Wednesday, 29 September 2010

FuFu Love Story 之一年後的情書

FuFu Love Story - Second Half
Love Letter

Dear Love-hackers,

As difficult as love is to define, its first flickers apparently begin in the section of your brain that enables you to anticipate the joy of being with a particular person, even one you ever met online in Facebook. If the love is powerful enough, phenylethylamine (PEA) then engages the “love and be loved” in the lower brain. Perhaps it's best known for creating a blissful sense of calm in long distance runners. It leaves lovers feeling similarly tranquil, but not in the early going. In the boot camp of romance, PEA plays the role of the drill sergeant. It barks at the brain to select a plan of action, any plan.

On Valentines day many people receive a box of chocolate from the man or woman (in Japan) in their life. Is this only a gesture of love or do they know the secret of chocolate? Chocolate is one of several romantic foods that consist PEA, yes that is correct. But don't think that you fall in love when you eat it. Small amounts of chocolate makes you feel happy but the molecule of love is often quickly broken down by our bodies so that it doesn't even reach the blood. If you eat pounds of chocolate you only get a headache so please don't run away to the chocolate box and eat it up. Save the box for those times when you feel down and take a piece of chocolate. Other food with PEA present are strawberries and spicy food.

FuFuism successfully took over PEA and conquered the heart.

So, what is love after all? Even Bill Clinton, the former US President, couldn't avoid from getting involved in the sex scandal which is so far the biggest in American history. Love just couldn't be calculated or explained scientifically both. When love comes, who could actually pull on the brakes, stop loving and to be loved?

But that's not what i had ordered! I asked for a "Backpacking Trip around Latin America" to be served on the table once i have finished the appetizer of "Assignment of the Semester". Then i would like to enjoy my dessert of "Master Thesis in Germany". Entertainment of the night would be singing the song named "Travelling around Eastern Europe" and if possible also "Waka Waka This Time for Africa - Egypt". My dear waitress, got it?

Frankly speaking, FuFu is an ordinary guy as you could imagine. Please allow him to have what he wants and not without his permission, messing up his plan. He already planned to unfreeze his heart once he has settled down in Malaysia. However, currently the smoke of the unpredictable love clouding the sun from view! Prayers have been sending out so the wind will blow the smoke away sooner. Please follow the order and get the food cooked. Never ever try to change the menu of the day again!

Security system has enhanced and upgraded. What a relief! Tired.

"Follow the heart.". Thanks for the advice. Nevertheless, the organised and systematic cells in the inner part of me successfully took over PEA and conquered the heart. I would not allow anyone to block my way, interfere my feeling, disturb my lifestyle, interrupt my conversation with my wonderFu and beautiFu (FuFu) visions and dreams. If it's mine, it will be mine. No matter where am i, what am i, when and how things have changed.

Though you may say life would not be completed without love, for the time being, i seriously don't need it. I am enjoying my single life very much. You will never know the excitement of freedom i am spending everyday now here. Of course i know what i want. And you may wanna say i am stubborn. If that's not a long distance relationship, without a single thought, i will open the door and let all my loves flying freely and occupying your heart. Who doesn't like to love and be loved?

Little FuFu will be the new guardian of FuFu's heart. ROAR~

There's several angels once silently guarding and calling me couple of times, but i was psychologically too young to pick up the phone few years ago. You have to lose something in order to obtain something. If not fully concentrating on my studies in Japan, i wouldn't be able to be awarded few certificates and graduated from Hiroshima University. Or does anyone here know how could i enjoy having both at the same time? Advise please!

Next, is virginity important to a man, also? Honestly, i really don't mind if you laugh at me. I always look for Quality. Be it family, friends, lifestyle, food, education, travelling, etc. Quantity is in the lowest rank of my dictionary. Once you have met the correct person, to love once is more than enough. "How if the timing is wrong?" Well, no worries, it will still be yours later, if not now.

Sorry for being selfish. I am not a multi-task person. I just wanna get things done one after one. I have decided and planned what to achieve in every little single stage of my life. Disorder, please leave me alone! Don't hack my heart anymore! I beg you. If both of us are still available by the time my heart has automatically been unfrozen, i will shower you all the loves i can give. Though i might be a poor guy at that moment, starting and building everything from zero like our relationship, i promise i will never fail to give you the simple and essential happiness you need.

Till then, take care.

Your Love,

p.s. 1 : Reference for first two paragraphs - Phenylalanine - Wikipedia & Medical Center, University of Maryland

p.s. 2 : Yes, FuFu is expressive. He want to put down his feeling in words. He just can't hide or more accurately he doesn't want to keep all the feelings inside.

富富愛情故事之一年後的情書 (下半場)
















Akira 思胜 said...

嗯, 很喜欢你那句, 以真诚的心就能找到单纯又开心的爱情! ;)

fufu said...

Akira 思胜 : hahaha 謝謝 :) 其實還有蠻多很好的句子我自己也很喜歡的 :)

levian said...

love in indeed one mysterious thing worth conquering n experiencing. btw, you had me wondering, what do you do? or study? for you take a lot of photographs of yourself. :)

fufu said...

levian : yeah exactly, but i am not ready to conquer or experience love now... erm i am studying master now... :) just was feeling moody late;y because of this love story, thus took couples of pictures :) lol

pusangkalye said...

hahaha--Fufu,. i love the photo where you were raising both arms in a a fashion similar to those in bars-----hahaha. kidding. you look gorgeous ---2nd only to my beach photo of

tamiya said...


fufu said...

pusang kalye : whoa!!!! sexy right?? hahahaha one of my friends even asked me to be a porn star!! omg... anyway will do that pose when we go to the beach later!! lol

tamiya : 哈哈 我知道了 :)
做完我的事情 就會隨心+隨緣
我知道我自己不會孤獨終身的 haha

蓝天白云 said...


Che-Cheh said...

Hehe so you're putting a roadblock on love eh. Life works in mysterious way... you'll never know Fufu. ;)

fufu said...

bluecloud : 哈哈哈 真的??理智真的那麽危險嗎?? 但我真的把一切都給安排好了... 希望到時候可以找到真愛就可以了 :) 一年很快過的 =p

Che-Cheh : yeah i definitely know what to do :) no worry! i am strong enough to decide things myself =p

Yvonne Sam said...

wow... so sentimental.. haha

fufu said...

Yvon S : wish you would like it :)

[SK] said...

yeah, i agree that with a sincere heart, you can find a love which is genuine and fruitful.. just have less expectation and i guess you can get contented more easily.. :)

EngrMoks said...

Sentimental!!!! Early Valentine Post? Hahaha So early man!

Porn Star? Next to be! Next to me!!! Hehe

Jessyca said...

Do you believe in 'Happily ever after'? If yes, then now Go find your princess and kiss her awake ^^

Axl Powerhouse Network said...

so emo fufu..... :D
just be your self to express your love :D

edward said...




Caroline said...

i love this post very much! especially when read the chinese part :) wish u successfully achieved wat u planned for urself n of course wish u found ur love! ;)

Casendra said...

"If it's mine, it will be mine. No matter where am i, what am i, when and how things have changed. " ~~ Pretty much agreed! 那就随缘吧!

You're a man of focus and it tells how you achieved what you've planned.

I believe you'll find your love one when you are ready ;) So ya, I still support your decision! :)


summer said...



Yvonne Sam said...

Yeah! I like it for sure, really like the way u write :)

p/s: eh, dun always jealous for the foods I post. Come back la.. hehe.. but i know u wanna explore more @ outside.

Kenny Mah said...

These words of love uttered with so much innocence and sincerity are most heartwarming. Reminds us that what is true may yet exist. :)

海市蜃樓 said...


Penny @ Faye_777 said...


可以给你一个LIKE 吗? O(∩_∩)O哈!






rainfield61 said...


fufu said...

SK : thanks you also agree that! but not now :)

Mokong™ : hahahaha... next porn star?? omg... but anyway just wanna pen down the feeling i am having now :)

Jessyca : did you read my article? i already said i will find later... after i have finished my master =p

fufu said...

Axl G. : ok i will!! thanks :)

edward : 對呀有時候來得快去也快 :) 現在做會朋友比較開心...沒有煩惱 :) 我可以做囘我自己喜歡的東西...沒有約束...你感動了?? lol

Caroline Ng May Ling : wow you read chinese too?? hahhaa glad you found it interesting to read :) hohohoho :) thanks

fufu said...

Casendra : yeah thanks! i will have what i know in the future... i know i will get it! i will... hehehe thanks for your surport!

summer : 對呀 但是我不像現在讀... 我要等我完成我手頭上的東西才開始修讀愛情 :) 活到老 學到老 ....永遠都不遲 =p

Yvon S : hahaha thanks :) well i seriously jealous you guys la...can eat fine food always... but well i will be back after exploring the world ya...

fufu said...

Life for Beginners : hohoho it definitely exist! just we need to pay more patience :) no hurry! hihihi

海市蜃樓 : yes!!! 如果注定是你的那就會是你的 :) 我知道到時候我的緣分會再出現的 =p

Penny @ Faye_777 : 謝謝 :) hahaha 很高興知道你喜歡 :) 對呀 隨心+隨緣...等我任務完成我一定會的 =p 那個時候我一定會世界上最幸福的男人 =p 你也要幸福哦

fufu said...

rainfield61 : 不好意思 ><
對呀 愛可以很簡單的 =p

Mavis Ng said...



单身汉 said...


fufu said...

mavis : 很高興可以感動到你一點點 :) 我完全不在乎現在的愛情...因爲都不會結果的...等我完成我的任務...我才會慢慢的栽培我那棵正在發苗的櫻花 :) 謝謝你的支持哦 :) *抱抱*

fufu said...

单身汉 : 理智...是好是坏沒人知道...但我還是要做回自己 :) 我一定會加油的 =p

escape said...

If both of us are still available by the time my heart has automatically been unfrozen, i will shower you all the loves i can give.>>> this line summarizes it all.

Mitch Tay said...


Pete said...

ha ha ha, love story.....errr, no gory gory details?LOL

行走绿色世界 said...

理性或许你信不过距离信不过自己,没有把握谈得成一场远距离的恋情, 感性是你相信是你的就是你的.....感觉很重要,爱一次就足够了...所以不想一心两用...爱是很开心很浪漫的事而不是选择爱了,挣扎....
保留你的50%+50% 太过理性/爱自己 时而要放慢脚步让你的那个她才能跟得上你,不然爱会很累的.....u got yr answer already..let's yr heart seek yr ms. feelings....yeah...

Ice said...

Hey Fufu, wow, this piece is written so well. I read and read as if I'm floating in the air! :o) Whether or not you are really expressing your feeling (ie in love) it is none of my business but it is one hell of a good read!

fufu said...

dong ho : yeah the main point i wanna conclude in the last paragraph :) hohoho

Pete : ahem ahem ><

Winnt : hahaha :) 你分析得很好噢 :) 很棒很棒... 對呀 我就是不要挣扎所以放手了 :) 希望是我的到最後會是我的 :) 哈哈 理性+感性...原來我也可以感性 XD

fufu said...

Ai Shiang : hehehe thanks you enjoying this article :) hohoho i am happy :)

嘿嘿 said...


Sasa said...

Sexy FuFu

how's great of love~~❤❤❤

Ivan Liaw said...

我等你一年后回来,富富~ :p

瓶子 said...


fufu said...

嘿嘿 : 爲什麽會這樣呢 :) hahhaa 謝謝

Sasa : 哈哈 i am not sexy lah... ><

Ivan : 一年後一定會回去 :)

fufu said...

瓶子 : 對呀 千萬不要濫用愛情...哈哈哈 :) 我的小老虎一定會好好守護著我的 =p 別擔心 =p

古小玉 said...



fufu said...

古小玉 : 哈哈哈 明年就會回去 :) 到時候你要包大大的紅包哦 :p 謝謝你喜歡我的文字...雖然跟你的完全比不上 :)

London Caller said...

Quantity vs Quality? Which is better is always so debatable!

True. Quality is more important than Quantity. But how can you improve you Quality without many trials (Here refer to Quantity)? Ha ha... I am not trying to tempt you!

Follow your heart, as people say!

Man, you went to the wrong place to do your assignment! Brazilian people are so hot! Ha ha...

fufu said...

London Caller : i know what you wanna say...but well... if the one i love dare to care and mind the quality of the night service, then i would look for another one... lol i just wanna start everything from zero with the right person which is clearly written in the last paragraph :) well, there's hot and pretty girls everywhere in the world... i am behaving well here.. good discipline! lol

London Caller said...

Ha ha... You're right!
There are hot chicks all around the world!

But you have to admit that Brazilian chicks are hotter! Ha ha...
Especially, Brazilian mixed Asian chicks!
There are many mixed Brazilian-Japanese in Sao Paulo.
Why Curitiba? Ha ha...

fufu said...

London Caller : well Mexicans and Argentinans are much better!! well Sao Paulo is the most expensive city in Brazil!!! how could i afford?? anyway my uni in Frankfurt has the connection with the university here in Curitiba :) not in Sao Paulo :)

pusangkalye said...

sigh----if you ask me what love is---I will give you another sigh. when I was younger, I thought of different definations and I though I could just define it like that. But I found out later on that it's way too complicated---now, I see love as THE ACCUMULATION OF YOUR EXPERIENCES DURING YOU LIFESPAN....and that means until today. how you love, how you see love, and how you feel that you are being loved in return all depends on that. That's the reason why some people kill their kids ortheir husbands/wives and still claim that they did it for love. maybe they had bad experiences which lead them to define love in such negative perspective.....

fufu said...

pusang kalye : well i definitely know what you trying to tell me here... though some claim that i may not have enough experiences to love someone...i believe with the travelling adventures i have...i know how to love and appreciate someone XD of course the most important wisdom is, we gotta do it ourselves :) which i gotta put more effort on it by the time has arrived :p

ladyviral said...

you look like you just woke up.

Don't emo.. love works in weird ways all the time.

fufu said...

ladyviral : exactly :) just woke up and then snapped the pictures after breakfast :) hohoho not emo... i am totally alright now :p

oLive said...

dont turn such simple things become difficult.. fufu..!!!

woah, u like posing alot..

fufu said...

oLive : nope! i am not making it complicated :) just wanna have it a year later :) hohoho yeah posing just for the love story

小雪 said...


fufu said...

小雪 : 規劃--> 是好是坏呢?? 我搞不清楚了 ><

pusangkalye said...

resisting the temptation to love and be loved is such a big ordeal. takes a lot of discipline but I am with you on this one. There is a time for that, for now, just focus on your goals fist, the human heart never ages,dont worry.

William said...

A one track mind is OK. A one track heart is even better.

fufu said...

pusang kalye : yeah thanks! i will get my goals achieved as soon as possible :) hihihi true! human hearts never age!! :)

William : lol hahaha but what you wanna say here? one track love? you mean now or later?

London Caller said...

Really? Are they hotter than my Brazilian? Ha ha...
They are all hot Latin!

Oh Rio is not the most expensive city in Brazil?!

Nicole said...

You'll never know when the Love truck will hit you ;)
Love the photos :D!

fufu said...

London Caller : nope! Sao Paulo is the most expensive city! anyway there's hot chicks everywhere...

Nicole : i will make sure the truck hit me by end of next year :)

Fion Chow said...


fufu said...

Fion Chow : 哈哈 我就是那麽的露骨的說...從來不喜歡把自己的心情放在心裏...希望你們不會覺得怪就好了 =p

猪公主 said...

anywhere 加油哦!!=)

fufu said...

猪公主 : 我知道 :) 所以現在求學的時候不打算去專修 我會慢慢來的 :) 別擔心

Ayie said...

love moves in mysterious ways, it just comes even unexpected

杰胜 said...

在tanjong malim吗?

Jia Xin said...

tis post was meaningful^^
after 1year, hope u two have a romantic love story n dun forget to share vf us ya^^dun do wrong decision that will let u feel regret o^^

三吉 said...


Agnes Valerie said...


sounds like you are in some sort of seduction oh...hehe....

long distance relationship is really hard. I had experienced it before.

By the way, could i ask u a personal question due to curiosity? =p How many relationship have u had before?

Rafael Lam said...

情書? FuFu you are very romantic wor! ^^

发白日梦^^ said...


fufu said...

Ayie : yes...but i can pull the brake on till i am ready for it!

杰胜 : nope! in brazil

JiaXin : yeah of course i will share with you guys here if there's series 2 :) hohoho and i will make the correct decision! trust me...

fufu said...

三吉 : 可愛嗎??? 真的?? 開玩笑...我認真的...

Agnes Valerie : erm...well i have only this puppy love...others are just friends ya :) hohoho anyway i am totally alright with it... probably my previous life, i was a monk... lol

Rafael Lam : yeah :) i can be mean if i want to :) lol

fufu said...

发白日梦 : 對呀 :) 希望可以找到對的人...然後一起經營我們的小家庭...那就好了 :)

blue said...

nice love letter there. nice biceps there too. wakaka..but seriously, you tend to gain something and lose something all the time. You are still young. The cupid still struck people at 70s! so worry not :)

fufu said...

blue : i am not young anymore... but will settle down sooner by end of next year...hope i can do so ya :) hihihi and glad you like this love letter =p

nons said...


fufu said...

nons : 很高興你喜歡 :) haha 一年眨眼就會過得 :) 謝謝

Wendy said...

Fufu 好喜欢你的文字。。。祝福Fufu幸福,健康,快乐。。。

fufu said...

Wendy : thanks :) 雖然不甚麽好...但很高興你喜歡我的文字 =p