Tuesday, 27 May 2008

FuFu Tour guide
Kobe + Hiroshima, 22 March 2007

It was my 26th birthday.

So my host father bought me one big birthday cake i have never had before. It was real a big surprise because he still remembers my birthday since i had moved to Hiroshima and been living there for two years.

My host family (parents and grandparents).

Well this day, we were heading for Kobe and would then be directly going to Hiroshima as my graduation fell on the following day.

Night view Kobe Habourland.

Kobe (神戸) is known as a city having a unique style with the exotic atmosphere in Japan which has been affected by the foreign cultures and flourished as the international port since old days. Unfortunately, a tremendous earthquake measured at 7.3 magnitude (slightly weaker than Sichuan`s 7.8) hit the city in 1993, killing 6433 and making 300,000 homeless and destroying tens of thousands of buildings as well as large parts of its international ports facilities. Nevertheless, under the quick and efficient action taken by the government, Kobe has completely recovered within a decade and turned into a vibrant city that considered as one of Japan`s most attractive cities.

Meriken Park, Kobe Habourland.

Kobe`s Chinatown, Nankimachi.

Nankinmachi (南京町) been developed as the residential area of Chinese merchants who settles in Kobe after the city had been opened to foreign trade in the 19th century. It is also known as Kobe`s Chinatown, rather small but offers a nice atmosphere and some good food. We enjoyed grabbing the food from various kinds of stalls from curry fishball to dimsum to sharkfin soup.

A chinese dimsum stall.

A popular meeting point at the centre of Kobe Chinatown.

Kobe Habourland is a shopping and entertainment district along the waterfront of Kobe`s port area, a popular spot for locals and tourists.

Kobe Habourland.

Other attractions include the Kobe Port Tower which is a symbol of the city, and the Kobe Maritime Museum with its cool architecture.

Mosaic, Meriken Park.

Mosaic of Meriken park is Kobe`s playground. There are restaurants, bars, a movie theater, a shopping market, an amusement arcade and a little amusement park with a romantic ferris wheel. It is a popular dating spot among young couples.

Amusement park at Meriken Park, Kobe Habourland.

It is the Tottoro.

The shopping street at Mosaic.

Later we window shopping around the shopping street before having our tea break.

The main shopping street at Kobe Motomachi.

It`s time for dessert. 500Yen (US$5) each. Expensive but yummilicious.

After a while before it really get dark, we took bullet train to Hiroshima. There were non stop of "ahhh", "ohhh" and "wahhh" when an express bullet train passes by. It was indeed very fast by the way. Four of them were freaking excited as that was their first BULLET train ride. Vrrroooommmmm...

Shinkansen (新幹線), Japan`s high speed train (bullet train).

Ryokan (旅館), Japanese style inn.

A stay at a ryokan is highly recommended to all foreign visitors as it real offers the opportunity to experience a traditional Japanese atmosphere. Well, they had to sleep in traditional style, using futon which is spread out on the tatami floor. A yukata is provided to be worn during the stay at any ryokan. You could walk around the ryokan in yukata and also as pajamas.
The second reason why i put them there is i was staying at my university`s one room apartment.

いらっしゃいませ~ (Welcome~)

It was a long day for me! I called it a day at 11.30pm once i had reached my own apartment.


Anonymous said...

好羨慕你呀 ,
有得去日本 ~
不過我太窮啦 T____T
掛住你呀 XD

fufu said...


古小玉 said...
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古小玉 said...

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Rex said...

japan again, the building behind there is amazing. I think I will apply air steward after graduate~ kakaka~ influence after a long tlak with my guest. =p

fufu said...

khoo : yeah business trip allowance always is the temptation we cant resist! but just make sure you wont get bored/lonely of those travels from one place to another. work for life and not money! have you asked you parents that they want to live in your dream house? sometimes what you think is not what they really want =) ok anyway wish i could announce some good news here next week =p

res : yeah Japan is a nice country, erm being a flight attendant is cool! so you are going into singapore airlines? kinda hard to enter i heard, so wish you all the best! but you cant travel much even if you are a flight attendant =p

calgraden said...

I wishful visit Japan,specially the fashion heaven Ginza, Tokyo....

assamlaksa said...


set up a chatbox in ur blog. easier for me to leave msg =p

assamlaksa said...

so envyyyyyyyyyy u travel to so many placessssssssssssss

assamlaksa said...

whats ur next destination? im planning for a backpacking trip!

fufu said...

jamy : i will consider whether to have a chatbox or ... well yeah i had just finished travelling around the world... backpack ohh, i wanna join..ops not i gotta start working sooner =( anyway we can plan for Myanmar or India or even Tibet

assamlaksa said...

seriously im very intrested. but not sure whether can take long leave ornot, the trip require atleast 2 weeks.. we shall see! let me know when u'll be goin

fufu said...

jamy : good then! we gonna plan huuh lol anyway 2weeks trip will be more than enough for india! too long for myanmar and tibet though, unless you plan to go other nearby cities from myanmar/tibet =)

Roses said...

i skipped Kobe when i was there.
concentrated on tokyo n areas nearby~~
until a Jp friend publicize Kobe~~
going bck there if time allows. life is meaningless if living thru regrets

fufu said...

roses : well, kobe is not the must city i would say if compared kyoto, osaka, nara, tokyo, hiroshima, okinawa and hokkaido... just if you are in osaka, no harm go to kobe ya =)

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