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FuFu World Tour - Angkor Wat, Cambodia
6 ~ 9 June 2007 - Annabel & FuFu - Part Two

Good morning, Phnom Penh.

The street life of the capital city.

We had our breakfast at a local restaurant.

With the local people, of course.

You should know why the literacy rate is low in Cambodia.

She happily smiled and posed for the picture.

The Khmer pork soup noodles.

The Khmer prawn noodles.

Digital camera was still new to the people in Phnom Penh.

The soup was so yummy.

The fruits peddlers on the street.

The famous French bread (fyi, Cambodia was a French colonial).

We bought croissant each since the noodles couldn't fill up the stomachs.

Waiting for the earliest bus heading to Siem Reap.

From the city, we were taking another five hour bus ride to Siem Reap, the home of Angkor temples and mysterious dark jungle that once swallowed the temples.

We stopped half way for early lunch.

Bought the cheap lychee for the fruit of that day.

We were safely brought to the terminal of Siem Reap.

These people were striving to get customer to stay at their guesthouses. But don't worry, talk to them one by one until you got the best deal because at least a policeman would be around there. Anyhow, we got our accommodation arranged in Phnom Penh. A guy immediately hopped on the bus once we had arrived and brought us back to his guesthouse.

We went to the guesthouse by this tuk-tuk.

A great deal - US$8 for a double bed room (air-con, TV, bathroom).

Since we were going to leave on the next day, immediately we paid US$6 for a private motorcycle plus driver to bring us to the must-see Angkor Wat and other famous temples by motorcycle instead of seeing the city by bicycle.

The lake in the Angkor Wat ground.

Entrance to the famous Angkor Wat.

Angkor Wat is the prime example of the classical style of Khmer architecture - the Angkor style. As one of the previous World's seven wonders (until the 7th July, 2007), Angkor Wat has drawn praise above all for the harmony of its design, which has been compared to the architecture of ancient Greece and Rome.

It was a super fine day for us.

The outer gallery of Angkor Wat.

It's still a long way to the main gallery.

Our first Wonder of the World - Angkor Wat.

The guardian creatures of the temple.

The main entrance to the temple.

Angkor is the capital of ancient Khmer empire, that stretched from Myanmar to Vietnam. In the early 12th century, the Cambodian kings built a temple complex at Angkor as his state temple, culminating the worlds largest religious building - Angkor Wat.

We had entered the main compound of the main gallery.

Angkor Wat is believed to be the largest religious structure in the world with more than three thousands apsaras (heavenly nymphs) carved into the walls. It has become a symbol of Cambodia, appearing on its national flag, and it is the prime tourist attraction of Cambodia since it had been discovered.

The dancing apsaras on the wall.

Basically, you could see various apsaras on the walls and columns.

Over hundreds of years, the surrounding palaces and building have long decayed as they were made from wood. Most of the temples have still survived but part of the Buddha images and apasaras on the wall were damaged.

There's a little ceremony held inside the temple.

Amithaba - i was being blessed by a monk.

The Buddha statues were so badly damaged.

But one common point - Buddha heads were missing.

Wonder why the heads were the target?

I am regret now as i did something wrong on the wall.

This is actually kind of vandalism which we must not follow!

We were going to explore the inner part of Angkor Wat.

One must not miss the inner gallery of the tower.

Make sure you have purchased travel insurance!

A real steep climb to the top (more than 70°).

The only handrail was using by aunties and uncles.

Thus, i used my hands and legs to climb up.

Nevertheless, i would never forget to snap also.

Annabel has height phobia, so she waited me.

But seriously, you need to be extra careful!

Annabel was too proud of FuFu - because FuFu made it!

Standing higher is definitely feeling better.

You would see the temple is surrounded by the moat.

The northwest tower of the inner gallery.

The sleeping Buddha statue and the carved standing Buddha.

The Buddha images swathed in scared cloth as a sign of reverence.

The corridor - only very few of the damaged statues left.

Wow, so well captured - the southwest tower.

The common scene you could see anywhere in Angkor Wat.

The gorgeously carved wall with apsaras and the windows.

The close-up - apsaras carvings on the walls.

The wall of the gallery.

Looking out from the gallery.

Showing a battle scene.

The dancing asparas on the wall.

The carved Buddha image sitting on lotus on the wall.

No kidding, you need to have enough courage before you climb.

I had spent too much time taking pictures around.

Annabel might have walked to the other places.

A very nice pavilion at the back of Angkor Wat.

I gotta stop exploring around - need to met up Annabel.

You could hop on the donkey for only a dollar.

To be frank, i was not willing to leave.

But i gotta find Annabel and move on to other temple.

Wait, i saw the people wearing the ancient costume.

I was offered to take pictures with them for free - lucky FuFu.

Actually, you need to pay them for a picture with them.

She asked for a picture with her - it's actually my pleasure though.

The naga you could found outside of any temples in Cambodia.

I saw Annabel waving to me at the point we got off the motorcycle.

Life is tough in Cambodia. Everyone, especially the kids, is striving for a better living. Anyway, if you intend to buy souvenirs, please don't buy all the stuff you want from a kid, try to distribute your money to others as well since they are selling the same things.

We hopped on for another temples.

I would suggest you to spend at least two nights in Siem Reap as there has plenty of temples worth you to pay a visit. You could actually rent a bicycle slowly exploring the ancient city. I will be back to Siem Reap again in the near future. Definitely.

Cambodia Part One


Anonymous said...


Wois said...


我要游走Borobudur了,到时和你的angkor wat比较。。。

AliVe said...


Rex said...

The hotel rate is super reasonable.. only US$8... must travel before everything hike (I mean price...) hahahaha

seow said...

原来进angkor wat主殿竟是要爬的~

海市蜃樓 said...


Akira 思胜 said...

Hmm, wanna ask u oh, the French bread, is the one we used to eat garlic bread?

assamlaksa said...

hooray! im going on september

long way to go..sien.
can i have the name of the hostel u drop by which only cost USD8?

Kai and Baobei said...

很喜欢这地方,但最怕就是那里的梯级,真他妈的高,有些还超过45倾斜度,hahaha !

小薰妈 said...


Serina said...

The room is cheap!!Angkor wat 世界奇观!I like It!

[SK] said...

went there last september, we woke up like 4am in the morning to reach Angkor Watt by 5:30am to see the sunrise, but @#$%^&* the weather wasn't clear enough for the sunrise, ended up feeling so disappointed for the whole morning.. haiz!! anyway, was impressed by the spectacular sculpture of the Watt though..

都市[心]鮮人 said...

其實你真的好了解愛。。如果可以。。真想和你拿你的msn.. 和你慢慢聊。。不然我只能來這裡留言。。好奇怪。。哈~我知道愛需要付出很多。。會很累。。可是儅遇到對的人。。我還是願意嘗試。。

Anonymous said...


Kuntong said...

yalo...dun vandalism anymore..ahahaha
the tuk-tuk vry 'yeng'

fufu said...

全 : 哈哈哈哈哈 我以前也是個窮光蛋吖~~
都是靠自己的努力 才有今天的環游世界~~

wois : 那你以後要快手一點咯
wow Borobudur 我也想去~~
從照片看 我覺得angkor wat 比較好

Alive : 哈哈哈 可能柬埔寨比較多風土文化看吧
我也很喜歡大城市的哦 還有海邊~~ hihihi

fufu said...

Rex : yes true and travel when you are free... anyway it is cheap to travel now =)

lonelybabi : 對吖 你有沒有畏高症?

海市蜃樓 : 不知道哦 我去既時候仲可以四周圍跳來跳去 好彩我已經去左~~~ lucky

fufu said...

Akira 思胜 : barlic bread one is relatively larger than those you saw from the picture =)

jamy : erm well actually there are many guesthouses there, you just need to ask around... ok i will check for you =)

Kai and Baobei : 那他媽的倾斜度的梯级是值得爬的 因爲上面看下來的風景很美哦

fufu said...

niger1437 : 值得上去看一看的哦

serina : 對吖 很榮欣可以去世界奇觀之吳哥窟

SK : i also didnt get to see the sunset! but i will definitely go back again sooner....

fufu said...

都市[心]鮮人 : 我不什麽msn的

swordsman : 我以後不會做出醬的東西了 我們應該保護世界遺產的 我們有責任的 我當時太無知了

kuntong : okok i wont do it anymore!! we should love all world heritages =)

Kai and Baobei said...

所以我拼命爬,一面爬一面骂一面喘,kekeke, 有点老人家的pattern

fufu said...

Kai and Baobei : 你要多做運動哦~~
one more two more three.....

HansonLi said...



Kai and Baobei said...

我差不多每晚都有做的啦,one more two more ... hahahahaha ~ !

fufu said...

HansonLi : 那你應該去一去哦 現在機票很便宜罷了~~ 要好好計劃計劃哦

Kai and Baobei : 哈哈哈哈 good!! 多做運動對身體好~~

Nick尼克仔 said...


Shin said...

哈哈,我上去去的時候也是用那個專給aunty uncle用的handrail下來的叻!


~珊姑娘~ said...

i luv lake view of angkor wat..beautiful^^

& teh temple, so nice!but so tired .

fufu said...

Nick : 哈哈哈 我要去港口吃海鮮 pulau ketam 不是很出名海鮮嗎?

Shin : 請你們原諒我! 我把照片放上是應為要警惕年輕人不要破壞世界歷史文化遺產!! 我真的知錯了!

對吖 那個梯级真的很斜 要小心~~

Nick尼克仔 said...


fufu said...

珊姑娘 : 我沒有機會拍到更好的照片 因爲沒有時間!! 我還會再去過的哦... 下一次一定會拍得更加的美 到時你可能會收到我的明信片

Nick : 我就是喜歡虾啊螃蟹啊 lol
下次有機會一定找你們哦 ah man & ah don

Nick尼克仔 said...


迷迭香 said...

US$8 for a double bed room is very good deal!! and the room looks decent...^_^

the stairs are really steep ain't they....=.="

動 Orson said...



lock said...

3 days for phnom penh and siam reap, where got enough?

i remember my cambodia trip in 2007 was 8 days. Angkor wat alone already taken 4 days!

Kikey Loo said...

Angkor Wat is one of the places that in my travel list!

Anonymous said...

the stairs looking cool!!! but i will scare.. haha

fufu said...

Nick : 有機會一定分享! 但是你也可以在這裡看看我的照片和遊記哦

迷迭香 : 那邊的房真的很便宜~~ 下一次記得不要住醬貴的旅店哦

動 : 莫名的感動什麽?奇怪~~ 那麽我看下一篇的遊記你一定會哭咯

fufu said...

lock : i know but i gotta catch the flight back home... and i gotta wait annabel flying from hk and go there together... but anyway i will go there again =)

Kikey Loo : probably after your coming back from england, you could travel around =)

choyyin : yeah worth to climb up looking over the surrounding of angkor wat =D

Live2Think said...


古小玉 said...


even said...


Bengbeng said...

fufu, it was a pleasure reading this post and seeing the pics. thank you so much.

=啃泥谷= said...


小虫 said...


angkor wat! 很多尊象都毁了~~~

seow said...

我在这里回复你给我的留言 ^^

其实已经在搜集留学日本的资料,很怕手续方面的问题。。。对啦,你也是日本留学生咧,可以给些意见或心得吗~ 哈,要叫你作前辈了。

十六 Keaton said...



键轩惠娘 said...


Nick尼克仔 said...


Allison said...

This is the 1st time i read your blog and i really enjoy reading your travel post. It's neat that u get to travel almost around the world at such young age. My dream! haha.. but have to got money only can travel.. and the time.. envious.. happy traveling around :)

seazpark said...

my gosh~
i m so obsess with da temple n all da statues ~!!
it's so fascinating !! hahaha..
muz b a memorable trip huh?!?!

iamlz said...

eh? did u see the really huge tree sitting on the wall?

Anonymous said...


3ugene said...

angkor wat lake 很漂亮, 我觉得那边好像很热哦~

Unique_tHOm@tHOm said...


张绅和 said...



zzhen said...



fufu said...

Live2Think : 近いうちに行くつもりって、 お前も俺と一緒に行くの? そうだったら俺の時間に合わせないといけない =)

khoo : 哪裏會變大只?這一些要時間的 不可以一兩天就可以的 hahaha

even : 不是石屎 沙石~~ 我也不是很清楚 你有興趣的話自己查個明白~~ =P

fufu said...

bengbeng : same here, its my pleasure to have you reading these boring travelogues =P

龍少 : 寫完了我會公開我到底用了多少錢

嘉CacinG進 : lychee不是很便宜 都很甜~~ 你喜歡吃lychee? angkor wat...值得去

sebastiangan said...

有看到日出吗 ?

fufu said...

lonelybabi : 日本?你想要知道什麽?
現在日本會貴 澳洲會便宜

十六夜真人 : angkor wat 不算高啦
你真的一定要去柬埔寨哦 airasia的機票便宜

键轩惠馆 : 我出生于tg.malim
沒有去玩 一定在家裏咯
爲什麽? 你也是住在tg.malim?

fufu said...

Nick : 那你應該好好把書讀好 做parttime 不要花醬多錢 4-5年后 一定有錢 然後就可以去旅行咯

Allison : thanks for dropping by, glad to hear that you like those boring travel posts =) anyway you can travel locally though =) overseas wait until you are afford ok? by ASEAN countries wont cost you much since airasia has many promotions from time to time

seazpark : yeah i will never forget the places i have been =) i wanna go back to cambodia =p

fufu said...

LZ : i know you are talking about Ta Prohm, well i didnt go there.. anyway i will definitely go there when i go to siem reap again =)

sock peng : 幸好我還好 那邊的食物不是什麽好吃!

3ugene : 那個湖很美的哦 可惜我沒有時間拍更多更美的照片 以後一定會 馬來西亞也很熱

fufu said...

Unique_tHOm@tHOm : 不客氣 不要羡慕 你也可以去的哦 縂有一天

左 : 如果我出書的話 那本書的標題應該是 富游天下 你應該買我的書 我一定幫你簽名的哦

龍貓 : 哈哈哈 很美嗎? 我那個時候的相機只不過是digital camera 罷了 不是dslr哦

fufu said...

sebastiangan : 日出和日落沒有看到!! 下一次一定會去看的

Rosemount said...

没有放Entry title我每次不懂scroll到哪里去~~


Auckland有三个赛马场, Ellerslie, Avondale 和 Pukekohe~

fufu said...

Jill : 不知道那邊竟然有三個馬場 謝謝你的告訴
scroll 到哪裏去?? 每一個文章都有日期顯示的哦 你有沒有看好來?? 柬埔寨已經去了 還很想去過~~ lol 我是2007去的

毛毛 said...


Anonymous said...

You could notice that not only the head is cut off, but also the right hand of the Buddhas. It's believed that this would have taken the power away. Exactly the same as in Ayutthaya. I think...


- yEng - said...


sebastiangan said...


Anonymous said...

I discovered your blog by chance and was quite impressed by the pictures taken. Are you a professional photographer? Seemed like you have been travelling for quite some time with no official occupation.

fufu said...

毛毛 : 希望你們喜歡 =)

Regene : yeah sound reasonable =) thanks for the info

yEng : 不會腳软啦~~ 我這些壯男一定沒問題 lol

fufu said...

sebastiangan : 下一次我一定會看到的~~ 我一定把照片放上~~

Anonymous : i travelled the world right after my studies =) had been working fro 5mths though =p now still consider whether should i continue my master or work :D if you like this site, do come often and drop me a comment ok? thanks for visiting though @_<

Anonymous said...

really love your pics... made me looking very much forward to my Angkor Wat trip coming soon. the stairs are quite scary though...