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FuFu World Tour - Sai Gon & Can Tho
25th May - 11th June 2007 - Part One

Departed from one of the world`s best airports - KLIA.

My destination was Ho Chi Minh City, or locally known as Sai Gon.

Watching the flight attendants was the main entertainment on board.

The in-flight meal was not bad. Mango pudding was awesome.

Going to be landed on the largest city in Vietnam.

I was wondering where to go after Turkey. Lucy stated that she would be going back to Vietnam and travel to Thailand end of May on her blog. Suddenly, Vietnam popped up in my mind. So, i gathered all my Vietnamese friends, purchased the ticket, planned the itinerary and finally flew to Saigon.

Exchanged 10K Japanese Yen, i got 11,748,000 Vietnamese Dong.

Met up Andy at the arrival hall. We took taxi to the hotel.

My accommodation in Saigon was arranged by Andy. He mentioned that love hotel is cheap, spacious and most importantly clean. Everyday, the room will be cleaned, bedding sheet and blanket will be changed. Besides TV, air-con, fridge, safety box, this hotel provides every little thing from chewing gum to nail cutter to ciggarette to local brand OK condoms.

My room of a love hotel located in District One. US$14.

This noodle with grilled pork, nuts and fried spring roll was awesome.

Breakfast at Guan An Ngon.

This beef soup noodle was way too good.

Andy drove me around the city by his motorcycle.

Motorcycle is the primary mode of transport in Vietnam.

Motorcyclists not necessary to wear helmet in Vietnam.

Motorcyclists need to be careful of the other mode of transports.

Andy then took me to a bus station. I was heading to Cantho.

Lucy picked me up at the Cantho bus station with her relatives. Was then straightly brought to a countryside. My first time to see how people live along the river, which it play a significant role in rural life owing to the extensive network of rivers in Vietnam. The residents just like anywhere, wash anything at the river, body as well. Life is as simple as you would never think of in the countryside.

We were going to have dinner in this house.

The living room.

FuFu and Lucy`s uncle.

While the women were preparing the dinner, i walked around the house and chatted with Lucy. Heard we would have grilled rabbit meat for dinner. The people are poor but they never fail to host their guests. They would serve their guest well with what they have (like rabbit), called up all the friends to eat and drink together. This might be the opportunity for them to drink together and show off their guests to the others.

The hammock on top of a bed.

The master bedroom.

The kitchen and dining room.

Women still washing clothes at the river.

The grocery shop.

The auntie is 'cleaning' the snails.

The granny is preparing the dinner. Two big fishes.

So men showed up when the dishes served on the table. Surprisingly, men and women had their dinner separately. I had my dinner with group of women because i only spoke to Lucy (couldnt even speak Vietnamese). It was my first time to taste rabbit meat though, smooth and soft - great. After dinner i joined the men while drinking Tiger beer together. Lucy was the interpreter. One of the men said wanna bring me to have FUN in town, but Lucy rejected it. Poor FuFu.

The dinner.

Discotheque X.O CLUB.

We then back to town. After bathing, we went to a disco nearby our hotel with her cousins. Six persons and two motorcycles. Three persons on a motorcycle - my first time. Life is hard in Vietnam, so everyone is working hard to make money. But some of them spend part of their hard-earned money to destress (shake their heads and bodies) at discotheque. Anyway, the music playing at X.O was bad and we left at 1am.

This was the first time i entered a disco in shorts.

A duck soup noodle after clubbing, one word - AWESOME.

That day i only slept three hours. At around five in the morning, i got in a van with Lucy and heading to a temple at the border of Vietnam and Cambodia.

Ba Chua Xu Temple

To be continued...


越南之旅 - 第一集 -




Anonymous said...

wow, this is the first time i saw the life in Vietnam .. XD
i saw there's a 'hot' pic in your hotel room.. haha
i never heard Cantho before, is it far from Ho Chi Minh ?
ah i'm surprised that you said men and women ate at different table there ? is it the custom ?
you can go in shorts for clubbing in bali too.. hahaa, ah and with flip flops too.. LoL

even said...




Beverly's Secret said...

US$ 14 for a room!!?? A love room some more? This is super duper cheap and good deal!!! But wait, is that include air-cond? :p

都市[心]鮮人 said...

hi ..this is the first time i visit your blog ..really nice and like it so much ..i like the way you post your pic ,加油and i will always come here and visit your world~

Unknown said...


穎子 said...

wwow.. 我也想過去越南玩的,但是現在是我學院時期,還未畢業。我想畢業后,我應該好好計劃,出國或是馬來西亞走透透也行。


Anonymous said...



wayne said...


Rex said...

hmmmm... again you went travel! haha... sway... all my filesSSS lost. I will be going to Vietnam after CNY hahah~ airticket free but need to pay fuel charge and airport tax only. hahahhaha~
The city u went to look neat and it's out of my expectation man! and your friends uncle house is what exactly the same as my "wai po" house last time! haha~
where is our sentosa tanning plan sia.. =S

pui0219 said...

hope 明年可以去...

Chris said...

Wah,.... the disco.. iT;S LIKE.. hmm.... look very weird..

.:: Ant ::. said...

Thanks for sharing. 1st time into your blogsite. :)

Great that you managed to experience village-life there. That's the thing I missed when I wuz there.

Have a wonderful weekend! ^_^


candygan said...


LAURENCE said...



Yvonne Sam said...

Hey, i thought u not at Msia? So, next time rmb ask me along when u guys hav gathering ya... Looking forward to meet with u~ ^^

iamlz said...

Vietnam really have lots of motorcycles! ;)

And hey, the first few 'panoramic' photos of yours are really nicely taken! :D The different colours give different moods and feelings!

Seems that their life is not too luxury, but can feel the happiness! :D

even said...


十六 Keaton said...


Anonymous said...

Wah! i never knew vietnam's have an interesting nighttime activities. The food looks good too, especially the in flight meal.

-waiseng- said...

wow! Nice!

Hey, sorry that cant meet up on the saturday ya. I should let u know earlier, but i was busy with something else. SOOOO Sorry

- yEng - said...

1st time saw the life at!!!
the in-flight meal look very tasty..hw's the taste??

ernloy said...

hi fufu
if u wanna come to ukraine,better be fast lor...coz i am graduating next june...n then i will come to u back in :P

三吉 said...

such a nice experience....
how the taste of snail?....

seazpark said...

nice blog.....!
thanks for da vietnam's

Faye fly said...

wow不錯哦。。去越南體驗當地風情﹗﹗ ^^

Ivy K. said...

Wow, you've been to many places huh?
Nice experience! And you have nice pictures too :)

AJ v2 said...
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AJ v2 said...


so many photos in one entry~

must be really nice traveling =)

Maonoko said...

骑着电单车在路上闲逛,赞!! :D

sing said...



Anonymous said...

去年三月底的越南行(Free n easy),它独有的热带风情的确让我难忘极了,可惜遇到一些很不老实的人,扣分!

fufu said...

Nus : cantho, a small town famous of its floating market, is 160km away from Saigon, the custom of male and female erm i have no idea, perhaps both male and female have different topics =)

even : 我的中文得得底啦
可以搵到食甘啦 哈哈哈哈
要遲一d,因爲我地既ikea午餐+大帽山要明年先可以放上來 越南過後有柬埔寨,香港澳門中國,然後臨走香港時我地既一日

BeverLy's : yeah aircon attached bathroom and many more only for US$14 :)

fufu said...

都市[心]鮮人 : thanks for coming! and wish you will come here more often ya...see you then

ah man : 有錢人才可以旅行嗎?

帶刺の蝴蝶 : 你應該趁還是學生時先慢慢好好的探索大馬
然後才向外飛 出國旅行

fufu said...

紫朝 : 我還有很多地方去過時你不知道的
想要知道 就要鎖定我的blog咯

wayne : 我建議你下一次去越南首都會比較好

rex : so you gotta purchase the ticket first ya, now airasia and tiger airways got promotion... erm, saigon is quite ok actually =) erm the tanning plan? gotta wait until next year when i am free...

fufu said...

pui : 我應該會2010年再去越南
會去河内, 越南首都

chris : the disco was alright, just the music was boring =(

anton : thanks for coming, yeah not only the modern life i want to see, but the rural area also i would like to explore =)

fufu said...

candygan : 不需要羡慕 我們大家都有自己獨特的生活方式 你羡慕我羡慕你 我看你好你看我好罷了

LAURENCE : 謝謝你的加入哦!希望你喜歡啦

yvonne : hahaha, well actually it is hard to arrange a gathering, but anyway next time ok?

fufu said...

LZ : sometime, we can really find happiness in the poorer area, or even if you are poor, you may find yourself more happiness than those rich people... vietnam has tons of motorcycles =)

even : ok la 甘你就23號楂電單車返工

十六夜真人 : 要看我騎motor的英姿
你要等哦 因爲由2個國家我又騎motor

fufu said...

cleffairy : yeah vietnamese food is one of my favourite food =) yummilicious

waiseng : yeah vietnam is a nice country =) you should go there once ya...damn near from kl, ok the gathering? well it`s alright!! next time la

yeng : the in flight meal not that good, but the pudding was awesome, you couldnt read the text below the photo??

fufu said...

ernloy : okok! see if i had the chance or not

三吉 : the snails? well ok, not bad, nothing special than any we could find in msia =)

seazpark : hahaha welcome

fufu said...

Faye fly : 當地風情一定要看聼嘗享受

wen : yeah nice photos are for you guys, i wanna share everything here with all my readers... :)

AJ : yeah travelling is always nice =)

fufu said...

M@onoko : 骑着电单车在路上闲逛?

sing : 對 注定我要到每一個角落去找我的朋友~

toto : 那時你不戴眼識人 不應該這樣扣越南的分哦

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Yenny said...

下次去越南也帶我去嘛~~~~ @.@

他們想要帶你去哪里have FUN?:-D

Anonymous said...

Nice Vietnam pictures. Missed the tasty roast pork. I thought they are suppose to impose the helmet ruling for motorcycle this year.

fufu said...

Sherelene : 好啊 知道的一定告訴你

toto : 那下一次一定要找個人來照顧你哦

fufu said...

Yenny :越南人的生活真的不容易
你我就不知道 我就已經很好的了 要知福哦

peteformation : the government should impose the rule earlier!! anyway, still like the food there...

AliVe said...

Ho Chi Minh 我也在sj课本读过