Wednesday 2 July 2008

FuFu World Tour

Turkiye 7th - 22nd May 2007
Istanbul - Part Three

Wow, the weather was perfect good. As usual, we started off with breakfast. Then off we went to Dolmabahce by bus.

Breakfast, pancake.

I remember that somebody told me not to miss the Grand bazaar, so i asked Necla to bring me there. The bazaar is located next to Istanbul Universitesi (Istanbul University) so we decided to hop off in front of the university walked around and then to the Grand Bazaar before heading to Dolmabahce.

Istanbul Universitesi, the main entrance.

Kapali Carsi (Grand Bazaar), the entrance.

Inside the bazaar.

A little mimbar in the bazaar.

Hong Kong Restaurant. Sign of Dolmabache.

On the way walking to Dolmabahce, we saw a Chinese restaurant, Hong Kong restaurant. I, at first thought that was a gate of the chinatown.

The main entrance gate.

Close up, one of the columns.

South Gate or the exit.

It was time to fill our stomach. We walked to a rest cafe and decided to have our lunch while enjoying the view of Bosphorus Straits at Sahil Rest Cafe.

Our late lunch at Sahil Rest Cafe.

We walked around after taking rest at the cafe. The area is filled everyday with people selling things, strolling, fishing, drinking etc.

AhFu: Do you know what is that mosque called?
Necla: idea.
AhFu: But i think i know.
Necla: Wow, how come you know huuh?
AhFu: Simple, i am going to name it now.
Necla: What?
AhFu: It is Sultan AhFu Camii.
Necla: Woo hoo, Sultan AhFu Camii.

Sultan AhFu Camii during sunset.

So we went back home as usual by bus from Taksim after chatting and wandering around that area. We passed by a supermarket when we were about to reach home. Necla bought some vegetable back home.

Sevda and mother was making dinner when we reached home. Dinner was french fried, fried beef, cucumber, green chilly and onions. Everything was fried one. Served with tomatoes and cucumber. I wished the pimples would not come out the next day but i had two small one.

My dinner.

Sevda, Necla`s youngest sister, a sweet girl.

We had cay (turkish tea) after dinner in the living room, watching Turkish drama. Since i dont understand Turkish, i was looking at the pictures taken during the whole day.

Sevda and Necla.

The next morning came. Necla, as usual made the breakfast. I had a delicious breakfast before heading for Galata Tower.

This tasted like Malaysian roti canai with ham and cheese.

Galata Tower (Galata Kulesi), which we also went by bus. It was also one of the oldest and most beautiful towers in Istanbul. It was constructed in 1348 as part of the Genoese fortifications of Galata. However, now it is the only surviving building since the demolition of the fortifications in the 19th century. You can enjoy a wonderful view and scenery of the Bophorus and the city.

Galata Kulesi (Galata Tower).

Hagia Sophia (left) and Sultan Ahmet Camii (right).

Topkapi Palace.

From this tower, you have a spectacular 360 degrees view of Istanbul city. You can also see the Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia Sultan Ahmet Mosque as seen in the picture above.

Sulaymaniye Camii.

East view from the tower.

Another view from the tower, Unkapani bridge.

Apartments, houses and mosque.

Nuruosmaniye Camii.

Wide view of Taksim, the heart of Istanbul`s shopping district.

Bosphorus Pier.

FuFu Travel 109
Fish market.

Then off we went for our Bosphorus straits tour. We boarded the ferry from Eminonu. There you could see Galata TowerBlue Mosque, Topkapi castle, Hagia Sophia and other buildings. The ferry was jam packed with tourists and also locals who use it to commute daily because it is cheap. You can buy cay(turkish tea), juice or nescafe (coffee) while you are in the ferry itself.

AhFu, Necla and two rabbits.

Famous buildings along the straits.

AhFu and Necla, Bosphorus Bridge.

AhFu and Necla, Fatih Bridge.

There are two bridges linking the both sides of Istanbul. One is the Bosphorus Bridge and the other is the Fatih Bridge. Bosphorus bridge is the fourth longest suspension bridge in the world. Fatih Bridge was named after Mehmet the Conqueror.

Rumeli Hisari(Rumeli Castle)

Rumeli Hisari was built by Mehmet the Conqueror when he wanted to seize Byzantine Constantinople. This fortress is located at the narrowest point of the straits and gave him the advantage of controlling the traffic along the Bosphorus. Now it serves mainly as an open air theater for pop stars.

FuFu and Necla.

Right after the cruise tour, i was damn thirsty and quickly had cup of Tursucusu, sour drink with pickled vegetable. The taste was weird but acceptable.

We then took train to Bakikoy, another shopping district in Istanbul after having our lunch in Eminonu.

After that we walked to Bakirkoy pier. Enjoy the splendid view of Sea of Marmara.

We took bus back to Avcilar at 7pm. The sun was going to set yet it was still bright. Dinner was Cig Kofte, fried long meat balls made from minced meat, cracked wheat and chilli powder. Served with the dolma. Then we had dondurma, turkish ice cream. It was great!

The next morning, i saw mother and Sevda were busy making breakfast in the kicthen. I was about to help but due to their rule, man can never be aloowed to do housechores, enter kicthen, etc, so i was just sitting there and took pictures. I had never had three eggs in a day.


After that, we spent few hours talking in the living room. I taught Sevda writing her name in Japanese. At noon, mother put a frozen turkish pizza in the oven and ordered me to finish it. Three hours later, she took turkish delight, lokum out with cay (turkish tea).

Lunch. Teatime.

Early Dinner.

And then they started making dinner at 5pm. Oh my godness. I was forced to eat again. Yogurt + chilli + olive oil + turkish spaghetti. It tasted so bad. The first meal that made me sick. Supper was prepared at 8pm. We had grilled eggplant with bread. I counted. Five meals in a day. And a big portion was always given to me.

Supper at 8pm.

We took bus to Denizli at 10pm. Their bus service is damn so good! They served drink and junk food. The journey was about ten hours from Istanbul to Denizli where Necla`s university is located as well as pretty close to Pamukkale and Izmir.


-waiseng- said...

wow, that's alot of info on Turkey. Great! I wanna go there maybe in 5 years time. Great place to visit indeed.

Yenny said...

I was suppose to go Turkey few years ago, but the stupid company passed my group to someone else who's a fulltime (I was a part timer in that company)... geram!!!! Especially after seeing your post... :<
I wanna go!!!!

**Iwonder if you gain any weight... *ngek*

Beverly's Secret said...

OMG~~ all the pictures are extremely eye opening!!!

I love the architectures~~

How's the weather anyway?

JiaNi said...

hopefully one day i can be like you, travel so many places...
agree with the beverly, the architectures is soooo unique, i love it too~

動 Orson said...

nice view leng nui...
so envy u

even said...




fufu said...

waiseng : yeah i am thinking of going back in 2010 as the family is keep asking when will i be visiting them again lol

yenny : hahaha, save money and go explore yourself. you may need 10days for turkey =)

beverly~s secret : i suggest you go there in May, not that hot, weather was super nice, everyday was sunny day for me accept the day i left, lucky =p

fufu said...

jiani : yeah you definitely can, providing you have chain of cool networking all over the world. i love turkish architecture as well =)

字言字語 : well, these pictures only little part of my world tour, dont get envious so fast young man!!

even : d食品好熱氣吖!生多兩粒暗瘡
你親自下廚? 我是食神~
我都识煮返几味既 煲汤我最拿手
打算去香港過圣誕 我霖11月可以確定
期待我们的约会 要隆重甘搞大個party
hohohohohohoho 因為係圣誕party

even said...


Yenny said...

I will spend more than 10days i think... ahahahhahaha

Hmmm... you going to HK at the end of the year? :o

even said...





Anonymous said...

my 大佬富....

pui sze

pui0219 said...

點add你do 日記的朋友?

pui0219 said...

It is Sultan AhFu Camii.

好sweet 的談話內容~

pui0219 said...

Galata Kulesi (Galata Tower).


assamlaksa said...

i wish i have the chance to go.

pls find me sugar daddy~!~!!!!!!!!!

even said...


even said...


Anonymous said...


動 Orson said...

is it ...
u been round the world liao..
me still here..leh..

fufu said...

even : 哇聴個菜名都流晒口水添
有d困難 除非你包晒用费拉
我们呢d小制作 10幾個够啦

yenny : ahahaha... make sure you have enough money for more than 10days accommodation quite expensive there, but worth spending money there =)

pui : i miss you too pui pui!!拥抱

jamy : yeah stop travelling from now on and save money for a yr, guess u can go to turkey liao =)

紫朝 : hahaha i will go back to south island for sure...but not now, perhaps when i have gathered enough people to go there(at least 4 persons as we gonna rent a car)

默 : yeah i had travelled around the world already =)

fufu said...

even : 吾知點解 我暂时無法去你的日记留言 可能你日记網址有問題

Anonymous said...

EW~! I could imagine how your dinner "Yogurt + chilli + olive oil + Turkish spaghetti" tastes...great opportunity for you to try it out then. LoL~
It seems that olive, bread, cheese, tomato is playing very important part in their daily meals.
One thing that amuse me is, how does the eggplant supper taste? I love eggplant, so do my parents. *wink*

fufu said...

irene : yeah staying with turkish family, i was damn lucky to be able to taste the authentic turkish food =) i like eggplant as well... simply grill it = my favourite! anyway do leave me URL of your blog or if you dont blog come often then lol

亮熊/LightBear said...




fufu said...

Steven : 一定一定
如果有机会 下次我可能会先去美国找你玩

結婚?可以的话 要30岁之前 哈哈哈哈
ok 我一定会邀请你的 怕你会忙无法参加

Randall said...

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