If this cultivation process is not handled well, grapes will be susceptible to certain elements that are hazardous to its growth and maturation. You can't make good wine if you don't have good grapes.

Yeast? We have been investing a lot of money in it though yeast is just a supporting role actor, we just need a small amount of it in the fermentation process in the oak aging barrels. But forget it, because it can still somehow help enhancing the quality of wine after all. Storing is also another wisdom. Because wine will react with the wood of the barrel and undergo changes that develop its character, hence keep the barrels in a cool ventilated location. Never ever let other people brainwash the barrels. Enhance the security system! Also, all barrels need a way for the carbon dioxide produced by the yeast to escape. Otherwise, when a certain amount of carbon dioxide is collected and powerful enough to explode, the land will be all RED, spilled with wine. Think twice! Remember to put the "Be Cautious", "No Fire" and other safety signboards. Never ever let the moron-made disaster happen again!

While most of us would just pick up and pay for a bottle of wine, some people make their own wine. If you have got good quality of grapes could be growing in your fertile yard, you may have wondered how to make wine. Therefore, above are the steps to take to turn grape juice into a fine alcoholic beverage.

Back to the question, so the ideal answer would be B. Since we already have the ideal land, yeast, fermentation knowledge and good oak barrels, we just need to cultivate the grapes properly, give them adequate love, proper care as well as equal amount of water, sun, fertilizer. Conclusion, the wine can't be considered as Boleh until you have cultivated the capable and caliber grapes for the wine making.

Don't tell me you still can't get what i am trying to mean! READ it again. Anyway hope you enjoy reading this article. One Malaysia? One FuFu is better. lol Raise the national flag. Show your love to Malaysia.

Boleh* : Can
Malaysian Boleh* : (loosely translated means) Malaysian Can Do It

p.s. 1 : The red (7) and white (7) stripes stand for equal status in the federation of the member states (13) and the federal government (1).

p.s. 2 : Decided not to put more of my pictures. Instead enjoy reading my short story please.

p.s. 3 : If you find it offensive reading my show-off, please get lost! Because it's my own true short story.

p.s. 4 : Courtesy of How To Make Good Wine.

27/08/2010 | Curitiba, Brazil

-- | 因爲你 馬來西亞人可以做得到 | --





William said...

You've reminded me about colouring flags during primary school and explaining the meaning of the colours!

toto said...


Sasa said...

FuFu Boleh too!!

Kenny Mah said...

I like your slight modification which carries much difference and a great meaning. MalaysiaN Boleh, too! :D

fufu said...

William : it's time to study all over again!!!! not only you... all of us :) we gotta go back to the past, see how the leaders fight for merdeka... seriously we need to do so!

toto : hahaha 有什麽意見嗎?

Sasa : yeah thanks :) malaysian boleh, fufu boleh!! :)

fufu said...

Life for Beginners : but still not that good as yours... hihihi anyway glad you like it =p Malaysian boleh

edward said...




单身汉 said...

fufu boleh ! u r great!

fufu said...

edward : hahahaha :) 還有很多很多很出色的馬來西亞人哦...我還是一只小螞蟻罷了 =p malaysian boleh, fufu boleh :)

fufu said...

单身汉 : 哈哈哈 謝謝你哦 :) 很高興聽到你喜歡我獨特的方式 =p

Allen said...

"We become not a melting pot but a beautiful mosaic. Different people, different beliefs, different yearnings, different hopes, different dreams."

I like it when I read blogs by other people from other countries. I get to learn a lot from the different cultures. This is the age when borders are non-existent and people learn the diversity of the world.

Anyway, it all goes down to this, Malaysia Boleh! haha. :)

Akira 思胜 said...

Malaysia boleh? Well, it depends. Somehow we have to reunite amongst ourselves in order to achieve that target.

行走绿色世界 said...

I choose A+B+C+D+E
I will choose to combine all the options to make a bottle of good wine, it is very tough to choose only 1 answer. Am I greedy haha
We have to gather all the natural resources + Malaysia talents; everybody has to hand in hand to bring our country towards a bright future then the slogan of Malaysia BOLEH will succeed in near future.

fufu said...

Allen :"We become not a melting pot but a beautiful mosaic. Different people, different beliefs, different yearnings, different hopes, different dreams." nice!! i think i am gonna use this quote for the next coming post! well every country has its own problem, even like Japan, USA, UK, Germany, etc are all fighting for equality... i just wish all malaysians could realise that we couldnt have achieve that great without our country, parents and friends... all should respect the diversity... right?

Akira 思胜 :yes you are right... first we have to get together...before moving to the next step... wish we manage to do so sooner...

Winnt : of course we need A till E, but just e need to emphasize on B since it's so important ya :) 對呀 我們應該團結起來 :) 保衛我們的權力搞好我們的家園 :) 我們馬來西亞人一定可以的

shloke said...

Yep, Malaysia Boleh! Our motherland is not exposed to natural disasters on a daily basis and we don't live in war zones. Yes we should be thankful for these blessings.

I'm waiting for that day - more open minded Malaysians who will champion freedom of thought, rational thinking and who value highly the dignity of fellow humans.

Thanks for sharing fu!

fufu said...

shloke : yeah i prefer Malaysian Boleh :p hahaha no offense though =p we are very lucky indeed... just we need to correct timing to get our situation switch back to the correct track :) we gotta work hard for that ok Alex? it's my pleasure to share with you guys here =p as long as you guys enjoy reading ya XD

Ice said...

You look very active there! :o)

ladyviral said...

Never explain the crescent and star? :P

Malaysia Boleh ^_^

fufu said...

Ai Shiang : yeah for our country... it's worth you know?

ladyviral : later... hahaha i still have several stories for me the explain all :) hahaha yeah Malaysian Boleh

哈亞斯 said...



fufu said...

小澤 (DSvT) : hahaha 很高興你喜歡 :) 對呀我們是最強的 =p 無論在外還是在馬來西亞 =p

Caroline said...

mwahaha!! i enjoy reading this for sure! :D btw, thanks for adding me in FB! yay! no we're fren in FB too!

fufu said...

Caroline Ng May Ling : glad you enjoy reading this!!! give me five!! hahahah yeah fb friend! do come here often also ok?

Rafael Lam said...

I like your Merdeka Project, I will buy your wine!

Forgot to tell you, very coincidence my birthday is 31st of August! So I will celebrate with the Merdeka as well!

fufu said...

Rafael Lam : hahaha thanks :) you are the first one who wanna buy my wine! XD wow so they whole malaysians will celebrate with you together =p lucky!

三吉 said...

噢。。富富 。。

小雪 said...

Malaysian Boleh! 真的比较贴切
能够尽情的发挥 很好

Ayie said...

ah, this is really much shorter than any of your traditional posts...more reading though =P

fufu said...

三吉 : 哈哈哈 有時候我就這麽搞笑的...希望你們會喜歡 :)

小雪 : 對呀 我也是比較喜歡 malaysian boleh....因爲malaysia boleh是馬來西亞人才可以創造出來的... :)

Ayie : so do you like or enjoy reading? hihihi :)

escape said...

who wouldnt be proud. i think your mentor just did the right job to pressure you to study harder.

fufu said...

dong ho : yeah glad my mentor always pushed me forward!! if not...i think i wouldnt be able to get those awards :)

[SK] said...

yeah, FUFU BOLEH!!! very creative and i like it~~ :)

oLive said...

Malaysia and FuFu Boleh!!!!!

BB_hwiyee said...

i love this pic...very yeng~

tunadolphi said...

"Malaysian boleh!" <--- well-said!

fufu said...

SK : i didnt know why i would be that creative... share it with you friends pls

oLive : yeah we all should to be one of the Malaysian boleh

BB_hwiyee : hahaha thanks :)

fufu said...

tunadolphi : yeah thanks :) Malaysian boleh!

gbeejipp said...

well-said Fufu. You really know how to put things into words. Fufu boleh, Malaysian boleh! Happy Merdeka Day to you.. :-)

fufu said...

JIPP : yeah thanks :) haha i really dont know why i could do so... hahaha :) gld you like it =p happy merdeka to you too

uLi.佑莉 said...

wah...another macho photo :P

rainfield61 said...

Two days to go.

Happy Merdeka Day.

佩智 said...

撇开政治不说,其实马来西亚真的是个很不错的国家~没有它,就不可能孕育出我们。Keranamu Malaysia^^


嘿嘿 said...


般若(bō rě)= 智慧 = boleh !

fufu said...

uLi.佑莉 : you didnt really read my article?? anyway thanks =p

rainfield61 : yeah two more days before we can shout Merdeka Merdeka Merdeka :)

佩智 : 對呀 我們真的很好的...如果不是那些極端的政治人物 >< 希望新一代的領導人可以快點上位 :) 高興你會說 keranamu malaysia :)

fufu said...

嘿嘿 : hahaha thanks :) 富富般若 很好!

anthony said...

somehow i do feel i should've done something here to show malaysian memang boleh, well at least the academic achievement la :p

fufu said...

安东尼 : yeah you should do so ya!!! prove that Malaysian boleh!!! :)

蓝天白云 said...

i think ur fufu meredeka project is almost come to the end...because tanggal 31 bulan lapan is at the corner and almost come to us now!
i understand ur feeling,all the hard work been pay once u prove that malaysian able to do better than other with their language!


fufu said...

bluecloud : hahaha 紅酒跟語言沒有關係...只不過我的idea夠好 :) 竟然想到這一個紅酒來解釋 :) yeah malaysian boleh...then malaysia boleh :) give me five =p but well i am lazy to edit the pictures...go to my facebook for more episode yaa =p haha anyway will update my blog 8hrs later

levian said...

you've got quite a style with words.
love the way you present them. :)

fufu said...

levian : thanks :) didnt know you like the way i put them in words :) it's my pleasure

jam said...

Ya, we shall be grateful living in Malaysia where there is no major natural catastrophes.

jam said...

Ya, we shall be grateful living in Malaysia where there is no major natural catastrophes.

Vincent Cho said...


Harshi said...

Nice lesson on wine.. =D Your Merdeka project is really interesting and cool. It helps to bridge the gap between cultures and borders. I think being a blogger makes us experience the true essence of a global village.. than anywhere else.

Keep up your cool work!

Sebastian Workshop said...

Fufu boleh!

Leon Koh said...

so cool, lam ching :)

Danny said...

Very cool hobby and cultivated interested that you will roam the world and having variety and multi-types of experience in the life. I agree that this will be true education in life of anybody.
I surfed your all blogs posts and thanks for your cool captured photos and videos.
thanks for all

rainfield61 said...

Happy Merdeka, Malaysia Boleh...

foongpc said...

Nice post! made me think a little. You must have put in quite an effort with this post. Fufu boleh! : )

海市蜃樓 said...


fufu said...

jam : yeah true true :) so we gotta love malaysia more ya!

Vincent Cho: 對呀 :) 我們要珍惜 :) 堅強的繼續爭取 :)

Harumi :'s borderless here ya :) and welcome to he global village :) hohohoho and glad you like this article =p

fufu said...

Sebastian Workshop : yeah malaysian boleh

Leon Koh : i am lam ching fu

Danny : yeah thanks for browsing my other posts come back more often for more stories and pictures ok? also leave me comment ya =p thanks

fufu said...

rainfield61 : yeah happy merdeka!

foongpc : yeah i have putting a lot of effort for every little single post...really wish you guys would appreciate it :) thanks for reading =p

海市蜃樓 : 我是1981年的 :)

TG said...

Saya suka orang Malaysia. Saya suka Fufu, tapi Fufu tak suka saya. Saya ketawa :-"(


马来西亚人可以喔! 加油,富富! :P

How about my Malaysian-ness? ;)

fufu said...

MKL : wow your bahasa malaysia is nit bad!! hohohoho good! i love all my readers here including you ok? hahaha glad you could speak a little bit of bahasa :) proud of you!! you are one nice tourist that truly loves malaysia :)

TG said...

Sorry to say that, but I learned bahasa malaysia in Singapore, haha :P It's funny, but when in Singapore, I hung out with Malays and in Malaysia with Chinese. So I experienced life of a minority. And you can be sure, same as Chinese in Malaysia criticize Malays, the Malays in Singapore criticize Chinese Singaporeans. It can never be right for everyone, can it? :P

fufu said...

MKL : hahaha it doesnt matter where you have learnt the language :) as long as we can communicate ya :) you mentioned minority... oh sad... we are getting less and less, i mean the population...because the flowing out of elites... anyway i am going back soon though :)