Tuesday 29 April 2008

Graduation Trip
Los Angeles -SaMo, Long Beach, Universal Studios Hollywood-
7 March - 12 March 2007, Part Four

The pier, Santa Monica with the park on the left.

Three-storey apartments line up along Santa Monica beach.

Okay, it`s easy to see why Santa Monica is highly recommended by friends. This seaside city blends the charm and appeal of a coastal getaway with an unforgettable beach and the sophistication of an urban downtown, what a magnetic combination. The beach setting is quite unique which the pier contains Pacific Park, a family amusement park with a large ferris wheel next to the beach.

Vibrant colours emerge during sunset, Santa Monica Beach.

Blue sky, wispy clouds, and a dash of smog is the perfect recipe for a brilliant sunset that blends the charm and appeal of a coastal getaway with an unforgettable beach setting.

Santa Monica Pier entrance.

Pacific Park. The beach.

Third Street Promenade.

Santa Monica is also the home of the Third Street Promenade, a pedestrian street and considered one of the premier shopping districts that stretches three blocks and has been closed to allow people to congregate, shop and enjoy the street performances. Besides, demonstrations also are frequent and common sight on the street. Group of protesters also camping in the middle of Promenade during my two days in Santa Monica. Let`s put the issue aside and celebrate the coming Beijing Olympics happily. One Dream. One World. Olympics is for everyone.

Free Tibet. Human Rights for Tibet.

Ships docked at Long Beach Harbour and the background of the downtown.

In Long Beach, the great outdoors is right at your doorstep. With its seaside walkways and waterfronts marinas, Long Beach has set the standard for walkability and ideal spot for strollers and bikers alike. Within conveniently proximity, you will find numerous entertainment options such as the Pike Amusement Park, green parks, theaters and restaurants within walking distance. It is a nice place to relax specially sitting at park facing the pacific ocean. There, i pen down and updated my adventures in the states while waiting for the sunset, my most favourite moment of the day, always.

The Pike Amusement Park.

Lions Lighthouse for Sight.

RMS Queen Mary berthed at Long Beach Harbour.

Gate to Universal Studios Hollywood.

So the next morning, Theresa drove me to Universal Studios Hollywood, the original Universal Studios theme park. The attractions at Universal Studios Hollywood are split into two areas on different levels, connected by a series of escalators called the Starway. Anyway, i found that the theme park i used to go in Osaka, Japan is relatively a bit bigger. And i was not used to the language at first. This was because everything was in Japanese in Universal Studios Japan although the attractions are all the same. Despite, i had a great time with my buddy, Theresa. Those nice memories (shows, rides, tour, etc) we had in the park are still vividly remained. How about you Theresa? Okay, i will let those pictures tell everything.

Two celeraties in front of the Palace.

Yeah the fake Hollywood sign. Shut up, who cares?

Caricatures of FuFu and Theresa. So cute.

Downtown of LA from the freeway on the way back.

Well, I was heading up to San Francisco on 12 March 2007 in the morning. Again thanks a lot Theresa for hosting me and taking me here and there. Wish i would have another chance to meet her boyfriend, Mr. Honda Accord in the near future.



very nice place, very nice pictures.

Anonymous said...

wow...nice sunset~~~


Rex said...

hi,such a nice blog. you are right, more and more shopping mall is coming up especially the biggest in the world shopping mall at dubai is coming up 3/4 singapore size man... air-con make our life like heaven but to some extent killing our future slowly~ =)
anw.. your blog really nice cause it show so many LA photo~!? =) especially come of the building is appear in the game i play...wao... the Pike Amusement Park inducing me... alamak~ your blog is great~ =) will come often~ haha

fufu said...

pesh : thanks, yeah bet you would like san francisco more

mcpooh : yeah i love to take sunset shots

rex : yeah you are more than welcome to visit my page =p my page is still not that good but i am working hard to make it popular... =)

aaaandy said...

i hope i can go to Universial studio soon.
Yeah hopefully i'll be able to get some free ticket lol. I'd be nice

Anonymous said...

ohh it looks so great!!!!
(i wanna go to universal studios tooooooo ;_;)

Shen said...

Hi Ah Fu!! Surprise to see you here. I was browsing blogs and found your blogspot.

Whoa... you got a lot of nice pictures. Sure need very long time to upload.

I'm no longer blogging in Zorpia. See you again!

fufu said...

andy : yeah do you know universal studios singapore is going to be completed soon? erm, i have friends working at disneyland HK and california, let me know as early as you could if you wanna go there so i can get you in free of charge

maii : hahaha... universal studios japan is not bad though =) but since you planned to go to the states, guess your dream would come true @_<

shen : yeah me too, this world is really small =) anyway glad to see you here =p i am still blogging there though...

Anonymous said...

wow....nice sunset de...


Amybglk said...

wow...nice sunset~~~ -mcpooh