Tuesday 29 July 2008

FuFu World Tour

Turkiye 7th - 22nd May 2007
Pamukkale -
Part Four

After five days in Istanbul, after visiting all the tourist spots in Istanbul, after having dinner with Necla`s family, Necla and i headed to Denizli Province, southwestern part of Turkey by the express bus. Out of my expectation, the bus service in Turkey is so unsual. They served hot coffee, hot tea, snacks, wet tissue, the staff would spray the air freshener and clean the bus throughout the journey. The ever world`s best express bus service you could find in Turkey.

After ten hours travelling by bus, we finally arrived Denizli safely. After keeping our stuff in Necla friend`s apartment, we took minibus to Pamukkale, one of the places i was expecting to take those impressive pictures as seen in the magazines and websites promoting Turkey.

Simit, a circular Turkish bread with sesame seeds, would be our lunch.

The downtown, at the foot of the hot springs, Pamukkale.

View of Pamukkale, from the bus stop.

Oh my god, it is a cotton castle.

Pamukkale (cotton castle in Turkish) is a natural site and attraction in southwestern Turkey in Denizli Province. Pamukkale is located in Turkey`s Inner Aegean region, in the River Menderes valley, which enjoys a temperate climate over the year.

Here is not just a cotton castle, it is a heaven.

It looks so good with nice white travertine pools and blue waters cascading down. When warm mineral water flows down the edge of a cliff, it cools down and deposits its calcium content which will form the pools, terraces and stalacites that you see. Nothing like it elsewhere in the world. That is the reason why tonnes of tourists head there.

The view is just magnificently stunning.

Tourists were swimming and dipping in the mineral water.

Meanwhile, AhFu and Necla are enjoying the sunshine.

I have a calcium mask.

It feels so good even only dipping my foot.

Necla told me my face would be smoothened if putting the calcium powder on for five minutes. I followed. She took picture of that. But once i started, other began to follow. I later found out she just simply mentioned it. Anyway, i enjoyed it.

I dont even care this sign. Did any tourist notice this?

The limestone wall, Pamukkale.

I still enjoyed being there though.

I wish to stay here for a while.

She didnt put on the sunblock.

Due to the restoration construction work, some of the places were fenced off but we could still go walking on the calcium terraces and take a dip in the pools at the designated sites. Well, remember to take your shoes off though this may be a bit painful as the ridges of the calcium cuts into your soles. I was then told the place is opened all day long, so you can go for those spectacular photo shots during sunset or sunrise.

Hi can i join you girls?

Obviously, she is getting tanned.

Not man-made, it is all naturally formed.

The view of the plains as the background.

The view took my breath away.

The Pamukkale thermal pool.

If you really wanna go dipping or swimming in the mineral water, then head towards Pamukkale thermal pool which is situated nearby the cotton castle.

Hierapolis Musuem.

Lunch time.

Entrance of Hierapolis

We both had a simit while enjoying the great view of Pamukkale. Well, Pamukkale is a famous tourist attraction of Turkey and also recognized as a World Heritage sites together with the Hierapolis. Thus we continued walking to the Hierapolis.

Follow the sign to the Roman Theatre.

Remains of tombs.

Roman Theatre at Hierapolis.

Pamukkale is surrounded by the ruins of the ancient Roman city of Hierapolis. The site is still being excavated and certain areas are roped off. From the top of the Roman Theatre, you will have a stunning view of Pamukkale over the plains.

The Domitian(Northern) Gate.

Columns at Frontinus Street.

Necropolis of Hierapolis.

After exploring the entire area of Pamukkale, we went back Denizli. Lunch was only Turkish bread. So both of us decided to had a great one for dinner. What we had was Lahmacun, meat with dough known as Turkish pizza, eaten after filled with lettuce, red cabbage, tomatoes, onions and others and topped off with kebab meat and a sauce (usually spicy on a tomato base or mild on a yogurt base).

Dinner, Lahmacun.

We then stepped in the local famous dessert restaurant, Bolili Hasan Usta. I ordered Kazzandibi, a Turkish version of tiramisu. Still the original one rocks. Turkish one is too sweet. Necla had Profiterol, a turkish syle pudding topped off with cream and nuts. She couldnt finished it. Guess too sweet for her as well. We later went to meet Ceyda, Necla`s sister.

My Kazzandibi (left) and her Profiterol (right).

Ceyda is studying in Pamukkale University as well. She was taking education, majoring in mathematics, holding her thick calculus textbook when i first met her. I could tell that she is a smart and pretty girl. I followed them back to their campus and we chatted at the park for quite a while with Ceyda`s friends. Later, we went back to Necla friend`s apartment to rest for the next day.

Both Necla and FuFu look so tanned.

Necla, Ceyda and her friends.


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Akira 思胜 said...

你真的是很幸福呢, 可以去到这么多的地方旅行呢... 我也想呢, 因为感觉一定很棒的...

Anonymous said...

wow...the calcium looks like snow... thinking of making a salt chicken there...akkakakka.....

then where are you right now? still traveling???

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Wow! The view of Pamukkale is simply awesome!!! The Kazzandibi and Profiterol look so nice...Must travel to there in future~!

古小玉 said...

Walauye,how come u go anywhere also got leng lui accompanies u one ? Wah..good lei...:p

Yes..now I m bc like hell, helping the bank implemeting a mega IT system upgrade project which worth > 10 millions, now everyday has to stay back n work, no time also to write new article.. :(

Yenny said...

楼上的,洗土耳其浴要脱光光的哦~ 你想看他的裸体照?*窃笑*

真的很漂亮~ 漂亮到让人不能相信是天然形成的。好想去那里大力地扑倒在那堆看起来软绵绵的沙上~~~(虽然我知道那样会很痛)

ET女子 said...

calcium terraces好特别!!真的是大开眼界~

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Cui Yin said...

风景漂亮到~~~尤其是cotton castle,真想泡在那边不想动了。。。有机会可以到处去走走看看的,人生才不枉此行~

sally^^ said...

哇!好美哦~ 尤其是那个cotton castle!真的好特别哦!真想去一趟!

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mineral water、Roman Theatre............WA 好想去呀!
Dinner, Lahmacun.....WA 好想食呀!


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Feeling said...

期待你更多的旅程及相片 =)

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Nai Jiew Mil 奈九米二 said...

cool cool!

Kikey Loo said...

i love ur photos... nice!!
so now u at Malaysia already?

p/s: thanks for visiting my blog.. :)

fufu said...

我的天地 : 那你要常来咯

蓝色女孩 : 对我很享受每一个旅程

akira : 只要你坚持到底 梦想就会实现
不是幸福啦 我也是很辛苦地赚钱存钱的

choyyin : you cant make that i guess! pamukkale is a world heritage =) well i am now at singapore
i had finished travelling for 13mths already, it`s time to work and earn money to travel again

chewny said...


fufu said...

董百勤 : 我的还好啦

alice chong : 哈哈哈 不要酱啦
只要你说Yes 一定可以去到土耳其的

十六夜真人 : 做了那個面膜还好啦
现在的皮肤很糟糕 要慢慢润一润
想知道多一些? 那就要锁着这个频道咯

lewis : seriously speaking Turkey is a great country to visit, real worth you to spend money there =) erm wish you could go there again ya! i will be back in 2010 as the appointment was made the day i left Istanbul =p, stay tuned as i will post up everything here

I AM A BLOGGER said...

Wow, I am amazed by the calcium mask and of course, the pure white Pamukkale, the place is so surreal, everything seems so clean, really wish that I can go there. It is kind of cool to do a calcium mask and spa there.haha(^ ^)

fufu said...

khoo : hahaha, yeah i am damn fucking lucky to have the chance to meet all those pretty Miss Turkey =) well the increment is not a good sign huuh? haha, anyway of course you are expected to work more for the company to earn back those increment given to you =)

yenny : 洗土耳其浴是要脱光光的
日本泡温泉也是要脱光啦 我已经习惯了
我整个人傻去了 无法以字来形容
有机会去土耳其 一定要去pamukkale哦

ET女子 : 那个景点真的很棒的

swordsman : 难以置信 你终于开金口了
要常来哦 旅行真的很爽的叻

fufu said...

cuiyin : 看到那风景 我简直整个人疯去
但太阳真的很猛咯 我们又要赶回去见她妹妹
对阿 去走走过后 整个人的价值观都变了

靓靓sally : cotton castle真的很特别
世界独一无二的咯 简直就是天堂

lingling :有美女相伴当然很享受咯

pui : 土耳其好正架
係吖 好鬼死热架 好過落雨囖

fufu said...

even : 大佬幾时都是咁靚仔既 @_<
我d相好正咩 可能风景靚姐

feeling : 那你就要锁着我这个频道咯
你要常来了 哈哈哈

shin : 是啊 我差点不想回家呢
不是夸张地 是你也想呆久一点咯

pui : 我都很喜欢这首歌囖

fufu said...

奈九米二 : 拍得还可以啦 幸好天气好咯
然后再告诉我你的心情 =)

kikey loo : glad to hear that i like my pitures, well i am now at singapore.
you are welcome =) i will go to your site more often then... make sure you update something ya

chewny : 我还有很多行程没放上来分享呢
你要常来噢 我要你开大大的眼界

xjion : exactly, pamukkale is the world heritage =) wish you had the chance to visit turkey one day, dont forget to send me postcard there ya =) lol

SockPeng said...

wow , the scene is very nice, but i dun know when hv chance visit it :P

Victoria Yin Yin said...

wow...u have a super nice travel blog!!
super nice..
and the turkey trip is awesome!
i never been there before!
very very nice place..pretty awesome!

LOve yourblog^^

from : princessBB

~珊姑娘~ said...

i really love your life, hoep you enjoy ur life as u can.
tzh for sharing ur travek photo oways, like it. can feel ur travel feeling. haha.
got lenglui summore woo.

even said...


Miney said...

Turkey ?
aw !! nice !!

i would like to try Pamukkale
it seemed so cool !! >///<

Yvonne Sam said...

Wow!!!!!!!!!! So nice~~~~ Although I can travel there... but it is more than enough that u can share it with us~~~~ All photos are so "chun"!!!!! :D

Pete said...

Interesting post and nice pictures too! Wish they have bus like that in Malaysia!

萤火虫*.* said...

我也好想去那个Roman Theatre耶!

pui0219 said...

不知什麼時間先可以use好多$去lee d 地方旅行啦...

Anonymous said...

Hi there. I came here through Pete's blog.Anyway... i love your blog, it's so nice. Tis is what a travelogue should looks like.

Ah, Turkey...a country where east meet west. Very beautifully portrayed, lcfu. I loved it!

迷迭香 said...

is the mask effective ?
got tapao back ? hahahaaaa....

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Roses said...

i am so far far far behind the sofa seat.
u are always "mai kuan zhi"..when i wanna dig more about ur future blog posts, u always have some way to turn me down. evil u..

i had a crazy time crashing places with u. esp the temple part and the fortune stick that wont fall out..
u definitely make my days in singapore short and sweeter than Kazzandibi and Profiterol combined together.

may the God of Luck sides u next week on the 1st day of work. as long as u are happy w watever u are doing, we will be happy too~~


p/s: i just reach home, tired and smelly yet d first thing i do is to come here ;P
p/p/s: dumb onion is definitely someone i met in Singapore rite. the chap that had awful ginger tao fu fa-lookalike?!?!

fufu said...

sockpeng : yeah it was a great day for me to take those nice shots plus the landscape is real so magnificent!

yinyin : yeah, i would be back to turkey one day too. erm glad to hear that you like my blog, do come often ok? erm i got your blog url, will visit you shortly

珊姑娘 : hahaha, i have my own way in enjoying life =) hope through blogging, i could share all the travel logs with my readers here, yah lucky me to have pretty girls with me all the times =p

even : 都是大家给面子 谢谢大家
无论有多忙 我都会读完他们的留言

fufu said...

MiNღ唲 : yeah you gpotta go to pamukkale if you had the chance to visit turkey =) good luck

vyonne : yeah wish i could share all my experiences here with you all, and at least some ideas before you guys head off the countries i had been, so stay connected ya my friend

pete : hahaha, i am so looking forwards to enjoying those bus services in msia or all over the world just like the airplanes =)

萤火虫 : 等你有机会和能力就去咯

fufu said...

pui : 我都觉得自己老了
又刚刚开始工作 我更惨拉
我大过你咯 以为你叫我大佬

jackson : no doubt, i gotta admit that i am the ever lucky guy =) thanks god =p

cleffairy : yeah thats what i want to make my blog as a popular travelogue, turkish culture is combined with the east and west,you gonna love turkey if you were there =) bet you are not willing to leave and wanna change your shcedule =p

迷迭香 : the mask was so so! i am not that crazy mask fan so i didnt buy any product lol, so if you like, make sure you bring enough money

fufu said...

even : 我地是不问年龄既

toto : 哈哈哈 真的没骗你
不只是赞 应该是超赞

紫朝 : 希望你会梦想成真

roses : if i told you about the content about my blog, it would not have the ohhmm for you ya, still i think better for you to figure every single post yourself, that would mean much more than telling you in advance =) fyi, i love to give out surprises @_<

i dont mind who is going to be the owner/first of my sofa, i would anyhow read all the comments left by the readers/friends here! i appreciate every comment ya, no first come first serve attitude here!! all treated equally =) yeah all of us should have tonnes of 'first time' that worth to dig out for small talk when we are getting old =p

Roses said...

now, i truly believe getting old is a fun process.

traveling alone has been the most different experience. the day i came bck on the bus, i met a gal from Switzerland who travels "Lonely Planet" way. the advice that u gave me on traveling within Malaysia strikes me. so next week, if i havent start working, i am off to "Lonely Planet" back-packing trip w her for a few days.
thanks a lot...u hav no idea how much our conversations that 2 days meant to me..


p/s: i am still zipping up the photos. hold on alrite. connection sucks today

Anonymous said...

I really love this blog, lcfu. ^-^

Fell in love with the beauty of the countries you wrote about as well as their nice food. Wish I can be there. I am not sure if I have enough fund or enough courage to backpack alone. I'm the kind of person who panic when she got lost. LOL.

And I love the song when your blog load too ^_^ it's so addictive... and tis is the first blog I come across that have song when it load! It's a nice change for me. Is it okay if I add your blog to my blogroll?

Take care and have fun, ok? ^-^v

Chris said...

哗!! 好多照片哦。。。 好漂亮。。

Chris said...

哗!! 好多照片哦。。。 好漂亮。。

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Wois said...

i guess that white stone is not a limestone. it might be salt, like evaporite, natrium calcite or halite. because limestone is a sedimentary rock, and has it own layering. what i have seen only the crystal on the wall and the environment is very hot and not suitable for limestone to precipitate, but the salt mineral can be evaporated to be a wall of crystal...


istanbul tours said...

We went on a 2 day excursion on Pamukkale. It exceeded our expectations and all the photos we took just don't do it justice. We had 2 hours free time which was spent walking barefoot down this amazing calcium waterfall feature and experience the warm to hot water rushing down over the walk way. It was also in an amazing wide river valley with views for miles around. The day we went it was cloudy but this made it look even more mysterious www.privatetoursinistanbul.com The way down was a bit slippery in places and can be hard on your feet, but the views made up for any discomfort. Some people went down in their swimwear and sat in the deeper pools for a while! It really did look like it was a glacier and should have been cold but was the opposite! For Christians, this is the sight of one of of the seven churches (Laodicia) and the Luke warm waters in the book of Revelations. It is also where the apostle Philip was martyred. A very memorable trip indeed!