Tuesday 31 August 2010

FuFu Malaysia Project - I am from Malaysia

FuFu Malaysia Project
24th August - 16th September 2010 | Episode 4

FuFu Malaysia Project - Episode 4 : I am from Malaysia

A month after my graduation, i pursued what i was not expected to pursue. A job at a civil and construction company (or something) after getting a master degree from one of the top and prestigious universities in Japan, a steady income and life, in my head, that was what supposed to be eventually laid out in a golden platter for me.

FuFu Round-the-world trip, May 2007 - April 2008.

Fast rewind, approximately three years ago, i had ticked off my plan to further my research from that list i made in university. So neither did i start working. Of course i did know what life meant and what i wanted in it. I was instead on a new list to fulfill - travel around the world.

Thus, without having any commitment, i decided to jet off on my own to far far away. Turkey, Vietnam, Cambodia, Macao, Hong Kong, Mainland China, Europe (Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Vatican City, Germany, Spain), UK, Thailand, Laos, Singapore, Philippines, New Zealand, Australia and Indonesia, from May 2007 till April 2008.

Frankfurt Gay Pride Parade, 17 July 2010.

Had been working in Singapore for half a year later. I then decided to continue pursuing my dream which i didn't get it fulfilled in Japan. I applied for a master course in Urban Agglomerations (better understood as Urban Planning) after visiting a Postgraduate Fair in Kuala Lumpur. Four months before flying to Germany, i touched down Tianjin, China and started my solo two-month-backpacking journey to Beijing, Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Ningxia, Qinghai, Xinjiang, Shan'xi, Henan, Anhui, Jiangsu, Fujian, Guangdong, Hongkong and Macau. And now i am doing my exchange semester in Brazil, Latin America.

Botanic Garden of Curitiba, Brazil, 07 August 2010.

There's no stranger in my wonderFu and beautiFu (FuFu) world but the person i have not met yet. So during all these travels i have done so far, i have been meeting a lot of travellers and passers-by, from all walks of life and all over the globe. The common language we used to communicate is of course English. While moving from one place to another, or when we sit down do the talking, we can't avoid touching the topic of our countries. And i am proud to show them my Malaysia passport.

"Where are you from?", a common question they would definitely ask.

"I'm from Malaysia", proudly i said.

Rewind back to 2002, when i first talked to group of Japanese and my friends, they had no idea where was Malaysia located and how the country looked like. But i found out later, they all knew the "whereabouts" of Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore. Singapore is well known of its cosmopolitan world city, a leading financial centre and has business-friendly economy system. Whereas Thailand has well established the country as one of the world's popular tourist destinations with its authentic and colourful culture. Indonesia, an Islamic country with world's largest population of Muslims but successfully articulates and promotes the diversity (culture, ethnicity, food, natural resources) that shapes the country.

Malaysia, the Truly Asia. What could i tell them? How should i promote my beloved country? Quota system? Bumiputra privileges? Racial discrimination? The rising temperature of the political scenario? Recent ethnic tensions? No kidding. I am not going to make thing worst. Instead, i would tell them how we, Malaysians have been working together moving the country forward to the world's arena. For examples, Kuala Lumpur Petronas Twin Towers (world's tallest twin buildings), Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Serpang F1 Circuit, multi-cultural, multi-lingual, multi-racial country, biodiversity, beaches, Mount Kinabalu, etc.

Probably you may say our achievement could be more than this. But sincerely ask yourself. How much have you been contributing to this country? How often do you or your parents attend PTA (Parents-Teacher Association) meeting? Do you know the height of our highest and World Heritage's Mount Kinabalu? How tall is Petronas Twin Towers? Can you still now fluently sing our national anthem, Negaraku*? Do you able to tell or describe your friends what our flag means? Can you answer all these question correctly? Are you really from Malaysia? Stop complaining and criticizing ! Go study all these from the beginning. Learn how to be a truly Malaysian before telling people that you are from MALAYSIA.

I believe Malaysia has several peacemakers. I am not trying to be one of them (still far away to be a peacemaker). I have many close Malay and Indian friends when i was studying in Japan. We used to hang out together. Especially during the festive seasons, we celebrated Hari Raya Puasa*, Deepavali* and Chinese New Year together happily. We even had a small booth at Hiroshima University Festival, promoting and selling Malaysian food. Day before the festival, we all gathered together, preparing the food. During winter break, we went snowboarding together. Throughout the year, we organised picnic and some sightseeing tours in Japan. They never fail to invite me to join any activity. We care, love, respect and think of each other at anytime. This is what we all Malaysians should do! I am still keeping in touch with them now.

Some of you might argue why FuFu is not staying at Malaysia since he is so patriotic. Well, i was offered to study in Japan. After that, i decided to travel around the world. I always am feeling ashamed because i have been to many countries but not really been exploring Malaysia. You may say it's a lame excuse. But i seriously wanna explore the world as much as i could before i critic Malaysia. Also only with the experiences from everywhere in the world, i could voice out my opinions to improve and push the country forward. By the way, i am going to finish my master degree by next year July. Look forward my return and i will guide you all back to the correct path.

One Malaysia, One FuFu. Raise the national flag. Show your love to Malaysia.

Negaraku* : My country.
Hari Raya Puasa* : Muslims celebrate this festival, marking the culmination of Ramadhan, the holy month of fasting.
Deepavali* : Festival of Lights, this celebration marks the triumph of good over evil celebrated by Hindu community.

p.s. 1 : The union or canton of dark blue represents the unity of the peoples of Malaysia.

p.s. 2 : Hari Raya is just around the corner, remember to deliver the greetings to our Muslim friends.

p.s. 3 : It's 31st August today. Happy Merdeka everyone!

--------- | 我是從馬來西亞來的 | ---------




The Nomadic Pinoy said...

Studying and living abroad has not made you less of a Malaysian. The fact that even when you're overseas you carry the values of a Malaysian makes you a great ambassador of your country. All those people you've met and talked with down the road had learned a thing or two about Malaysia because of you. You're more Malaysian than any Malaysian I've met Fufu!

fufu said...

The Nomadic Pinoy : yeah thanks :) i do agree with you but just some of my friends critic i should be at home... hahaha ridiculous right? or they need me so badly =p glad fufu is the more Malaysian than any Malaysian you have met

EngrMoks said...

Nice site.. I'm an amateur here in the Philippine. I was like to work there in Singapore, soon.Still looking for a job at new, Civil Engineer also here.

EngrMoks said...

I mean, an Amateur Photographer

fufu said...

Mokong™ : yeah me too... but didnt have time to take pictures lately >< Singapore needs civil engineer... i think you can easily get a job there :) all the best

蓝天白云 said...

is so nice to go round the world and enjoy all the new things in each country, know all the friends that from different country using the universal language....

today is merdeka,i donno u still remember or do u noe about the patriotic song that name 'tanggal 31’
”tanggal 31, bulan 8, lime puluh tujuh...meredeka,merdeka...."

fufu said...

bluecloud : yeah i know that old song :) hehehe thanks for mentioning :) merdeka merdeka merdeka... and i am glad that i have the chance exploring the world :) hohoho lucky fufu =p

Kenny Mah said...

I believe given your love of travelling, your ability to be a natural ambassador for the beauty of Malaysia (and not the ugly side though it does exist), that is surely an amazing achievement already.

Malaysia Boleh! FuFu Boleh! :D

三吉 said...


fufu said...

Life for Beginners : yeah definitely i will only promote the good side of malaysia,,, :) because i love malaysia... malaysiaN boleh, fufu boleh, you will know why i mention malaysian on the next episode :)

三吉 : 哈哈哈 對呀大家都應該像我那樣愛國...為我們的家園加油...奮鬥! 我們一定可以開花結果的 :) 希望明年可以趕回去慶祝 :)

Sasa said...




fufu said...

Sasa : 很高興你會這麽想哦
很好很好 :)
希望政府可以明確地用我們的錢 :)
等我把...我明年就回去的了 :) haha

小闷瓜 said...

31st August MERDEKA =p

国庆日快乐 ^.^

Sebastian Workshop said...

Jealous on you FUFU, went to that much of places.......heh!!

单身汉 said...

和Sebastian 一样,羡慕和妒忌你可以去那么多国家!

fufu said...

小闷瓜 : yeah happy merdeka!!!

Sebastian Workshop : hahaha not many lah... just alright :) hahhaa

梦旅飞 said...



edward said...



Che-Cheh said...

Hey I enjoyed reading your Merdeka Project series.

Selamat Hari Merdeka Fufu!!!

Harshi said...

Wish you..

Selamat Hari Merdeka!

PS: gotta come back again to read this post leisurely. =D

Yih Yann said...

Everyone have his own opinion. Although you read Malaysian news everyday on internet, but you can't really feel the Chinese status in Malaysia has been highly threaten. Anyway, take care over Brazil and come back soon ya.

Erika Toh said...

Fufu, I've recommended you to be a Featured Blogger of the Week in FeeqSays.com! ^^ I strongly feel you deserve this honour for being such an inspiring and amazing Malaysian! xD

Do check out his website at http://www.feeqsays.com/p/how-to-be-featured.html on what's your next step, ok? Have fun and all the best! XOXO~ Happy Merdeka too~ (^_^)v

Erika Toh said...

Btw fufu, do you have a twitter account? Add me at ErikaToh, ya? ^^

I AM A BLOGGER said...

fufu san~~
sorry for not dropping by lately~~
but, i followed ur projects frm the beginning~~Yes, u r so inspiring^^

happy Merdeka Day~

William said...

You got holiday today ah? :P

London Caller said...

So how much actually did MoFA pay you to advertise for them huh? A ha ha...

You're right: Actions do speak louder than words.

Guess it's about time for me to go back and contribute?!

The thing is our country does not know how to appreciate talented people. Singapore is actually much better than us in this point, I guess.

escape said...

so nice to see the hundred islands in your photos and im really glad that you included the philippines in your long list.

wonderFu and beautiFu (FuFu) world >>> cool!

Bengbeng said...

Happy Merdeka

[SK] said...

actually the fact is that, when you are aboard overseas, you might be more patriotic and proud as a malaysian than those who are in the country themselves.. hmmm, reason why?? you know~~ :p

Rafael Lam said...

Happy Merdeka FuFu!!

You let me know more about Malaysia and Malaysian and I know you love your country! Well done!

That's I want to do too, let more people know Macau! My beautiful city!

NicoleB said...

It is so amazing to see what you have see and accomplished in all those years.
And I am happy for you that you are and can be so proud of being Malaysian :)
That's a good thing :)!

fufu said...

梦旅飞 : 沒有人喜歡政治的咯
但希望你會像我這樣愛馬來西亞 :)

edward : 對呀...所以我才決定在這裡做這一個行動 :) 真的希望你們不會那麽快放棄 :) 要堅持我們的信念

Che-Cheh : thanks :) glad to hear you enjoyed reading anyway happy merdeka :)

fufu said...

Harumi : yeah happy merdeka :)

Yih Yann : i know... i know how bad it is :) but what can we do? the only way is to stay together! be united... this only make us stronger :) make us better... dont give up so easily ok?

Erika Toh : thanks for your recommendation ya :) i will try to have a look and do what should i do when i am free... or after the merdeka project =p

fufu said...

Xjion89 : yeah thanks ...really happy to hear you are following my project :) hugs

William : no holiday lah... but i give myself a day off today...haha

London Caller : hahaha yeah action speaks louder yeah you gotta go back and contribute! malaysia needs you :) i am doing my own merdeka project...not receiving a penny though...

fufu said...

dong ho : yeah i love the beaches there... luckily we still have nice beaches and good diving spots :) yeah welcome to fufu world :) hohoho

Bengbeng : yeah happy merdeka :)

[SK] : i know...but there's still many malaysias out there dont really care about malaysia >< i think i am the only very few one who dare to show my true love to malaysia >< really wish the country will get better :)

fufu said...

Rafael Lam : yeah thanks! glad you have the same birthday with malaysia :) and i like macau and the food... hahaha wish i can visit macau again in the future :)

NicoleB : yeah i dare to tell everyone that i am a truly malaysia :) i am proud to be malaysia :) hihihi

Reanaclaire said...

hello Fufu.. Happy Merdeka day to you wherever u r..

lechua said...

wow just read ur autobiography.. i think it's great how u're promoting malaysia to others (not many know about msia like u said). haha and u sound both patriotic and missing malaysia alot... mebbe it's time u come home after ur masters haha.

foongpc said...

Good to know that you are still a Malaysian at heart. Happy Merdeka! : )

Anonymous said...



London Caller said...

My only skill to to talk bullshit, you see.
Ha ha.... I am going to make Malaysia more angry if I go back.

fufu said...

reanaclaire : yeah happy merdeka :) thanks =p

lechua : yeah cant wait to be back home sooner... got many stuff i got to do :) really wish most of them will know more about the country :) we will be better!

foongpc : yes! no matter where, my heart is still there for malaysia :)

fufu said...

Anonymous : 很高興知道你也是愛國的 :) 真的希望我們可以改朝換代 :) 改革改革改革 :) 那我們就可以有進步了 =p 那你要多來留言了咯 =p

London Caller : hahaha but well we need to hear more opinions from everyone :) you should seriously go back ya!

sock peng said...


Casendra said...

ah, you've been leaving M'sia for that long huh... but you so 'got heart', still remember merdeka :)

uLi.佑莉 said...

Hahha...yaya, you got tones of to-do list when you are home!

fufu said...

sock peng : 不可以放棄哦
你們要堅強哦 :)

Casendra : yeah my heart is always there for malaysia :) malaysia is my motherland, if not remembering her birthday, which country's birthday should i remember?

uLi.佑莉 : yeah lots of stuff to do ya... hehehe wish i could really get all done! :)

海市蜃樓 said...


shloke said...

I feel overseas students who spend a significant time in a foreign country are more patriotic. If you're like most well educated Malaysians, even liberals and open minded citizens, doing that will make you realize just how Malaysians you really are deep down and will make you truly love and appreciate your country.

Despite its many flaws, I still think Malaysia is better than anywhere else. Professionally, many have been treated better in US, UK + Japan than Malaysia.

I know a lot of Malaysian's who have migrated to Britain. The costs is merely the same here in UK but earning is far more better than what you earn in KL.

fufu said...

海市蜃樓 :

shloke : erm i think though they are treated better in other countries, but malaysia is still the country we call home ya :) well i think i am one of the very few who is more patriotic among those overseas students...but anyway anyway, wish more and more people would like malaysia more and go back sooner! because malaysia needs them all

TG said...

First of all: WHAT A RESUME! Wow, I'm impressed and so will be the CEOs of big companies, when they read yours :) I'm sure you have a great future ahead of you.

Secondly, even I had a hard time explaining where and what Malaysia is. I dated a girl from Batu Pahat for over 2 years and traveled to Malaysia 3 times, stayed there over 6 months all together. I've stayed in Penang and Batu Pahat and saw most of Johor, Penang island and KL. But still, what should I tell people about Malaysia? Everyone knows Thailand here. But Malaysia has no sex tourism, well not a famous one (which is good), but what else? Well, I had to say it has beautiful beaches and a very diverse society.

I usually said, although Chinese are 1/3 of the population, they are richer. And that was truly amazing to me, because usually it's the other way around. So that's how I usually explain Malaysia. And I've seen it first hand. Most Chinese drive cars, Most Malays motorcycles. Chinese have a certain standard of salaries and Malays have a much lower one. Malays get more support from government, while Chinese are good in business, pay a lot for education of their kids and have generally less children than Malays.

And sadly, what I saw in Batu Pahat is Chinese and Malays don't live with each other, the live side by side, but I've not seen a lot of mixing. Chinese were mostly among themselves, Malays too. None of the Chinese I met, had real true Malay friends, who would hang out with them. I'm sure there are parts in Malaysia, where the races mix more, but in Batu Pahat, I have not seen that. So I guess there's a lot to be done to achieve the 1Malaysia ideal. Maybe it'll need more generations.

fufu said...

MKL : yeah hohoho so you gotta be one of the CEOs first ok? i am not sure if i would have a great future, but i will do my best to get what i want in my life :)

i am sad as you have not seen the good example of the mixture of the races in malaysia... guess probably because of the bad and dirty political tactics >< otherwise we would all stay together happily i bet!

and not only chinese are the richer... malays are getting stronger nowadays... most of them are driving luxurious cars... just probably those places you have been are mostly populated by chinese...

anyway anyway i wish the condition will be better sooner... because i will be back... (just kidding, though i know i cant do anything) but i will secretly contribute to the country...wish one day, we all could stay together as one and improve the country... i strongly believe the day would come soon...

Shell (貝殼) said...


fufu said...

Shell (貝殼) : 很好 很好 :) 我們大家都愛馬來西亞 :)

Harshi said...

Wow.. your patriotism is highly contagious! =D And must say your stories are always inspiring Fufu.

It's one of my dreams to travel around the world, that I thought up after becoming addicted to Discovery channel ages ago. Even now it's a dream to me, but after I stumbled upon your blog, it made me realize that not all dreams will remain as dreams forever.. if you could strive this hard and persevere at all times. You're indeed great!

fufu said...

Harumi : yeah glad you like this article :) well no doubt dreams can be materialized :) wish you could really travel around, if not the world but at least around asia first :) hihihi

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