Thursday, 29 January 2009

FuFu Travel - Wanchai and the Christmas Eve
Wednesday - 24 . December . 2008

Most of the apartments already turned to budget hostels.

The main purpose i went to Hongkong was to celebrate Christmas there. So it finally came to the eve. I met up Ivan at Wanchai first for a quick Canon 450DSLR lesson since he is good at photography and his camera is 400D as well.

This street was damn quiet.

Is he finally decided to go back home?

We were back to the 60's.

One good place to shout off your stress and complaints.

Star Ferry - still the important mode of transport to Tsim Sha Tsui.

View of Kowloon side from Hongkong Island.

The Central Business District of Hongkong.

As the sky was about getting dark, i quickly started my second mission of the day. It was great to see and take pictures with the famous Christmas lighting deco on a office tower in a relatively close distance. Once the tripod was set, the three of us were busy for shooting. =)

Merry Christmas from SH Office Tower.

Testing one, two, three.

The Lost FuFu.

Tempting Heart - take one.

Tempting Heart - take two.

Tempting Heart - take three.

Tempting Heart - happy ending.

Got a call from Zoe. We decided to have our dinner at a Taiwanese restaurant, 8 Happiness. Through German, i knew Ivan and Zoe three years ago. We had a great time exploring Macao together at that time. It was actually our reunion dinner to meet and catch up with each other. Glad we could all gather together again.

The 8 Happiness Restaurant.

The interior of the restaurant.

Zoe and her boyfriend, Mark.

FuFu and his 3-year-old-online-buddies, German.

Sesame stuffed (pork) bun.

Fried dumpling (Yaki gyoza ).

Grilled mackerel (Yaki Saba).

Tonkotsu Ramen (Pork soft bone soup noodle)

Yu Yuan (kind of Taiwanese dessert)

FuFu was caught!!!

The food was so so, but we enjoyed our precious time there.

Ding Ding (the tram that only running on Hongkong Island).

After filling up our stomachs, we took 'Ding Ding' to Central, another mode of transport must not miss once you stepped your foot on Hongkong Island.

Towers of Bank of China, Standard Chartered, HSBC, etc.

The giant Christmas tree in Central.

Thanks god our matching composition of elements always leave us batch of sweet memories to reminisce. The formula of FuFu + Camera + Friends would always give endless surprises + special enjoyments. (FuFu + Camera + Friends = endless surprises + special enjoyments)

Not In The Mood For Love.

The latest Cantonese version of Twilight.

We once temporary blocked a lane for our own street fashion show. A Christmas Eve ended up like this was, honestly speaking, a damn superb special day for me as we only planned to see the Christmas tree in Central and go for countdown in Lan Kwai Fong. Pictures paint thousand of words and feelings, here they go :

We are gearing up for the fashion show.

We are model-wanna-be.

Nope, we are all Top Models.

The next FuFu's Spring Collection.

We had our fashion show in between Chanel and Coach.

Like the effect!

Damn too good!

Shining out in the midst of the crowd.

Central Tempting Heart - Ivan, FuFu & German.

FuFu - the checked style.

German - taste of the typical OL.

Zoe - the Harajuku feel.

Ginny - the very MK style.

Alvin - the casual look.

Natalie and Ivan - combination of cute and funky.

We rushed to Lan Kwai Fong (LKF) for the countdown as only half an hour left. It was jammed with people until we were asked to use another access to LKF for countdown. For your information, LKF is well known for its Christmas countdown as it gathers numerous of foreigners every year.

It's over crowded yet we managed to take this good.

Merry Christmas~

We actually wished to have a drinks there after the countdown. Due to the crowd, we changed our plan then heading to International Finance Centre (IFC) for its Christmas decoration.

At the bridge that links you to IFC.

Ginny - my new friend of the day.

We have instant chemistry - eye to eye interaction.

IFC Mall.

The instant chemistry - the insidious feeling culmination.

FuFu and his Bond girls.

IFC Tempting Heart.

Survivors of the day!

Ivan and Natalie - what a sweet couple.

German, you are one of my best friends in Hong Kong.

It's time for light supper.

Alvin - he looks like Juno Mak, the HK singer!

German - she is still single, man what you waiting for?

Ivan - one true nice friend.

Ginny - a charming girl who could pose well.

Natalie - a makeup stylist, my new friend of the day too.

FuFu - a hungry man is an angry man.

My favourite Hongkong milk tea.

Toasted bun with butter and condensed milk.

Literally, the Hongkong office sandwiches.

It was a fruitful Christmas Eve i had ever had. Here, i would like to thanks Ivan, German, Zoe, Mark, Alvin, Ginny and Natalie for coming out and spending the eve with me. Heart you guys so much. =D


小虫 said...

huh???! 那些effect 酱帅的??!!

怎么把那些人潮 blur 掉的?!

Chi Leong said...



Invisible said...


I AM A BLOGGER said...


Akira 思胜 said...

哇, 你写到很好呢!!!

tagnan said...

圖文並茂 活色香江

Unknown said...


bearlim said...

香港!我梦寐的国家之一 :)

Miney said...

The tempting heart is so cute and funny xD

Serina said...


Mei-Wah said...

happy "moo moo" year to you, Fufu!!! :)

i missed HK... i missed the weather, the fashionable people, the shopping complexes, the Sasa and Bonjour, argh... how I missed them all. and I missed wearing my boots in HK. i can never ever wear boots in Msia. anyone in boots in Msia = lala girls. sigh.

p/s: i personally love the emo side of you with the SH office tower building! :)

iruffcookiedough said...

very nice effects, and you're looking good. think your cam skills are put to good use after all. btw, you mentioned about coming to singapore right? add me on facebook to discuss yeah?

fufu said...

嘉CacinG進 : 怎麽弄?很難解釋咯
一定要示範 你才會明白的哦

That My Goal : 哈哈 我跟誰都是那麽的襯的
因爲我們會很投入的拍照~ 放入感情

Invisible : 一定要有創意 才可以在這社會生存哦

fufu said...

Xjion89 : 香港時人見人愛的國家哦
我也被她迷上了 每年都會回去一次
謝謝你喜歡我的照片 =)

Akira 思胜 : 花了很多時間寫這一篇文章
幸好有人說好 還是值得的

tagnan : 以後一定留下無限的回憶哦

fufu said...

ah man : 因爲我們交出感情 加上專業攝影師的配合 才可以拍出醬的水准 但是還是玩玩而已 畢竟我們還是無牌專業那些專業

bearlim : 香港一定要去哦 保證你一生無悔

MiNღ唲 : hehehe, that idea was came from Ivan!! we had a great time taking pictures together =D

fufu said...

serina : 我們很多時候都用腳架 沒有的話就是Ivan, 食物和建築物的都是我拍的

Mei-Wah : hahaha, wearing boots is not necessary a lala girl ok? it depends how you match your outfit! i am missing hk so bad =) anyway i will be back again soon probably this year

iruffcookiedough : lol just look normal la! erm... i am still learning hard to make full use of my 450D, wish you could share your skills with me =D ops, i thought you had already added me on fb, anyway will let you know when would be the exact date i go there

Chi Leong said...


fufu said...

That My Goal : 哈哈哈 因爲我是專業人士
講真的 我在日本的時候也有修過火藥學的哦

- yEng - said...





ernloy said...

dear fufu!
i come back to your blog de :)
back to ukraine and back to school...yawn~

i love your side view look!

Happy 年初四!!!

十六 said...


Anonymous said...

等我都玩下先~ 呵呵

小崇胖胖 said...

我回來了~恭喜發財阿~不好意思這麼遲才來跟你拜年.你們用的效果應該是光圈放大,快門速度延長,然後同時間轉動鏡頭(zoom in/out)..應該是這樣吧~我都忘了..呵呵

fufu said...

yEng : 新年快樂 萬事如意 恭喜發財
香港真的迷死人~~ 我還是逃不過她的五指山

ernloy : hey it's good to hear from you again! erm, guess it's the time back to your studies after a short break ya!wish you had recharged fully =) like the side view look of fufu? agree!! look so much better!!

十六夜真人 : 哈哈 以後還有很多食物照片看
習慣了擺姿勢 自然會有很多pose~~ =)

fufu said...

昌 : 係街度影果d相我都好like
拉爆/zoom爆果d 效果好好玩
你應該試一試 研究一下
等我下一次去香港 你再同我底影

小崇胖胖 : 不遲不遲 我們有十五天
今天才那年初五 還可以拜年呢
新年快樂 萬事如意 恭喜發財
我還有很多效果要學 剛剛才買了相機吧了

zzhen said...


你說::"我的卡在我的家哦 去我的家拿可以嗎?"

Chi Leong said...


fufu said...

龍貓 : 我以後一定會拍很多那些效果的照片

That My Goal : 要小心哦 我還會製造火藥的哦
但是不會炸人的拉 我們是炸山開路的

LuckyBoy1420 男孩像我 said...


even said...



Anonymous said...


candygan said...

happy new year!!

Bengbeng said...

love yr series on HK. specially love the pics. it helps that you find lovely girls, drape them around yr shoulders, take pics and decorate yr blog with it. ahhh sigh..sigh if i could b so lucky to find even one to do ...hehehehehe

fufu said...

LuckyBoy1420 : 不要講到好像我強逼你留言醬

even : 以後一定要昌同我地影

sock peng : 哈哈哈 那就是fufu style 咯
i am not a tourist, i am a traveller =D

fufu said...

candygan : hey gong xi fa cai to you too! may the year of ox bring you more health ya =)

Bengbeng : yeah it's always great to hang out with friends especially those easy going type!! erm wish you could get somebody soon so you could put those pictures on your blog =) i am going to put up entries bout mainland china... stay tuned ya

Anonymous said...




fufu said...

小妖精 : 好吖 看看我幾時又再回去
一定會通知你的哦 希望你可以拿到假去玩
一定要親身體驗 包你不想離開香港
還有我不回去三四天的哦 最少10天
好啦 見到面才慢慢談

爱美丽 said...


lock said...

你沒去廣州那個很多羊的著名廣場? 哈, 我忘了那個地標叫什麼了!

fufu said...

爱美丽 : 謝謝你的支持哦
有時間就常來坐坐咯 =)
看看我的照片 不開心都變開心 @_<

lock : 應該是五羊石像啦
有去哦 剛剛把他們的照片放上

Feeling said...

wow! so long of ur post! lolz i like the pictures of food! look so yummy and delicious!! and of coz you guys look handsome and pretty cute in pics too!! keke!

p.s. wong fei hung is not really handsome as wat i expected kekeke!

fufu said...

Feeling : that picture of wong fei hung was taken when he was very old, probably he was a handsome master when he was young =) thanks for the compliment of my pictures =p so happy =D

Reddie said...

read some of your old posts at random,


fufu said...

Reddie : 我也想做model...
但是這一行很難進的~ 單身很辛苦~~

Anonymous said...

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