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FuFu World Tour - The Killing Field & Phnom Penh
6 ~ 9 June 2007 - Annabel & FuFu - Part Four

We stayed at Tasom Guesthouse, Siem Reap.

Before we moved to the bus terminal.

It was a real quick visit in Siem Reap as we only stayed a night and left the city the following morning. Well, anyway since Airasia makes everyone can fly to Siem Reap and Phnom Penh easily now, i believe i will be going back very soon!

Back to Phnom Penh, the US$8 double bed room again.

The Killing Fields Memorial of Choeung Ek.

The place has a long history behind it and reminds one of the horrifying times that the people have gone through during the reign of Khmer and after. Khmer Rouge killed 1.5 millions Cambodian between 1975 and 1978. Out of this, 17000 of men, women, children and infants were detained and tortured at S21 prison in Phnom Penh and then transported to the extermination camp that now known as the Killing Fields.

Piles of bones, thousand of lives.

The skulls that taken out from the mass graves.

The memorial stupa shelters more than 8000 skulls, arranged by sex and age are visible behind the clear glass panels. Fragments of human bones and bits of clothes are seen scattered around. The Killing Fields visit was really traumatic for us and i am sure for all other visitors, it's the same.

Thousands of innocents were slaughtered for no fault of theirs.

Behind the memorial stupa are these massive graves.

The dead bodies were just thrown into a large open graves dug in to rice fields and there are more than hundred of these large graves there. While many were just buried alive, according to the guide. It is a horrible yet very important tourist destination and nobody should miss while travelling in Phnom Penh.

Say no to child-abused!

We observed one minute silence to the victims.

A sad site to visit but important nonetheless.

We were back to the capital city.

The King Norodom Sihamoni of Cambodia.

My turn to show Annabel my country's flag.

We walked to the riverside.

We strolled along the river.

You can go to Siem Reap by boat from Phnom Penh.

Just wondering how long does Chenla take to Siem Reap.

Lots of people gather along the riverside.

And you can find many stalls like this along the river.

You can get everything there from salad, snacks, fruits, meat to rice.

The fruits stall - papayas and pineapples.

Papa's ice cream~~

This kid selling boiled snails.

Sausage and noodle?!

Grilled beef, chicken, pork...

FuFu, as always, disturbed the kids.

The have better smiles than any of those kids in the city.

Still the V pose rocks.

Wish they would have a better future.

This grandpa had gone through the toughest time.

We came to a very nice restaurant for dinner.

Seafood tomyam and dry chicken curry.

The night market.

So many different kind of meats - wonder was there dog meat?

The street - at 9pm.

We didn't really enjoy the night life in Cambodia. Because we needed to get up early for the earliest bus the next day for Siem Reap, Phnom Penh and then Saigon.

Good morning, Phnom Penh.

I snapped these pictures while Annable was in the toilet.

We gotta skipped the breakfast.

The stall that selling biscuits and newspapers.

We took the bus back to Saigon just downstairs.

We stopped at a restaurant to answer the call of nature.

We had to cross the river again.

Annabel was staring at the kids.

Kid with her little brother was begging money from us.

We gave all (though no much) Cambodia Riel to the kids.

Damn, we had missed the bus.

Sorry, i couldn't help you, gotta rush for the bus.

After couple of hours, we came to the border.

Goodbye Cambodia.

Xin Chao (hello) Vietnam.

The Vietnamese immigration hall.

What a cute Cambodian twins.

Back to Saigon, finally.

Lunch time.

Cheers - it's a long half day travelling from Phnom Penh.

The famous Vietnamese beef soup noodles.

The fried rice.

The rice rolls.

And the fruits.

Annabel was going back to her friend's house. After sending her off, i headed back to the love hotel. I spotted a spring rolls restaurant on the half way walking back. Without hesitation, i walked in and sat down for second round.

Oh, spring rolls.

The chili that increases your appetite.

The fresh sugar cane juice.

My first two spring rolls - prawn and Chinese sausage.

The Vietnamese style salad.

But, these nice combination still not enough for FuFu.

I ordered again - observe her expression.

Chinese sausage spring rolls and the dessert! Yummy Yummy.

Don't know why FuFu is always so popular wherever he goes.

FuFu 2in1 postcards - Cambodian postcards + Vietnamese stamps.

I spent the whole night writing postcards to my friends. I didn't meet up Andy since it was a tiring trip back from Cambodia. I called it a night early for the next day's Mekong River trip with Annabel.

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Kai and Baobei said...

以前本来要到那Killing馆看看~但和宝贝讨论后一致决定 ... 不要去~ 哈哈哈!因为感觉怨气很重,所以我们不想靠近,呵呵!

[SK] said...

i didn't go to Phnom Penh, but i think this is not bad also huh?? at least there are more things to see by the river than the Tonle Sap.. we were being conned to pay USD20 for the boat ride around the lake, but infact that is just less than 1% of the lake and there is NOTHING to see at all!! poooi, my worst impression of the kingdom started then~~

Wois said...



Akira 思胜 said...

哇, 我看到很多骨头啊...

Shin said...


穎子 said...




Serina said...

那个Rice roll 很像猪肠粉咧~~

zzhen said...


zzhen said...


fufu said...

Kai and Baobei : 其實沒什麽好怕的 怨氣也不是很重 又不會很貴 竟然都去了phnom penh 爲何不去Killing馆看看呢?

SK : hey tonle sap is in phnom penh one la, or am i wrong??!! anyway you are too dumb to get conned, but that's a good lesson for you i guess =) at least you would be alert from that incident onwards =)$20 for a lesson is not a big deal ya to you at least :D

Wois : 沙发沒了 =) 你以爲沙发? 那不會好玩的 wakkakakaka 你中招了! 杀人魔没人道很可惡

Kuntong said...

wah...the foods thr looks vry nice leh...
so many bone...vry geli~~~

Bengbeng said...

Fufu, i kid u not. thank you very much for the pleasure of reading yr posts n all the lovely pics. I enjoyed it all.

fufu said...

Akira 思胜 : 一點都不怕 因爲我沒有做虧心事
只是有點傷感罷了 那麽的多無辜的人被殺

Shin : 我是永遠都不會錯過一些好鏡頭的
因爲我知道我一定可以趕得上 所以就拍一拍

帶刺の蝴蝶 : 砂捞越 我很想去哦 但是不知道你是那裏的地頭蟲 下次一定會計劃計劃 我要儅我的導遊哦

fufu said...

Serina : 猪肠粉 不是叫 rice roll嗎?

龍貓 : 我們又回到越南了~~
那個監獄我們沒有去到 沒有時間咯
下一次一定會去的 hiihhihi

fufu said...

Kuntong : hahaha the skulls look geli i know, a good memorial stupa to remind us the toughest time in cambodia... yeah vietnamese food is much more better than khmer dishes =)

bengbeng : you would not know what will happend 8yrs later =) glad to hear that you enjoy reading every post =p it really pushes me to write more =p thanks buddy

Kai and Baobei said...

没去PP。那时还在S.Reap, 因为还有空闲时间,讨论要不要过去PP。结果两人都没去,把剩余的时间到处吃喝罢了,哈!

Anonymous said...



晴天 said...


fufu said...

Kai and Baobei : 原來你們沒有去pp 那以後就應該去咯 然後從pp去越南 =)

clara : 他們是被挖起來給我們看的哦

晴天 : 對阿 很帥的雙胞胎

七仔 CJ said...

我要出国都很难啊~~~ T_T

Miyuki said...


Serina said...

哈哈~歹势啦~我真的不知道它叫rice roll(没想过) :P

Kuntong said...

the founder of Shashinki tat u knw is KhoKing ?
stay together? tat time u went thr study or wat..?






古小玉 said...

阿富,进入"杀人馆",请记得多念几句 "南无阿尔佗佛",就可以百邪不侵了。

P.S. 还是失业吗?

~珊姑娘~ said...


fufu said...

七仔 CJ : hahaha 你一定會有機會出國的哦 現在你還很小罷了~~ 慢慢來

MiyUki : 不會怕人!! 應該會感到一點點傷心因爲他們全部都是無辜被殺的哦

Serina : 我也不知道 可能有另外一個名稱也不一定的哦 我不是英文專家~~ =)

fufu said...

Kuntong : yeah you know khoking also? hehehe we were studying in hiroshima uni, and we stayed just next to each other... small world ya =)

全 : 現在? 答案是rm 0!!! 我還在量地 =)

khoo : 我有沒有做虧心事 不需要念~~
我真在申請繼續讀碩士 如果不是的話 應該會從西藏回來後認真找工作 開始我的事業

fufu said...

珊姑娘 : 那你不應該去了 因爲不是每個人都可以承受的住的哦~~

小魚海洋 said...

I think I'm not dare to visit The Killing Fields Memorial. I quite scare to those atmosphere.

Fufu, how's the tomyam taste in Siem Reap? Tomyam is my favourite!!! ^_^

Carenlie said...

my cousin went thr be4^^
she tel me tat the transport thr is
quiet few n difficult to get~
if i gt chance can traveling like fufu , i will be glad 4 tat ...

fufu said...

小魚海洋 : erm still thai tomyam is the best!!!! hihihihi anyway so please dont go to the killing field when you go to phnom penh ya =)

Carenlie : i am sure you can get to visit cambodia one day... since airasia flies there =) wish you could good luck =p

幸福王子 said...

fufu is a famous and handsome person of coz will attract many ppl la~
initially i m shocked with the skull but then afterwards calm down d~

fufu said...

幸福王子 : hahhahaa, am i that popular? but what do you mean by attractive?? anyway thanks, i will take it as a compliment ya :D and ya,the killing field is worth you see though =)

@ SmalL G!RL said...

u still travel now? or these posts are the tours u went to before? so nice eh..wish i could travel like u too..

fufu said...

SmalL G!RL : if you read properly, you will get the answer... anyway well it happened in 2007 =) yeah wish you could travel like me sooner :D

kc said...

so interesting lo there..
one day i will go there..
next trip is Mt KK right?
before go Tibet, remember to tell me ah...

阿花 said...


Anonymous said...


summer said...



Maonoko said...

要去爬Mt K了吗?
要操fit嘀喔!! :D

Unknown said...



歪歪 aka Kay said...



Allison said...

have you ever been to egypt? want to go there someday also.. hehe.. so fr cambodia to vietnam how long and how much?

小虫 said...


hehe~ 那里的小孩好天真的样子叻!
若给我看到dog meat 我觉得我会吐咯 ><

LOL! miss the bus still can take pic!! =.=


even said...


@llen.sim said...

fufu,超喜欢你的blog.很爽叻,到处玩!i am from kuching,几时来sarawak?我带你跑。

Calvin Soo KJ said...

how id wish i was in your shoes, travelling. vietnam is definitely in my places to go list. maybe by this year. :)

fufu said...

kc : hahaha, sure wish you could fly to cambodia sooner =p yup next mth i will be going to kk and then hopefully tibet in june =)

阿花 : 頒什麽獎???? ok 等一下去你的部落看看

sock peng : 不會害怕~ 日光白白爲什麽要害怕呢?我又沒有做虧心事 =) 如果你有的話不應該去~~ hihihihi

fufu said...

summer : 哈哈 我蠻有人緣的哦
killing field 不會噁心喇 一定要去看看哦

M@onoko : 柬埔寨應該去的哦
因爲世界遺產- angkor wat 都在哪兒
哈哈哈 爬山應該不是那麽的辛苦吧

ah_man : 變成旅遊景點就可以賺多一點錢~
你知道誰是高橋克典?厲害! 因爲很少外國人認識他的哦

fufu said...

歪歪 : 晚上看的確有點怕人的
那些春卷很好吃~~ 我喜歡 現在沒得吃了

Allison : havent been to egypt, but will definitely go there once before i leave to heaven =) from saigon to phnom penh, it takes 6hrs, cost about US$25 for the bus ticket

嘉CacinG進 : 那些小朋友真的很可愛
狗肉? 我蠻想嘗一嘗的哦~
哈哈哈 我隨時隨地都會拍照的
双胞胎兄弟很帥~~ =)

fufu said...

even : 練九陰白骨爪? 白骨精已經比我收服左~~ wakakaka

@llen.sim : kuching?? okok 我也很想去的哦 如果機票便宜的話 我一定會去找你玩 and 很高興你喜歡我的部落 要常來哦

Calvin Soo KJ : yeah you gotta eat the vietnamese food as many as you could ya... vietnam is a nice place to go though... go hanoi!!

zzhen said...

link u liao

-KeO- said...

haha...9th June is my birthday... lolz..

fufu said...

龍貓 : thanks! it's my pleasure

Keo : hahahahaa so how did you celebrate your birthday 2yrs ago?

Unknown said...

wow....can see you are enjoying life...

the skeleton are scary...

海市蜃樓 said...


fufu said...

Noise : yeah have been enjoying the life since 2007 =) but soon i will have to work and guess wont be able to travel so frequent already

海市蜃樓 : 影骷髏骨頭應該無罪瓜
無做虧心事既我係天不怕地不怕架~~ hihihi

.:: Ant ::. said...

The air there cried of sadness, perhaps due to all the innocent souls that can't really rest in peace.


Nick尼克仔 said...


fufu said...

Anton : hahahha i didnt feel anything wrong with the air when i was there... well, everywhere has countless souls that cant really rest in peace actually, malaysia too when she was occupied by japanese =)

Nick : 不只是小孩 大人甚至什麽人我都會跟他們拍照的哦 因爲要為自己留下美好的回憶 自己的旅程也充實 這才是我要的~~

键轩惠娘 said...


Anonymous said...

the photograph so scare to look at it

Anonymous said...

回 Love hotel 途中看到放“半边球”的妹妹卖春卷,当然啦(without hesitation喔),还不趁 Annabel 离开去朋友家时放纵一下,难道要等到谷精上脑?

Anonymous said...

回 Love hotel 途中看到放“半边球”的妹妹卖春卷,当然啦(without hesitation喔),还不趁 Annabel 离开去朋友家时放纵一下,难道要等到谷精上脑?

小虫 said...

yerrr... 不要酱反胃啦~
狗是很好的动物~不可以吃!! XD

小东 said...


海市蜃樓 said...


fufu said...

键轩惠馆 : 原來如此~ 很多人都已經離開了他鄉去別的城市居住了~~

benghui : yes benghui, you should ask your daddy explain this to you =)

toto : 哈哈哈哈你很了解我耶 lol
但是我真的有點餓咯 hihihi 那些春卷真的很好吃~ 我沒有後悔自己以跟人去偷吃哦 hahahaa

fufu said...

嘉CacinG進 : 只不過時嘗一嘗罷了
爲什麽你們吃雞? 雞也是很好的動物 它每天叫我們起床的~~

小东 : 那些都是越南的美食哦
中餐哪裏都有的吃啦 我不稀罕

海市蜃樓 : 哈哈哈哈 可能你已經被人洗腦左

vialentino said...

wah bro...i like ur mekong river pics....i love this kind of adventure trip.

i went to benh tanh market during my visit to vietnam.

fufu said...

vialentino : benh tanh market is kinda cheap i know... but if you go there with a local friend... you could get the stuff you want even cheaper... =) yeah i enjoyed the trip as well =p

died said...


fufu said...

梦想罐头 : 這就是我想要的哦
一定要守住這裡 =)

小虫 said...

XD.. blek~~~
酱又是哦~!咱们吃菜算了啦!! ><

fufu said...

嘉CacinG進 : hahahaha 那就見仁見智咯 =)

Unknown said...

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