Saturday, 5 April 2008

Albany Bacon Stir-fried with Asparagus, Capsicums and Carrot
Type of dish : Central dish
Meal types : Lunch, Dinner

A : 2 rashers bacon, cut diagonally into 3cm lengths.
B : Carrot, cut diagonally into 3cm lengths.
C : Red and yellow capsicums each, cut diagonally into 3cm lengths.
D : 16 medium asparagus spears, trimmed and cut diagonally into 3cm lengths.
E : 2 tsp chilli paste.

1. Heat oil in a frying pan.
2. When hot, fry chilli paste until oil rises.
3. Put in bacon until fragrant and simmer the gravy.
4. Add in carrot, stir-fry well until it is cooked.
5. Drop in asparagus and stir-fry thoroughly.
6. Put in capsicums, toss briefly to combine, taking care not to overcook.
7. Dish out and serve immediately.

Rating : 90% Colourful, nutritious and yummy dish.

Tips : Dont make the mistake of only the young or soft part of the shoots of asparagus can be eaten. The hard part can be eaten too. Just simply peel off the skin and cook together with the young roots. Asparagus is low in calories, contains no fat or cholesterol, a good source of dietry fiber. However, asparagus are metabolized and excreted in the urine, giving it a distinctive smell though.

Albany Bacon Stir-fried with Asparagus, Capsicums and Carrot.

This recipe was born in Albany, New Zealand. My first dinner was instant noodles with hams and eggs. My friend, Kimmy seldom eat vegetable but likes meat very much. I couldnt find any vegetable in the refrigerator but ham, bacon, drumsticks, beef and other frozen food were occupied the space. I am an omivore (but more to herbivore), of course i wont be satisfied if my meal contains only meat.

My first dinner in Albany, New Zealand.

So the next day i decided to get some vegetables in the nearest supermarket. Asparagus, capsicum, carrot, cabbage and lettuce were cheap, so i brought them all back home. And i randomly picked what i had bought for the dinner of my second day in New Zealand. Finally i had a proper meal. Again she fried two eggs. She likes eggs so much. (I guess any kind of egg. lol) Apparently, the big portion one was mine. I ate a lot yet still lost weight during my working holiday there.

My second dinner in Albany, New Zealand.


YNOT TONY said...

are you still eating ham on the third day? :) The more color, the better nutrition in a dish, good job.

Anonymous said...

Fu~You can cook!
Seems delicious~

fufu said...

tony : hahahaha.... well i had no choice, i had 2 options though... beef or ham

wen-jiun : yeah i am man-can-cook, hihi, it was yummy delicious =)