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FuFu Malaysia Project - I ♥ Malaysia

FuFu Malaysia Project
24th August - 16th September 2010 | Episode 8

FuFu Malaysia Project - Episode 8 : I ♥ Malaysia

I love Malaysia.
"I know, it's written on your tee."
Do you love Malaysia?
"Because Malaysia doesn't love me."

When i was young, my mother taught me to love my other siblings. We have five in the family. Three boys two girls. A big family. I used to quarrel and fight with my sisters and brothers over every little single stuff. Would always end up with luxurious rotan (cane) meal. I had to help my mother looking after our small grocery shop since i was a 9 year old primary pupil. I condemned why i was the first son. Why my brothers and sister could play around while i had to learn doing business. I always complained they loved the younger siblings more.

Looking back now, i am glad to be the first son. I am glad they forced me to help them. I am glad i didn't influence by the condemns and complains. I didn't give up but move forward. I studied hard. After my Form Six, i didn't ask even a penny from them for my tertiary education (because Japanese Government paid me everything including flight ticket and pocket money every month for 5 years). I still love my family. Sometimes, i just keep the love inside. I also know they are feeling proud of me, always.

Pendidikan Moral (Moral Education) is a compulsory subject for everyone in both primary and secondary school. Nilai Sayang-menyayangi (the value of love each other) and others were being repeated to us for almost 11-12 years. But how many of us managed to understand love well? (I am still wandering around and figuring it though. Otherwise, i won't be still single now.) Put the personal stuff aside, because i would like to talk about the love among the citizens. I know it's superficial to campaign with propaganda, rhetorics and songs, and even history and moral textbooks will not help students to develop understanding and love for their friends of other races.

Hence, parents instead play a very important role to influence the young generation to integrate well with all races we have in the country. My parents had a grocery shop. We had not only Chinese customers but Malays and Indians did come to our shops. There, we built up a strong bond with everyone. We talked. We smiled. We loved each other. Because my mother was busy doing business, so whenever the customers were having birthday party, wedding dinner, open houses during festivities, etc, my parents would definitely send us there. Since very young, different kind of cultures and customs were being exposed to me.

Race is colour blind. So in secondary school (from vernacular primary school) i felt comfortable mingling with those of other races while some still trying hard to put in effort to step out of their comfort zone making friends with Malays and Indian and vice versa. You can't blame the education system by having both national and vernacular school. Yet, since we are living in the same neighbourhood, do you seriously take a step forward knowing others well? Or do you know who is your neighbour? It's beneficial to know your neighbour as they would look after your house while you are outstation or going back hometown. During the festive season, you would get free food too. Knowing the celebrations of other cultures also would broaden your narrow perspectives.

Mutual understanding is the key to open the door for love. We are lacking of mubihhah (goodwill) spirit among the citizens. Thus, i beg you all to revive the close relationship once share by our parents generation of all races in the country. Stop locking up your kids but set them free to foster the relationships with other kids. Let's us cross over the race barrier and stay happily so that we could improve the country together.

Most of the citizens nowadays may think they know well about Malaysia, but if you ask them what is Rukun Negara (national principles) and how many stripes there are on our flag, many are scratching head and counting. Are we going to have such generation to rule the country in the future? To stop having immaturity in our politic and avoid having insincere and unfaithful leaders, we need to have a concrete and far-reaching action through education on the kids. From the very early age, develop their interests to genuinely want to learn and understand each other well. Instead of criticising like what i have been mentioning since the very beginning, all should have a keen interest in caring, understanding and loving.

"Love is both an action and a feeling."

The action of love generates a blissful feeling called by the same name. When the action stops, the blissful feeling is replaced with pain. Every person is capable of great love and its opposite, fear, which generates all painful emotions such as hate, condemn, hatred and jealousy. While some of you may confused over the love or your own patriotic, here is some general guides to loving after doing my own little research.

♥ 1 . Say it. "I ♥ Malaysia", carrying your desire to show someone that you love Malaysia, not what you simply want to feel. When you say it, make sure you really mean it and are willing to do anything for the country.

♥ 2. Empathize. Put yourself in someone else's shoes. Rather than impose your own expectations or attempt to critic them, try to understand what is Malaysia, how Malaysia was set free from British, who are the people living in Malaysia, what could you contribute, etc.

♥ 3. Love unconditionally. If you cannot love another person without attaching stipulations, then it is not love at all. If your interest is not in the country as such, but rather in how that person can enhance your experience of life, then it is not unconditional. If you have no intention of improving the country's future, or allowing that country to be like that and accepting her as she is (racism, corruption, etc), and not the country you want Malaysia to be, then you are not striving to love Malaysia unconditionally.

♥ 4. Expect nothing in return. That doesn't mean you should allow someone to mistreat or undervalue you. It means that giving love does not guarantee receiving love. Try loving just for the sake of love. Do not expect to be loved back in exactly the same way.

♥ 5. Appreciation. If you realize that you can lose the one you love, then you have a greater appreciation of what you have. Think how lucky you are to have a motherland to love.

♥ 6. Never stop loving. Even if you have been hurt before you should not stop giving love.

Malaysia is our motherland. FuFu ♥ Malaysia. We all should love Malaysia. No other country we should love more except Malaysia.






Invisible said...

free advertisement for malaysia tourism? haha...

morning fufu~

uLi.佑莉 said...

Invisible: Looks like it YES! :P

fufu said...

Invisible : hahaha yeah free of charge! hope they would pay me!!! lol

uLi.佑莉 : lol wish you enjoy this article also

[SK] said...

hehe, finally saw the complete "I ♥ Malaysia" already.. so is this for 31st August or 16th September?? :p

fufu said...

SK : hahaha erm... i still have one last episode for 16th sept :)

Jessyca said...

I'll stay tuned to see more pictures! haha~

fufu said...

Jessyca : huuh?? ignore those the text!!!

小闷瓜 said...

把我們小時候那單純的愛拿出來 =p
因发现人越大思想越复杂 =(

Shelyn said...

中文写得很好哦。。 还是华文较有亲切感!

fufu said...

小闷瓜 : 對呀...你看那些小孩...完全沒有種族鄙視的... children are colour blind... 已故yasmin所講的 :)

Shelyn : hahahaha 不知道你會中文 :) 我的英文還要磨練磨練 >< 不好意思

豆腐 said...

Text book only can tell us how to love ppl but do not tell us what's love...

A lot of ppl said i love Malaysia but who's really knw how to love Malaysia...

However,i knw Fufu is really love his country(Home)——Malaysia. =)

Keep doing ur "FuFu Malaysia Project - I ♥ Malaysia" ^^

fufu said...

Wilson豆腐 : yeah parents play a very important role to shape a better community :) really wish we could have more open minded community so we could be a better country sooner :) glad you like my malaysia project ^Q^

Casendra said...

hehe, still got another episode for 16 Sept? That's really cool... ya man, I guess you can happily apply your love theory to your personal relationship also :) Good job Fufu!

海市蜃樓 said...


ladyviral said...

Malaysia Boleh~

Candlelyn said...

I love malaysia~pound to be a malaysian =)

edward said...

我相信小孩子是colour blind的,所以不会因为肤色的不同而分你我。可是,后来当他们逐渐长大,因为受不同的政治思想影响,所以彼此之间才会产生隔阂和不了解。如果大家能放下己见想富富那样爱国,共同努力创造一个马来西亚,相信我国会更繁荣进步。:)

Fion Chow said...

LOL you are patriotic unlike me
Malaysia is a beautiful country that's all i can say...XD

rainfield61 said...

I love Malaysia, 365 days.

vialentino said...

love ur malaysia project...nice...

窮光蛋市長 said...


foongpc said...

Hey how many more episodes more to go? Looks more like a TV series than a mini series! Haha!

So when does Season 1 ends and will it end with a cliffhanger? LOL!!!

Yeah, loving is unconditional or it is no longer true love.

Retweeted this post : )

Akira 思胜 said...

Wow, I love this post! :)

Sasa said...

Do you love Malaysia?
Yes,I do...

蓝天白云 said...

you is the first son, i m the first daughther in the family so i understood ur feeling...once we fighthing, the fault must be go to me, coz m the big sister i have to until now i hv the ability to tolerate others if he/she is not too reluctant!

love...there r so much love that appear around us...but not much of us understand on this...when saying the love between boy and girl...even the children nowadays having this kind of misunderstanding!

fufu said...

Casendra : yeah still got last episode on 19 sept :) stay tuned for that ok? hahahaa

海市蜃樓 : 對呀 :) 我們真的需要從小就開始灌輸好的教育給下一代...然後他們長大后就會和睦的跟大家一起生活 =p

ladyviral : malaysiaN boleh :)

fufu said...

Candlelyn : yeah glad to hear that from you!!! give you my five!!! :)

edward : 就是那些腐敗的領導人 >< 真的對他們感到悲哀 >< 希望可以快一點改朝換代...帶我們沖出新的一片天空 :) 因爲還有很多人是要和睦相處的說... 記得千萬不要那麽快氣餒哦:)

Fion Chow : why? you should change your mindset!!!! we should all love malaysia!

fufu said...

rainfield61 : hahaha good!!!!! :)

vialentino : thanks :) still got one last episode :) stay tuned for that ok? lol

穷光蛋市长 : 對呀 其實只是那些政治人物把我們種族課題放大 >< 不然我們一定可以很融洽的生活在一起的...

fufu said...

foongpc : hahhaa i have only one episode left :) after that will concentrate on my own project...then only i can go travel around latin america ya :) hohohoo

Akira 思胜 : thanks :) hihihi

Sasa : 用錯方式最糟糕的咯
一定要把真確的愛灌輸給下一代 :)
很高興知道還有很多人愛馬來西亞的 =p

fufu said...

bluecloud : yeah true!!! love is not between girls and boys ya :) we really should educate the young generation what is love again... if not it's hard for us to live together in harmony ya :)

thomas said...

I love malaysia also,even sometimes malaysia dinn love this post

fufu said...

thomas : well dont bother that!!! as long as we love malaysia... loving is unconditional ok??

stevevhan said...

Oh,never seen orreadsomeone in blogosphere that has a passion like you which is loving your homeland, i am amazed!----that's being something, i am actually out of wordright now, i dont know what's the right word to use and describe your passion!,

Just keep it up!:)

fufu said...

stevevhan : hahaha thanks :) i may the only silly guy... but anyway that's me fufu!

William said...

If people practised such unconditional it would not only be a better Malaysia, but a better world.

fufu said...

William : i know... but we still need to spread this out right? at least they know we could do so - making malaysia and the world better =p they have the right to know it!

垃圾魚-sookyee said...

From primary until secondary school,all my fran is Chinese...cos im study at chinese school ...only i have malay fran at college....

fufu said...

垃圾魚-stacey : how about your neighbourhood?? omg... your circle has only chinese until secondary?? pity!!

Rafael Lam said...

All the Malaysians shall say thanks for you!

Malaysia is also a great travel place for me!

Twilight Man said...

I love your photos more than "love Malaysia".... I am glad you had a good upbringing. I am the youngest and had to do all shit work too. Today I am proud and glad like you do.

FuFu Boleh!

fufu said...

Rafael Lam : yeah :) malaysia is a nice place to visit indeed... you gotta plan to visit sooner ok? you can come once a year or even more... hihihi

fufu said...

Twilight : hahhaa damn! i should not put my pictures here.... but anyway i know my writing is not very good...but hope you can get what i am trying to deliver here ok? thanks! fufu boleh, malaysiaN boleh

aquarius said...


fufu said...

aquarius : 哦...含高興聽到你這樣說呢 :) "看到这文章 心里暖暖的" 希望你們會把這一篇傳出去~~~ 讓大家都暖暖的... lol

Erika Toh said...

fufu's Merdeka Projects are awesome! I love them all! xD

fufu said...

Erika Toh : ohhh.... thanks :) really glad to hear this!!! *hugs*

Sebastian Workshop said...

Fufu 的编排有点乱!!

Nicole said...

I can't even imagine how it is having to work from so young on. I am sure it helps you get some sense of responsibility some kids are lacking these days.
It must be great (even though sometimes a pain in the behind) to have a big family :)

And I can imagine that you miss home (the post before this one).
I get those 'miss home' moments too.

Make the Best of everything, but then again, you do anyway ;)

Ice said...

I used to help in housework and family business too because I am the eldest in the family. Thanks for this post. Looking back I do think I am more independent after years of working and helping at home.

Caroline said...

me n sibling kena rotan a lot last time! :(

pusangkalye said...

so my hunch is that you always carry that I love Malaysia tee shirt with you. you should be an ambassador of good will for your country mate.....

btw: haven't tried guiness beer in Germany Fufu?

pusangkalye said...

so my hunch is that you always carry that I love Malaysia tee shirt with you. you should be an ambassador of good will for your country mate.....

btw: haven't tried guiness beer in Germany Fufu?

~珊姑娘~ said...

I love Malysia,因为我在这里长大^^

anthony said...

hmm... perhaps that jacket is blocking the words
i would suggest not to wear that jacket, just that t-shirt alone would show how much u really love XD

sing said...


fufu said...

Sebastian Workshop : 什麽編排? 次序不對??

Nicole : i guess so, since very young i was taught what is responsibility and independence... and glad i didnt go to the wrong path :) otherwise i think i wont be able to go further like today :p and glad i have those supports here from you guys :)

Ai Shiang : yeah you are like my elder sister :) you must be a good sister and daughter i bet XD

fufu said...

Caroline Ng May Ling : haha you naughty caroline!!!

pusang kalye : guess i gotta bring that tee to the philippines with my little tiger :) wahahhahaa i really wish to be the ambassador, seriously :) but anyway guiness is not famous in germany >< lol

珊姑娘 : yeah good good :) spread the spirit out~

fufu said...

安东尼 : well the jacket?? erm those pictures are for the introduction part!! if you really follow, you will know what i wanna mean :)

sing : 對呀 小孩永遠都是那麽單純的...是那些大人把他們純真的心都給弄骯髒了 >< 可悲... 希望我們的下一代不會在做代罪羔羊了...

单身汉 said...


fufu said...

单身汉 : 那裏那裏...你們太誇獎了 :) hahhaa 我只不過把自己的心裏話說出來罷了 :) 代言人? 講一講開心一下就可以了 =p

London Caller said...

Unconditional love? I came across it many times in psychology books! Do you also like psychology? Ha ha... I am a Freudian!

fufu said...

London Caller : welcome back! hohoho yeah i am not that Freudian but once a while ya :) lol

猪公主 said...


fufu said...

猪公主 : 對呀...社會病了 >< 我們要重新灌溉那些nilai nilai murni給所有人...特別是小孩 :)

I AM A BLOGGER said...

fufu, i love Malaysia Series`
they really show us how we grow up in Malaysia^^

fufu said...

Xjion89 : glad you like it!!! hohoho i have one more episode :) wish you would like the last article too :)

London Caller said...

Ha ha... So you're a part-time Freudian?!
Believe me, it's the one of the best ideas in the world.
The truth is men cannot stop thinking about sex! Ha ha... Even Confucius also agreed with me!

Thanks for correcting my Japanese.
I went to Greece for a week and I already forgotten some of the words and grammar structures...

I see you want to go to so many European countries before you leave. If you like buildings, I think you will also like Barcelona. It's one of my top favourites.
Budapest is also not bad but it's rather hilly.
There are many hills in Athens too!
So if you have weak knees because you xxx too many times a day, I wouldn't recommend Budapest or Athens to you. Ha ha... That's just part of my Freudian side.

fufu said...

London Caller : i have been to barcelona :) so i think i will explore romania and hungary and also greece before i leave europe next year :) hohohoho

erm well i have a strong legs, no worries... i can walk the whole day... and hiking is my favourite... guess i would like budapest and athen :) hihihihi

sing said...


行走绿色世界 said...

It's really a good article, love is unlimited.
我在想你能这样的写出这些感性+理性的故事,这也是需要经历,踏遍各地看了许多的事物所表现出来的精彩故事.....这也是我们一半的生活故事....Well done~~~~

fufu said...

sing : 對呀 我們應該好好的養育我們下一代哦 :) 不然我們的下一代真的會很難過的說

Winnt : 講得好 :) 這些都是我個人的經歷...很高興可以環游世界...到國外深學 :) 所以有了很多其他人沒有的經驗...真的希望可以讓更多人知道我的經驗...所以以後打算出書 :) hihihi glad you like this article :) happy happy

行走绿色世界 said...

出书!Good idea!!Good sharing to all
你回来的工作,选择的还是自由性不被约束但是又能贡献大家的工作 lecturer, editor, own yr own fufu int'l restaurant or fufu int'l hostel, provide lodging for travallers then you can still travel around the world....but the most important things are publicizing yr knowlegde, yr love to everyone...yeah....

Ayie said...

you can be an ambassador for malaysia abroad

Matt said...

Great post Fufu - and very timely too. I think a lot of folks focus so much on the culture, religion and race but completely forget there's a human being there too.

fufu said...

Winnt : 對呀 可能這就是我的性格 :) 喜歡自由自在 :p 還有那一份其他人沒有的勇氣 XD how i wish i could share my adventures with everyone :) well i will plan for it once i am back home ok? because it's not easy to publish a book, and i dont wanna simply publish one... i want something special, educational, interesting, etc :)

Ayie : yeah i think i deserve the title :) hohoho

Matt : exactly!!! glad you know what i am trying to mean here :) *hug*

Harshi said...

Wow.. that's a great bunch of inspiring thoughts you have there. I'm beginning to love Malaysia too! hehe..

You should publish a book or two regarding these stuff. You know when politicians couldn't make a difference there were times when poets and authors did just that, using their magical words. Our country too went through a lot of hardships from colonial days to until last year's victory over terrorism. Today there are so many countries going through conflicts, civil or international.

So your words of inspirations are eye openers to all of us. No matter where we are, we all have such situations we can relate to.. and that's a given. Do keep posting more. ^__^