Thursday, 12 March 2009

FuFu World Tour - Bayon Temple & Others, Cambodia
6 ~ 9 June 2007 - Annabel & FuFu - Part Three

The Bayon Temple.

Annabel posed in front of the Bayon Temple.

After Angkor Wat itself, Bayon Temple is probably the best known and rich decorated temple in the Angkor area. 54 gothic towers which represent the 54 provinces of the Khmer empire display 216 enormous faces (resembling the King). Each of the towers has four faces of Buddha, one facing each cardinal point, keeping watch on the Kingdom from all angles.

Oh my Buddha, i am just in love with these faces.

What an impressive Buddha faces.

Anywhere you are in this temple, there are numerous Buddhas smiling down upon you. The most awesome part is all of the Buddha faces were differently made. The layout of the temple itself is also interesting. It is built on more of a circular plan than the other temples in the area which is pretty impressive i guess.

I love this Temple.

All Buddhas smiling to me.

It's time going to see Buddhas' real faces.

The only access way is steep and narrow - hold the handrail.

It's a gorgeous temple.

Without wasting any second, we started to snap.

*zip zap* Ok , next.

I got the Xanga tee from the founder in New York City.

I travelled with Annabel, friend's of my Xanga buddy.

I didn't know i had sweated that much.

A Buddha statue inside a tower.

Yeah the apsaras on the wall of the tower.

This is telling us how the people pay respects to the King.

The King seated with attendants.

There's no more other adjectives to best describe this shot!

I am so impressed by the ancient Khmer architecture.

These Buddha faces are all different from each other.

Wonder how faces being perfectly joined by the sandstone.

No kidding, they are all different, observe well.

The smiling Buddha face - i like this.

This Buddha is so handsome.

This one has a pair of big ears.

This is one gothic tower, another 53 more around it.

Here has several gothic towers.

The dancing apsaras.

The sitting Buddha statue guarding the Bayon Temple.

We're getting closer to the Buddha faces.

Let's taking pictures in front of a tower first.

Amithaba, i kissed Buddha.

Amithaba, Annabel loves Buddha too.

Amithaba, Annabel gave the Buddha a warm hug.

I know i shouldn't do this to Buddha - forgive me please.

Pretty girls on apsara's costumes.

Annabel, we should take more pictures together next time.

After that, we walked to the Elephant Terrace, Royal Palace, Preah Palilay and Sour Prat Towers which is situated near the Bayon Temple.

The entrance to the Royal Palace.

Annabel with the souvenir she bought from kids.

Yeah, it's very hot.

The Royal Palace.

The guardian lion.

The pond of the palace.

The Elephant Terrace.

The ruins in front of the terrace.

Alternating garudas and lion-headed figures.

The Royal Square.

Sour Prat Towers

Here is row of 12 small identical towers lining in front of the Royal Square of the palace of unknown function.Although there are shrines of some sort, they do not correspond to the normal styles of Khmer Shrines.

Close-up of one of the towers.

The Preah Palilay is a small Buddhist sanctuary.

The monks in Siem Reap also spoke good Japanese.

They enjoyed talking in Japanese with FuFu.

Under the Official Development Assistance (ODA), Japan has been significantly contributed to the effort of modernisation of agriculture in Cambodia. In order to have a better communication, Japanese is being taught to the pupils in school since 20yrs ago. It's good for Cambodians because they can speak another language. We can't blame the Japanese as they are

Minefield cleared by Cambodian Mine Action Centre.

Almost every of the temple area itself had been cleared of land mines, but you are advised not to explore any other place yourself without permission since not all the physical activity and bugs weren't enough, the surrounding land just a few metres away from certain temples still contained landmines.

The national costume of Cambodia is beautiful.

You can get any one of these apsaras back home - only for US$5.

We were rushing for the sunset, but we stopped here for a while.

It's worth to see these soldiers lining up guarding the palace.

All of them have their own characters with different expressions.

Some still remaining good.

Whereas few were damaged by wind, rain, mankind.

We had our own faces added with them in the photos.

The signboard.

Monkeys are relatively wild in Cambodia.

The monkey will approach you and seize you food.

Tourist Policemen are everywhere - safe to travel even alone.

The Bakheng Hill.

Phnom Bakheng is often described as the best spot to experience a true Angkor sunset. Perhaps luck wasn't on our side. It's kinda late for us to climb up the hill for the sunset. We refused to pay the guard an exorbitant amount of money thus we just hung around watching the people coming back with the elephants. I surely will be back for the spectacular sunset sooner!

There is a troop of elephants waiting to take you up the hill.

All the passengers were Japanese ladies.

You could enjoy the performance of Khmer folk songs before leaving.

I was sweating a lot - had burnt pretty much calories.

Annabel was thinking when could she be coming back again.

Kids started to beg you spend at least a dollar.

This little boy selling postcards.

This boy told us he didn't manage to sell any book that day.

I bought a guide book of the ancient Angkor with him.

You need to bargain, even with kids.

This boy was so happy to get two books sold in a day.

He has two friends helping him actually.

The kids in Siem Reap somewhat are more independent than those in Phnom Penh. At least, none of them in Siem Reap begging money from us. When the sun went down, i was a little sad as my trip to the Angkor park had ended.

The hawker stall on the sidewalk.

Ouch, the two layers! >.<

We had fired instant noodles and kuey teow.

The shops in Siem Reap at night.

We had only done with the Central Angkor. As far as i know, Eastern Angkor, East and Wast Baray, and Northeastern Angkor have many stunning temples waiting me to visit. I couldn't stay longer in Cambodia as i need to catch my flight back home and get ready for the next journey in China.

I am seriously planning to visit Siem Reap again in May or June. Looking forward to it. :D

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Wois said...




fufu said...

Wois : 恭喜恭喜! 四面笑佛真的很壯觀哦!! 我正在計劃會去柬埔寨看看~~ 希望可以再回去~~ 期待ing

奈斯哈乳豆 said...


fufu said...

男孩 : 我等你的柬埔寨遊記哦
看你去了那裏 因爲我打算再去過

vialentino said...

hey fu....i like ur pics a lot...i been to angkor wat before...a veyr very nice place and a photographer paraside rite? if i were to go back there again, i will make sure i have dslr that time...

ET女子 said...


fufu said...

vialentino : hey, these pictures were taken by canon ixus 800, i wish i had dslr that time too... but no worries i am going back sooner... gobba take bunch of nicer pictures this time =P

fufu said...

ET女子 : 我也很喜歡啊 正在計劃會去吳哥~~
我要慢慢享受那邊的風土人情歷史文化~~~ =)

HansonLi said...

oh me gosh oh me gosh

fufu said...

HansonLi : 我要再回去柬埔寨玩 =) 你也要去? 如果你買了機票 我就帶你去咯

SIMMY said...





Akira 思胜 said...

呵呵, 我来这里舒解压力咯...
四面笑佛真的很好看呢! 谢谢你的分享哦!!!

Anonymous said...

可以知道消费很高? 多少钱??

~珊姑娘~ said...


好啦,下次来SP, 我做你的旅行陪伴者,哇哈哈XD


fufu said...

SIMMY : 哈哈 歷史文化古跡就是醬 以前哪裏有洋灰??

全 : 那兩盘東西不好吃!!

Akira 思胜 : 四面笑佛真的很壯觀~~ 減了壓沒?

古小玉 said...


Nick尼克仔 said...


fufu said...

sock peng : 柬埔寨的消費不高
我很幸運 可以每一次都有美女相伴~~
太幸福了~ 我們是好朋友

珊姑娘 : 四面佛非常的壮觀 i like it!

下一次去 SP, 那個美女就是非你莫屬咯 你要好好招待我哦~~ 我要吃好的住好的看好的玩好的坐好的 什麽都要好的哦

我現在白回去了~~~ 我要嗮太陽

fufu said...

khoo : 我也想股市好 但是你應該自己去拜拜 因爲要神心才可以

Nick : 就好像金字塔醬咯

小虫 said...


Bayon temple 其实离 angkor wat 远嘛?!(我地理很差的啦~)

哈哈~一眼望去。。。。全部都是石头 XD

fufu said...

嘉CacinG進 : 我也很喜歡這一篇文章~~
Bayon temple 其实离 angkor wat 不是很遠~~ 可以坐腳車去 以前的技術只到石頭的水準罷了~~ lol

Anonymous said...

good idea of selling travel books on this way! haha

zzhen said...


zzhen said...

高棉的微笑就是the bayon!!!

[SK] said...

yearrr, i was there.. but didn't take so much photo, and photos not as nice as yours too :(

Anonymous said...

you look handsome. I like the monkey and the elephant. i also like the motor bike. next time bring me

Shin said...



本本 Jasper said...


小雪 said...

雖然有翻譯 但是都看不懂的說

Anonymous said...


Reddie said...

Like the way you've arranged the photos on the post. Find it unbelievable that the monks spoke Jap - that's something I get to learn about Cambodian history!

Think you looked a bit more 无邪 in these photos, as compared to the hip photos you have in your HK/China posts. Progressed on to sophistication.

Anonymous said...


小东 said...



Rosemount said...



键轩惠娘 said...



晴天 said...

這地方真的很漂亮, 如果有機會去走走, 感覺一定很棒。。

fufu said...

choyyin : hehehe... the kids were so cute... should have bought another one from other kids though =)

龍貓 : 高棉是bayon? 不知道呢
下次再打算 看我會再去那裏咯

SK : it doesnt matter if your photos are not as good as mine... as long as you had been there =) and enjoyed the trip ya =)

fufu said...

Benghui : hi, where is bengbeng huuh? ok i will bring you along after bengbeng had bought you a ticket =)

shin : bayon 是很值得花時間去拍照的
美到~~ 我都不會怎樣去形容了
哈哈哈 看到喜歡就好~ 可以根一個小孩買一樣東西的哦

本本 Jasper : 不會貴!! 如果你要豪華的旅程 可能會貴吧 歡迎你來哦

fufu said...

小雪 : 那些都是古跡的名稱哦

dolphine : 不要羡慕! 你以後也可以去的哦
東南亞很便宜罷了 不要亂花錢就可以去的

Reddie : hehehhe, i was more innocent 2yrs ago?? hihihihi well anyway i was so surprised when they first spoke japanese to me... didnt expect that!! anyway cambodia is a nice country where you can take plenty of nice pictures =)

fufu said...

swordsman : 你應該去柬埔寨的
一個拍照很好的地方 因爲太多景點了

小东 : 哈哈哈 那我看你要20年后才可以去柬埔寨觀光了~~ 20年后應該沒有醬落後了吧
我是六月頭去的 我有顯示哦 你沒有看到?

Jill : 還有非洲 南美洲 東歐 北極 南極 russia, canada....etc!!還有很多地方還沒有去哦~

fufu said...

键轩惠馆 : 原來如此 你還像很神秘醬 都不把照片放上 如果你給你弟弟看我的照片 可能他會認得我哦 如果你有放你的照片上來我可能也會認得你 anyway tm 醬大醬多人.... hahahahaa 沒想到在這裡會踫到 tm 人

晴天 : 有機會記得真的要去哦~~

十六 Keaton said...


Serina said...

Really?! will visit Siem Reap on May?...好想去哦~~

Rex said...

the entire post, I like the pic which have two trees in the photo... just so inspiring... ha

Kai and Baobei said...

其实在那地区里,我很喜欢Bayon,那微笑的石像让我感觉很安详 :)

Agnes Sim said...


lock said...



sing said...

Impressive post!
可以放进计划里,不过要先请假.哈哈! ^^

Anonymous said...

|O| 好怀念哦

zzhen said...


summer said...


even said...


tagnan said...

今年六月會再去 ;p

kc said...

cambodia is a good place to travel lo..
hope i can go there one day!!

sure u enjoy tat trip right?

3ugene said...

哇, 有大象 车啊

Chris said...


小魚海洋 said...


bearlim said...

xanga? do u mean the

发白日梦^^ said...


Unknown said...


阿Don said...




sebastiangan said...


.:: Ant ::. said...

Very well taken photos. Extra blessings for kissin' Buddha? :P


fufu said...

十六夜真人 : 哈哈哈哈 我其實沒對菩薩做過什麽 那些都是爲了拍照娛樂大家罷了 我是愛菩薩的哦

serina : 你應該去走走的 如果有時間的話

rex : yeah... only that picture you like?? erm... indeed still have many nice pictures here =)

fufu said...

Kai and Baobei : 對 在那裏的感覺比較舒服 自由自在的 因爲由很多佛像看著我們 所以感覺比較安全然後安詳~

Agnes Sim : 我的照片還可以 不是那麽的美 下一次回去一定會派的更加的美

lock : 我也是早你幾個月去罷了~~ 還會去過的呢 =)

fufu said...

sing : 哈哈哈 等你請到假才打算咯

小妖精 : 我也很想念那裏哦 很想再回去走走

龍貓 : siem reap 真得很大 走不完~~ 除非你呆一個星期 =D 柬埔寨沒什麽好吃的 我們就吃炒面炒飯的東西

fufu said...

summer : 謝謝你的到來 喜歡的話 希望你會常來看和留言哦

even : 警車永遠是型的~~~ =p

tagnan : 你也會再去?要去的話我可能會五月或六月初去

fufu said...

kc : 很好玩 光看我的照片就知道我很盡興的玩咯~~

3ugene : 坐大象的感覺應該很好 雖然我還沒有坐過 但是你影不會很差的

chris : erm... 可以醬說 我去到每一個地方都會跟當地人交流的

fufu said...

小魚海洋 : 我當時的感到很安全 因爲由很多佛像看住 好像被保護醬~ 讚

bearlim : yes, =)

发白日梦 : 爲什麽沒有去到呢? 應該去的哦如果你又去siem reap的話 下一次記得要去!

fufu said...

类私理 : 亞洲真的有很多很棒的地方 你可以先玩完亞洲才去歐洲澳洲南北美洲非洲等

阿Don : 那些和尚根本不會功夫 我也懶得跟他們大功夫 =) 但是跟他們交談野蠻好的 可以知道他們日常做些什麽 生活如何等等之類的 以前的技術只是石頭之類的東西罷了~~

sebastiangan : happy belated white day =) lucky i am not in japan, otherwise gotta give chocos to girls, but because of this i didnt get any chocos also =(

Anton : yeah i think i got extra blessing as my world tour was going on very smoothly since then =) thus you may kiss buddha when you go visit bayon one day =p

sing said...


feline_Jodie said...


it's happy to receive yr postcard, looking forward to the next one^^


fufu said...

sing : 要快一點買哦 現在德機票蠻便宜的
8月的天氣應該會很好 =)

Jodie : 柬埔寨這一些落後的國家
到處都是一片寧靜 你應該會很喜歡的


寫的很好!!! 我也喜歡~

爱美丽 said...


fufu said...

爱美丽 : 我也很想再回去柬埔寨哦
因爲我只不過逗留了那三天 應該一個星期的哦
我跟菩薩佛像是好朋友 他們應該不會怪我的 =)

Siao麻雀 said...

nice trip~

fufu said...

Siao麻雀 : lol thanks =) come here often if you like ok?

JiaNi said...


fufu said...

JiaNi : 對啊 不然就不會成爲世界奇觀之一咯
還是世界遺產來的哦 你應該去看看的 =)

Unknown said...

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