Monday, 29 December 2008

FuFu Travel - Yuen Long and Victoria Harbour, HK

Jodie, Pui, FuFu, Cheong, Even and Carol.

This would be my third time coming to Hong Kong since 2006. Basically i have already been to those major tourist attractions in the past two years. This time i would like to have something special - enjoy the rural Hong Kong. So, i joined my friends and had a great sunny day cycling down to Pak Nai village.

Lunch at Tin Shui Wai.

Jodie, the nice buddy i havent met for one and a half year.

One of the fishing ponds in Pak Nai Village.

We had three stops for the cycling route. The first two were a local convenience store and fishing pond. The last stop was for the main purpose of this trip - see the sunset over a wetland.

The turtle we found in a convenience store.

The turtle shouted 'Let me go, please'.

Oh no, everyone wanna take pictures with you.

The turtle got upset and ignored us.

Yeah, all of us with the turtle.

Finally we came to the wetland.

Yooo soooo rooooomantic.

Yoooo sooooo sweeeeet.

Okay, after spending a day in the rural area of Hongkong, i met up another group of friends at Victoria Harbour for a dinner. Long famous for its spectacular view, the harbour is the one i would never miss every time i come to Hongkong. There, we posed for random pictures as well.

The Christmas deco in Harbour City Mall.

Dinner at DanRyan`s with German and Ivan.

After dinner we walked to the harbour.

We looked so gorgeous with Victoria Harbour as the background.

Model photoshooting started.

Movie poster of Victoria Harbour`s Love.

I could be an awesome model, dont you think so?

German, that star represents our long lasting friendship.

Alright, i am heading to Guangzhou in couples of hours with Jodie. Will be celebrating new year in China. Guess i wont be able to get online there, so i would like to wish all of my friends here a happy new year ahead.

Only few days left to 2009.

Oxen are coming to kick 2008 away...


ET女子 said...

sure u can be a great model~~~^^

Feeling said...

cool! i like the photo which with love shape shadow in dusk!

Hapi New Year to you! =)

~珊姑娘~ said...

Tin Shui Wan is the place i wan go but no chance to go(no time)!!!

so envy >.< , hehhehee.....

by the way, u all have a nice shoot at Victoria Harbour.
& nice movie poster!!!handsome & pretty^^

Invisible said...

i think u are a great model, so many poses.. lolz

Chris said...

Must be enjoy urself in HKG ya..
Yeah,, more than enough qualified to be a model. :)

Faye fly said...


-waiseng- said...


go Christmas time is the BEST!!

十六 Keaton said...


I AM A BLOGGER said...

OoOoo, holidaying in Hongkong!!!! So nice. Hehe, the tortoise is the best model(^^). . . . U can be a great model too. Btw, love the heart (^^)

Anonymous said...

o.O is the turtle real? Merry Xmas and a happy new year to you, FuFu.

老燕 said...

Merry Christmas,err..belated one =p
and Happy New Year in advance^^

Enjoy your stay in HK
hmm.. i'm missing 許留山dessert..slurp slurp..
make sure you taste it there =D

Kikey Loo said...

i love ur romantic photos and the movie star poster.. nice.. :D

Anonymous said...

Hey Fufu,

Vincent said...

thank for dropping by:)

greetings from London!! Wishing you a happy new year!

I've just been to HK bout 2 months ago! it was gorgeous!

三吉 said...

come on..wat a waste of u not become a model....
by the way, wish u merry christmas and happy new year soon...

古小玉 said...


Anonymous said...


candygan said...

你很上镜,不妨考虑当明星 ;p

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year 2009

Calvin Soo KJ said...

hahahaha....the turtle really cannot wait to get away... :P

Unknown said...

haha, that turtle so pity..
happy new year~

- yEng - said...

The turtle, 看起来很有灵性哦

Pete said...

Poor tortoise , trying to run away, ha ha! LOL

Pete said...
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Pete said...
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feline_Jodie said...

we can use computer here in Foshan
as China is developed so so fast
much faster than what we think of^^
happy new year 2009!!


Shin said...


even said...



人鱼球球 said...

that's such a wonderful trip, anyway happy new year~

Anonymous said...

你的旅途真精彩~,冬天的东方之珠也不冷清。 羡慕你。。

Fatty Jean said...

nice trip !!
i like the that sweeeeet pose !
u really can be a model

Happy New Year 2009 !!

YNOT TONY said...

你没把那个乌龟抱回家熬汤吧? 呵呵

Anonymous said...

the night scenes look great!
I am sure you are enjoying ur brand new camera alot, so am I :P

古小玉 said...


sing said...

Pity the turtle, sure he felt very 无奈! haha!

I think the cycling trip would be very nice! :)

新年快乐哦~ ^^

- yEng - said...

Happy New Year...


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year 2009

even said...

happy new year

ernloy said...

HAPPY new YEAR fufu!!!
i just finished count down in a club in Munich...sleepy now :)
good night!!!

lock said...

the last few photos look like shooting korean drama!

et Shuben™ said...

Yoo... so handsome!

Happy 牛 Year dude!

小东 said...


oLive said...

ur life look very enjoy.. great!
happy new year!

海市蜃樓 said...


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Happy new year to you, FuFu. Have a great year ahead of you. =.=

ßrigida ∫chmidt © Copyright said...

Akimashte Omedetou! Happy New Year! See yah!

Anonymous said...




Maonoko said...

Fufu looks smart with the black jacket & white singlet!!有香港仔的feel!!haha...

The sunset photos at wetland also very nice!! :):)

Enjoy life, enjoy 2009!!:D

fufu said...

ET女子 : hihihi thanks =)

feeling : gotta thanks all of the member at that day to guide and give us lots of ideas =p

珊姑娘 : you can go to hk again next time ya =)so many places to go =) you can also go to shenzhen from hk, pretty near @_<

fufu said...

Invisible : but still havent be a model yet

chris : i had a great holiday in hk and china =)

farefly : 黃昏永遠都是那麽的燦爛 但是都很短暫的~~

fufu said...

waiseng : yeah going there in xmas time is great man!! so cool the weather =)

十六夜真人 : 我們沒有玩它 我們還很疼它的呢

xion89 : hihihi, guess i am too old to be a model now...

fufu said...

cleffairy : yeah it is the real one =) it is already 4yrs old =)

老燕 : 許留山? 沒什麽吃
因爲太多人了 不想和別人擠
可能人老了 不想多吃甜品

kikey loo : yeah more nice pictures we had taken in hk... will post out soon hihihi

fufu said...

natalie tam : 可惜你不能來香港和我們聚會
我也無法到澳門去玩 下一次好嗎? 約定你哦

chee wei : happy new year to you too! yeah the night view of hk at the harbour is just awesome ya =)

三吉 : lol hahhaa kinda wasted huuh? anyway i am taking it very easy =)

fufu said...

khoo88 : 我真的再香港有一個美好的假期

toto : 謝謝你 happy new year to you too =) 我不是很喜歡穿牛仔褲的~~~

candygan : 其實我很想當明星的
沒有這個機會罷了 偶爾當朋友們的模特兒也不錯

fufu said...

sock peng : happy new year sock peng =)

Calvin Soo KJ : we were trying to stop it from walking away =)

ah man : hihihi... we were so cruel!! well just for the pictures @_<

fufu said...

yeng : 它已經4嵗了 還很重的哦

pete : we were so bad... ;)

feline_Jodie : yeah couldnt believe the hotel here provide computer for its customer to get online... cool =)

fufu said...

shin : 去旅行一定要万個夠

even : 我無打尖啊 我一早就打算放d相係到架

人鱼球球 : yeah a great trip as always =)

fufu said...

紫朝 : 东方之珠永遠都不會冷清的

fatty jean : happy new year =)
wish somebody could quickly spot me out to be a model =p

tony :它太重了 拿不回去 有點可惜

fufu said...

june : i am still learning how to shoot =)

khoo88 : 謝謝 真的希望我的願望可以實現哦 也祝你新年快樂 萬事如意

sing : happy new year to you, the cycling trip was great!! especially the sunset part =)

fufu said...

shereLene : happy new year su zhen =)

even : 新年快樂~~ happy 2009

ernloy : munich? wow i only able to explore the city half a day... will be back oneday =)anyway happy new year

fufu said...

lock : lol not korean...its indeed cantonese drama =)

et : hihihi happy new year =)

小东 : 香港真的很美

fufu said...

olive : yeah gotta enjoy our life ya... never waste it =)

海市蜃樓 : 我朋友他們每一次去踏腳車都會去探望那只龜的

choyyin : happy 2009 =)

fufu said...

cleffairy : happy new year =)

Bridge Schmidt : ake ome!!! =) happy 2009

june : 我收到你的留言了
黃昏真得很美 可惜只是那一殺那

M@onoko : 哈哈哈哈 謝謝你的讚賞
我在香港簡直是個香港仔 港男~~ hihihi
happy new year

迷迭香 said...

wat happened to the tortoise after tat ? XD

爱美丽 said...


fufu said...

迷迭香 : we put it back to its house =) lol

爱美丽 : 可能是我們拍的美吧
還有美麗的黃昏~~ 一切都變得很美麗