Monday, 5 May 2008


Do you believe life after death?
If not, why we had this joss paper stuff for my uncle?
To come to the belief, there is likely no life after death.
For us, life after death still is the greatest mystery of all.

What a huge house.

TV Satellite. Silver Bridge.

Plasma TV, DVD Player, Speaker, etc.

Mercedes Benz E220 with a chauffeur.

Funeral rites are the most elaborate of all life cycle ceremonies. At an ordinary Buddhist funeral in Malaysia, the cremation take places within three days. The relatives, friends and neighbours gather nightly to visit, pray, give sympathy money. As a nephew, i was asked to attend the funeral services. The first and second nights my cousins, brothers, sisters and me were praying together with the monks. While my grandmother, mother, uncles and my auntie busy entertaining the visitors.

On the last day, when the monk was about to close coffin, my heart was so painful. My mother and others were crying out loudly that made me shed tears from the inner sides of my sorrow. The coffin then conveyed in a funeral car and the funeral procession had begun, followed by the relatives and friends who feel that they are performing their last service for the deceased. However, those who are older than the deceased not allowed to join the procession. After the cremation, the ashes was collected and kept in an urn the following day.

The Sutra.

Believe it or not, normal cremation only takes an hour but it took my uncle five hours to leave. According to the monk, my uncle was not willing to leave us because we were crying so loud.

I was always thinking of my uncle in the past couple of days. He was only 45 years old. A kind hearted person had passed away, leaving his wife, son and three daughters. He also often mentioned i had to show him around if he had a chance flying to Japan. Sadly, i could never do that but probably bring his ashes with me when i go back to Japan.
Uncle, you will be always in our heart.

While looking up my childhood pictures with my uncle, i found out few of my cute baby pictures as well. Needless you to tell, i know that i was an adorable baby. XD

My uncle, cousin, stranger, mother and FuFu.

My uncle carried me on his shoulder.

Lying on the bed, holding my favourite snack.

Eating my favourite on the bed.

Riding a wooden horse.

My sister, FuFu and my cousin.

LOL FuFu was too cute with sunglasses.

By the way, do you want to know when you will be leaving the world? Yeah check this Death Clock out! Mine is Thursday, 26 February 2068. Wow another six decades to enjoy life. Despite, we will never know what will come next. Let`s enjoy life, live it up, and care our family and friends specially those who loves us. Life is so unpredictable.
No one knows what the future holds. The surest thing we can do is perhaps to treasure the present and make every living moment count.


古小玉 said...

I believe Ghost does exist in the world & I believe reincarnation too. So, I do believe if one behave good when living, he/she shall not afraid of death.

Rex said...

opps... god bless.
btw, just read your comments on my blog. replied =)
are your uncle hakka?

fufu said...

khoo : erm... yeah i certainly do not afraid of death, nor i doubt life after death, just we would only know it when we had died.

rex : you dork!!! how come you know my mother is hakka? omg, i am like blank right now... what a big shock lol lucky my heart still functions well

Rex said...

ahfu: haha~ because from the offering for your uncle can roughly guess..

The Undertaker said...

What a beautiful blog post, I really enjoyed reading it. Yes, we must treasure every moment in our lives, we never know what will happen the next day. thank you for sharing!

fufu said...

rex : huuh? dont get me wrong the offerings are quite normal for the buddhist funeral right?!! erm anyhow you hit the ball =)

the undertaker : cuoldnt leave comment on your page, wish you read this reply here! yeah treasure the present... wow you are doing online funeral...consultant? great!! i am looking for job now...going to singapore this afternoon by the way, wish me luck

Rex said...

there are some different btw one another ceremonially. the way they pray and the thing they offer.

PD said...

Ah Fu, depending on your religion. Christian believes in eternal life after death, to be with God. Buddhist believes in reincarnation. Whatever it is , treat the person well when he/she is alive. Giving a grand departure defeats the purpose when the person is not around to witness. It's really sad when your love ones is gone forever but cherished the good memories

Shen said...

AhFu, your uncle quite handsome. Hehe. So sayang la... still so young already past away.
For me, we are live to die. We will die one day, just that we dont know how and when.
So enjoy your life to the fullest!

aaaandy said...

yes i do believe. There are enough stories of my family and friends that made me believe :D

That Death clock is quite interesting. I didn't expect i'd live until 2072. Too long lol

wow i didn't now sg is gonna have universal, coolness

fufu said...

rex : i just showed those paper stuff though... anyway anyway you must be also hakka right? hakka yiin? chi ga yiin?

pd : who is pd? lol anyway glad to see your comment here... erm well i am a religion_free_person, but anyhow i still am 50% believing there is life after death

shen : yeah we have the unique handsome genes by the way =) okay two words - enjoy life =p

andy: hahaha, andy you gotta share those stories with me next time ok? so you are supposed to die 4yrs later after me? lmao =) yeah we go to the universal studios singapore together when it is completed ok?

古小玉 said...

Bro, I have a question to ask u. This week I got offered a job by a company which has many businesses in Japan. So, if I accept the job, they going to send me to Japan to help to take care some of their businesses there. Besides the basic salary, they will provide me apartment to stay and give daily allowance 6000 yen (=RM190) per day to spend, do u think 6000 yen is enough to spend per day ?

fufu said...

first, congrats mate you got the offer!! second, erm the allowance is more than enough since accommodation is provided... third, i think you better accept the job as the working experience in japan will be your another priceless asset =)

Shen said...

Gratz Uncle... permanent in Japan? Have to get use to the environment there... later on culture shock.

fufu said...

shen : hahaha... you should go to his page and tell him ya! btw it is hard to adapt the culture there if you dont speak japanese =p

Anonymous said...

Aww sorry about your uncle!

Minifufu is cute haha!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I tend to think if what's up with me in the future.It concerns me a lot but the deeper I think of it I become so confused.I always view life as full of surprises.
You have a very close attachment to your uncle and it's natural for you to feel that way.Personally,I have the same feeling when my aunt died because of cancer.She was 39 that time when it happened.She died on Dec.16,1999 and she was buried on Dec.26,1999...The saddest part of it was she's supposed to celebrate her 40th birthday on Dec.25(Christmas day)...Not only that I celebrated my b-day on the 28th day of Dec.(Innocence Day)...It took me several years to fully understand that she's not alive anymore....Time heals wound.i know wherever he is right now,he's happy for you.He'll be there to guide and watch over you.Remember that people come and go....Live life to the fullest extent!!!the wonder of life lies within

fufu said...

maii : hahaha i know i know minifufu is cute lmao

lyneth : yeah just enjoy life as we never know what will come next =) 1228 is innocence day?

yonn_nyon said...

yaya i do believe in reincarnation.... no Buddhist... duno whether u heard about 三世书 or not... i've be told by it about my previous life & how i died in previous life..and y so it influencing my present life as well...and it seem quite "logic" to me ....and kno we act in present life will influence our next lifetime ..ermm...quite believing...因果报应~~~