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FuFu World Tour - Can Tho & An Giang
25th May - 11th June 2007 - Part Two

Ba Chua Xu Temple.

So early morning of the third day in Vietnam, i was brought to a well known temple located near the Cambodian border - Ba Chua Xu Temple. The temple`s unique sandstone Lady Xu monument and its time-worn temple have turned the small riverside town into a pilgrimage site for many centuries. It is said that the goddess is so sacred that anyone who offers incense to her could reliase all his/her wishes.

The Lady Xu.

Numerous pilgrims from everywhere flock to the temple early morning.

The rites followed by offering flowers, fruits, tea, burning incense and praying.

FuFu in front of the scared temple.

The entrance gate of the temple.

Later, we headed to a local morning market for breakfast before continued our journey of the day. It was great to see the local market in a countryside of Vietnam. There, the time was like turned to 20-30 years back or even more.

The stall we had our breakfast.

The ingredient.

The authentic Vietnamese pork steak rice (G Pa Fan).

The well known Vietnamese beef soup pork noodle.

Lucy and her relatives had something to buy while i walked around myself and took some photos at the market. Here they are...

The scene of the market in Vietnam.

How much living could each of them earn a day?

She took a rest before continued the long journey of life.

They are motorcycle-taxi drivers.

Rambutans, mangos, guavas...

Red onions, onions, garlics, peppers...

The bread stall.

The houses beside the market.

Couple of hours journey on the van later, the driver brought us to Doi Na Yang. Lucy and me strolled along the beach after a quick lunch, drank a cup of sea coconut juice, snapped some nice shots, had a rest for a while before leaving to another attraction.

The entrance of Doi Na Yang.

The beach.

The other side of the beach.

The seafood we had.

The sea coconut stall.

Lucy, my Xanga`s buddy.

FuFu with his sea coconut juice.

Lucy & FuFu, 27/05/2007.

Guess what were these two girls looking at?

Answer is these two little boys.

The fishing boats parked nearby the beach.

Back to the busiest street along the beach.

Ladies busy choosing good dried squids.

It`s time to have a good rest.

Later, we moved to Thach Dong where a temple is found inside a cave. This cave has the unique limestone as well. From top of the cave, a beautiful plain view could be seen over the small village. Plains are still important for agriculture in Vietnam.

A small jungle trekking to the cave.

I still couldnt figure out what the fruit is.

This young girl is selling bird whistles that reproduce sound of bird.

The cave temple.

For much of Vietnamese history, Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism (from China) have strongly influenced the religious and cultural life of the people. Even though they are poor, offering the God is a must and they dont mind working hard to buy the offerings. The people could skip lunch but never miss the chance to pray their God. This is what i noticed after the temple i went in the morning. You could see Chinese characters everywhere also. Vietnam was also part of China, once upon a time.

Oh, my god, give me more power to travel~

Love Lucy`s pose.

View from the top of the mountain.

After this we moved on to the next destination.

Sam Bi Dao is 冬瓜茶 (Dung Gua Cha) in Vietnamese.

Next, we came to another beach which surrounded by numerous of caves and rocking stones. I personally loved this beach. Not so crowded. The seawater was slightly clearer. Anyway the main purpose going there was not for the beach but Hang Gieng Tien and a Confucian rocking stone. This area is developed as one of the tourist attractions, exploring cave for recreation and the guide related the history of the cave and religious.

Hang Gieng Tien.

We took the boat to Hang Gieng Tien.

We were entering Hang Gieng Tien.

The guide was seriously explaining the history of the cave.

According to the guide, the cave was once inhabited during Paleolithic times. Believe it or not, we saw Guan Im inside the cave. Of course this is not a famous cave, but we saw few great lime stones. We climbed up the top of the cave and drank the so-called purest water. Some even brought their own bottles to fill-in the water and bring back home.

The natural limestone looks like Guan Im, from Her right back.

Shut up! Not vandalism. This marked Lucy & FuFu were there on 27/05/07.

Lucy and her cousins.

We saw lot of little crabs here.

Hang Gieng Tien.

Guess what attracted Lucy to take a photo?

It`s the rocking stone of Confucius. Nature is so amazing.

Lucy and FuFu.

Lucy and her cousins.

For this picture, we purposely bought a waffle from this lady.

She was shy to take picture.

Chua Hang Temple.

Apparently, Guan Im Ma is very popular in Vietnam.

Pirated DVDs successfully spread to the countryside.

The beach girls.

FuFu and Lucy`s auntie.

Vietnamese hotpot was awesome.

Finally the 5am-7pm van tour had finished. See where had we gone in a day? A sacred temple, morning market, beaches, cave temple and rocking stone of Confucius. The van was rented by Lucy`s uncle and all the expenses of the day paid by him as well. To thank his hospitality and show the appreciation, both Lucy and i treated him and his family members a nice hot pot dinner.

The dinner seemed not enough for the two of us. So Lucy and i decided to have supper outside the hotel. We shared sticky rice and my favourite Low Xu Fan.

Low Xu Fan.

Sticky rice with sliced chicken and spicy sauce.

The next morning, we had breakfast together with Lucy`s cousins before going back to Saigon. The 5 hours journey going back was damn fast and furious. The driver qualified enough to act for the next Vietnam Fast Furious movie. Saigon was raining like cats and dogs when we were back. The drain system was not properly done, everywhere was flooded. Anyhow, we separately went back to our hotels by taxi and had a good rest.

The breakfast at Cantho.

Need to cross the Mekong River, continued the journey back to Saigon.

Hundreds of motorcycles on the ferry.

Back to Saigon. But it was raining so heavy.

Day one.

Day two.

Day three.

Day Four.

To be continued. Stay tune for Part Three...

Vietnam Part One


越南之旅 - 第二集 -



Vietnam Part One


人鱼球球 said...

Such a gorgeous place, and your pictures made me feel like I was there (how I wish!).

迷迭香 said...

the bottle with drink in pink... is soya milk ? :p

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Anonymous said...

Wah, I'm late for comment again. =.=! I thought onli in Malaysia pirated dvds are sold everywhere. i guess I'm wrong about that. LOL. Wow, so many things are sold in the market. the bread looks very nice. o.O

Take care Fufu... good to see you active again.

ßrigida ∫chmidt © Copyright said...

Hey Fufu, thanks for your comment. Anyway, I didn't know that you're reading my blog too. I love all your photos here, nature really makes best photo. You won't go wrong having them as your subject.

I noticed you studied in Japan. Wow! I've been there few months ago (Tokyo) and I really love the City... except it's very expensive there (like Hawaii), so only stayed 4 days.

Selba said...

I was in Vietnam 3 years ago for 13 days. Really had a great time there... yummy food.

穎子 said...

wow... 很喜歡看你的旅行記錄。


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Kikey Loo said...

i love the photos of the scene of the market in Vietnam.

ernloy said...

Hi Fufu!!!
the temple is scared of u!?!?!? >.< hahaha...oopz, din mean to make fun of it :D
anyway, love your last few pictures!!!

ernloy said...

Fufu!!! me again :D
professional Qn: how did u upload so MANY pics at one time??? u really upload 5 by 5 by 5 by... =.=
wah!!! it took u how many hours for one entry???
真是用心良苦!!! 再加油!

Anonymous said...

hey,cool blog + cool place u got der! wen d music rolls while im browsing d pics u'v taken, d ppl der, deir life story chapters.. d music jz blends well wif it.. noe wat im sayin..as if im part of deir chapters as well..haha..nice work~ u n lucy really had great fun 2gtr man~ =D

Ah Zhee said...

woh.. lots nice food!!

冒牌周武王ΨomsΨ said...


gud trip!

even said...


motorcycle-taxi drivers



even said...
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emilio said...

the ingredients looked so fresh! and you got a real nice shot there. the one you standing at the entrance of the cave and your arms up high in the air!

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the background song of your blog suited your blog style very very very much!!!!!



...where is the souvenir?



- yEng - said...

gorgeous + secret + cool + warm + friendly = vietnam!!!!

i like the food..so fresh..and nice shot yar..frenz..=)

Chris said...

Sometimes i feel that some Vietnamese is look like chinese..

Wois said...



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Maonoko said...

The food all seems very tempting,especially the Vietnamese beef soup noodle!!!::D
Hang Gieng Tien is so amazing,nice place!!

david santos said...

Brilliant work!!!!

Vincent Cho said...

yummy yummy~!! the food u hv seem not bad leh~!!



古小玉 said...

Bro, so good can travel again..hey, u don't need to work one??

fufu said...

人鱼球球 : yeah vietnam is still developing, but i heard that Hanoi, the capital city is not bad ya

迷迭香 : soya是白的 那個pink的應該是草莓吧

invisible : 如果你有當地人帶的話

fufu said...

十六夜真人 : 那些瓶裝的汽水亞洲還有很多

天使 : 我就是會放很多照片上來的人
不是壞蛋啦 下雨就沒有了嗎

sock peng : 因爲我就是我 不是其他人
我不要和其他人一樣 我要獨特

fufu said...

cleffairy : yeah to be wise and know everything, reading is not enough, we gotta fly out and see =) i learned so much from my world trip :) that i couldnt learn from books, yah i have stopped working and now waiting for a short vacation to hk and china, may be busy once i hv started new job next year onwards

bridge schmidt : i just clicked and found your blog =) anyway tokyo is a nice place ya!! hawaii also expensive? guess you might have used to the life already... tokyo would be like another district in hawaii right? anyway tokyo really worth to visit and spend money there

selba : guess you gotta go back visit vietnam again ya =) the food there really yummilicous :) you will like the food

fufu said...

帶刺の蝴蝶 : 謝謝你的支持哦

紫朝 : 印度支那是什麽地方?
2年前和去年 哈哈哈哈哈
不要羡慕我 因爲我還沒有玩完南島

西瓜 : 如果你喜歡的話 可以常常來哦
來看我的照片或跟我聊聊天 :)

fufu said...

键轩惠馆 : 我是tg. malim人
爲什麽呢? 你也是?

kikey loo: yeah stuff selling in the market there quite cheap but quality a bot no good...

ernloy : if i was a star, the temple will be damn popular because of me, but i am not!! hahaha anyway thanks for loving my pictures... i will post up more nice photos up here

fufu said...

ernloy : yes true!! 5 by 5 by 5 until all finished uploaded, i dare to say i am really 用心良苦 writing my blog, so wish all of you enjoy reading my blog =)

lily : hahaha, thanks! because i just like the new song of Jay Chou, and just nice i am writing about vietnam =) so it created a nice combination with the photos and song :) glad you enjoy reading =)

ah zhee : yeah vietnamese food is one of my favourite =)

fufu said...

❤oms❤Ψ : 我也很高心看到你到來 =)

even : 我吾是只是爲了你
也是爲了我自己還有其他朋友 自己也想寫中文
越南的電單車好小架 吾適合你囖

emilio : yeah stay tuned ya as i have many cool pictures with different pose that will be uploaded here later =)

fufu said...

faye fly : 對不起 我有點不明白你在說什麽

小丑 : yeah the song is blending well with this post =) souvenir? erm already finished giving out to my friends... you are late!!

yEng : hahaha by reading this post, you could tell how vietnam look like not bad, wish you could visit there one day, and try the nice vietnamese food ok?

fufu said...

Chris : not look like, they are chinese once upon a time!! vietnam also part of china long long time ago =)

wois : 不是破壞啦 下雨就沒有了的啦

yenny : 對啊 所以我們不可以浪費食物

fufu said...

M@onoko : the vietnamese beed soup noodle is very popular around the world ya =)

david : thanks... wish you would come here more often ya!

vincent cho : vietnamese food is awesome!! i bet you would like it :)

fufu said...

全 : 真的很爽咯 你有機會也要去玩玩爽爽哦

khoo : hahahha, you didnt read properly, that was last yr ok? my world trip!! well ok i had stopped working and will start my new job next year in spore :)

Anonymous said...

I like your pictures in this blog! Especially, the one with piggies and the one with bottled drinks. Love the colors!

Hey, when will I get to see you again? Take care and have a safe trip!


爱美丽 said...


JiaNi said...


fufu said...

regene : thanks, you seldom leave comment here, anyway you must like the pictures in this post very much =) otherwise you wont leave =D anyway wish you come here more often ya =p

爱美丽 : 越南很久很久以前也是中國的一部分哦

jiani : 我很想念越南的美食!!