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FuFu World Tour - Mekong Delta, Viet Nam
25th May - 11th June 2007 - Part Five

Mytho, Saigon, Vietnam.

This Mekong Delta one day trip provided a look at a wide variety of the life of the people and scenery of the delta. It was approximately an hour and a half drive to Mytho. On the way, you will see the green paddy fields, orchards and plantations stretching towards the horizon.

We're going to explore the Mekong delta.

The Mekong River is one of the world's 10th rivers in its river length and has great influences upon nature and societies of the Indo-China Peninsula. The source of the river is in Tibet mountains, running through Yunnan province of China, crossing Myanmar, flowing into Vientiane and Cambodia plain and the last segment is the Mekong delta in Vietnam, which distributes grate influences to agriculture, especially paddy fields there.

Our tour guide explaining the schedule of the day.

First, we got on a motorised boat, crossing the river, roaming around and observing how the tranquil life of the villagers and the natural setting of Mekong delta in Mytho. Then we got on a smaller boat, continued enjoying the shady canals with plantations and coconut trees along both the canal sides.

Wow, i want to have a ride on this round-shaped-boat.

The floating houses.

The entrance of a plantation i guess.

The small fishing boat.

The cruising ferry.

The petro station - Caltex.

The big fishing boat.

The tourist motorised boat.

Mekong Delta, the Great River of the Indo-China Peninsula.

We gotta changed a smaller boat to further explore the canal.

I snapped Annabel.

While she was snapping this boat man.

Gotta change another boat.

From a big motorised boat to a smaller boat.

10 passengers in a boat.

Our tour guide.

We're exploring the small canal...

We're brought to a plantation.

We then stopped at an islet. We did a little trekking through the the fruits plantations, visited a bee-keeping garden and tasted the natural honey and its wine with lime. After that, we proceeded to a restaurant for lunch. We were served with plate of fried noodle and a bottle of cool drink.

This little girl show us how the people collect the honey.

Honey and the lime.

The delicacies made from coconuts and bananas.

The longan orchard.

Lunch - fried noodle and Coke.

Oucchh... bravo!!

Any dragon fruit?

You ought to be extra careful when walking on the bamboo bridge.

We gonna have some fruits after lunch.

Dragon fruits, papayas, pineapples, rambutans and bananas.

I personally prefer the duet's singing.

Next we came to a local orchard to enjoy the local tropical fruits while enjoying the Vietnamese traditional folks music. We were brought to a souvenir shop where you could see how the coconut candy being processed. You are allowed to try the candy before you purchase it. Lastly, we jumped on a rowing sampan, going through the maze of shady canals before returning to Mytho by the motorised boat.

The coconut - if you have not seen it before.

The coconut candy - the cutting process.

You can buy these souvenir to your family or friends.

We gotta leave the place.

This was another awesome ride!

Six of us including two rowers.

Most of these rowing boats are in-charged by Vietnamese ladies.

The captain of the rowing boat.

Along both sides of the canal are the coconut palm tree.

This lady leaded us out to the main stream.

These two kids are from Singapore.

Almost there...

Moved on to the motorised boat.

We're heading back to Mytho.

The Mekong Delta trip was ended.

We'd been to Mytho.

Stopped here for toilet break.

The Vietnamese traditional costume - Ao Dai.

Lotus is the national flower of Vietnam.

Guest what? This Mekong Delta one day trip only cost us US$7 each. Including the transportation, boat ride, lunch, fruits, guide, the folks music, etc. Do remember, enjoy the Mekong delta trip while you visit Saigon. It's real worth your seven dollars.

The common street scene in Saigon.

Like the day before, i sent Annabel off at the bus station next to Ben Thanh market. I met up Andy and his friend after shower for dinner. I tried the exotic Hue's dishes (Hue is a historical state of Vietnam). The dishes looked simple but surprisingly yummy delicious.

The popular Ben Thanh market.

We met up in front of Rex Hotel.

The Hue's style dinner.

Andy and his pretty friend, Pei.

After dinner we moved to the downtown of Saigon.

I helped them to get as many surveys from tourists as i could.

Andy sent me back to my hotel by his motorcycle. We couldn't hang out late as both of us need to get up early the next day for school and flight respectively.

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海市蜃樓 said...


fufu said...

海市蜃樓 : 睡蓮 = lotus? 我也不知道 哎 如夢初醒 =) 對啊越南航空的標誌就是睡蓮 你可以在下一篇看到的哦

lock said...

mekong river is really a typical southeast asia river - muddy and dirty.....

fufu said...

lock : some is not dirty actually, just muddy because of the soil condition =) anyway glad to see the great mekong river

冒牌周武王ΨomsΨ said...

hotel 外观很美哦!

fufu said...

❤oms❤Ψ : 那個酒店在胡民志一間很出名的酒店

Agnes Sim said...

so enjoy ur trip wo...
hey...when u r goin to married?

fufu said...

Agnes Sim : yeah i enjoyed every single trip i had =) when? erm...not sure yet... i guess after 30yrs old =p

Vincent Cho said...

wow! i would like to try on the coconut candy!

fufu said...

Vincent Cho : if you like coconut candy, remember to bring enough money for packets of candy ya =)

Anonymous said...

wow, That's Pei. She's so pretty :). You visited Vietnam again? Wish i could travel like you. Thanks for sharing your lovely pics."Xin chao" ^^

seazpark said...

why gt snake de~~~eww~~!!

bek to point.
omg~~i pretty sure tat da honey lime tastes great.
n u mentioned bout paddy field..
tats 1 of mine favorite scenery ~
all boats r cool~~ light blue~ kinda frenly , haha.

fufu said...

VN : yeah xin chao... she is pei, a pretty girl =) hahaha...i wanna go to hanoi the next time i fly to vietnam, where are you living in at the moment? i go visit you next time =)

seazpark : yup, the honey with lime was quite nice =) erm i actually took picture with the snake, but the picture is not that good, so didnt really post up =p anyway the boat trip was awesome :D

[SK] said...

haha, my first impression on the river cruise is - very touristy.. anyway, i think this gives a good encounter to learn more about the life of the riverside people, albeit they have now turned very commercialize.. :)

Wois said...


Wois said...


fufu said...

SK : hahaha... everywhere is being so commercialised nowadays, to make more money though lack of the sense of nature, at least, things are all organised and developed

wois : 我們有經過賭場 沒有機會進去看看 因爲司機不給我們下車~~ 看來下次一定要去賭場走走

fufu said...

wois : 下龙湾是很出名 但是在河内(hanoi), 我們在saigon!! 要做飛機才可以到hanoi的哦 可能下次會去hanoi =)

晴天 said...


Chi Leong said...


Kai and Baobei said...

hehehe, shouldnt sleep early wat ~ u can sleep in flight ~ he can enjoy the party yo ~ hahahahahaha ! night life there should be happening right ? :P

Kuntong said...

the river same like M'sia 1 also la... brown colour 1... LOL

张绅和 said...


fufu said...

晴天 : 那個帽是我朋友買的 我沒有買
應該下一次會買~~ 我們真人也很可愛的

That My Goal : 那些顔色應該是因爲河水的泥土成分的關係吧 一定不會很骯髒吧~~

Kai and Baobei : well i had actually already enjoyed night lives in saigon for 2 days and 1 in cantho =) so the last night took a good rest after coming back from cambodia... erm yeah you could see many hot and pretty girls at night compared the day time @_<

fufu said...

Kuntong : hahahha i think that's because the soil condition is the same =) Nil river also that kind of colour if i not mistaken =p

左 : 小船一點都不會危險 還很好玩醬 :D
應該沒有鱷魚吧 *有我們都不知道*

Unknown said...

you know, the tour guide you meet is same with my tour guide when i have a trip to mekong river, hahha.

fufu said...

凡人館長 : you still remember him? lol well, perhaps he is still in-charging the mekong delta tour ya =P

kc said...


fufu said...

kc : 下一個旅程應該會是香港和中國~~ 一定會給你們帶來驚喜的哦

Nick尼克仔 said...


Anonymous said...



Tsubasa a.k.a 滑翔翼 said...


-KeO- said...


fufu said...

Nick : 我已經去了香港和中國 你要留意哦
應該會這幾天放上 你要守住

Clara : 我也想好象他醬睡在船上~~

滑翔翼 : 越南真的很美麗 你一定要去
還有越南有很多美食~ 你一定喜歡的哦

fufu said...

KeO : 看我的部落就可以環游世界了~~
wow 你竟然知道我中文名 - 富富!厲害

zzhen said...


FUFU到底住哪??sg lembing在哪?

zzhen said...


歪歪 aka Kay said...

可是不懂我幾時才有機會去~遙遠無期= =

summer said...

awesome trip:)

the floating house quite strange:)

fufu said...

龍貓 : 那是2007的香港和中國 很不同的哦
中國的我會寫中文好不好? 因爲中國嘛 @_<
sg. lembing 應該在関丹 去了之後一定會告訴你們的哦~~ 那以後你就會有機會去多一個景點~~

歪歪 : 七塊錢美金真的很值得~~
你還很小 慢慢來! 以後一定有機會去玩的哦

fufu said...

summer : strange?? anyway you gotta go there and examine yourself =) if you ever go to mekong delta =D

Anonymous said...

the bamboo bridge looking dangerous!!! I dare not to walk across...

fufu said...

choyyin : just be careful and you will reach to the other side safely =) hundreds of people crossing the bridge and all in one piece =p

Chris said...


Mei-Wah said...

the caltex were... erm... mini? lol~

fufu said...

Chris : 我覺得柬埔寨比較鄉下~~ 越南的人民的生活比較富裕 比起柬埔寨和廖囯的人民

Mei-Wah : hahahha a mini petrol station there... for the boatmen =)

Nick尼克仔 said...


fufu said...

Nick : 對啊 一定要期待我的遊記 因爲真的有驚喜 =)

even said...


fufu said...

even : 我每一篇都有不同的經歷
景色就不是很美 但是就很特別有趣哦

AliVe said...


fufu said...

AliVe : 你也是鱼寮出生的?很好啊 一定會游泳 =) 蓮花很美~~ 越南的國花

小雪 said...

富富^^ 已經習慣打fufu了~

~珊姑娘~ said...



fufu said...

小雪 : 獨木橋 有我在 不可怕

珊姑娘 : 對啊 一天坐了三個不同的船~
不好意思哦 因爲我要順著我的環游世界的遊記的順序寫下去~~

Rex said...

welcome to Rex hotel~ how is my hotel service? satisfy? XD
I love the rest room logo... so adorably cute! haha..

Pete said...

I love Saigon. Spent 4 days there in 07. Good place to visit. Your photos are real nice!

fufu said...

Rex : hahahha yeah you hotel huuh? very famous in saigon!! hihihi the service was good also!! you must have earned alot... gotta treat me a good meal next time :D

Pete : i was there too in 2007... i miss the food there... one of the best i have ever had during my world tour =) wanna go back for some vietnamese dishes =p

Allison said...

mekong river is very muddy..haha.. ao dai is so cute.. anyway, i linked you :p

Unknown said...



i'm going to vietnam soon~ hanoi...
tell me where's its good to visit?

fufu said...

Allison : thanks for linking my site!! yeah the river, just like ours one =)

类私理 : 我們都是去了同一個景點 我還以爲那邊有很多不同不一樣的地方 因爲由很多旅行社都有醬不同的配套 我沒有嘗試他們的酒 因爲我就是不喝酒

LeuMaS : well, i havent been to hanoi though... erm when are you going?? can you take me there also? =)

Bengbeng said...

u r getting better. u made the trip so real for us all.

fufu said...

Bengbeng : your comment really made my day... thanks buddy! i will do my best to share more... =)

人鱼球球 said...

可以和你要email adds嗎?想把你加入我的private list裏。

fufu said...

人鱼球球 :

feline_Jodie said...


honey lime drink!
many tropical friut~~

fufu said...

Jodie : 越南是一個很好玩的地方
很多美食 我建議你去'河内'(hanoi)
那邊的風景比較美麗 =)
夏天...荷花...好美... 我喜歡

LAURENCE said...



esmin said...


fufu said...

LAURENCE : 越南很好玩的 不會骯髒喇
但是如果你10年后去的話 一定會變得很乾淨了

琇敏 : 不要羡慕拉 我們有不同的生活背景 你要努力爭取去玩的機會哦

feline_Jodie said...


fufu said...

Jodie : 你要什麽時候去呢?我恐怕我們的時間不合罷了

人鱼球球 said...


fufu said...

人鱼球球 : 謝謝你這樣醬哦 很高興!! 我一定會把握全部的精彩都放上給你們分享的哦 =) 要多來看+留言哦

Carenlie said...

fufu quiet enjoy in every trip le~
sommore have so many delicious food^^
u from perak?

Yenny said...


“嗯... 是不是應該換地點?”

哎呀~ 怎樣抉擇啦~~~~~~

Unknown said...

Hey fufu, U are my new idol, hahah! U have been to so many places. Which makes me wonder, dun u hv to work?? Must be damn loaded to afford trips after trips...hahaha! :D

fufu said...

Carenlie : yeah i am from perak =) tell you, gotta enjoy every trip you have, dont waste the money and time with your friends =p

Yenny : hahahaha 那是時候你自己要做決定了 其實還有很多好的地方去的 慢慢來 一個一個的去啦 你還有很多機會+時間的

Noise : hahahaa, i am still jobless right now, okok i am actually waiting for the master course offers from the german unis... well, i had travelled the world for a yr since 2007 till 2008 yah i worked parttime in japan, otherwise i wouldnt be able to travel you know?

14 said...

to fufu :最新的。。

-kek lok si极乐寺,
-khoo kongsi ,
-(头条路,二条路,三条路,四条路)(以前的古屋到完,也是被类为world heritage),
-komtar ,
-(batu ferrigi, teluk bahan 海边;海平线满美),
-蛇庙(在bayan lepas那里咯),
-蝴蝶公园,还有就是pulau pinang taman negara(最新的咯),
-gurney drive (晚上有很多美食咯),
-bukit bendera(升旗山,哪里的有很多bangalow stay, 有缆车,看到整个槟城咯,但是那里听说有。。。。小心),
-quessbay mall(全槟最大间的mall,在旁边的发边,可以清楚地拍到penang bridge)
-botanical garden


fufu said...

记忆里的空间 : 哈哈謝謝 沒想到你在這裡也放上 =)

夏娃公主 said...


fufu said...

双面夏娃 : 你很幸運哦, 竟然被你發現我的部落, 但是其實這個網絡世界很小罷了, 我的任務就是把那些我已經去過的地方的美景放上來跟大家分享 =) 你以後也可以去很多地方玩的哦, 慢慢來哦

JiaNi said...


fufu said...

JiaNi : 有些女人就是不怕蟑螂的咯
個人關係啦 每個人都有自己的弱點的
hihihiihi 我也怕蛇的