Tuesday, 2 December 2008

11hrs in Orchard, Singapore

I had stopped working and currently am seriously considering which offers shall i take in order to secure, strengthen and establish my career. Hopefully i could start my new life next year. Anyway, i am going to spend my two weeks casually in Malaysia. I have so far decided to meet Waiseng and some bloggers up for Jalan Jalan, Cari Makan in KL. For those who are free to meet up in KL, please let me know as i so desperately wanna Escape (from my hometown), Explore and Experience KL. Let`s have a 3Es(Escape, Explore and Experience) KL one day trip.

Sun with Moon - Japanese Dining & Cafe.

Okay, back to the topic. Basically, it was a normal dating with two of my friends. But i take it as an opportunity to enjoy food with friends along with good conversation and more importantly is to take photo. Besides these reasons, i will be away Singapore for a while as i will be going back to my hometown and then heading to Hongkong and China for Christmas and New Year respectively.

June and Su Zhen.

The interior.

June with Salmon Kamameshi + Udon + Sashimi set lunch.

Su Zhen with her Unagi + Nabe set lunch.

FuFu`s Unagi Akari Kamameshi + Udon + Sashimi set lunch.

Once everything served, we started to snapshot the food as if we were the food journalist from XYZ Press. The three of us enjoyed the snapshot moment vey much, it`s been a while though, since Berry was in Singapore in July.

Su Zhen is taking photo of her set lunch.

June is posing with her set lunch for a shot.

Su Zhen and FuFu.

Unagi Akari Kamameshi.

Salmon Kamameshi.

Sashimi - Salmon and Hotate.


Mini Nabe.


We really took our time to slowly bite, truly taste the set lunch and our conversation was deeply absorbing as we didnt notice that we actually had madly spent two hours on our lunch. After a short toilet break, we continued our conversation while enjoying our hi-tea.

Hi-tea time.

FuFu Milk Tea

Need to specially highlight and highly recommend was the dessert - Tofu Cheese Cake(SG$5.5) and Maccha Tiramisu(SG$6). A cheese cake lover shall not miss out the Tofu Cheese Cake if you visit the restaurant. A bit heartier than the common cheese cake, it did satisfy three of us. Maccha Tiramisu was another awesome dessert the restaurant has. It was made by high grade maccha with an excellent colour, aroma and depth of flavour. I enjoyed the delicate combination(maccha and cream) of smooth texture, creamy taste and good value.

Dessert moment~

Tofu cheese cake and Maccha Tiramisu.

It was the first time i heard and saw Tofu Cheese Cake.

Last snapshot before filling them into our stomaches.

Closeup - Tofu Cheese Cake.

Closeup - Maccha Tiramisu.

Before we stepped out the restaurant.

Well, after that we decided to see a Tawainese movie - Cape No. 7 due to the bad weather(as we planned to go to the Botanic Garden). Once we had purchased the tickets we went window shopping along Orchard Road, photographing and dinner to kill the time until 7pm.

At Orchard Road.

Going up to HMV for some music.

Su Zhen, June and FuFu

Everyone knows that Christmas is around the corner~

*Ding, ding, ding*

After coming out from HMV, June requested me to had my sunglasses on.

What and how do you think?

Takashimaya has a gorgeous Christmas tree.

We had the same smile.

A veteran photographer took this picture.

The amateur FuFu took this.

Good photo needs good photographer and model.

The three of us.

Lunch was not that full but we need to enter the cinema by 7pm so we quickly had our early dinner at Cathay Plaza.

June`s Prawn Mee (Har Min).

Su Zhen had Yee Min.

FuFu`s Ban Min.

FuFu and June with the huge poster of Cape No. 7.

Cape No. 7 is a great movie. It really deserves to be the best selling Asian movie in the recent history of Taiwanese film industry. This romantic comedy, with its combination of characters reflecting the cultural and ethnic diversity of Taiwan, makes audiences laugh (especially FuFu who knows Hokkien, Mandarin, Hakka and Japanese) and cry in turn while delivering a universal message of tolerance.

After the movie, we back to Orchard Road again.

And we started to pose, snapshot...

Trying to be cool and cute?

Yeah, we are going to enter Mont Blanc.

Two models are promoting Canon and Fujifilm.

It is too early to say Merry Christmas.

So lovely taken by June.

Nikon and Fujifilm users.

Finally it`s their turn to stand at the middle.

Quickly i passed the camera to June. Ready 1,2,3~

No kidding, i personally love this photo.

This is the so called Girl-Girl Cold War.

This is the so called Boy-Girl Cold War.

This marks the happy and satisfying ending of the day.

We called it a day in Orchard at 11.02pm. Even though i reached home late (as i stayed way too far from town area), i enjoyed so much hanging out together with June and Su Zhen. We even plan to have such a day (lunch, photography, movie, conversation, etc) once a month in different place next year onwards. Hence, they would be the frequent faces here on my blog.


Akira 思胜 said...

Wow, the Japanese food! My favorite!!! Is that expensive?

Anonymous said...



I AM A BLOGGER said...

oooo, i also have never seen a tofu cheese cake b4, haha, so many cameras "attack" the tofu. Indeed, ur way of life is really an enjoyment.

Beverly's Secret said...

Ohh.. don't worry.. go ahead.. pick your choice... She is a sweetie too~~

海市蜃樓 said...

Ho Ho Ho, Santa Claus is coming to town. 我今年聖誕也選擇返家鄉渡過, Merry Christmas!

~珊姑娘~ said...

u wil coming to m'sia!!!!so bad i at SP! if my time allow, i wan go KL meet u ^^

wao!!handsome & pretty! christmas is coming soon!!!u look nice with ur sunglasses!!!

穎子 said...

wow... xmas is coming soon now.

hahaha... I'm staying at kl now. we go jalan jalan..
but... perhaps we will sesat jalan. hahaha..

Anonymous said...

I had been waiting for this article for the whole day~~

Yeah..It's really great to go out with you & suzhen. We spent 11 hours at Orchard..So Crazy!

btw, the correct price of Tofu Cheese Cake is $5.50 , Tiramisu is $6.00..hahaha^^

-waiseng- said...

yo, wht a long post! LOL

This sat? Almost all are not free la. Ill ask again. LOL

Mei-Wah said...

tofu cheese cake? wow, that's something special, no wonder so many cameras "attacked" it. lol~ it's worth attacking though!

great xmas deco at orchard road. i love the xmas there, i have been there once and i wish to go there again~

KY said...

Nice photos...foods are great too.

sally^^ said...

erm.. christmas is around da corner, i really miss orchard road's nice christmas deco..

nice food n pretty gals, fufu, u really enjoy hor.. hahaha..

Rex said...

i got sun and moon discount voucher man.. aisk... should send you a copy. =p u should go CHIJMES one. better food and service =)

Pete said...

Gonna miss all the Xmas celebration at Orchard road this year. My baby too small to travel!

Faye fly said...


reddishTea said...

hey nice to see ur comment in my blog. yeah. i love japanese food and seems like the restaurant in this post very nice too... so u're in singapore now? =)

Wois said...

have yourself a little christmas

even said...


十六 Keaton said...


小东 said...


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Hey guy!
HOw you doing? You plan to go HK and China for Christmas?? i'm thinking of visiting there for my 1st time. Good if we can meet there.
Give me mail when you free.

迷迭香 said...

tats a lot of food for set lunch, must be very satisfying ~ ^_^

Calvin Soo KJ said...

why is the tofu in prison....hahahaha. anyways, the decos at orchard road are awesome. i was planning to go there for xmas, but something came up. so im in deep depression...hehehehe. enjoy your holidays. cherio bro....

Jeffrey Yau said...


I'm quite keen to go KL but noone going with me??? haha....
I can join u if u keen to let me follow along.............
btw, when u planning to go ..... and how to contact u on this?

Cheers :)

Jeffrey Yau

feline_Jodie said...

哈哈~~冇介紹錯呢~都話cape no.7好好睇架啦!!
it's really great~nice song, nice story, and nice inspiration :p

hk's mall都已經換上聖誕新裝了~
quick come and visit^^

YNOT TONY said...

给我送点儿鳗鱼饭吧, 我都馋死了...

Yih Yann said...

Now Singapore Xmas view very nice...

pui0219 said...

好miss 果到...

pui0219 said...

hope 再感受下...

Chris said...


candygan said...

wahhhh..美女美食 untunglah you ;p

Anonymous said...

Whoa... tofu cheese cake... does it taste nice or weird? OMG. o.O so strange.

Kikey Loo said...

wow... good foods, nice Christmas decoration, and pretty girls!!!

so "xing-fu"!! (^.^)

even said...



Leon Koh said...

so many beautiful photos..especially the pictures of the food!! made me so hungry!

ernloy said...

omg...ur comment is so straight forward and mean =.=
of course la, u can eat proper sushi in restaurant...not so fortunate as u mah~~~

人鱼球球 said...

Is glad to having fun with our best friends! enjoy ur life and smile~ thanks for visit my blog!

fufu said...

Akira 思胜 : the food not that expensive, only SG$30 (if you dont convert to RM), though not as good as those in Japan =)

紫朝 : 生活一定要快活

Xjion89 : agree, the way i spend my life is slightly different with others =) yet i dont wanna a common life, i want something different :)

fufu said...

BeverLy's : pick what choice? you mean pick one of them? hehehe well they are my friends =)

海市蜃樓 : 回家過聖誕和西曆新年也不錯
不要在乎地點 和家人一起度過假日都很好的

珊姑娘 : 你在SP??那麽的遠?
你趕快回來KL啦 我等你回來哦
我跟我的墨鏡很配 對嗎?謝謝

fufu said...

帶刺の蝴蝶 : sesat? no worries i have GPS with me ;)

june : sorry for letting you wait ya, yeah 11hrs at orchard is not short ya... ok corrected the price of the tofu cheese cake...

waiseng : as usual the post, not long not short =)
ohh... all not free? ok la nvm, see if we could meet up next time or not

fufu said...

meiwah : yeah the tofu cheese cake really good... the decoration of xmas in spore is normal ok for me =)

KEENYEE : yes! not nice food i dont eat, not nice photos i wont post up here

靓靓sally : hihihi as what i always say, gotta enjoy life

fufu said...

rex : hey seriously you gotta give me the voucher!! i wanna go back for only dessert during hi-tea time =)

pete : hahhaha, this year just celebrate christmas in KL ;) go to spore for xmas when you kids are big enough

Faye fly : 哈哈哈 三美 美景美食美人

fufu said...

reddishTea : erm the food in japan is much better =) ok i am now back to Malaysia already

wois : yeah i dont celebrate xmas
just follow the trend only =)

even : 吾使恨 香港多d靚女

fufu said...

十六夜真人 : 眼紅?
因爲我日後會有更多的約會 哈哈哈

小东 : 圣诞布置還蠻不錯的
那餐館的食物ok 甜品最棒的

sock peng : 4美在一起

fufu said...

sochea : hey sochea, its been a while since i heard from you, ok i will drop you a mail, see if we could meet up there in hk or not ya =)

迷迭香 : hihihi but i didnt satisfied with the taste, not as good as those i used to eat in japan

mikkiel : too bad i dont have money for shopping in spore =( anyway i agree shopping really a therapy =)

- yEng - said...

Unagi Akari Kamameshi + Udon + Sashimi set lunch == drooling....

so many lenglui, so many delicious food.. so good la you..=)

christmas is around da corner..every year..also is lonely christmas..sien diao...

fufu said...

Calvin Soo : hahaha, i saved the tofu and kept it in my stomach =) hahaha spore is not far, you can go there anytime, next year also can, not necessary until xmas eve ya =)

jeffrey : looking for a person going to kl with you? erm i dont know who you are, never see you as well.... erm you should ask your friends around you to go travel together with you

jodie : 海角七號好好睇啊
我會17號到達香港~等我吧 hahaha

fufu said...

tony : 三藩市有那麽的冷嗎?

Yih Yann : i still havent been to kl, so cannot compare the xmas atmosphere between kl and spore, will let you know once i have the chance ya =)

pui : 以後你和男朋友來
排排照片 去一些旅客不知道的地方玩

fufu said...

chris : ok msn me so we could arrange what time and where to meet up ya =)

candygan : hihihi, siapa untung? mungkin mereka yang untung!! hehehe

cleffairy : the tofu cheese cake tasted nice~~ i liked it and bet you would love it too

fufu said...

Kikey Loo : so happy gotta double then, xing-fu-fu =)

even : 多謝多謝
你為左我做左甘多野 好感動啊~
人少少無問題啦 最緊要大家開心就可以

leon koh : hehehe i did it!! finally i made somebody hungry =)

fufu said...

ernloy : erm, am i too straight forward? anyway take it easy ya!! ok homemade sushi is not that bad but make sure you follow all the instruction and using the right ingredient =)

人鱼球球 : yoo... its good hanging out with friends =) yes we gotta enjoy life ya =)

fufu said...

yeng : you celebrate christmas alone every year? why not you spend the eve with friends or family? anyway wish this year will be something different for you =)

ernloy said...

i am taking it very easily...hehe
anyway,i love the food in tokyo but i think i forgot to try the sushi there!!! =.=
so, are u going to show me how to make proper sushi by following instuctions and using right ingredients??? :P

- yEng - said...

haha..ya la..
every year christmas eve im stay at home..spend the time with family..but we din celeb..just stay at home together..see drama or read newspaper..=)

Anonymous said...

its a wonderful day,thanks organizer june, well plan :)
we eat,chat,snap,watch
and i found my movie kaki at SG,yeah~~

Btw,when can i get the pics from u?

Yenny said...



下次再來KL記得找我~ 哈哈哈哈哈

fufu said...

ernloy : hahaha well you can always go back to tokto and try the sushi there =) erm, buy a recipe book for sushi and learn from there ok? i am not the expert though

yEng : yeah spending time with family is always great ya

ShereLene : hahaha, finally we have hanging out kaki in spore =)
erm, i guess june will pass you the pixs soon, dont worry

yenny : 我也很想再吃那個tofu cheese cake!!
orchard的裝飾很差.... 希望明年會好!

毛毛 said...