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FuFu Travel - Guangzhou, China
Saturday - 27 . December . 2008

FuFu with his ticket in front of CRH 1.

Alright, after the awesome Christmas celebration in Hongkong, i was ready for the New Year countdown in mainland China. As usual, every time i go to Hongkong, i would definitely meet up Yip Sui Sum, my housemate (when we were studying in Osaka, Japan). This time we planned to spend two nights in his hometown, Guangzhou, before continued our journey to Foshan (佛山) and Zhaoqing (肇慶).

Jodie with her ticket in front of CRH 1.

When i told Jodie that i would going to Guangzhou as well before i flew off, she told me that she was interested to travel with me and meet up Sum as well. The itinerary was set, the day has come, we met up at the MTR station, and headed off to Shenzhen. From Shenzhen, we took CRH 1 (和諧號 1型), a high speed emulator trains to Guangzhou. It is serving between Guangzhou and Shenzhen that makes our journey pretty much comfortable and convenient.

Beverages and snacks or even rice and noodles are sold.

The tickets and the packets of snacks we had finished.

Probably it's commenced on 1st July 2007, everything (the cleanliness, services, punctuality,etc) was fine. I have so far no complaint but enjoyed the 52mins quiet yet fast and smooth journey while chatting with Jodie and reading the magazine provided on the train. Very soon, i guess the Chinese high-speed emulator train could stand as tall as Japanese bullet train and German magnetic train.

Damn, it was damn so clean!

Ok, transportation in China has changed pretty much!

CRH 1 subscribes cool magazines.

Guangzhou East Station welcomes you.

After the 52mins journey from Shenzhen, we finally arrived safely at Guangzhou East station. Sum picked us up and brought us to the hotel before heading for dinner. It was so good to see my buddy again! Those memories we had together in Japan instantly popped up once he had shown up. We used to chatted on the roof top of our apartment...

Jodie knew Sum through FuFu in July, 2007.

We took subway back to the downtown.

This is the double bed room for FuFu and Jodie.

Jodie and FuFu settled down at a budget hotel in Sum's neighbourhood as his relatives visited him as well (we were suppose to stay at his place). The accommodation was actually arranged by him. A double bed room, RMB 200 (US30) for a night is a great deal by the way.

FuFu + camera + friend + mirror = camwhoring

This is a nice budget hotel.

The bathroom is so spacious~

Incredibly we found no dusk on the mirror.

Our room has a balcony - the view is not bad.

Both Sum and Jodie purposely took their time off to accompany me.

We appreciate every second we have together.

The Pearl River at dusk.

We chose Lan Gui Fang to have our first dinner in Guangzhou.

Boss of the day.

We are VIGs - very important guests.

The ambience of the restaurant is so great!

The crispy roasted pigeon.

The yummy fried rice.

The fresh stir-fried vegetable.

The spicy seafood curry.

Jodie desired to pay Shamian Islet (沙面島) a visit, hence we had our dinner there. It is located at the joint of 3 rivers at Pearl river a gazetted historical area that serves as a tranquil reminder of the colonial European period. We walked around the quiet pedestrian avenues flanked by trees and lined by historical buildings in various states of upkeep after dinner.

Happy New Year from the famous White Swan Hotel.

You could find Western-style buildings at every corner on the island.

Some turned into tourist shops selling curios and souvenirs.

Some became restaurant and hotels.

While the rest turned into bar and pub.

Sum is checking out the Western-style architecture.

Jodie and the statues on Shamian Islet.

We walked back to the Pearl River again.

The buildings along side the river.

Near Shamian Islet, there's a well known street - Shang Xia Jiu pedestrian street (上下九步行街) . It is a 24-hour pedestrian sections and the longest pedestrian commercial street in Guangdong Province. There, you find a long row of shophouses selling apparels, shoes, and gourmet Cantonese foods.

The street is brilliantly lit by neon lights at night.

It's especially crowded by teenagers.

This shopping area is also a showcase of traditional Cantonese architecture, especially pretty at night when it's lit up. Prices here are generally lower than anywhere, yet prepare to bargain a fair bit. We had lots of fun at the street shopping, sightseeing its unique architecture, enjoying famous Guangzhou snack foods at the gourmet corner and even having a closer look of local residents' daily night lives.

Jodie never miss out the snacks food.

Everyone is busy getting new clothes for new year.

I like the colourful neon signs so much.

There are many tea houses with hundred years of experience as well.

FuFu and Sum at the centre of the street.

Wonder what this person is selling.

In front of a reputable shop famous for its biscuits.

We are finally back to our hotel - the view from the balcony.

Lavender moisturizing mask.

It was dry in mainland China thus Jodie brought mosturizing masks along. I was given one lavender scented mask. Honestly speaking, that was my first time putting on the facial mask. It's a fun way anyhow to keep my skin cool and moisturized.

Oh my gosh, so cute. XD

We called it a day after the mask.


古小玉 said...


Akira 思胜 said...

哈哈, 最后一张照片很好笑啦...
真的很羡慕你咯, 一直可以去外国旅行呢...

古小玉 said...
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古小玉 said...

还在家过年吗? 有没有闷到抽筋?

fufu said...

khoo88 : 終于給你等到了 在沙发睡觉的感覺一定很棒吧

Akira 思胜 : 哈哈哈 這就是我的人生

khoo88 : 在家过年! 闷到抽筋叻 下一次都不要

I AM A BLOGGER said...

哈哈哈, 但是, 你这样玩, 红包钱都不够用了!哈哈哈(^^)

fufu said...

Xjion89 : 希望你們每一次來都會有驚喜
然後把快樂帶回去 這就是我把這些旅遊記放上跟你們分享

Rosemount said...

the train and budget hotel are very neat.

very cute that you're wearing facial mask! haha ^^

Unknown said...

haha wow, u rly travel alot don't you~ =) love ur lifestyle and ur clothes! hahaha. come india find me lor if u're free =p

zzhen said...


Bengbeng said...

looks like i am hooked on yr travel pics :)

i have bookmarked yr blog n will come back for updates. it is amazing you don't charge us for reading this travel magazine but it is for free..armchair travel with ahfu :)

LuckyBoy1420 男孩像我 said...


Chi Leong said...


fufu said...

jill : hehehe, we all travel budget travel smart! erm yah, it felt good, i mean the mask!! would like to have more from now on as my face is damn rough after my 14mths of world tour

aaronng88 : hihihi, yeah i have been travelling around the world but not india!! will definitely give you a buzz once i start my planning for india =) see you then ya

龍貓 : 那是我醬大個仔的第一次哦
感覺還蠻好的 以後會多嘗一嘗

Anonymous said...


fufu said...

LuckyBoy1420 : 那不是我的哦
是jodie給我用的 第一次的感覺還好拉
但是哦 我也想是時候開始要保養了~~ 哈哈

bengbeng : hahhaa i am so happy reading your comment!! thanks =D well this travel magazine is still not that popular, i guess once it is known, i may charge you guys lol okok j/k, FOC for my fans =) ok do come back here often for the upcoming travelogues

That My Goal : 我不是旅客 我是探險家
我比較喜歡慢慢地享受 悠悠閒閒地玩
不喜歡跟那些團趕來趕去 一點意思都沒有

fufu said...

sock peng : 其實哦 我的行程真的是與衆不同的 因爲我就是不一樣 =) 也很榮幸可以認識到世界各國的朋友 可以講收益不淺~

iamlz said...

Wah..hahhaah, so CNY mood ar your site, got CNY song some more! XD

I'm really amazed by the train!! If you dint say I thought it's in a plane!

Wah wah..mask lor hahhaha! I never tried mask before ler hahah..
Happy NIU year!

Anonymous said...

i would like to visit guangzhou but i somehow got trauma staying at my auntie's house there because the last time i did in melbourne she doesn't allow me to go anywhere and i have to be back by 7 pm.

and another reason i have not been traveling is i have not found anyone to go with and i'm more to a lone traveller.

RYC: i like knowing new things including feng shui. and do u practise any?

Chi Leong said...


[SK] said...

you didn't eat dogs, cats, snakes, squirrels, ant-eaters, bats, owls etc etc there?? kekeke :p

even said...

呵呵~得閒要敷多d mask啦!

fufu said...

lz : yeah, i was shocked as well in 2007!! anyway china has changed pretty lots!! erm, yeah i changed some layouts here on my blog for the new year =) hahaha, you face must be very smooth i guess... anyway happy chinese new year to you too...gong xi fa cai

renaye : well i like to travel alone also, the feeling is so great!! from the planning, booking till the visiting, i am the one who make the decision, and i like the freedom, dont get me wrong, its not lonesome!

you gotta back your aunt`s house by 7pm even in melbourne? omg!! anyway you should have told your aunt that you are big enough! and aussie is a safe country! or probably there's still lot of different between girl and boy =)

i am not that superstitious, i only follow those practices if my mother force me to =D

That My Goal : 哇哈哈哈
不要醬講啦 你以後一定會有很多機會出國的哦

fufu said...

SK : lol i didnt! ops or i should say havent!! hehehehe

even : yes!! 以後一定會敷多d
出來行 一定要keep住個look!! 哇哈哈

冒牌周武王ΨomsΨ said...

那里的夜景好迷人哦! ^^

fufu said...

❤oms❤Ψ : 不只夜景 食物也很好吃
下一個文章就會提到 =) 你要守候哦

Anonymous said...

Ooh the train looks comfortable =)
can't imagine its located a guangzhou...
ahha,anyway,happy belated cny 09 =)

小虫 said...


小虫还没试过facial mask!
你用了不就更帅!!! XD

啊~你什么时候生日啊 ==

幸福王子 said...



Anonymous said...

那个CRH 1真的很干净,感觉这样的程度只会在日本出现呢.


Unknown said...

jealous of u lah... can go some many tempat jalan2... without worries.... huhuhu!!!

how was the mask?
any "effect" on ur face?! huhuhu....

Chi Leong said...


Unknown said...


Faye fly said...

cute mask photo!! happy momo year ah




Anonymous said...

haha. i don't have to tell my auntie that i'm already a big big girl already because i was 20 then! but oh well i don't have the house key, so fair enough.

so where is ur next stop?

阿Don said...




vialentino said...

hi hi...dropping by here for a visit....have a nice sunday weekend.

三吉 said...


~珊姑娘~ said...

yooo!!!u go china after nice! plan to there too next time!^^

hey, i oso wondering wats teh chicken guy selling!!u din go to ask woo???

ur mask photo is so cute!!!

Carrie Tai said...

How much was the hotal room rate per night in Guang Zhou?

Anonymous said...

looks like fun. affordable too if it is a budget conscious tour. it is the expensive flight tickets that worry me

Landy said...



YNOT TONY said...

怎么有两张床啊? 呵呵呵

silentz_sy said...

廣州哦!夜市真的很熱鬧~ 我喜歡夜市 rf

Landy said...


tagnan said...

"三六滚一滚 神仙都企唔稳"
唔知你會唔會試? 哈哈....

Kikey Loo said...

i definitely will go China in future!! :D

feline_Jodie said...

每次看 我還是會笑 因為拍得好傻~哈哈
reli happy to travel with u too, many fun ,laugh and so many little things make this trip unforgettable!!

我只知道過完年 吃得好撐...

小崇胖胖 said...



爱美丽 said...


Unknown said...

Hey man, nice blog you got here! I really enjoy the travel & food posting.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

你的double bed room 到了睡觉时间是不是推在一起把它变成。。。。single bed? 哈哈哈哈哈.

3ugene said...

malaysia got LRT china got MRT.. why so big different one?..haha anyway nice pic^^

Chris said...

哇! 你好得空哦, 不用上班吗?

- yEng - said...

those beverages and snacks are quite influent me!!!! ^^

why you always fly here and there enjoyable!!

sebastiangan said...


-KeO- said...

Wah... lots of picture..
how come u can travel so many places?? so rich.,......lolz..

Anonymous said...

LOL.... the last pic got to me somehow... LOL....FuFu looks so cute in a masque

Shin said...



海市蜃樓 said...



fufu said...

嘉CacinG進 : 我的臉還有痘痘的
日後一定要多用mask!!! 應該是時候保養了
我的生日是03/22 要記得哦

幸福王子 : 中國是一定要去的

小妖精 : 你買mask 給我? 是不是免費的先?
哈哈哈哈哈 我還要問你用什麽mask才好呢

fufu said...

宏轩 : hehehe, bet you could go jalan jalan after your studies as well, dont jealous me, study hard now and play harder later =)

that my goal : 好動是好的

ah_man : 我想幾年后廣州的夜景一定更加美

fufu said...

faye fly : hihihi, i love the picture also ^o^ happy niu year to you too =)

全 : lol 希望你可以很快就有錢去香港大陸玩哦

renaye : hahaha, erm thats always suck if you need to go back earlier!! anyway there are plenty of hostels/backpackers in downtown of melbourne ya =) hihihihi okok my next destination? tibet taiwan or india @_<

fufu said...

阿Don : 我是馬來西亞人哦
gong xi fa cai~~

vialentino : thanks for dropping by, do come here more often when you are free ya =)

三吉 : 我也很榮欣可以跟你們分享我的旅記哦

fufu said...

珊姑娘 : if you plan to visit hk again for the next time, you could always go to guangzhou or shenzhen ya =) erm, the photo marked as my very first facial mask though =p good to see/show it when i am getting old @_<

Cheddarina : already written as rmb 200 =) erm, or you wanna the rate for 5star hotel? hihihi

isaiah : now airasia flies to guangzhou hk and macao ya =) try to get the free ticket ya and you could go travelling in the cheapest way =P good luck

fufu said...

Landy : 現在交通已經很發達很方便了

tony : 中國變了很多
兩張床?因爲我們分床睡覺 lol

silentz_sy : 中國的夜市真的很多姿多彩
中國強了很多 千萬不要小看中國哦

fufu said...

Landy : 一定要我留言你才會光顧我?
不得空去你家留言的話 你就不會來?
anyway 我一定會抽時間去每個人的家哦

tagnan : "三六滚一滚 神仙都企唔稳"

Kikey Loo : yo... by the next time you go, china would be already a developed country, or still a long way to go...but anyway it is changing pretty fast now

fufu said...

jodie : 自拍真的很好玩 謝謝你的參與哦
面膜的照片很受歡迎 大家都很喜歡 =)

小崇胖胖 : 看來你已經到了廣州
一定要吃可夠哦 回來才減肥 lol

爱美丽 : 除了上海香港 洋鬼子以前也有在廣州混過一段時期 廣州真的變了很多 以後一定好過我們的吉隆坡

fufu said...

noise : hihihi ^_^ thanks... glad to hear that you like it...gotta come here often ok? see you =p

小妖精 : 好像沒有 但是在外國長大的華人說的中文很搞笑的算不算呢?

toto : hahahah 醬都給你想到 lol

fufu said...

3ugene : well we have all those transportation mode(subway/lrt/mrt/mtr) in every big city now =) erm yeah i had a great time in guangzhou @_<

chris : 我還沒有開工
應該講我還沒有找到工做咯 失業ing
hahaha 人家選我 我選工 =(

yeng : yeah used to fly here and there... this was my recent trip though, i am now back from hk and looking for job while applying for my master course =)

fufu said...

sebastiangan : okok! got it

keo : hahaha... poor student could travel as well... =p see how you travel...budget or luxurious trip

cleffairy : hehehe... yeah only look cute in a masque =) the rest good looking @_<

fufu said...

shin : 那間房真的很值

海市蜃樓 : 果個火車真既好好 我都跌嗮眼睛

Anonymous said...

the photos you took are so cute~happy new year~

fufu said...

alma : lol thanks wish you all like my photos @_<

Vincent Cho said...

what happened to your face?!! hahahahaha~!! funny leh~!!

fufu said...

Vincent Cho : it's just a mask, just put it on as jodie didnt want to do it alone =)

JeNs 阿慧 said...

Hi Hi,

I am about to go GZ soon, can you please provides me your itinerary and also the hotel details? seem quite nice and relaxing for this tour itinerary. :)

fufu said...

JeNs 阿慧 : thanks for visiting =) well you wanna the itinerary? erm, just read the two entries here ok? because i had been to guangzhou 3yrs ago =D the hotel i would suggest 7daysinn =p wish this would help =)

JeNs 阿慧 said...

ho ho ho, ya, i have 4 days only, so pretty much can pick some of those places you have visited. Anyway the hotel is budget hotel? doesn't look like budget though hehehe. what is the hotel name?

fufu said...

JeNs 阿慧 : well the hotel is 7daysinn, actually there are many hotels in guangzhou, dont worry you could certainly get the cheapest one =) or just for for a day and find a cheaper one when you reach guangzhou ok?

Yif@N said...