Saturday, 17 May 2008

Quake rocks Sichuan

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A student helps a trapped schoolmate. (Reuters)

So today is the fifth day after the massive earthquake hit Sichuan, China that expected to have killed up more than 50,000 people. It has been a real bad year for China. First the freezing snow, then Tibetan`s human rights riot, and now the 7.9 magnitude quake. Not only you guys, my eyes weep whenever i read the related articles in the newspapers and saw the pictures and reports on TV.

Never give up to save lives. (Reuters)

It is even incredibly hard on those parents who lost the only child they have as anger had also focused on several school buildings. More than thousands students were trapping beneath the collapsed building. Anyway i deeply wish those who perished in the quake rest in peace.

"I am waiting my son to come back home." (Reuters)

To sincerely show your condolences, please give today. Stop hesitating. Action speaks louder. Take it as a gift that could speed relief to tens of thousands of survivors in need who have lost theirs homes and loved ones.

Will their dreams come true? Yes you can change their lives.(Reuters)

Wait! Dont get me wrong. I still remember the tropical cyclone struck in Myanmar that up to 120,000 may have died. I beg the military regime would open the door and let in more aid quickly from the NGOs. Stop worsening the condition, please.

Kids sit on the branch of an uprooted tree outside a house in Yangon.

天災真可怕 災民的打擊更不堪設想
一個地震 家毀人亡 真讓人触目惊心啊
透過這種方式把我們的爱心献出去 別再等啦
嘿朋友 雖知道施比授更爲有福 行動吧
所有的生存者 你們面前還有漫長的日子
要堅強的爬起來 勇敢快樂的向前慢走哦


PD said...

The pictures are very saddening. Well that's what life is all about,let's live to it's fullest,be happy, do not be petty, forgiving,empathize, charitable...the list goes on and is easier said then done but at least cultivate some of these virtues. AhFu thank you for linking to Mercy. It helps a lot and will benefit us all.

Rex said...

yeah, tragedy happened in our lovely planet. same planet different life... god bless.

YNOT TONY said...


fufu said...

pd : yoo, the only thing i can do is to donate and pass around the news, hope the donation would really help... no matter how little the amount is, as long as we had contributed =) have a nice day

rex : ya, we are very lucky as we are living in the safest place! no earthquake, no typhoon, no war, please dont complain we have no four seasons =p

tony : 災難這傢伙 誰都不想要 唯唉聲嘆氣

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Just yesterday, I heard from the radio saying that there's a family in China having a new born baby on the day of the earthquake. In order to appreciate the gift from heaven that they're having, they named their baby 震生。In addition, the man of the family had also decided to donate his salary of a YEAR in order to help those refugees. Guess how much is that?!?! It's just around SGD2000!!!!
So...always be contented and think before spending on unnecessary items. :D

古小玉 said...





fufu said...

紫朝 : 地震是無法阻止和避免的 小小的餘震很好玩 在日本嘗試過很多次了 幸好震度沒有超過5度

irene : yeah, the living in some part of China is still very low. the name of the baby is good!

khoo : wow i love your comment here! so nice!!! yeah what i can do now is hoping to raise the fund for the ppl in sichuan

Hubert said...

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