Tuesday, 5 October 2010

FuFu Love Story 之單戀 (特別篇)

FuFu Love Story - Special Edition
The Unrequited Love

*Here i would like to share the article i had written three years ago, posted in another blogging platform. Wish you guys would like it too.*

The thing about dream is you never know what you are going to get. You go to bed hoping for images of prince or princess charming or your loved one and sugarplum fairies, but your subconscious may would have none of it. Anyhow, when i was wandering around Europe (2007) and totally enjoying my adventures, Hello Kitty suddenly showed up in my dream.

Like a night in Barcelona, Spain, one moment i was in bed at the hostel, i suddenly found myself transported to the hospital with a girl lying down on a bed with old oxygen mask and many sophisticated medical equipment surrounded.


The sound was damn so annoying. The old screen showing a long green line. I was trying to awake her by giving CPR or even punching her heart. I was crying so bad in that dream. What a weird dream ever i had. Anyway it was the dream i cried the most. More than one litre if i remember correctly.

I then woke up, rolled over the bed and glanced at the ceiling, the sun was about just beginning to peek through the blinds of the window. I had a strong feeling that she would never belong to me anymore. I am not superstitious. Not only things happened for a reason or pictures tell thousands of word. But i also, do believe every dream has a reason or tells a story. Right after brushing teeth and washing face, i took the backpack, checked out and continued my journey jet-setting to Madrid and then London before going back home.

Merry-go-round, FuFu and Hello Kitty at Genting Highland, 2000.

- Fast rewind to January 2000 -

Well anyway, do you ever believe in love at first sight?

We actually knew each other since we were studying Form Six (A-level or Pre-University studies) in Kuala Lumpur. My heart was beating so fast when i first saw her at the campus. She was a beautiful and charming girl with nice personality. We loved to talk to each other. Surprisingly i was the first guy going out with her for a movie, and it was the Valentine's day of the new millennium. Likewise, she was the first girl i had ever dated! No flowers or any romantic celebration, just a movie and simple dinner at Suria KLCC, we totally enjoyed that night. But then, i was too concentrating on my study and had no time to continue dating her out.

Everyone was busy preparing for the examination. STPM (A-level) is considered as the most difficult examination in the world so i turned my full attention preparing for Pengajian Am (General Studies), Fizik (Physics), Kimia (Chemistry), Matematik Tambahan (Advanced Mathematics). Moreover, i had to additionally study for the Japanese Scholarship test which was in English. Thus, i gave up flirting around but locked myself in the room studying.

Observe the classic hairstyle of the young FuFu. (National Zoo, 2001)

Finally i got an offer to study in Osaka, Japan. I had no confidence to maintain a long distance relationship. I knew she would have a brilliant future. Of course she might also not willing to wait for me, a poor student who need scholarship to further his study. So, i chose to let her go instead of confessing my feeling to her. I was then told by one of her besties, couples of months later that she actually had no interest on me at all. Lucky i didn't confess or would be badly embarrassed! Also i knew that she got a boyfriend, and eventually didn't keep in touch with her since then.

Two years later, i received a letter from her when i was in Osaka, Japan. I was so surprised yet happy. She enclosed with a current photo of her and told me that she had broken up with her boyfriend. I was wondering or rather convincing myself if she wanna indirectly tell me that i got a chance. I then decided to reserve my love, again, for her until i have finished my study and start everything from the beginning with her. I studied even harder as i wanna to be an outstanding student, so that we would be a perfect couple. Smart FuFu and pretty Hello Kitty.

This would be the reason clearing up your ponders and wonders why i am still available despite there are so many kawaii and pretty Japanese girls when i was in Japan. Well, i have been locking up my heart and gave the key to her. She was the girl who managed to steal my heart. I felt so sorry to the girls who trying but couldn't cross over the Lover's Bridge to my heart in spite of trying to reach my paradise by using all sort of different ways.

Kinda miss the baby and smooth face FuFu used to have! LOL

- Fast forward to October 2007 -

So, i met her yesterday, a week after my Europe backpacking trip. She is still as gorgeous as six years ago. Nope, she is prettier now. We met up at 2pm, went for lunch at a Korean restaurant in Sungei Wang. We chatted until 5pm. Generally, we both busy kept updating ourselves and sharing our life experiences within these old good six years. Got a sundae each later at McDonald's and talked until 6pm. Her boyfriend showed up. My heart was so pain. It shed a drop of tear, seriously just one single drop. She introduced him to me. There, i talked to him. Found out that he is a son of a millionaire. Owning a printing company and presently building up another multimedia company. He is a nice guy though. It is hard to believe i completely enjoyed talking with him. I hope she would have a bright future together with him and be happy.

How silly FuFu was. He had been closing himself in a dark room, didn't want to commit to any girl. See, he had been waiting her and clapping with a hand himself for nearly 6 years. FuFu doesn't want to waste his springtime anymore. FuFu is not young either and in fact he planned to get married before 30 years old, which is impossible now. Therefore, he decided to open FuFu Paradise to the public since FuFu had got the key back from Hello Kitty. However, FuFu is still travelling around the world now. You could only walk in and visit his heart anytime, Monday to Friday, free of charge, after his world tour which is estimated to be until end of April, 2008.

Do remember the grand opening would probably be around May 2008. Come, come, come. Everyone is welcomed to FuFu Paradise.

p.s. 1 : Again, this article was written on 4th October 2007.
p.s. 2 : I have to respect her so don't ask or look for her identity.
p.s. 3 : The grand opening of FuFu Paradise has been postponed. Please come again after Sept 2011.

Had a nice Korean Luncheon with Hello Kitty. (Sungei Wang, 2007)

FuFu definitely deserves a better one. Don't you guys think so? Anyway, so now you guys have known about FuFu's little puppy love. You may relate this to the previous two articles. Probably you can also figure out FuFu might not want to get hurt or be disappointed again. Five years (2002-2007) in Japan maybe because of HER. The latter three years (2007-2010), until now and will be extended till next year is purposely planned. As what FuFu has said before, he will only start to love and be loved once he has settled down.

That's all. Thank you for reading my lame love stories all these while.

富富愛情故事之單戀 (特別篇)














FuFu has never changed since 2000! Or no?


Ivan Liaw said...


Ivan Liaw said...


tamiya said...





fufu said...

Ivan : 恭喜 恭喜
恭喜你坐上沙發了 :)
hahaha 以前的髮型-->中間界 :)
現在偶爾也會梳中間界頭 hahaha

tamiya : wow 你還沒睡覺還是早起身??
對呀 遺憾是人生必須的
難怪別人都說會回憶永遠美麗的 ;p

tamiya said...





fufu said...

tamiya : 你很早就起身咯...
ops! 我很少看書 ><
但是她想的跟我一樣 :)
你不說我也不察覺 =p
日後不開心就好好緬懷下 =p

tamiya said...





fufu said...

tamiya : 哈哈 懷面過去都不可以?
早睡早起是好..但是你超級早 lol

tamiya said...






fufu said...

tamiya : 這樣的理由都可以??
haha 以後ctrl F,然後找你的名字 Tamiya...就可以很快找到我給你的回復 =p

對呀 她真的很厲害 有很多人都很喜歡她寫的書 =p 謝謝分享 XD

tamiya said...




tamiya said...




fufu said...

tamiya : 她是才女 :) 佩服她呢
haha 我一點都不傷心咯
haha 那你好好的上班吧 :)

rainfield61 said...



fufu said...

rainfield61 : 對呀... 清醒了才知道自己想多了...

EngrMoks said...

You change man.. from skinny Fufu to not so skinny Fufu...lolz

fufu said...

Mokong™ : haha really?? but i am still skinny now...according to my friends....but well will hit the gym often for the shape when i am back home later!

bluedreamer27 said...

yikes.. so sweet...
i wonder when will i have a girl friend again...
being single for almost a year is like killing your self down haha

fufu said...

bluedreamer27 : haha you are still young! take our time friend! hihihi and all the best ya =p i gotta enjoy my single life for about a year more lol

blue said...

明天會更好!You deserve better! Jia You!!

fufu said...

blue : oh thanks :) hihihi wish i would really deserve a better one =p fingers crossing...

aquarius said...


fufu said...

aquarius : hahaha 對呀 幸好我的初戀時甜甜的 =p 滿足 :) 我也希望可以早日找到幸福 XD 也希望你可以早日找到你的真命天子 :)

迷迭香 said...

wat a touching story...
i am sure it was sweet and warm when u have her in your heart, and when it is time to let go, no matter how painful it is, u will have to endure it ~

let's wait for your next update on your love life when the time comes... =)

fufu said...

迷迭香 : haha thanks for liking it ya :) of course i will share my series 2 love story with you guys if god allows =p well i am alright with it now =p absolutely fine! no worry

木子 said...



大家一起加油吧 ^^

fufu said...

木子 : haha 那麽祝我們可以快點找到真愛咯 =p 那幾行字已經簡單的描述我這個愛情故事了 =p lol 希望你們會喜歡

ET女子 said...


[SK] said...

well well well, the good old days, aren't they sweet and warm?? anyway, life gotta move on and hope you will find somebody better and more compatible.. :)

fufu said...

ET女子 : 哈哈 但是我打算早婚的
我要快點退休然後再去環游世界 :)
謝謝 :) 我一定會找到我的真愛 =p

SK : yeah it's so nice browsing through all these old pictures :) hohoho :) and well, i will just wait for the correct person pop up once i have settled down =p

gbeejipp said...

oh wow. I was hoping for a happy ending. But of course, things don't always go the way we want them to. Keep the doors open Fufu. :-)

fufu said...

JIPP : yeah will open the door by end of next year :) hihihi sure it would be a happy ending!! lol definitely

edward said...


fufu said...

edward : haha 應該說是我自己一個人的追憶 :)

小闷瓜 said...


fufu said...

小闷瓜 : 謝謝 :) 我會的

海市蜃樓 said...



AliVe said...


Che-Cheh said...

You're brave to share your love story. And it's a sweet story. :)

May you find the one true love come 2011. Hehe

Oh yeah your looks so different compared to then and now. Still you looked a bit like an actor back then. Haha

Twilight Man said...

My old photo albums grew fungus stains on every page. How about yours? I think the change of climate from West to East caused it.
I also have many vivid and torri stories but I am not so brave to reveal all like you!


蓝天白云 said...

quite special story...a long journey to take bc the key...
quite special dream...dream with tears...
quite special hello kitty...having good time with fufu before...
quite special article...write it with hope...

so many special, let me end up with another special, hope u can meet ur special girl in ur future...haha...

Akira 思胜 said...

现在单身的生活也是不错的... :P

summer said...

最近登入面子书浏览,才发现从前一些感情路上不顺遂的朋友都认识了新对象并步上红地毯,有感而发觉得:大家始终会走在适合自己的路上:) 要相信自己总会在对的时间遇到对的人:)所以耐心地等等下次美丽的遇见吧:)


Yvonne Sam said...

I'm enjoying reading ur post after back from lunch. Your story is sweet.! I believe everyone have their own love story and everyone is unique. I dare not write such post in my blog coz the guy (puppy love) is our secondary mates too. So is not nice to write out and later she read dy then sad, no good lo. rite? hehe

Dun worry, fufu. U deserve a better 1! you're right :) work hard now and im sure 上帝会眷顾你的。! 加油哦!

嘿嘿 said...


nons said...

你们的第一次约会感觉很sweet sweet咯~

lechua said...

u look so youngggg.... i'm sure u'll find someone terrific since now u're ready to open up...

Sasa said...

加油...Sure you get your true love soon...

lock said...

haha, 你的青澀樣貌和現在很大差別!


Bengbeng said...

it was probably karma. u two were not meant for each other. wait for the opening of the next season

fufu said...

海市蜃樓 : 哈哈 如果...haiz!!! but anyway 回想一下如果什麽什麽...也無妨 :)

AliVe : hahha 對呀 以前的我真的很單純 :) 還很清亮白淨 :) lol 現在成熟多了 =p

Che-Cheh : yeah you noticed that! people said i look like takeshi kaneshiro back then... hohoho but well glad you find this story interesting :) hihihi sure i will get a better one by the time comes ya =p thanks

fufu said...

Twilight : haha the best part of me is i dont really keep myself a low profile person... but rather expressive :) glad you guys dont mind it...hihihi :) share your stories!!! so we can learn...lol

bluecloud : yeah so many specials... hohoho but well i hope so ya...get a special one... by end of next year...

Akira 思胜 : 哈哈哈 對呀 我很享受現在的單身生活 :) 還有一年漫漫的享受 =p

fufu said...

summer : 謝謝...希望你也找到你的真愛哦 :) 我有很多朋友都是單身的... hahaha 可能我們是單身一族 =p lol 希望一年后會有改變 =p

Yvon S : yes! i am so expressive!! but well i just reveal my own love story but never disclose her identity :) i will never!!! because gotta respect her also...but well this is not a shame too... just wanna stree out my own feeling :) nothing special... i got it...hope He will keep protecting me... fingers crossing...

嘿嘿 : 對呀 愛有很多种的 =p

fufu said...

nons : 可能以前小的時候容易滿足 所以比較容易開心吧... hihihi 我一定會加油的...放心 =p

lechua : haha yes! of course almost 10yrs ago!!! lol anyway now also not bad ya... lol

Sasa : hor!! 以後要頭痛?? 不要嚇我咯... 哈哈哈 anyway 我會盡量好好的找我的真愛...希望不會是累的而是享受 =p

fufu said...

lock : 對呀... 想念以前的我...

Bengbeng : hahhaa next season... yeah wish can share with you guys too ya then =p hihihi if that correct person doesnt mind :)

London Caller said...

What Princess Charming? It's Snow White lah!
But I find the Seven Dwarves cuter! Ha ha ha...
Their Heigh-Ho song is a classic!

Don't regret. You choose your own path in your life, if that's where you want to go, let your heart guide you.

fufu said...

London Caller : yeah i am following my heart now :) snow white?? hello kitty or sailormoon ok? lol just wanna make it lame...princess charming is not bad ya =p lmao

Pete said...

Wah, can write a love story book liao!

fufu said...

Pete : haha cannot lah... just only three posts! but more will come soon i guess...lol

Jia Xin said...

ur love story was very amusing...
i trust ur 真命天女 sure will appear soon^^
want 30 ady lo u..is the time to marry..haha..xP..must invite me whn u marry ya^^haha...xD

fufu said...

JiaXin : hahaha yeah going to be 30years old soon :) in less than 6mths :) anyway see if i have a wedding dinner or just keep it low and travelling around the world with her =p and well glad you like my love stories XD

I AM A BLOGGER said...

wow, fufu~~wat a lovely story!~~~
hahaha, a huge transformation for you 2~~

all the best in finding ur true love!~~

fufu said...

Xjion89 : hihi glad you like it ya :) hohoho and thanks! sure i will have a better one =p hulala

行走绿色世界 said...

brave to share yr puppy love ..awesome
当你荏和一个人有缘时,人海茫茫都会偶尔交换视线,当你那个人无缘,也许住的在靠近你或是只隔一道墙也会像南北半球一样远的遇不见的....所以呢?也不用freeze yr heart but follow yr heart lol....

Lily Riani said...

you re brave to write, i dont even dare to write despite i still keep in touch with my ex since we were from same group of friends.

i like the fact that you look at the glass half full - positive. instead of half empty!

good luck little bro!

fufu said...

Winnt : 我不想現在就開始咯 :) 我要享受我的單身生活多一年...然後才談戀愛 :) hahaha 我的心這樣跟我說的 =p

Lily Riani : yeah bravo fufu!!! i was struggling but at last dare to share this with you guys...but well nothing special... it's me who need to be ashamed...not here...well this is puppy love...everyone has :) not a shame! but a good topic to enjoy when you are getting old...probably i am too open minded lol i will do my best ya kak lily =p

Yih Yann said...

Do you have any gal in your mind? Will you consider me? =)

行走绿色世界 said...

Haha...okok...Yr heart already stealthily told U and you are good to listen yr heart advice...i mean dun freeze yr heart, 心冰冻了人就死了XD...let yr heart act as normal will do...:p

fufu said...

Yih Yann : haha so far nope >< i will go back and search myself...see if can find a girl that can make my heart beat faster :) lol

Winnt : yupe! i am doing what my heart tells me :) anyway my heart will start beating again once it's unfrozen :) so no worries ya :) hahaha

Unknown said...

haha, you change a lot~><

fufu said...

ah_man : hahaha probably the hairstyle ya :)

Unknown said...

haha, still a handsome boy

fufu said...

ah_man : hahaha old already lah...

NiceArtLife.com said...

That was an intruiging love story FuFu, you wrote it down in a very compassionate way, I love reading it. You are right to enjoy your single life and than after that settle down and ginving your heart to a nice girl.

London Caller said...

Ha ha... That's actually a hoverfly. Not a housefly.

fufu said...

NiceArtLife.com : hihi glad you like it ya :) happy happy :) anyway i will enjoy my single life to the max while is till can! dont wanna waste it =p

London Caller : haha ok got it =p

嘿嘿 said...

“snow white?? hello kitty or sailormoon ok? ”

Couldn't she be Lady Gaga?


豆腐 said...


London Caller said...

You wanna marry your Snow White at the Chartered Accountants' Hall?

First, you must kiss her and wake her up!
But I reckon you haven't found the poisonous apple yet right? Ha ha...

行走绿色世界 said...

no worries coz you are so popular, 2010 u frozen yr heart and 2011 u will get heart-attack coz there are seven dwarfs chasing behind U then yr cinderella will gv u a kiss and wake U up....hahahaha...

Agnes Valerie said...

haha...look so cute when u were younger.

Hehe...i had heard similar story from a fren bfore. But his version is slightly diffeent...after 10 years, the girl finally liked him but he got a gf d at dat time.

Hopefully u will find a nice girl.

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Better be careful so many kitty faces your tiger toy might get jealous haha..

Candlelyn said...


TG said...

Fufu indeed doesn't change over the years, only FuFu beautiFu hair does :P Really a touching story, I must say. Although your behavior is noble and admirable, I do think you could have fun with some Japanese girls and you would not need to commit with any :) Good luck to FuFu for 2011, I am looking forward to read about FuFu FuTure beautiFu delightFu girlfriend :) Good luck :D

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

Nice to know something about your romantic past - but don't worry Fufu, there's always someone out there that God has reserved for you.

ladyviral said...

you changed... so will everyone.

Casendra said...



vialentino said...

thaks for ur condolence wishes ...

wah bro...u like got many gf like dat...hehehe

三吉 said...

呵呵。。那么。如果有打算谈念爱的话。。要加油哦。。其实, 很多时候都是看自己的心态而已 ,你长得那么可爱又帅。。加油 咯。。

William said...

Don't wait too long to settle down!

Rafael Lam said...

二零零年的情人節... 第一次約會... 真的夠浪慢, 看到你們的照片... 一定有好多美好的回憶!

London Caller said...

I really want to go to Japan to see their momiji one day!
I heard Kyoto is the best place to see it!

I went to Japan at the wrong time...
It was May/ June... :(

jam said...

Let's move on and open your heart again. I believe almost everyone has experienced this kind of lame love story before, and that includes me, haha!

tehooo said...

handsome bit already. haha :)

yunyi said...


fufu said...

嘿嘿 : haha lady gaga?? not my cup of tea ><

Wilson豆腐 : 這樣都會忘記??
anyway 我一定會加油的
一定要愛個轟轟烈烈 :)

London Caller : hahaha good idea! wanna find that apple and pass to snow white sooner :)

fufu said...

Winnt : 對呀 2011以後一定會開花結果的 :) 謝謝 =p

Agnes Valerie : yeah soon it would be my 10yrs too...hahhaa but well i think i will only open my paradise to public a year later :)

Bananazஇ : hahaha he is alright :) he wont jealous but rather wanna me find a better mother for him :)

fufu said...

Candlelyn : 不客氣...你們不嫌棄就好了 :) 希望你們真的會喜歡我的愛情故事 =p

MKL : hahaha you are funny ya :) anyway hair indeed has big influence :) can seriously change one's appearance :) well it's too late, i am not in japan anymore >< but will rather wait for a year before open my paradise :)

The Nomadic Pinoy : glad you guys like the story hihihi :) but a bit lame though...

fufu said...

ladyviral : yah... and getting strong ya all of us.... :)

Casendra : 對呀 人總是要這一些經驗才會長大的 =p

vialentino : haha where got? i dont have many girlfriends like you lah... ><

fufu said...

三吉 : 哈哈 哪裏有可愛?? >< anyway 我會好好加油的 :) 希望可以快一點找到真愛 =p

William : Yes Sir :)

Rafael Lam : 對呀...都已經10年了...人生有幾多個10年?? sigh... haha :)

fufu said...

London Caller : yeah kyoto is the best place to go for momiji! i though you had been living in japan... or studying there not?

jam : yeah... all of us have to go through this lame story ya... at least something sweet we can recall when we are getting old...

tehooo : really? hehe thanks :) but now getting old already...

fufu said...

yunyi : 謝謝 :) 我會的

古小玉 said...


micki said...

What a beautiful story and memory you are sharing! You will find your true love soon~~ You looked good with the classic hair style too. :):)

fufu said...

古小玉 : 對呀 希望我在感情上都可以那麽的順利+幸運就好了 :) 謝謝你的祝福 =p

micki : yeah glad you like it... my lame love story... haha and well i will sure find my true love one day!! gotta love and be loved!!

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Todd said...

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