Sunday, 27 July 2008

German was in Town III

So, finally it was her last day in Singapore. It was unbelievable that she couldnt explore the whole island since Singapore is known as one of the smallest countries in the world. She still hasnt been to the East Coast, Sentosa, Kallang, and etc. This proved that Singapore has a lot more attractions worth you to pay a visit.

She likes water, i prefer milk.

I would prefer to have an authentic local breakfast at the hawker stall or local restaurant instead of hotel unless it is totally free. Food served at the hotel will always look extremely and perfectly good but what a glutton professional traveller concerns more is the taste.

My first round.

My second round.

My third round.

Ops, i still havent brought her see the merlion. Thus, soon after the buffet style breakfast at InterContinental Hotel, we headed to the most well-known tourist icon of Singapore.

Esplanade, or casually called as the durian.

The merlion that fronts Marina Bay and back the financial district.

Singapore flyer is not in this picture!

Hey, stop going away from us. We will look super tiny then.

I am superb thirsty.

She wants to get the water back to Hong Kong.

This tourist takes good picture.

A short rest under the Esplanade Bridge.

She likes the old colonial architectural buildings.

Me : What you miss the most? (Deciding where to have our lunch.)
Her : ViVo City! (Apparently, she likes shopping there.)
Me : Okay, but how about food? (Hoping to hear the right answer.)
Her : Erm, well i guess Ya-kun and the noodle. (Yosh!)
Me : Oh, really? Let`s go have what you wish to eat on your last day. ('Bingo' sign flashes over my head.)

Ya-kun Kaya Toast next wanna-be-model.

Enjoying Ya-kun`s teh tarik.

The toasted kaya bread was very crunchy while the teh tarik was perfectly smooth with a heavenly aroma even though it didnt have the frothy top to crown it.

Crunchies munchies toast, here i come.

The bus was full of passengers.

After the early teatime, we hung out around a small shopping mall for a while before hopping on a bus back to Bugis. There we went for our late lunch at the same restaurant and ordered what we each had on the first day. I seriously heart the fishball noodle.

Her mushroom minced meat noodle.

What attract me most was the texture of the fishball, it differs significantly to what i have been eating so far. Instead of grinding and forming, meats used for making the fishball is pounded that lends the texture more consistently firm and smooth. A bowl of fishball noodle only costs $3. Incredibly cheap.

My favourite fishball soup noodle.

She purposely waited for my noodle to come, just for the shot.

In front of the hotel.

Taxi driver was waiting for us.

The departure hall, Terminal 1, Changi International Airport

Wish i had done my job well. The 5 days 4 nights trip for Singapore was certainly not enough. Guess she gonna be back again for food, Sentonsa and more shopping. Anyway, i believe by the next time, i would be able to make my own diverse list for the good food as well as nice places to hang out that not written on Lonely Planet.

Welcome back to Singapore, German.

The feedback i got back from German and Agnes was pretty good. Guess the next time i back to Hong Kong again, i may be treated like a VIP. They promised to bring me out for nice Cantonese cuisine at the reputable restaurant. I am so looking forwards to it.


I AM A BLOGGER said...

Wow, i bet you are a very good tour guide. Ooo, your friend's name is German. That is so cool.

SockPeng said...

你果然是一个好导游!! 期待有机会你当我的导游!!

-waiseng- said...

Yea, singapore has alot of nice places to visit.

I might be going there with my family for a vacation. Will take note on the palaces to visit here. :)

Shin said...


YNOT TONY said...

just by looking at the color of the water, I hope you didn't get sick. hahaha... cute pics. :)

Anonymous said...


~珊姑娘~ said...

so, wat r u waiting for....lets plan for hong kong, they wil be a good tour guide...hehehe....

Anonymous said...

singapore foods looks delicious...

hey, it's a breakfast buffet style!! i tot it was a lunch since u ate so much..hahhahha.....

JiaNi said...


Feeling said...

Erm, Singapore is nice, but if you have been staying here for donkey years...It's quite bored. lolz

I miss hk too! I miss their 咖哩鱼蛋& 臭豆腐!

古小玉 said...

咦,点解变晒鸡肠嘅? 中文好难打leh ?

sally^^ said...


Roses said...

i have the Esplanade and Bugis street on my itinerary for my singapore trip next week..thanks for d suggestion.. :)

hope everythin wil turn out alrite

u have really nice bunch of friends all over the places...aka local tour guide...
*green w jealousy

ET女子 said...



Cui Yin said...


even said...




fufu said...

xjion : i dont know whether i am a good guide or not, i just wish she had a great time in Singapore. yeah she is German, sounds cool? perhaps it is the pronunciation of her real name in cantonese

sockpeng : 哈哈哈 我不免費當導遊的哦
如果我有空的話 可以帶你和家人去走走的

waiseng : wow, you are coming with your family? thats awesome! anyway if you follow my way, it would be a bit hard for your parents as we had been walked from one to another places besides taking bus, taxi and MRT

shin : 你還沒去過新加坡嗎?
你還年輕啦 慢慢來

fufu said...

tony : hahahaa, exactly! it is damn dirty around that area, full of rubbish and it irritated my nose as well, anyway we had fun taking pictures there.

chrissie : 我還好啦

珊姑娘 : well i have actually been there couple of times already, i plan to go there for christmas end of the year, i have many hongkie friends so dont know how long should i go...

choyyin : malaydsia has more choices i would say, and delicious!! but it would be quite costly if compared the living standard, anyway we still could find cheap but yummy local food ya =)

fufu said...

jiani : 我們特地的呢
然後哦 其他的旅客都跟我們

feeling : i dont think so, because i will make full use of the city life! well probably the country is still new for me and i know how to enjoy the city life =)
yo, the curry fishball i had in Mongkok was just awesome, still taiwanese stinky tofu rocks~~

khoo : 想換下口味姐
中英都會寫咯下次 項多元化d

靓靓sally : VIP? erm, 那要看我們以後的發展如何咯
哈哈哈哈 但是新加坡很小的啦

fufu said...

roses : is it your first time coming to singapore? if you need my help, feel free to ask =) so who are you coming with? if sunday, i may be free to meet you guys though
yeah everything is doing pretty smooth here, thanks
erm, yah i made bunch of good friends while i was in japan, and have been meeting quite a number of cool online buddies

ET女子 : 我還不算是個好導遊啦
趁年輕 你應該到處走走
有機會就要看多一點 知道嗎?
吴克群? 我沒他那麽的有才華咯

cuiyin :可能我拍得還看罷了

even : 我會間中甘寫下中文既
其實我咩野都食架 有人煮埋比我食蝸
又吾係農曆新年 餐牌係咩都無所謂吖

Yvonne Sam said...

hi thx for drop by my blog~~~~ CooL blog~~~ ^^ love it..

Nai Jiew Mil 奈九米二 said...

Heyheyz lotsa nice pics u have here! Wish i have the time to travel like u when after i graduate too..

Vincent Cho said...


Anonymous said...

haha..I have to admit that u r very photogenic

fufu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
fufu said...

yvonne : yeah no worries, i am glad to hear you like my blog, gotta come here more often ya =p see you

奈九米二 : yeah i love to take pictures, erm study hard now and play harder later ok? i am sure you could travel around as much as you like after your studies =)

Vincent Cho : 玩樂過後,就應該要好好的補一下

june : should i take it as a compliment or what? =p anyway better than none, thanks

Roses said...

hey,thanks for the offer. that's so sweet of u
i am going alone. tomolo- tuesday then i'll be coming bck on friday. not the first time..prolly second time after ermmm 5yrs?!?! lol..
well, i will need some help on the direction to bukit timah.
most of the time i'll be hanging out around Boat Quay...

p/s: it's okay if u cant find d time to hang out but i'll appreciate if u somehow manage too. anyhow, i appreciate ur help~~ =)
p/p/s: now, i know why ppl does know amazing ppl~~

小女人 said...


十六 Keaton said...


fufu said...

roses : bukit timah? erm you can take MRT to bukit batok and from there, taxi or bus to your destination, but why you wanna go there?
boat quay? wow, you love night life? friday and saturday will be crowded though, well left you a message on your site, just contact me once you have arrived singapore =)

小女人 : 我只是對那些順眼和有緣人好罷了
現在就吴克群~ 我真的那麽明星臉嗎?哈哈哈

十六夜真人 : 新加坡大馬乾淨咯
其實我有時會很坏的 要小心哦

Anonymous said...

Hey ahfu:

I am wondering if this song is the song that we heard at that night?

I have been looking for this song since that nite..the melody still lingers in my head..haha..Thx a lot~~

it brings back all the happy memories~

p.s: of coz it is a compliment..kakaka :P

Roses said...

bukit timah, cause i have a long long long lost gf if possible, wanna catch her after her submission on thurs..thanks for the direction. i wanna give her a surprise~~
boat quay is famous for that?!?! holly, i dont really like night life. i sleep early..dont worry, i am not staying over the weekend
my aunt is working after i am done w exploring alone, i will head there.

p/s: u left ur contact no. at my site. now, i am worried that ur fans here will hunt u down with that number...

even said...




Akira 思胜 said...

Wow, the food there looks so delicious to me, yummy!!! My saliva is dropping.... *drooling*

Beverly's Secret said...

Don't mention about teh tarik!!!
I almost forget how it tastes :'(
so want to go home...

Rex said...

tons of comments sia~ haha~ good place to go. the food look delicious man. but i try it before. haha

Rex said...

tons of comments sia~ haha~ good place to go. the food look delicious man. but i try it before. haha

fufu said...

june : yeah that`s the song we heard at clarke quay =) erm yeah had a great time with you girls too!!

roses : make sure she is there otherwise you will be disappointed ya erm, i will do my best - arrange to meet you =p hahaha i know how to deal with my fans, so no worries for the contact...

evevn : 你真的出尽心思 我好欣赏吖
笑裡藏刀 如無意外 同我地既聚會有咩関係

fufu said...

Akira 思胜 : hahaha, are you kidding me? malaysia has more yummilicous food =)

beverly`s secret : hahaha, didnt you bring 3 in 1 teh tarik along with you to SF? nvm, ask somebody send you some =)

rex : hahaha, dont care the number of comments, what i concern more is my readers voices... yeah so you like the fishball noodle as well?

Simmonette Tan said...

wow so much travelling ! i envy your lifestyle !

fufu said...

simmy : i say, every one of us has our own unique and different role&lifestyle =) just appreciate what you are having now while dreaming for other stuff ya =)