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FIFA World Cup - 1

FuFu Life in Frankfurt - Part Twenty Eight
11th June - 12th July 2010 | FIFA World Cup I

I know i should have posted this two months ago because it's so last-year and beeper* but i just wanna share the pictures and videos of 2010 FIFA World Cup taken in Frankfurt, Germany, complete FuFu Life in Frankfurt before continuing FuFu Life in Curitiba, Brazil.

beeper* : an adjective used to convey and share an idea or something that becoming outdated or old (Source : Urban Dictionary)

Germany 4 vs 0 Australia | 20:30, 13th June 2010

I didn't watch all matches. Selectively, i always went to KIA Arena at Goethe Square supporting my favourite teams (Brazil and Argentine) and Germany (because i was there pursuing my master). So the first match Germany had to play with was Australia. Germany had played a brilliant match. After class on one fine afternoon, several of the coursemates decided to watch the group match of Germany vs Serbia at a cafe. Surprisingly, Germany would allow Serbia kick one ball in!

Germany 0 vs 1 Serbia | 13:30, 18th June 2010

Serbian supporters were celebrating around the square.

The whole city (basically Germans) became silent.

Waka waka, this time for Africa!

Germany and Ghana managed to kick Australia and Serbia away, proceeding to Round 16. Germany had to played with England.

Everyone's heading to the square.

The real supporters!

Sports really would enhance patriotism.

A good chance to make extra money too.

Supporters spending money buying flags, caps, wigs, etc.

The most economical way to support the team!

Finally came to KIA Arena, Goethe Square for the thrilling match.

It's a GIANT screen sponsored by KIA Motors.

Germany 2 vs 1 England for the first half.

Supporters kept cheering up the team by vuvuzela-ing.

Taking pictures while waiting for the second half.

Soccer's cheerleading in Germany - flying the flags!

Throughout the match, supporters kept shouting and flying flags.

It's packed with people. 90% of them are Germany's fans. It's extremely high screaming together with the crowd. Sports really get everyone together. I was totally feeling that i was a part of Germany. I supported Germany. I ♥ Germany. After the match, people were drinking beer, dancing, flying the flags, shouting, singing, vuvuzela-ing, honking, etc. It's insane and the city was so chaotic! But i liked it. I was exhausted after basking in the sun for more than two hours. But anyway i really enjoyed it.The next match, Germany vs Argentina would be a tough match though. Aber, alles gut Deutschland (all the best Germany).

Germany 4 : 1 England | 16:00, 27th June 2010

Yeah, let's party!

The square was full with jubilance.

Cheers! Wonder why people always drink beers for all celebrations.

Finally Germany was in the Quarter-finals vs Argentina!

Later, a man with the fake World Cup popped up from nowhere!

Supporters took the cup for pictures!

They kept saying that Germany would bring the real cup back home!

It might possible if the Octopus didn't exist. LOL

The square was full of excitement.

Actually the whole city was hype including the subway station!

On the 2nd July, we didn't have class in the afternoon. So the few of us decided to go to a Brazilian bar for a drink while watching the match Brazil vs Netherlands with other Brazilian supporters.

FuFu supported (Brazil) and Sinidu went to (Ghana).

Heading to the Brazilian bar.

Cycling is really a leisure activity in European countries.

Ops! This is something extraordinary. lol

Ying-han was a small fan of Brazil (KaKa, honestly)!

Brazilians are all happy-go-lucky!

Already started drinking, dancing ans singing before the kick-off.

First goal for Brazil in 10 minutes!

Yeah. (But my hair was such a mess!)

People were dancing and singing when the music was playing!

Everyone was so happy, thinking that Brazil would kick Holland out!

Girls were dancing samba!

World Cup really gets us closer. Love to spend quality time with them all. The first half was really fun. We sang and danced samba a little bit. Second half was relatively quiet. We were all praying hard for the team after Netherlands kicked in one goal.

The musicians played samba to cheer the supporters up.

Silently praying for Brazil!

The atmosphere was very tension.

Everyone was hoping that Brazil could have one more goal!

And ready to watch the penalty.

However, Wesley kicked his second goal in and Brazil lost to Netherlands! That's so unbelievable. But ball is round. Anything is possible. Anyway Brazil is still the team i love the best. They are still young and need more experiences. I heard they are packing home earlier because they wanna do the preparation for the next 2014 World Cup in Rio, Brazil. They gonna be the champion.

Regardless to the lost, we still had fun watching the match together.


Akira 思胜 said...

Ish, how I wish I were there! :)

fufu said...

Akira 思胜 : hahaha you have to come to Brazil 4yrs later!!! or buy me the ticket, i will your guide!

Sasa said...

A long story about this..
It could be make you have good memories there so much ya....
FIFA world Cup,see you after 4 years again~~~

fufu said...

Sasa : yeah 2014 FIFA will be held here in Brazil... and i will be in Rio next year for a month!!! how i wish i could come back to Brazil again 4yrs later :)

Caroline said...

so nice! u can watch it live! I wish i have the chance too! :D

fufu said...

Caroline Ng May Ling : hahaha yeah the atmosphere there in germany was super nice!! :)

Wee Han said...

green and Yellow is a fabulous colour combination! :) just FABULOUS! lol.

fufu said...

Wee Han : that's why i am here in Brazil now :) hohohoho

rainfield61 said...

If we are one of them in one day....

fufu said...

rainfield61 : probably 50yrs later? or 100yrs later??

Bengbeng said...

u were right in the middle of the excitement. here with M'sia not even in, it is hard to maintain the excitement :)

fufu said...

Bengbeng : hehehehe... yeah only the fans or those who had bet both legally and illegally XD

行走绿色世界 said...

How to live a colorful life...see yr colorful pics and read yr colorful life sharing......its fun to join the celebration with bunch of nice buddies...XD

[SK] said...

so you were in Brazil that time?? but so sad, they have to go home so early~~ :(

Twilight Man said...

Wah Wah Wah! The crowd was BIG and HAPPY! Adoi FuFu still worry hair messy and wanna be leng chai in the crowd.

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

The hot favorite Brazil became wok favorite got fried and bungkus 7 early 8 early... tQ for the waka waka delayed-ed telecast haha.

pusangkalye said...

this is what I call ""the FALL of TRADITIONAL power"" in football. It will be SPAINS generation next. The good thing though is that you were in the middle of the action---you enjoyed the whole thing and you meet a lot of wonderful people who share the same passion in football. a very liberating experience for you Fufu.

fufu said...

Winnt : yeah it's very simple if you wanna deliver a good life... not very difficult to be happy ya :) at least for me =p anyway glad i could be watching the matches with the fans and my coursemates lol

SK : nope i was still in frankfurt :) but well brazil is getting ready for the next world cup i believe :) haha

Twilight : yeah the crowd was something ridiculous!!! crazy and high!!! lol ops, because i didnt have my hair cut for 4mths already lol

fufu said...

Bananazஇ : sorry for the delay >< i should it should be posted 2mths ago... or probably no mood to upload since brazil back home so quick... lol

pusang kalye : yeah you got all the way correct!!! Spain really did it =p but i doubt the next generation will be Spain too lol because 2014 world cup will be in latin amreica!!!! Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and Brazil XD hohoho never underestimate these powerful soccer teams :) i am glad that i could enjoy watching the match in the middle of the action like what you have mentioned :D not everyone could have such adventures right? lol lucky~

erla margrét said...

I am glad you put it now, so nice to see good memories, nice times. look forward to meet again next year for more fun stuff :)

fufu said...

erla perla : yeah cant wait to see you guys again next year!! we gonna have more stuff definitely before we graduate!! well though it's late...at least we can enjoy the nice moments we had while we were in frankfurt :)

NiceArtLife said...

Hi Fufu,
Thanks for the notice that my new site doesn't work. We had some problems today with the server, but now they are solved and the site is accessible again. Please let me know if you experience new problems.


fufu said...

NiceArtLife : alright! will go there again and let you know later ya

London Caller said...

Ha ha... The truth is there's no ultimate winner.
Let's see how long Spain can hold it to its name...

It's only nature that things get change in reality.
Women get old, men get wiser!! Ha ha...
Men is like wine!

fufu said...

London Caller : hahaha never look down women!!! they are strong :) anyway well Spain indeed did it! but see who will be the champion 4yrs later!! =p

迷迭香 said...

from the pictures u took, can really feel the atmosphere.... =)
i support the Germany team !!! love the jersy too ~ ^^

fufu said...

迷迭香 : it's nice watching the matches in germany if you supported the team!! hoohoho but too bad my brazil had left too early ><

海市蜃樓 said...


fufu said...

海市蜃樓 : 這不是什麽嘉年華...這是2個月前的FIFA :) 我們都在那兒看足球比賽 :)

猪公主 said...


sigh..dunno y i hard 2 access ur blog when i in spore =(

蓝天白云 said...


edward said...


London Caller said...

Next World Cup champion?
I don't know... Better ask Paul, the Octopus. Ha ha

fufu said...

猪公主 : 簡直就是棒咯 :) 根本想不到球迷那麽的熱情 :) 儅德國贏了...大家都很瘋狂...這些都要在德國這裡才可以看得到的哦 :) 爲啥你在新加坡很難來我的部落...我兩年前在那邊還很好的說... hahaha

bluecloud : 對呀 幸好德國有幾場贏了...如果不是我看氣氛沒有那麽好咯 :) hahaha 跟大家一起歡呼真的很高興哦 :) 希望在巴西可以看足球就好了 :)

edward : hahhaa 沒有很多時間看美女...因爲都沒有什麽女的...大部分都是男的...加上德國踢得很好...根本沒有時間去注意其他的事情...haha

fufu said...

London Caller : yeah it's hard to say because ball is round.. you will never know who will it turn to :)but must be a nice one since it will be playing in Brazil Latin America!

escape said...

my japanese friend also cheered for brazil. odd though but she grew up in america.

Anonymous said...

Football frenzy :)

Lily Riani said...

football is huge there huh.... main sport just like england.

fufu said...

dong ho : haha because japan couldnt get in to Round 16 >< hihihi

Mei Teng : yeah :)

Lily Riani : yeah main sport like our badminton :) lol

Ivan Liaw said...






Wonderful photos. Very festive and full of life. Thanks for sharing your amazing journey.

Harshi said...

Wow.. the excitement seems sky high. And that fake trophy looks just as cool as the real thing. =D

The Brazilian pics were a lot more emotional. Great pics packed with cultural vibes!

Anonymous said...

Wow all I can say is that you are a great writer! Where can I contact you if I want to hire you?