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FuFu World Tour - Sai Gon, Viet Nam
25th May - 11th June 2007 - Part Four

Standing in front the entrance of Quan An Ngon.

Yeah finally my Xangan sister, Lucy came back from Hong Kong. She gave me a buzz and we met up for a gorgeous breakfast at Quan An Ngon. According to her the restaurant is a very well known local restaurant. The concept of the restaurant is to resemble the best of street food in a setting more conducive to enjoying authentic breakfasts, lunches and sultry evening meals.

Guest dine in the lush courtyard among potted trees under a large canvas marquis or you can sit in one of the large dining rooms. The atmosphere is nice, quite with wicker furniture, exposed brick walls and overhead fans turning slowly. Talking of the restaurant, my mouth is watering now. I am not exaggerating. Check out the pictures below.

Spring rolls and salad.

Fresh scallops with special sauce.

Boiled clams with Vietnamese chili sauce.

Hue curry noodles.

Vietnamese sticky rice with fried onion and pickled vegetable.

Rice paper with mint leaves.

Meat with bamboo stick and rice roll.

Black snails.

The restaurant`s special drinks.

We required some exercises to digest what we had in the morning. So we explored the city centre as normal tourists, taking pictures and buying souvenirs.

I had forgotten name of the building.

Perhaps office tower i guess.

The General Post Office.

Inside the post office.

The Notre Dame Cathedral.

Cho Ben Thanh (Binh Tay Market).

Next we headed to Binh Tay market, a big market place in the downtown area of Saigon in District 1. The market is one of the earliest surviving structures in Saigon and today is considered one of the city`s symbols, popular with tourist seeking local handicrafts, textiles, Ao Dai (traditional Vietnamese costumes worn by women), souvenirs as well as local cuisine and specialty. This place has all, you can buy everything from Saigon tee shirts to cosmetics, diapers, pickled plums to live ducks. Anyway, get ready to haggle.

Binh Tay Market.

FuFu and Lucy.

Met up Lucy`s cousin. We had cup of blended tropical fruits juice each at the place i went with Andy, Sao Cafe. Had a great time there hanging out with Lucy and her cousin.

Hi-tea at Sao Cafe.

We started to take pictures.

Suddenly i got a call from my online buddy.

Lucy`s cousin took this.

The sun had finally set and it was time to fill up the stomach. Met up Lucy`s friends and we took taxi to Nam Bo and joined her cousin and aunt for a great authentic Vietnamese food. Seriously, the dinner was a feast to us. Shit, my mouth is watering again.

Dinner with Lucy, her friends and relatives at Nam Bo Restaurant.

Vietnamese salad.

Rice papers (wrapped with vegetable, mee hoon, fish and meat).

Fresh vegetable (for the rice paper).

Mee Hoon (for the rice paper).

Fried fish with the nuts for the filling.

Roasted chicken.

Winter melon steamed with fish.

Vietnamese fried rice.

Roasted baby pig.

Tiger beer.

Phew, after tooth picking and small rest, we went to a club. No camera allowed. Luckily i still managed to take one. I cant understand why they dont allow the people taking pictures inside there.

The night club we went to.

Secretly and quickly snap one.

I walked back to my hotel at around 1am since it is near from Lucy`s hotel. Saigon is a never sleep city too. I saw many couples riding motorcycles on the road. Wait, i was wrong. They were not couples! When i was about to cross the main road, a guy talked to me in Vietnamese. I said `No, no, no`. The girl sitting behind him got off and hugged me. Oh my goodness. I was very scared as i dint know what they would do on me. I took her hands off and the nightmares started. Other girls started to run towards me.

Saigon is a never sleep city. [1.05am]

One, two, three, four girls pulling my hands and said their motorcycle driver would bring me to the hotel. I refused. But anyhow they followed me and kept yelling cheap, happy and funny. After few minutes of struggling, i shouted out loudly. Then only they let me go. Oh my Jesus. They were so good in figure but their appearances were too lame. Anyway please never ever walk alone in Saigon after midnight. My friend told me next time when i encounter this again, 'tell the girls that you are gay'. Good idea.

Rush hour in the morning at the residential area.

That was the last night hanging out with Lucy in Vietnam. She headed back to the states on the following day and i happily welcoming my online buddy, Annabel from New York City, flying from Hongkong. While waiting Annabel to arrive Saigon in the evening, i casually explored the city and snapped some nice street photos. Okay, i am going to skip or minimize the talking and let the pictures paint a million of word.

Anyone wanna buy dragon fruits?

Pick the juicy mangoesteens and sweet rambutans back home.

Counting how much she had earned in the morning.

Saigon Fast and Furious? See the lady sitting there selling balloon.

Street tailor - get your pants altered at any time.

Very surprisingly to see such Benz in Vietnam.

It`s easy to get newspaper or magazine beside the street/road.

Wanna have your hair cut at the corner of a sidewalk?

Two guys were enjoying their meal at a dirty sidewalk full with rubbish.

Street Cafe - have a rest if you are tired driving motorcycle.

'Hey young man, wanna have a trishaw ride around the city?'

Rush hour in the evening.

It`s time to go back home, cook for the family.

Please come early tomorrow.

Life is hard. The kids are hoping for a better life.

Of course, i will never miss out seeing cool buildings and architecture of the city.

The apartment.

The three star hotel.

The shopping mall.

The branch of Maybank in Saigon.

Every city has its own hero.

The Central Plaza.

The condominium.

The Prudential building.

The broadcasting building.

The Saigon Center.

Okay after this, i met up my friend, Annabel. I threw her a small welcoming to Saigon party at Quan An Ngon. I will update part five once i am back from HK and China. My friends, stay tuned ya.

Day Five.

Day Six.

Day Seven.

p/s : I am back from HK yesterday. Gonna rest a while. Brb.

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Miyuki said...

wow...such a nice trip... so many pictures...hehe..

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Calvin Soo KJ said...

cool pictures bro.....your foodie pictures made me hungry liao...hehehe :)

Invisible said...

i miss vietnam~!!!

et Shuben™ said...

Gosh! The food the beer and the people!


Faye fly said...

huh u at penang now?! why feedseed show nibong tebal penang ah?! lengzai lenglui with nice trip^^

Mei-Wah said...

omg, i'm picture overdose already! :) and omg, you had black snail? eww...

Anonymous said...

OMGGGGG... you went to nice places and ate nice food. o.O Eh, the fried fish and the peanuts looks abit strange. Does it taste nice?

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Maonoko said...

After seeing ur photos, i felt that Vietnam is a good choice for travel:):)

I heard that the expenses in Vietnam is low, is it true?

Waiting for ur update from HK!!

Take good rest!!:D

~珊姑娘~ said...

me too, feel shock to c Benz at vietnam!!XD

food there look a bit liek thai food woo!

come bek ad????miss u^^
take rest ya tehn faster share us ur HK trip!!!more photo!!!!

Unknown said...

So... So... So... jealous that you can travel to so... so... so... many place!!! Haha!

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Kikey Loo said...

a lot yummy foods..
but i not really like vietnam foods. :)

ernloy said...

hey fufu!!!
i am just back from germany and austria today too, not to msia...but to ukraine,of course,i still have few more months to graduation! :P
stay tune for my future entries!!!
if u wanna come to europe again, ring me up!!!
take care bud!

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died said...

u take so many nice pictures.
3* hotel...look like not bad lie
benz?! do you know that's year of made is when?

Yenny said...


**人家生活艱苦嘛~ 你怎么不做點兒好事?:p

你要是說你是Gay的,說不定就是那driver轉過來抱著你... =.="

穎子 said...

yummy yummy... soooo delicious. hehehe...

i ate the spring rolls b4.. i love it !! XD

u're the photographer? these photos are soooooooo nice.

迷迭香 said...

luckily i just had some Vietnamese food for lunch, otherwise this will be so torturing hahahaaa....

YNOT TONY said...

还没去过越南... 看上去满好玩儿的....

even said...

"winter melon steamed with fish"

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李文健 이문건 りぶんけん said...

hey there... im thinking of go vietname for my final year trip leh

爱美丽 said...

尤其是那杯special drink~~

三吉 said...

such a nice trip...i just want to know what taste of the snail!!...

fufu said...

miyuki : erm, i normally took ton of pictures for every trip =)

天使 : 我只不過是五官端正罷了~

Calvin Soo KJ : hehehe, go have some vietnamese food later ok?

fufu said...

invisible : erm me too, i wanna go to hanoi and hoi an for the next visit to vietnam =)

et : 我哪裏有騙美眉?越南真的很多美食~

faye fly : dont believe the tracker!! it sucks sometime ya =) anyway i am now still in TM, perak =p

fufu said...

mei-wah :oh take a good rest then (after reading my post, =p an excuse)
well, the snails tasted not bad with the chili sauce =)

cleffairy : yep, all nice good ya =) you should try vietnamese food, bet you would like it

ah man : 對我喜歡越南菜肴 =p

fufu said...

M@onoko : yeah saigon is still developing, you may go to hanoi and hoian =) yes, living expenses there is consider lower than malaysia =)

珊姑娘 : erm... i think different with thai food =) well i am back to my hometown...taking rest now before starting a new job =) will try my best to quickly post up hk and mainland china pictures here

天蓬元寿 : hihihi, you could do it later one... good luck @_<

fufu said...

十六夜真人 : 我想他們想要錢罷了

kikey loo : did you try them before?vietnamese food is one of my favourite though =)

ernloy : oh...erm i have no idea when will i be able to visit ukraine, but anyway will get some info from you if i ever had the chance =p

fufu said...

sing : 都是爲了錢作怪~~

海市蜃樓 : 好主意~~ 下一次一定會醬講

梦想罐头 : yeah, i always take ton of pics =) erm i have no idea how old is the benz...

fufu said...

yenny : 生活艱苦?我不想我越南的手信是愛滋病咯

帶刺の蝴蝶 : yes, i took all the pictures... if not who you thinking of huuh? =)

迷迭香 : hehehe, lucky you =) but i guess the authetic vietnamese food would taste much better =p

fufu said...

tony : 越南很好玩~ 我下次要去河内~~

even : 哈哈哈 越南菜 平靚正
我一定介紹jack啦 =)

candygan : 哪裏有美女? hihihihi
旅遊最重要就是可以玩得開心 有沒有美女沒關係
一定要品嘗當地食物 =p

Vincent Cho said...


fufu said...

李文健 이분건 : yeah vietnam is a nice country to could consider cambodia and thailand laso as well, they are pretty close to each other =p

爱美丽 : 越南菜真的很好吃!

三吉 : snail? kust like clam i guess... not really remember but i can say they are nice with the chili sauce =)

fufu said...

vincent cho : XX 媽的, 我要回去越南吃越南菜~~

Rex said...

vietname... boooooo....
I will be there this year! =p

fufu said...

rex : wish you would have a nice trip there =)

Anonymous said...

Wow, When did you travel in Vietnam? 2007? Didn't take any pics wit andy ? :D

fufu said...

Anonymous : who are you huuh? well i visited saigon in 2007, i met andy as well =) erm...will post out our pictures later =p

Anonymous said...

I'm a visitor from Vietnam. Your blog is so cool and very interesting.I loved it.Hope you will post many pictures wit andy soon :D

fufu said...

Anonymous : xin chao~~ welcome to my blog, but i think you should post your comment on my new articles and not here =) hahaha, due to some reason, i cant post up the pictures of me and andy here... =p wish you understand ok wait your comment for my other new articles :)