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FuFu World Tour - Phnom Penh, Cambodia
6 ~ 9 June 2007 - Annabel & FuFu - Part One

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Spring roll with rice paper, clams, tofu, salad and roasted pork.

So continue from part four, Annabel arrived Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam) from Hongkong on the evening of 5th June, 2007. Had been staying in Saigon for couples of days, i certainly brought her to my favourite restaurant - for the dinner.

Yoo, we all love Vietnamese food.

Her face told us she had a great dinner.

We walked around the district before heading back to hotel. The next morning, we woke up very early to catch a bus to Cambodia.

Our breakfast - soupy stuff with crab meat, egg, mushroom, etc.

We communicated with the couple - they spoke good Cantonese.

We walked to Sinh Cafe - a popular tourist service centre in Saigon.

We're leaving Saigon in few minutes.

We bought come local confectioneries while we stopped for a break.

The open-air toilet.

The bus stopped at the border line for late breakfast.

If you can't bear this kind of situation, take plane please.

Bus driver bought the ticket to cross the river by ferry.

The peddlers of fruits, snacks, local specialty, etc put their stuff on their heads.

It's easier for the people sitting on top of the van to choose.

And the passengers wouldn't need to get out from the bus.

Don't get shocked when the kids begging money from you.

It is still very poor - much poorer than you could imagine.

And you could see the local selling the deep fried crickets.

Crickets, an excellent source of protein that considered as a delicacy.

But the fried crickets with chili - wanna try?

Crossing the river - I got off the bus and walked around.

Oh, i wish i could help them! My poor friends.

Wow... roasted baby pig must be great, don't you think so?

They should be studying in school.

After crossing the river, the journey to Phnom Penh was continued and the driver told us not more than an hours we would be arriving the city. The infrastructure is largely lacking in Cambodia and after the border the roads are not paved.

The traffic jam in Cambodia.

We finally came to the city.

Everyone is supporting the motor-pooling campaign in Cambodia.

After six hours bus ride from Saigon, we arrived Phnom Penh, the capital, the largest and most wealthy city in Cambodia. Despite of that, it could be a rough change for those from a wealthy family. Travellers who can't handle rubbish and dust in the streets, risky traffic, blocked sidewalks, prowling tuk-tuk and motor-drivers, touts and beggars may not enjoy the city.

Double bed room (air-con) only US$8 per night.

With bathroom attached.

View from our small balcony.

Our first Khmer meal.

The lunch - fish soup and chicken fried with ginger.

Annabel and the tuk-tuk driver.

There's number of prowling tuk-tuk and motor-drivers everywhere especially in front of the hotel and restaurant. What you need to do is tell them your destination and remember to get the best deal that you afford/willing to pay. You just gotta pick the right one!

We had reached our destination.

It was full of Vietnamese visitors.

The Royal Palace was built more than a hundred years ago to serve as the residence of the Khmer King and the royal family. It's also a symbol of the Kingdom. The Royal Palace complex consists of several buildings structures and gardens with tropical flowers and plants.

Preah Thineang Dheva Vinnichay.

Preah Thineang Dheva Vinnichay (the Throne Hall) means the Scared Seat of Judgement where once the king's confidants, generals and royal officials carried out their duties. It is now a meeting place for guests of the King, a place for religious and royal ceremonies. Inside the hall contains a royal throne and busts of the Kings of the past. This building is crowned with three spires. The central 59 meter spire is topped with the white, four-faced head of Brahma.

The interior - No Photography - but somehow i managed to snap it.

The Preah Thineang Chan Chhaya - Chan Chhaya Pavilion.

The Preah Thineang Chan Chhaya (Moonlight Pavilion), is an open-air pavilion that serves as stage for Khmer classical dance in the past and present.

The Preah Thineang Phochani.

The Phochani Pavilion is an open hall originally constructed as a classical dance theatre but now used for Royal receptions and meetings.

The Preah Thineang Hor Samran Phirun.

Once was the royal rest house and waiting area where the King waits to mount an elephant for Royal processions, the Hor Samran Phirun Pavilion is now housing a display of gifts from foreign heads of state.

The French-style building that was a gift from Napoleon III, a Royal Dining Hall, and a pavilion-like theatre.

Our new friends - they spoke very good English.

They were our tour guide for Royal Palace.

Side view of the Silver Pagoda

I secretly snapped the Emerald Buddha.

Then we proceeded to the Silver Pagoda that sits next to the Royal Palace, separated by a walled walkway. The pagoda's proper name is Wat Preah Keo Morokat, which means the Temple of Emerald Buddha. It were first constructed a century ago houses a collection of priceless Buddhist and historical treasures. The pagoda compound as a whole contains several structures including various stupas, shrines, monuments, etc. Unlike most pagoda or shrines, no monks live at the pagoda.

The shrines on the pagoda ground.

You will find number of shrines and stupas here.

The stupa contains the ashes of the Cambodian King - Norodom.

The stupa containing ashes of the King Ang Doung.

The ashes is kept inside the golden stupa on the lotus.

The palace and pagoda compound is big - you need few hours

We should have put our shoes nicely in front of the pavilion.

We then learnt to put shoes properly in the cabinet after few visits.

Like all other temples in Cambodia, you gotta take off your shoes, sandals or high-heels when visiting the pavilions in the Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda. Girls should go there with proper attire or you will be deemed not to be wearing appropriate dress and refused to enter.

We came to a gallery that recommended by the kids

It exhibits various kind of ancient Buddha images.

Also the national costume and other ancient artifacts.

Annabel was listening to her own 'future'.

Later, we moved on to Phnom Mondop, a small artificial hill topped by a shrine containing 108 Buddha statues symbolizing the 108 past lives of Buddha. A fortune teller worked inside the shrine. We were lucky enough as we had the three little kids to translate for us. You can have your future told for a small contribution.

The Buddha images swathed in scared cloth as a sign of reverence.

Their faces turned red when i approached them.

They were way too shy to pose.

It's the time to rest for a while and cheer up with Coke.

The columns is awesomely decorated with the sacred creatures.

Wow, another awesome architecture.

The gorgeous carved and painted window door.

The fine art of the gate.

What a magnificent spire of a pavilion.

I like the architecture!

I wished i had a DSLR that time.

So i could zoom in for the close-up pictures.

We visited the model house of the local people.

We were invited to play the local music instruments with them.

This is the living space with snacks and tea set.

Annabel sitting on the master's bed.

The women hand woven clothes beside the house.

We got lot of hassle from young kids begging for anything in front of the palace.

They should be sent to school though....

Monk was walking back to the temple.

A temple stands on a hill situated not far away from the palace.

This seriously caught my attention.

The mural was nicely painted on the wall.

The monks spoke Japanese - luckily i speak Japanese as well.

They studied Japanese in the temple from a Japanese monk.

There's a giant clock in front the temple.

Annabel saw the familiar flag of her country - the USA.

I asked the locals the direction back to our guesthouse.

We decided to hold it until we walked to a better place for dinner.

What a relief, it must be a long day for her i guess.

Travelling with FuFu, you gotta be more energetic.

Wow, the local food.

We had fish, beef soup and salad.

My first impression of Phnom Penh, Cambodia is still very poor and rather dirty and filthy but people are real friendly. The Royal Palace is surprisingly gorgeous, the downtown is choatic rather charmless and extreme poverty is in excess but yet the city is captivating. We are based in a small budget hotel overlooking the busy streets. From the balcony, it was another way to see the local night life in Phnom Penh. I dozed away the night after completing the postcards.

As Annabel having shower, i wrote the postcards bought in Vietnam.

FuFu 2in1 postcards - Vietnamese postcards with Cambodian stamps.


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fear factor!!!


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Anonymous said...

the monk in Cambodia speak Japanese? COOL!!!!!! I love different cultural... Vietnamese culture looks interesting as well!

~珊姑娘~ said...

vietnamese food,i dunno i can eat not coz never try it before.hehe.

hey u both oways eat eat eat!hahhaa....

yoo..postcard!!!next time u go journey rmb send me one looo=p

认真的。像你拍了那么多照片,又记录得那么好,最重要还是去了很多地方,可以考虑,去跟相关人士打听吧!可能自己的旅游梦想也可以 成为你的main job了。

fufu said...

niger1437 : 哈哈哈 明信片都會跟隨每一次的旅程增加 因爲認識的人越來越多 不過不是每個人都可以收到的 物少價貴 我不會亂亂寄明信片的 因爲不是便宜的哦 =) 原諒我的直言直説 看看你會不會下次收到我的明信片咯 lol

Rex : 不是蟑螂啦~~ 炒蟋蟀我過後在泰國吃過 味道還很好噢 以後裔定會嘗試~~

that my goal : 你不要把我講的東西放在心
我從來就沒有氣你 我的中文差罷了
看得出你比較忙 因爲你很少坐沙發了

fufu said...

Wois : 我一定會用心寫的
然後找出版商幫我出書~~ 等我寫完先啦

Xjion89 : 有目標就是等於有好的開始
希望你可以去越南哦 我很想念那邊的美事

发白日梦 : 那些廟真的很壯觀美麗
食物真的很差! 幸好我們都留兩天而已~~

fufu said...

choyyin : yes! they spoke japanese to me, we communicated in japanese instead of english or cambodian =) so cool =p

珊姑娘 : i bet you would like vietnamese food!! damn yummilicious =)

我有想過出書的 但是我的中文和英文不是那麽好 還不敢去找出版社 還有哦 我的遊記都還沒有寫好 不知道他們又沒有興趣 等我寫好了才去找他們談談咯~~ 到時候你們一定要支持哦

Kuntong said...

fried crickets must be vry nice.. kekeke
nice photos bro!

fufu said...

Kuntong : i didnt tried fried crickets in cambodia though... but i tried them when i was in thailand, strongly recommended by my thai friends, wow...damn nice man!! lol

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好多美美的照片哦,看你好像到处都有朋友,真好~ 哈,东南亚都走得差不多了吧。。。几时去欧洲国家玩玩??

小虫 said...

你们的早餐(那一锅什么东东 XD) 我会反感 XD

fried crickets with chili ???!!!!更厉害(应该没勇气去吃吧~~)

mm?! 那些是不是鸡来的?!排到酱可怜啊~

sally^^ said...

很喜欢看你的照片,感觉好像我也和你一起去旅行一样~ 哈哈哈。。

P/S:等我考完试,我就会扮美美去逛街的~ 哈哈哈。。

[SK] said...

mmmmmmmmmmm: the clams, the local sweets, the fried rice..

uuuuurrrggghhh: the soupy stuff breakfast, the crickets, the grasshoppers..

歪歪 aka Kay said...

那個fried crickets with chili看了就反胃,怎么可能吃得下= =

HansonLi said...

really amazed by those architecture

hopefully those kids can get chance to go to the school

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i always like to see ur travelling pics...the first black n white pic of the temple roof top very very nice ler....

the toilet situation....errr.....i think i can accept thou i think it smell like shit....but when u need to pee...u have to face it.

the first i thought wat kind of animal soup is dat...hahaha

candygan said...

这国家好像很ulu ;p

fufu said...

三吉 : 哈哈哈 慘啦 我的年齡你們都已經知道了

shin : 我有解釋的哦 日本和尚教他們的咯
很多日本人在柬埔寨做義工的 幫助他們發展國家
那個廁所?可能他們地方大吧 很多人都會講日文中文馬來文英文的哦 況且我的語言不好 有想過出書的 那應該是以後的事情吧 =)

Akira 思胜 : 男孩子還可以勉強接受 女的就很骯髒咯

fufu said...

lonelybabi : 歐洲澳州 我都已經去過了
對吖 幸好我去那裏都有朋友陪伴哦
有時候有些國家 我是一個人走的哦

嘉CacinG進 : 那個早餐很好吃下咯 你下次有機會去越南應該嘗試咯 那個crikets還不錯! 我在泰國吃過 那些雞真的很可憐

靓靓sally : 那就很好噢 希望我可以帶你們的眼睛去旅行~~ 還有很多地方要帶你們去的

fufu said...

sk : you should not go to cambodia then... you instead gotta go to vietnam =) bet you would heart vietnamese dishes =p

歪歪 : fried crickets with chili 沒有吃 因爲我覺得好像很骯髒醬 所以沒有吃 在泰國我有吃~~ 守候我的泰國的遊記吧

HansonLi : yoo, i love khmer architecture =) go travelling to cambodia and spend money there... those kids need your help =D

fufu said...

Live2Think : アホか(笑) 何でふーちゃんを呼ぶの? 懐かしいんけ  俺の親友しか分からんやて 何故お前分かるの? すご~い そうですね 俺はちゃんと書いていったよ 日記書くからさ俺  でも写真はそんなに良くないと思うけん  そのときのふーちゃんはまた素人だよ  今はだんだん上手になっていく  これからもっとええ写真お見せるつもり =)

下鄉提供服務? 你打算去那裏? 我也想去做義工哦

even : 越南好似今年開始左施行戴頭盔了
你遲左喇 兄弟~
他們很需要我們的幫忙~ 如果你想幫他們
就去柬埔寨花錢吧 促進他們的經濟~~

小东 : 你是不可以去落後國家的人哦

fufu said...

vialentino : thank for coming here and its my pleasure to share my travelogues with you guys here =)

yeah i guess men would find no problem to pee... but for big business, it may be quite tough just like those women would face but anyway wish they could really improve the toilet part

that soupy stuff was not bad =) you may try next time in saigon :D

candygan : 這一篇的是柬埔寨哦

~珊姑娘~ said...

靓仔fu哥, 到时你出书,我第一个支持,讲到做到!!!




Anonymous said...

My two cents : this post is great bcoz you posted lots of pics of the people in the place. To me I am more interested in the people. When camwhoring, of course we love to see you guys all over the place :) , but I love to see the kids, like the people in their natural surroundings, living their every day life. it will become a creditable pictorial composition.

Hope you don't mind my feedback coz i am addicted to yr blog and mean well.

Anonymous said...

sorry to intrude here. i have posted ur poetry on my post and i have replied. u can have a look. :D

kc said...

interesting place lo..
i wish to visit there one day!!

人鱼球球 said...


古小玉 said...

There is a page in today sinchew paper that introduced the "hot spring park" near TM, did u read it ? Maybe u bring your frds there one day.

小雪 said...

嗯 日語好 好聽^^

js said...




zzhen said...


不只saigon, hanoi 也很多sinh cafe,很多冒牌

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Anonymous said...

nice and beautiful. Even the food looks mouth watering. But then again, it saddens me to see how poverty are affecting the young children. Their government should do something about it! Children have the rights to be children and go to school for some education, not become beggers on the street. Poor little kids!

小东 said...





feline_Jodie said...

yes...they should be in sch...比起香港個d日日唔願返學的學生...those who don't even know how blissful they are!

you got three little guides^^haha~ so cute, and this is a plot i had read from slumdog millionaire!u must like this film~

seems many ppl wanna get your postcards also~~haha

Serina said...


Rex said...


sing said...

好啊!珊姑娘第一个支持你,我就第二个支持你!果真出书要通知哦~要预购呢! ^^


还有那三个小孩是tour guides?以这样的方式来赚钱很不错.不过看他们的穿着打扮,又会英文,应该是家境较其他乞食的小孩子们好吧?是不是呢?

bearlim said...

i must say it once again!
i love your photo!
they tell good story! :)

Anonymous said...

哇 cambodia很美~
自從看了tomb raider(過時)

我雖然住澳洲 不過我是台灣人..

Anonymous said...

哇 cambodia很美~
自從看了tomb raider(過時)

我雖然住澳洲 不過我是台灣人..

fufu said...

珊姑娘 : 好! 下一次我一定找你當我的中文顧問(如果寫中文的話) 我有機會去書一定第一個幫你簽名 =)
我會4月18-24日 去沙巴,爬山還有去海邊吹吹風

isaiah : thanks for your compliment (well i take it as a compliment *e* ) erm well if you keep reading y travelogues, you will find that my travelling is very different wit other, anyhow you gotta find it yourself
i am so happy that you like my blog, do come often ok? because i will keep posting up nice pictures here, i like to take pictures with the local especially kids =X i love kids very much :D

renaye : yeah thanks =) though i think it was not that well written but anyway thats fufu first haiku =)

fufu said...

kc : 有機會你應該去哦 值得去 因爲我也會再去過的哦

人鱼球球 : 有沒有想過越南?也是一個很棒的地方 那邊的美食簡直令我回味無窮 爲什麽我不可以進入去你的部落的? 你set了什麽???

khoo : thats sungkai... i think slim river is nearer!!! TM to sungkai is quite far...i never been there, no car!!! >.<

fufu said...

小雪 : 哈哈哈 旅行還是走的比較好玩
坐車的話 會走馬看花~~ 我不喜歡
日文好聽? 不覺得
但是他們還講的很好噢 出乎預料!

js : 那下次你應該去柬埔寨咯 終于有藉口了

Isaac : 我也很喜歡 很有感覺~~

fufu said...

龍貓 : 哈哈哈 看看下一次會不會寄給你咯
我們可以交換寄明信片的 lol

阿Don : 他們根本沒有錢讀書 沒有錢買衣服
大便的沒有露天喇!! 露天還得了 臭死人!

pui : 現在我繼續寫回我的環游世界之遊記哦~~

fufu said...

cleffairy : i doubt the government will take prompt action since the market is not doing well now... and since they are mostly rely on the tourism i wonder how many tourists will really willing to spend money there as all keeping the money for tomorrow, the kids there will still remain uneducated... poverty still goes on or even will be getting worse

小东 : 原來如此 我猜你一定會哭的哦

全 : 很好很好 希望你可以在這裡計劃一下你要去的地方哦 我還會陸陸續續的把遊記放上的 你一定要慢慢參考哦

fufu said...

jodie : hahaha 我想起福在身邊不知福
比起那些想讀書又沒有機會讀書的小朋友 那些有書讀的人應該要好好讀書!!

yeah not everyone could get FuFu postcards =) how many you got from me btw? lol yes i love the movie so much :D

Serina : 那你應該要好好爭取你想要的生活咯~~ all the best

Rex : 一定要嘗試 人一世物一世~~
不嘗試哪裏知道哪种味道呢? 哈哈哈

fufu said...

sing : 謝謝你們的支持 很感謝你們的鼓勵
我一定會加油的 去實現我和你們的夢想 =)
我剩下緬甸還沒有去罷了~~ 我下一個目標哦 lol

bearlim : thanks!! its my pleasure to get such compliment from you =)

petee : oic taiwanese staying in OZ
一定回味無窮的 我保證

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Unknown said...


PeggyLowPheiQi said...

so many gf... go there no call me..

PeggyLowPheiQi said...

so many gf... go there no call me..

Faye fly said...


fufu said...

Clara : 應該留留言的哦 不要靜靜的在那邊 .... 你可以用Anonymous的哦 然後在留言後面寫上名字 我就會知道你有來過咯 ~~ 很高興你喜歡我的無聊遊記 去旅行是大家想要做的事情~~ 希望你們也可以去玩~~

Low : 哈哈哈 我去每一個地方都有女的陪伴 很幸福~~ wakakakka

ScorpioPEGGY : ok la...sabah ok?? will give you my first time... my first time climbing mt. kk =)

fufu said...

Faye fly : 我是白羊的哦! 你也有去玩啦 我們去的地方不一樣罷了 hihihi

vialentino said...

u shud be a tour guide ler...ur site is better than those tour websites...

fufu said...

vialentino : i rather would like to get my travelogues published =) you gotta buy one if i have the chance to be a writer =p

@llen.sim said...

fufu,超喜欢你的blog.很爽叻,到处玩!i am from kuching,几时来sarawak?我带你跑。

fufu said...

@llen.sim : 哈哈哈 謝謝喜歡就要多來留言哦
我回去sarawak 的哦 因爲我要去gua niah =)

maricar said...

fufu thanks for dropping by my blog ;) your pics are drooling ;) brave boy! you managed to take pictures of the those skulls of the victim's of Khmer Rouge... my husband and i we didn't....

i cried in tears looking at them, and then we left the place with only the memories of Tuol Sleng Museum..

Seat Vacations said...

love the food, it looks appetizing, except for the cricket things.
love the picture, great, and share not only the best thing but the bad things too.
hate the people in the picture that do harm to animals!!