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FuFu Malaysia Project - Nationality (Malaysia)

FuFu Malaysia Project
24th August - 16th September 2010 | Episode 5

FuFu Malaysia Project - Episode 5 : Nationality (Malaysia)

Leehom Wang 王力宏 (Taiwan). Takeshi Kaneshiro 金城武 (Japan). Nicholas Tse 謝霆鋒 (Canada). Daniel Wu 吳彥祖 (United States). Chilam Cheung 張智霖 (Hongkong). Bruce Lee 李小龍 (United States). They have nothing much in common with each other but for sure they are still famous and gorgeous Asian celebrities. But what the hell i relate them here in my Malaysia Project?

Well, i have been telling since Form 6 (A-level or pre university studies) by my mother, friends, acquaintances, strangers that i look like them. First is Leehom Wang, my mother was the first who said i look like him when his MV of 公轉自轉 was showing after a Hongkong series at Astro WLT. Next is Takeshi Kaneshiro. I think nearly 10 years ago when studying Form 6 at TARC. I used to wear glasses yet people still said i looked like the Takeshi when he was wearing glasses.

When i told my friends about this topic, they just couldn't stop laughing at me. Probably they have been seeing the same person for years and don't really realize it. Even myself at the beginning didn't think that i looked like Takeshi Kaneshiro until I flew to Japan.

My Japanese host families and friends said i look more alike to Katsunori Takahashi 高橋克典 (another local popular Japanese artist) instead of Takeshi Kaneshiro. And the funny thing is i found that Takeshi Kaneshiro looks like Katsunori Takahashi. So if A=B and A=C, so B=C, and therefore it proves that A=B=C! Since then i accepted the fact that FuFu does look like both Takeshi and Katsunori.

Even though i had adequate pocket money to spend in Japan, i did part-time job to earn more money for the future. Having a chance to work at a Malaysian restaurant in Osaka, i had many opportunities to brush up my Kansai-ben (more melodic and harsher Japanese). Perhaps my hairstyle was pretty same like Nicholas Tze at that moment, customers and my Boss wondering if i was Nicholas's long lost brother.

After moving to Hiroshima from Osaka, i showed my 2005 Taiwan trip pictures to some of my friends, they said i looked like Daniel Wu. Group of my Malay friends said i looked like Chilam when i first met them in Hiroshima. Bruce Lee popped up when i was visiting New Zealand under the Working Holiday's Visa. Later on, more and more artists such as Lee Hyun-kyoon (Korea), Louis Ku 古天樂 (Hongkong), Mark Zhao You-Ting 趙又廷 (Taiwan), Huang Xiaoming 黃曉明 (mainland China) etc being mentioned.

So, what do you think? Do i really look like the artists i mentioned above? Frankly speaking, it really flatters me because they are really all good looking guys. It's my honour! But on one side, i feel sad because i can't establish my own nationality. Nobody would think that i am a child of Malaysia. I am still who i am. Lam Ching Fu 林振富, aka FuFu. Probably i need to achieve something great so everyone would know FuFu's nationality. Because not many people alert about Malaysia's existance. We seriously need to promote and establish our own unique nationality internationally.

"Are you from Japan?"

"Are you Korean?"

"I thought people from Hongkong doesn't speak good Mandarin."

Even though i can't prevent people from thinking that i am from China, Korea, Hongkong, Japan or anywhere, my heart is still belong to Malaysia. Or should i get a "Made in Malaysia" tattoo on my forehead, letting everyone know my nationality before talking to me?

Being away from Malaysia since 2002, i have been telling everyone i am a child of Malaysia. And they accept me as a Malaysian. But in Malaysia, we always arguing that Uncle Lim was originated from China, Rajah was an Indian descendant, Hang Ali actually came from Palembang, Indonesia. Hey, we are all born in Malaysia. We have only one nationality - Malaysia. Nowhere else we can go but Malaysia is the only country we should all call home. If Uncle Lim should go back to China, i think only Orang Asli (the indigenous people) are allowed to stay back in Malaysia. Think twice before you speak. You can't delete what you have spoken or written because now we have cameras, recorders, internet, Youtube and blogs.

Another issue is since we are all Malaysians and Bahasa Malaysia is the national language, why you still surprise Uncle Lim can speak good Bahasa Malaysia? Isn't that what you want? Why can't Rajah speak fluent Cantonese or Hang Ali speak good Mandarin? That can be an insult you know? Our nationalities won't change according to what languages we speak, where is our ancestor's origin, how we look like, what colour of our skins, what festivals we celebrate, etc. Living under one big colourful roof, no matter what languages we speak, we are still all Malaysians.

p.s. 1 : It's alright if you don't think i look like any one of the artists mentioned above.

p.s. 2 : It's all about my own true stories (kisah benar). Take it or leave it.

p.s. 3 : The crescent moon is a symbol of the official religion Islam.

富富默迪卡行動 - 國籍 (馬來西亞)





贾申 said...


Candlelyn said...


fufu said...

wkw : 謝謝你哦 :)

Candlelyn :日本明星?? 我已經像兩位日本明星了... 金城武+高橋克典... 哈哈哈 對呀..很榮幸可以像帥哥...

ladyviral said...

Hi Takeshi! :P

What cha doing blgoging? >.>

ladyviral said...

Wow! I am top 3 of the commentors! Was never this high before! o.o

fufu really into this Merdeka Project yea? Merdeka over liao :P.

Kenny Mah said...

The best part is... though you may look like these famous artists, the most important thing is that you look like yourself and like yourself that way. :)

fufu said...

ladyviral :yeah my friends used to call me takeshi...and some of them still calling me takeshi :) hahhaa well we still have Malaysia Day on 16th September :) hohoho

Life for Beginners : yeah i am fufu :) fufu likes the way he lives his life XD

Che-Cheh said...

I thought you look like Nicholse Tse the most. Hehe

When I hear Uncle Lim or Rajah or Hang Ali speak language other than theirs, I feel proud. :) We are indeed colorful.

Pete said...

fufu next stop must be Bollywood liao! he he he!

William said...

Should I ask for an autograph? :D

fufu said...

Che-Cheh : yeah thanks :) but indeed my brother looks like Nicholas Tze more than i do :)

Pete : bollywood? wahahaha, but i cant dance >< shit!!!

William : hahaha yeah remember to get my pictures printed... :) i will sign for you lol

单身汉 said...

你又嬴了, 都是像有名的帥哥。

fufu said...

单身汉 : hahaha 我將會是馬來西亞的富富 :) 而不是那些像這個韓國明星像那個日本明星....etc

Akira 思胜 said...

找化妆师来帮你吧, 你会更帅哦! :)

edward said...


海市蜃樓 said...


蓝天白云 said... u have 大众脸or明星脸啊??
when ppl say u alike someone else maybe tis will increase their memory to remember i have a friend that come from malaysia that look like someone....

one malaysia...i really wait the time to archieve one more ppl said that u should going bc to china or india...i really appreciate that time to come...

Erika Toh said...

fufu, of all the celebrities you mentioned above, I think none can be compared to the super patriotic, friendly, humble and also, good looking fufu that I got to know and have as a friend here~ ^^ Hehehe...gambateh! xD

London Caller said...


Sasa said...



[SK] said...

haha, never seen u in real so cannot comment on that.. but i am sure you look like LAM CHENG FU~~ :p

冒牌周武王ΨomsΨ said...



anthony said...

u really look like a korean XD

fufu said...

Akira 思胜 : 哈哈哈 對呀 被埋沒了 >< hahha 發白日夢

edward : 爲什麽不用作還可以吃飽飽??? 我還要養家的呢...

海市蜃樓 : yeah 我是我 :) 希望不會再有更多有才華的人被埋沒

fufu said...

bluecloud : hahaha food! you are right, they will remember that's a malaysian guy who look like takeshi, nicholas. etc!!!! hahaha i didnt know that! good you told me from other angle of thinking :)

Erika Toh : thanks :) hihihi i am just showing my part =p while relating my own stories for this merdeka project ya :) hihihi

London Caller : おしっこ?確かに....みんな一緒じゃん!! ><

fufu said...

Sasa : hahaha 謝謝你哦 :) 還是你最會講話 =p 但是還希望你們會真正的去了解穩重的意思 :)

SK : hey wrong spelling >< i am lam ching fu

冒牌周武王ΨomsΨ : hahha 高橋克典在日本海滿紅的當時 :) anyway 也是一名酷的藝人 :) 我還是比不上他們 ><

fufu said...

安东尼 : hahaha really? and also japanese...anyway anyway we actually may probably are all originated from one ancestor long long long long time ago!!

Rafael Lam said...

馬來西亞人除了中英文都咁叻, 現在要加上夠型夠帥了!
馬來西亞的多元文化其實比香港和澳門更多元, 真是一個先天有利的條件!
加油! 支持你的Merdeka Project!

fufu said...

Rafael Lam : hahahaha 你很會講話 :) 樹上的小鳥都會被你騙下來...還是要謝謝你的讚美+支持 XD anyway anyway 馬來西亞真的是一片很好的土地 :) 希望我們可以好好的利用我們的人才+資源 :)

垃圾魚-sookyee said...

got 60%look like a 明星!!!hehe...

紫绵羊的心与情 said...


escape said...

whoa! at first i was really thinking how you're related to them before i continued reading and yes i must agree. bruce lee!

Bengbeng said...

u know this is going to sound pretty ridiculous but i think this must b one of the best posts u have written!

fufu said...

垃圾魚-stacey : hahaha 謝謝 :)

紫绵羊的心与情 : hihihi tekeshi lam :)

dong ho : hahaha yeah bruce lee... my friends told that when we were working at a strawberry in new zealand 3yrs ago :)

fufu said...

Bengbeng : hahaha thanks a lot bb :) glad you like this :)

Ayie said...

I'm also often mistaken as chinese, korean or japanese =P

fufu said...

Ayie : hahahaha probably we are all asian ya... and it's hard to tell who is american/british/german/italian/austrian/swiss/etc here before talking to them... hihihi

NicoleB said...

The hair is what makes it hard for me to say you look like them or not, but when so many people say it, I guess it is so :D

lock said...


MASA said...

you remind me of my primary school teacher. When she was at oversea, someone ask her if she is chinese. She answered all of them that she is a malaysian. :)

shloke said...

You should teach your global friends how to speak and write simple Malay words such as:

Selamat Datang ke Malaysia!
Apa khabar?
Nama saya fufu :)

or perhaps treat them with our local dishes. fu's home cooked nasi lemak, kuey teow goreng and roti canai :)

古小玉 said...


fufu said...

NicoleB : hahaha probably it's hard for you to believe, because you dont know the celebrities well :) anyway just from several angles i do look like them ya

lock : 哈哈哈 我不知道

MASA : hahaha good! now you know what i am talking here :)

fufu said...

shloke : yeah i always cook something special for them though... rather than malaysian food, i would tell them that are my own fufu malaysian food... lol i taught them some bahasa, but dont dont they still remember or not... lol

古小玉 : 真的?? hahhaa 但是我麽你有那麽大只 ><

TG said...

I think most of Chinese in Malaysia would call themselves 华人, not 马来西亚人, let alone 中国人. And I think it's not bad to be 华人, it's a word that connects all Chinese everywhere, from USA to Taiwan to Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand etc... I think every Chinese has reasons to be proud of the many thousand years long culture, which is longer and richer than many Southeast Asian or Middle Eastern, even European, I dare to say. Another thing is to belong a country in the Modern sense. Your home country is Malaysia, where you and probably your parents were born. I just hoped Malaysia would acknowledge that and give Chinese equal rights, not allow systematic racism to give certain races more rights and funds than others.

TG said...
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fufu said...

MKL : hahhaa yeah the people here would call themselves as 馬來西亞華人 :) but most of the younger generation call themselves as 馬來西亞人 :) and we all should treat everyone like Malaysian... not to divide the citizens to malay, chinese, indian, iban, kadazan categories ><... the system has to be changed, otherwise we have t struggle longer to achieve one goal!

Anonymous said...

That's an impressive series of personalities! Very funny and each role you play well. Great project!

foongpc said...

Gosh!! You looked like so many of these famous celebrities? Errr... for me you looked like Fufu : )

foongpc said...

Yeah, we are Malaysians and that is a fact whether some people like it or not!

San said...


fufu said...

niceartlife : hahhaha thanks :) wish i could play my role well too in the future :) hihihi

foongpc : yeah you are right... i am fufu :) but feel happy when people say i look like this celebrity or that celebrity :)

San : 澳門我去過了三次
哈哈哈 由當地人帶一定會很棒
你還可以幫我拍帥帥的照片哦 :)

Kenzo said...


fufu said...

Kenzo : haha 已經過氣了 >< 你不需要羡慕 :)

Harshi said...

hehe.. that's a lot of celebrities to call your look-alikes. =D And it's pretty cool too. Not everyone's that lucky.

I too first thought you were a Chinese until I saw your Malaysian project. It's great that you started it and shared all these wonderful stories.

fufu said...

Harumi : hahaa thanks :) but well i am a chinese but malaysian chinese, we have 5 main races...well might be quite complicated for you to understand but well you just need to visit malaysia and know it yourself ya :) lol and glad you like this project =p

孤Owl的王子- Nick Goh said...

Good leh can look alike so many international artis!!