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FuFu Malaysia Project - Malaysia Needs Everyone

FuFu Malaysia Project
24th August - 16th September 2010 | Episode 6

FuFu Malaysia Project - Episode 6 : Malaysia Needs Everyone

Most of you must be curious why i didn't go back to Japan for my master degree. Well, i actually was fascinated with German's sustainable development during my previous trip in Europe 3 years ago so i decided to pursue a master's degree in Urban Agglomerations in Frankfurt, Germany. To be able totally reaping the benefits, i am glad that i made the correct decision taking up this course in Germany and now i am here in another sustainable city Curitiba, Brazil, doing my exchange semester, leading my advanced tertiary education to a successful completion in part of my life. The course offers me the correct type of environment to better understand the sustainable development and gradually enhance my knowledge and develop my future career.

Having coursemates from all over the world, I have the opportunities to broaden my international perspective and learn from completely new and different educational background people. This reminds me of my working life in Singapore as an assistant Civil Engineer right after my round-the-world trip. My ex-company was a multi-national Japanese Construction company, in-charging the reclamation project of Pasir Panjang Terminal. We were working with Hyundai (Korea) and local Singaporean construction companies for the huge project.

Under me were workers from Thailand, Pakistan, Bangladesh and India. One very important thing i have ever learned is we can't live without anyone. Even though we have architects doing the designs, engineers precisely checking the calculation, managers evaluating the plans and once the project had been approved, we still need skillful foreign labours to get it constructed, of course under our supervision.

Apart of these groups of people, we still need safety officers to ensure all the safety precautions had done properly, good and supportive team from administration department and staff who cater our meals everyday so we would have energy to work productively. Seriously, no matter how different our status are, how much we earn, how intelligent we are, how capable and diligent we are, we still can't survive without anyone.

Everyone has his or her own special role to play. I couldn't do the design yet because i was still new. I couldn't do the welding jobs, and the workers are skillful enough to do every little single stuff though they are not educated. The safety officers knew everything about the consequences of all accidents and able to act fast, handle and solve the problems. The administration department did all the paper works for me nicely. What was my role then? I was the mediator between my boss and workers. Well basically i was supervising and making sure the construction work was being properly done.

I worked almost 12 hours a day with my Thai and Indian workers. Our relationship was beyond engineer and labours. My superior told me to keep a distance with them, but i still have have own stand! They are human beings too. We worked together. They knew i love Thai food, so they always invited me to join them for lunch. Though they only earned nearly 30% of what i received every month, they never fail to cook more, just for me. They taught me Thai too. When someone like you, they would prefer you to know them well. To know them well is to speak the language and communicate in the same language. My boss was impressed because i know all my 80 over workers well. I even knew their names and also characters.

So i speak a little bit of Thai. Some of them were really sad because i would be leaving the company soon. Frankly, i do miss them once a while. There's a reason for everyone to come to this world. We have our own specific role to play in this big arena. Not only doctors, lawyers, engineers, businessmen, investors, we still need policemen, teachers, nurse, postmen, and definitely we can't exclude the existance of mechanic, scavenger, maid, etc.

After going to Germany, i have been attending lectures related to urban planning. Likewise, to design and build a city, not only the design from architects, we need engineers from different professions such as traffic, water and sewage, landscape, environment, geology, management as well as the intervention with socialists, urban planners, investors and the representatives from the municipal and federal government, etc. To have all these people working together with, only can we collect different perspectives and experiences from their own related fields to plan a city that would be integrated with everything well for everyone.

Malaysia has reached a stage where our society has made progress that can be described as nearly excellent. We have almost everything such as the world's tallest and beautiful twin towers, renowned international airport, steady economy, as well as a strong multi-racial society that supposed to live together happily. We have five main races, Malays, Chinese, Indians (mainly in the peninsular ) and also Iban and Kadazan (Sabah and Sarawak). What should we do further?

You need someone. Somebody needs someone, but Malaysia needs everyone. We all should be integrated as one team. United we eat, divide we slim. Stop letting our elites and scholars flowing out the country. We should review the strategy and start reinvest on our own people. Unconditionally loves and supports will make them contribute more to the country without asking any return, just like what Tunku Abdual Rahman, Mr. Tan Cheng Lock and Tun Sambanttan had done for Malaysia 53 years ago. Working together we can improve the current chaotic situation. Like what i have learned from my master course, going through all problems with the knowledge and experiences everyone has, only can we develop an ideal piece of land for all.

p.s. : The 14 pointed star symbolises the unity of the 13 states and the federal government.

富富默迪卡行動 - 馬來西亞需要大家






单身汉 said...

國慶日已經過了, 愛國宣言還在繼續? 為了16/09/2010?

fufu said...

单身汉 : 對呀 916是馬來西亞日 :)

ladyviral said...

I like the 4th picture :P Passport as proof! haha!

[SK] said...

haha, so you're gonna have this Merdeka Project till when.. coming 16th September is Malaysia Day woh, going to have another Malaysia Project then?? :)

fufu said...

ladyviral : hahaha yeah nice idea right? lol

SK : guess i gotta change the title to Malaysia Project :) hahahaha i still have 3 more to go!

Lily Riani said...

wayto to go fufu!

fufu said...

Lily Riani : hahaha not that far away too... speed up!!

Caroline said...

NICE! okie this will be till 16th right? yea shud change it to Malaysia Project instead . hehe

fufu said...

Caroline Ng May Ling : yeah it's malaysia project now :) hahaha

垃圾魚-sookyee said...

fufu so geng....can remember all ur worker name...

gbeejipp said...

Hi fufu. All that you said, or rather, wrote, about the construction team needing each other is so so true. I'm in construction too so those scenarios seem to be all so familiar to me. And just like u, I got warned by my superiors to keep a distance from the workers but I never agreed to that. For me, we are all human beings and the only difference is that we probably a bit 'luckier' than they are. Oh well, thanks for sharing this. I really wanna write more but I might need a whole blogpost to write everything. This is so interesting to me. :-)

fufu said...

垃圾魚-stacey : yeah i treated them as my friends ya :)

JIPP : yeah finally there's a blogger here who understand least this post!! hahaha :) give me five ya =p yeah i treated everyone as friends...i know i should not do so...because of the office politics but my workers were all innocent people... lol

levian said...

it is so impressive that you can remember all your 80 over workers, together with their characters! we can clearly see that you put it much effort into building a relationship with them. keep up the good work! :)

海市蜃樓 said...


Akira 思胜 said...

Wow, so many Malaysia Project from you! Really patriotic! :)

Che-Cheh said...

Wisely said. :)

Ayie said...

keep going fufu!

Nick尼克仔 said...


I AM A BLOGGER said...

fufu bro, u r rite! She needs every1.
and u look like u ~~ actually^^
u r urself, u hv ur own identity~~
Lam Ching Fu from Malaysia~~


fufu very yeng chai :)

escape said...

i should teach you tagalog. hahaha...

fufu said...

levian : yep, i remember all of my workers... because we worked together for almost 12hrs a day :) hihihi :) really miss them all...

海市蜃樓 : 916是沙撈越+沙巴加入馬來亞的日子... 你應該留意報紙...應該會有相關新聞的

Akira 思胜 : yalah... because i love my country mah... hehehe :)

fufu said...

Che-Cheh : yeah thanks :) hihihi

Ayie : yeah thanks i will keep going ayie!

Nick尼克仔 : 對呀非常開心
對呀 周遊列國之後真的會想念家園
然後作出改善 馬來西亞一定會更好
所以哦 我們要團結在一起
再次的出發 邁向高峰!
記得不要放棄哦 :)
還有就是要常來留言哦 :)

fufu said...

Xjion89 : yeah i am lam ching fu or fufu :) no worry i will always be myself...

L² : of course... always very yeng one only you know?

dong ho : hahaha good, you have to! if there's a chance =p

rainfield61 said...

Kami anak Malaysia..

fufu said...

rainfield61 : yeah kita semua anak malaysia :)

Chris said...

哇~ 你越来越帅咯~ ;)

fufu said...

Chris : 哪裏有...上鏡罷了... lol

蓝天白云 said...

everyone will have their own role,their own professional, their own skills in their own field...
that's y we need cooperation, need socialize to live better in this world....
sometime the people with the low education, u will learn something from them through conversation...
they didnt have a cert but they have the experience we didnt have at all....

fufu said...

bluecloud : exactly :) we cant live without anyone ya :) really wish the government knows this!!! and everyone of us wont give up contributing also XD

London Caller said...

You should have come to London to do your Urban Planning at University College London (World rank No 4 in 2009).

I did my MSc in Urban Regeneration there in 2007. Prof Peter Hall is very famous in Urban Planning at UCL.

UM ranked 180th in 2009!!! Alamak...
Thanks to quota system lah.

fufu said...

London Caller : hahaha london is very expensive lah... i also wanna go but >< anyway anyway, germany also not least i am enjoying my life here in brazil now...hohohoho

Sasa said...

好一篇《Malaysia Needs Everyone》
Without you,and others
we can't do everything
but sometimes when we try to change something to be new,
sure "someone" will not allow us...


micki said...

I like your self portrait which can see differnt roles of you! Way to go and 加 油, 加 油!

Kenny Mah said...

Hmm. I've certainly never seen the Malaysian passport popping out in such a provocative location. ;)

Agnes Valerie said...

support ur project

Recently i mix with a few thai frens.. and learned a few thai words and thai food from them. It;s really interesting to mix with diff ppl from diff culture and races.

Racism is a huge disaster that can ruin the country. Hopefully there will be more tolerance and understanding between diff races in Malaysia and also less problem-makers stirring up racist issue. I still love malaysia a lot because it's the place where I had grown up

edward said...


猪公主 said...

nice fufu msia project !!! *thumbs up* interesting ~


三吉 said...


Rafael Lam said...

Hey FuFu you have clear mind and intelligence!
Do you want to be president or prime minister of Malaysia in the future?

London Caller said...

London is not the most expensive city in the world.
It's Tokyo.
Now, Yen is so expensive...

云之站 said...



我同意你的说法,Malaysia Needs Everyone, 但是我们的政府还是会偏帮和他们同肤色的人。

keeyit said...

wow.. you so stylish

Vincent Cho said...


vialentino said... the first one...sorry for my late reply...busy with work...

shloke said...

Hey fu, I do agree with you 100% - we need everyone on board working together to build and reform this country.

"I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: 'We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.'" - Martin Luther King

Proud of fu when you mention these words --> Everyone is important regardless of culture, gender, race, social class or religious beliefs. I have the same belief.

冒牌周武王ΨomsΨ said...

cool man!

fufu said...

Sasa : 對呀 希望這一些種族事件不會發生就好了 :) 讓我們一起把我們的家園搞好吧 =p united we eat, divided we slim!!! we gotta stay together and move forward, no one could block the way!

micki : thanks :) wish you would enjoy reading ya :)

Life for Beginners : hahaha am i very creative? well i also didnt know why i would put my passport there... lol

fufu said...

Agnes Valerie : yeah you are right! we gotta work together with others so we could go further, otherwise we would only fall back ><

edward : 記得呀...但是不是全部人都記得 >< 悲哀...

猪公主 : hahaha 希望在視覺上你們可以看到我要表達的意思咯 :)

fufu said...

三吉 : 對呀 我就是很上鏡的說 haha

Rafael Lam : hahhaa i am still way behind to be a leader... thanks for your compliment though... hahaha

London Caller : oh really? lucky i have friends staying there... so dont need to pay for accommodation in the future... hahaha :) ops i have Yen also!

fufu said...

云之站 : hahhaa 一定可以的...只要我們不放棄的話...一定會守得云開見明月的 :) 要堅持哦 :)

keeyit : hahaha just photogenic and have a little sense of fashion :)

Vincent Cho : 對呀 只不過有一些人在背後做壞事 ><

fufu said...

vialentino : it's alright...just come back when you have time ok?

shloke : yeah give me five!!! we need more people like you who agree with me, so we can all reform the country and move her to higher level...we gotta be king martin luther too!

冒牌周武王ΨomsΨ : haha thanks :)

TG said...

Wow, you even learned Thai? You're seriously admirable and the things you write are something many people should read and abide to.

fufu said...

MKL : yeah i still can speak Thai now :) though very broken one! anyway glad to hear that my articles are worth to read... hihihi :) all are my own stories and thinking :)

foongpc said...

I agree everyone needs someone and Malaysia can only succeed if everyone is united as one.

San said...


fufu said...

foongpc : good! "Malaysia can only succeed if everyone is united as one."

San : 誰是大大??
hahaha 那個是我...ok?

Matt said...

Fufu - with your passion and attitude, you're gonna go far in life. I love your approach to life and your down to earth personality.

fufu said...

Matt : hihihi thanks matt! i am not sure if i could go farther than what supposed to be, i will do my best :)

Harshi said...

So this time it's a lesson on different careers and fields. =D What you say is quite true, and it's a pity nowadays that most people seem to forget these morals.

fufu said...

Harumi : yes...sad ya! not only in malaysia but the whole world >< we should get the people back to this morals and start treasuring the stuff we have around us :)

ardee sean said...

such a nice post... ;)